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 Fighting the Three Tails Jin (P, Sakana)

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting the Three Tails Jin (P, Sakana)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:06 am

Senshi blinked once as the beasts chakra seemed to simply disappear. Well he wasn't exactly skilled at taunting people so it was no surprise that his plan had failed. Oh well. He'd just need to develop another plan to continue helping Sakana. Maybe he'd talk to Komori and Komon about it as well. Komon was the boys Sensei and Komori also had great skill with fuuinjutsu. Between the tree of them they should be able to find a way for Sakana to be able to better protect himself. Once he could protect himself then he could protect Kumo. With all the things Kumo had destroyed in their little war it wouldn't be surprising if someone attacked them over t. Wanting their lands back or to try and put Kumo into what they thought should be their place.

The sardonic comment and then sudden fainting just left Senshi sighing as he walked over kneeling next to the boy. He canceled his seals before performing a few hand seals and running a hand over the Genin. He didn't have any Injuries just exhaustion and a lot of pain. Taking away the majority of the pain he didn't bring the Genin back to consciousness. Instead he bent down picking him up, carrying him bridal style as he left the training grounds at his top speed. Once he was at the hospital he checked Sakana into a personal room directing that a nurse keep an eye on him at all times. He also scrawled out a note for the boy that would be on the bedside table where his clothes were neatly folded. Impossible to miss. 

The note would read as such:

Genin Sakana,
    You did well drawing on the Bijuu's chakra for the first time. Consider the meditation method as it has been proven to assist in separating the bijuus chakra from your own. Take the next two days off. At nine am, in three days be at the village gates. The MakuKage has decided on a victory celebration for Kumo in the village of Hoshi, and as one of our Jinchuuriki you are a prime example and key component of everything we have accomplished. Pack standard shinobi ear and weapons but also bring several pairs of formal clothing in the event Lord MakuKage decides to present you to any officials. You will be traveling with your Sensei Komon, his brother Komori, and the other Jinchuuirki a chuunin named Reizo. You will be well protected should anyone target you, but with the progress you made today I feel you can stand on your own. It is not official but for the traveling portion consider yourself a Chuunin, one in training but a chuunin none the less. It is my hope the appointment to this rank will be made official once we have arrived in Hoshi. Destroy this note once you have read it.

-Kobayashi Senshi


TWC: 2500+

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Knowledge of Sakanas chakra signature if I don't already have it

Dropping Sakana off at the hospital


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Kyousuke Snow

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting the Three Tails Jin (P, Sakana)   Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:29 pm


"Come and get it!"
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Fighting the Three Tails Jin (P, Sakana)
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