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 Splish Splash!

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Splish Splash!   Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:38 am

Ryalt got up early this morning in order to do some basic training. The air was cool, the sun had yet to come up, and you could barely hear any movement from the wildlife in the surrounding area. Ryalt set up a straw training dummy and began to practice some taijutsu. Ryal assumed the stance and sent one hand after the other flying into the torso of the dummy. The objective was not only to successfully execute the attack but also to do it quickly so that another attack could be administered. After about ten minutes Ryal decided to switch to something else. "This would be better if I had a partner that could hit back." He sighed momentarily hating the lonesomeness.

Ryalt walked over to a rock he had sat his water bottle on. Taking a long gulp of the clear, scentless liquid he began to think of what he should eat for breakfast. As he walked towards the stream just on the other side of the rock he dipped his hands in the water, splashing it across his face. The thought of grilled fish crossed his mind but he decided that that would be better for lunch. He would just have to settle for some toast with the jam he made from the abundance of berries he happened to have.

Ryalt would walk a short stretch back to the abandoned hot spring he was currently living in. Originally when he planned this world trip this village had been occupied, but that obviously wasn’t the case anymore. Though he wasn’t much bothered by it since it wasn’t the only thing that changed since he first planned this escape.

Once he had reached the decent sized inn the tall male took off his sandals, replacing them with thin slippers, and made his way to the kitchen. When he’d first arrived the room was filled with rotten food and the odor of it, he since then cleaned everything and bought a few provisions. Though not nearly enough that he could have more than two or three meal options, being that he was classified as a missing ninja. Which meant stealing or even killing for food, clothes, money and anything else he might need. Albeit a generally laid back guy he wasn’t above criminal activity and would do anything he needs to survive.

Like leaving his village. It wasn’t a bad one, just small and isolated with too many rules for his liking. Despite being treated like royalty Ryalt couldn’t stand to stay in this one place for the rest of his life. Especially not after getting a taste of what the world was like on his 18th birthday. It was customary for the children of a certain age within the village to be allowed out for a day to visit a neighboring village. It would be their only glimpse into the outside world, but that wasn’t enough for Ryalt and his friends. They had devised a plan to escape once they turned 21. Feeling his body jump Ryalt realized that the toast he had put in the toaster was finished. He was also surprised at himself for dazing off so easily and randomly.

Reaching up into the cabinet in front of him, Ryalt pulled out a small saucer just big enough that the bread wouldn’t be hanging over the edge. He placed one piece of toast on the plate while he pulled out a butter knife from the drawer to his left. Then going over to the refrigerator and pulling out the jam. The first thing that surprised Ryalt when he got here was that this building seemed brand new, completely unused, and untouched by whatever caused the inhabitants to leave. Sure everything was dusty from non usage but that was it, everything was in perfect working condition.

The blue haired male quickly spread the jam on the bread and began to eat it while covering another piece with the sweet topping. Once that was complete he would pop the other piece into his mouth leave his dishes on the counter, he would come back for them later, and return the jam to the fridge. Walking to the changing room he would strip, grab a towel, and take it with him outside, but leave his slippers inside.

The sky was now a calm blue and the air had become thick with warmth. This was a lovely time for an open air bath, the greenery all around made the area so peaceful. A nice way to relax after a long day or a great way to put some pep in your morning. The young man would slip into the warm water and sink neck deep. Closing his eyes he would begin to remember the things taught to him as a student in his old home.

Specifically about his clan dojutsu, it was said to have abilities similar to both the sharingan and byakugan. It also came with a dark entity known as Yuumei, the source of their ocular power. This sentient chakra chose certain people, called the Touched Ones by the villagers, to possess its power. Ryalt’abi was one of those lucky or unlucky few.

As the naked male sat in the water he tilted his head back, resting it on the edge of the bath. He didn’t exactly know how to call forth the Yuumei but he figured flowing chakra to his eyes should awaken the dojutsu. Being a ninja never really mattered much to the male but in his journey across the world he saw that it was better to have some skill than none. He also figured that by unlocking his clan abilities he’d have one up on all of the other crooks he ran into. I mean his normal eyes were already scary but to see those yellow vertically slit circles turn red could probably cause a person to be frozen where they stood.

Ryalt could just hear the voice of his old teacher, he called Ma-ma. She was the older Touched One tasked with teaching and taking care of this piece of work. The memories with her caused a smile to creep across his face, it also sparked the memory of a jutsu. One that allowed to speak with the voice of anyone, so long as they had heard it before. His loneliness would allow him to attempt this jutsu, flowing his chakra to his throat, stimulating his vocal cords.

While keeping her voice in mind he would say his own name, it didn’t quite sound like Ma but it did sound feminine, which meant he was on the right track. Ryalt peeled open his golden eyes to see his reflection in the still water, he wondered if there was a jutsu that let you check in on people. Maybe it would be water based and one could look into it like a crystal ball. However homesick Ryalt might seem he could and would never go back to that place. Even if his people welcomed him, he would most likely kept in confinement.

Just like his one friend that jumped the gun when trying to escape. It was just one year after their trip out to the neighboring village. He must have been too eager to wait another two years, whatever the case he had followed the plan that the group had devised to a tee. Despite that he was caught, it had to be one of the older villagers that warned the guards.

There were a bunch of gossips that also liked to tattle, especially if the information had something to do with one of the Touched Ones. Although he was normal the elders couldn’t risk him getting out and someone finding out about the kekkei genkai. The only time they ever saw their friend was during special occasions.

