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 Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]

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Fame : 58
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  • Star

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : Uzumaki
Bloodline : Fuinjutsu Mastery
Ryo : 3500

PostSubject: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 6:04 pm

Ren appeared at the gates next to Kaz and Ryu, in a flash of light, he was getting used to seeing this technique by now and was relatively certain he'd be able to replicate it himself with a little bit of practice, but now was not the time for that. Clad in his long dark coat and mask that he'd donned a moment ago Ren dropped to the ground with a hand seal, calling out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" for dramatic effect, summoning Alice, Ryou, Ezra, Faith, and Akane, in a cloud of smoke. Standing and dusting off his shoulders Ren shouted "Let's move" As he began to move towards the gates two guards stood there moving to question why these people were there, but In a flash of movement Ren dated next to the man, dodging an incredibly slow punch and placing his hand on the man paralyzed him with a simple seal, grabbing the other man from behind and placing a similar seal on him before turning and throwing the two men to the side and blasting open the gates of the village, his minds eye active to monitor any shinobi that might try to engage them.

After this Ren and his entourage strode into the village, dramatic music playing in the background as they made their way straight towards the kage's office, the villagers shrunk back, unsure as to the nature of these invaders, but to their credit a few of the guards of the village stepped out to deal with them, the village seemed oddly disorganised but even so Ren chalked this simply up to the confusion and fear of a rapid attack by a force of skilled shinobi and samurai coupled with the overwhelming nature of his own chakra, his aura (display of power) Having Risen up since he'd passed through the gates. The sheer size and power that the white two-tailed fox emanated was enough to cripple most shinobi in fear in and of itself, and the aura radiating from it was directed at everyone but his team mates. This coupled with the overwhelming size of his chakra was likely crippling to everyone there. Ren held out his hand at the two guards, blasting them with both with a pair of bolts of Chakra, the fuinjutsu array on his hand flaring up for a moment as the chakra concentrated there, trapping them both in a genjutsu as they were hit by the bolts. Having displayed his own power to anyone watching Ren strode forward leaving anyone else brave enough to challenge him to his teamates, Kaz would no doubt disarm anyone foolish enough to try and engage them in close quarters combat, and Ren was confident in the ranged capabilities of faith and Ryu to deal with anyone trying to attack them from the roofs or other long range assaults.

As they strode down the main street of the village four shinobi appeared from the rooftops, clearly scared shitless of the combined chakra that was emanating from Ren but resoulte enough to try and fight them, Ren left them to Ryu and Faith; Upon reaching the Kage's office there stood a single shinobi, one with a jagged katana that looked like it had seen much weather. Ren nodded to Kaz, giving him leave to engage the swordsman. Ren was confident that Kaz could handle the man without too much trouble. Once Kaz had dealt with the swordsman Ren would stride forward again, his entourage in tow, entering the building Ren would stop. "Faith, Ryou" You two take up positions on the surrounding rooftops and block anyone who tries to follow us, Akane, Ezra, you two handle anyone that gets through their net. The rest of you with me" Ren would say before striding into the building, expecting them to follow his orders of course.

Once they entered the building it would be mainly Alice and Kaz's domain, after all close quarters combat and paralysis pair well together and those two would no doubt make a dangerous duo. The scattered and disorganised defence seemed to be only slightly better in this building, two of what Ren could only assume to be the villages anbu based upon their garb, rushed towards them, Ren stood there Arms crossed as his two tailed fox seemed to shrug and turn is head disdainfully at the two of them, cleaning its paw as if they weren't even worthy of his attention. Ren saw one of them falter for a moment, no doubt in awe of his chakra, giving Kaz and Alice the opportunity they needed to deal with the two of them. Honestly, it was almost as if the majority of these shinobi were newly promoted to their positions, there was no way that Ren could have pulled this off in Kiri.