Once again thinking about Ma’s voice he began to imagine what she’d say if he ever went back. Or if she found about their plan to leave before he had a chance to execute it. Taking a deep breath in, the male produced a rhythmic hum; A song often sung to him by his caregiver. He cleansed his body to the tune, stopping once the deed was done.

The tall male climbed out of the water, wrapping the towel around himself without first properly drying off. He sat on a rock near the edge of the bath, at a time like this it would be his friend “Grey” who would pull out a cigarette. Although he never partook in the activity, watching the smoke was calming. Ryalt closed his eyes.

Combining his two previous actions, of think of home and flowing chakra to his eyes. The male would try to awaken his dojutsu with the hopes that it would somehow give him the ability to see that far away. Of course he would start small, tracing the mental map of his travel in the back of his mind. He pictured the dark entrance of the chasm, how the rocks above seemed to only let in light in order to confuse one of which path to take.

And then the village. The first few houses in the front, children running past with adults not too far behind. Ryalt almost began to smile, but as he did so his vision became black. Not a normal darkness, no this one appeared to move! The male’s eyes flew open as he heard a deep voice speak to him. That was him just being a worry wart; Yea just his fears playing tricks on him.

Or so he thought. As the male wiped the sweat from his brow, he watched the steam of the bath. It moved in the same way the darkness did, although that darkness seemed to have purpose. Ryalt kneeled down and dunked his head under the water. When he looked at his reflection the change was clear as day, he truly possessed the eyes of a monster.

The more he stared at his new red orbs, peeking from under the shade of his blue locks, he couldn’t help but think how much of a badass he looked. Rising to sit on the rock again the male pushed his bangs back, being wet they stayed in place. “It’s about time you moron.” “Heh.” He breathed, close but not close enough.

Feeling a chilling breeze the soon-to-be shinobi walked back inside. Grabbing a new towel he dried his face and chest, then draped the towel over his head. The day was still young and there was plenty of time to learn more things. The first thing he would do was get redressed, his spare outfit had been put out to dry this morning before he left to train. So he’d be re-wearing the outfit he had on before he got washed, a tad uncomfortable since he’d been used to wearing a yukata after bathing.

As he walked out of the inn and locked up, yup he found keys and even though there wasn’t much to be stolen he still wanted to keep what he did have safe. The male would resume humming as he walked. Of course the small woodland animals would come out to join him. He never understood it but it wasn’t unwelcome.

A small bird would land his shoulder, joining in on the song. He would have to remember to check the feeders. He usually stuffed them with crumpled crackers or bread crumbs. As they approached his makeshift training ground, Ryalt would walk over to a tree. Letting the bird climb up it’s branch as he prepared to train.

Walking over to the back of the dummy still strapped to the post from earlier. He straightened it up and held it in place with one hand while pulling the strings tighter with the other. Once tight enough he would release the hand on the doll to aid his other in retying the strings. With that done Ryalt would walk to the other side of his partner to begin.

Taking a deep breath the male would send kicks and hits flying into the dummy. He wasn't practicing anything new, just going over what he had been taught in his village's academy. Back in those days he was "the one to beat", all of his friends would go all out in matches against him but it was never enough. Of course he never went all out against them, only when the elders were measuring their growth as it was required then. He also didn't go easy on them either.

He enjoyed sparring with them. Watching them grow and improve made him feel like a proud papa. And he wasn't shy about teasing them with comments like that or smack talk. Not only did he want them to be the best that they could be, he needed them to be strong so that they wouldn't chicken out when it came time to leave. As much as he would hate to leave them behind, he wasn't about carrying dead weight.

As that thought passed his mind the blue haired giant sent a particularly strong strike into the dummy's chest. Surprisingly he still held some anger towards his friends for not joining him. Ryalt would force the last bit of that anger out now on his makeshift partner. Kick, punch, kick, slap, crack! Hearing the sound of the wooden post the dummy was strapped to brought Ryalt out of his bloody assault. He could never actually hurt one of them, that strike would've badly injured someone if not leave them permanently crippled.

The male needed to cool off but unfortunately didn't bring any water. He did however walk outside with the towel still on his head, so he would pick it up off the ground and dry his face and neck with it. Inhale, Exhale; His chest heaved back and forth. Now sitting on the ground with his legs folded the male would put the knuckles of his fists together, face up. Closing his eyes he would find his center. While calming down he remembered something about a genjutsu release tech.

He was already in a focused state, why not push it a little further. Now was he supposed to do the ram hand seal? He wasn't sure but it wouldn't hurt to try. Too bad he didn't have anyone to trap him in a genjutsu, he would just have to feel it he guessed. As a breeze passed by he imitated the force and began to push is chakra threw every part of his body. After a few minutes he cracked his eye open to see what kind of effect he was causing.

Nothing. He blew out a thick breath and adjusted his hands into the tiger seal this time. He could feel the chakra slowly building this go round. Feeling confident that he was doing it right this time, Ryalt poured more chakra into the jutsu. Being a genius sure had its perks at times. He thought in the back of his mind, seeing as he'd never been trapped in a genjutsu despite not knowing how to get out. And even now he was about to learn to escape without being in an illusion.

"Release." The golden eyed dreamboat said softly as he felt some mystical force, almost like a pop. A loud grumble from his stomach would send Mr. Blue-hair back to his inn for the evening. It hadn't been a very eventful day but it was enough for this slacker. It was also time for him to move on to the next village, he'd made a lasting memory here. And if he ever forgets, he knows where to come back to. As if he would never seek out these hot springs again.

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Jounin of Kumo

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Splish Splash!
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