Once the two Anbu had been incapacitated or killed Ren would stride forward, treading over their bodies if they lay in his way as he climbed the stairs to the Kage's office, one of the support staff, a woman not even a shinobi leapt at him from a janitor's closet, a dagger in her hand as she screamed, Ren was impressed at her mettle, he'd not been directing his power at her but even so it was impressive that she was even able to move, a quick blow to the back of the neck as he dodged the woman's blade was enough to knock her out, Ren catching her as she fell and placing her gently on the ground leaning against a wall. Standing again Ren strode the next few steps to what could only be the kage's office, there was a chakra signature there, although not one powerful enough to be Shouten's, it was weaker than the man's had been even those years ago when he'd destroyed old kiri. All the same, Ren strode into the office, a young man, no older than twenty five stood there, a kunai in his hand, wearing the hat that distinguished him to the office of kage. "Who are you? Where's that bastard Shouten?" He asked, glaring at the man, who's only Response was to rush at Ren, screaming as he went. "Honestly you all call yourselves ninja?" Ren said disdainfully, chakra arms appearing from his side and catching the man's arms and legs as he rushed at Ren. Ren lifted the man up and drew him close, placing a seal upon his body before holding his hand to the man's head. Ren broke into the man's mind, examining everything that he found there. 'So Shouten has disappeared, and most of his control has faded?' Ren asked, as he looked deeper, this man had been one of shouten's support staff, working closely in the building and thus having his blood incorporated into the seal shouten had placed there' "And you thought to set yourself up in his place, as a dictator looking to rule over these people?" Ren spoke aloud, almost spitting in the man's face in disgust. "I came here to kill shouten for his crimes of tyranny, but instead I find this waste of space," He said, tossing the boy to the side and striding up to the desk. Taking out all of the Ryo and dividing it up into portions, sliding those portions into a collection of briefcases he pulled out of his folded dimensional storage, having prepared them earlier for this day.

Following this Ren would hand a briefcase to Alice, Ryu, and Kaz, as well as carrying one himself. Each one with an amount of Ryo that Ren felt they should be trusted with, Smiling Ren would say "and now we announce ourselves to the world." turning and kicking out the large window that stood at the back of the office Ren would grab the Ex-Tyrant with his Chakra Arms again and stroll out the building, walking up to the top of the building with the man in toe. By this point, Ren expected that his team would have dealt with all the shinobi under this false Rulers command. Assuming this was the case Ren would stand there, giving a mental command for everyone to meet him at the top of the tower. Once everyone had arrived Ren would shift his display of power from hostile to warm and comforting, waiting for a few of the townspeople to gather in the area below him before speaking, shouting out to the village so that as many people as possible could hear him, although altering his voice with some chakra to seem different from his actual voice. "People of Funkakure! We are Hitsuyō Aku! The soldiers of peace and freedom who fight against tyranny and evil! We came here to free you from Shouten Ataenushi, however, in his place we found only this monster trying to enslave you all again! We will stand for this no longer, we will destroy any who dare to exploit the people, whether they be kage, daiyamo, whether they be strong or weak, No matter what we will protect the innocent and free the enslaved. To you and everyone, we pledge this. Now I beseech all of you, leave this village, find your families and friends in other places and spread word of us so that evil wherever it is may quake in fear of us." Ren would say using his mind's eye to time his words and actions to pluck the heartstrings of the people as he did so. This village that has served as a hive of villainy and tyranny will stand no longer, in is place will remain a monument to freedom and liberty, now go, take your belongings, your families and your friends, and tell the world there is hope, hope that the world will no longer bow to evil!" Ren would say finishing his speech.

There was a quite murmur amongst the people, who were all shocked that this wasn't just another tyrant coming to enslave them and steal them from a weaker tyrant. Ren waited, metaphorical fingers crossed as he waited, he'd done everything that he could and now it was just up to chance, would this go in his favor? Had he made a mistake somewhere? so many questions echoed in his mind, but he pushed them down projecting a confidence outward that he certainly didn't feel internally. After a short moment although it felt like an age to Ren there was a sound... 'what was that sound? Clapping...' Suddenly there were a few cheers, whoops of exitment coming from the people of the village, now finally liberated from the bonds that had held them for so long. Ren let out a subtle sigh of relief as the cheers called out from the village, people rushing to gather their things and leave the village.

Once people had started leaving Ren would Relay a command to everyone there. "Ryou, Faith, Alice you three set about preparing to destroy the village once everyone has left," Ren said, turning to those three. "Akane, Ezra, Ryu" You three make sure everyone escapes the village safely, I don't want any of these innocents hurt by our actions, there's also a girl by the kage's office who meant no harm, make sure she gets out safely." He said, handing out the briefcases to each of them as he spoke. Once everyone had left that would leave him and Kaz standing there, Ren looking out across the village with Kaz standing behind him. "Thank you kaz, I know it must be hard to trust a man you only met today, even if it feels like I've known you for your whole life you must know so little about me" He would say" pausing for a moment, giving the man a chance to interject if he wished. After that short pause, Ren would continue, turning to face the man. "May I borrow your sword for a moment?" He asked plainly assuming the man gave him his sword Ren would smile, "Thank you, I cannot make up for the injustices you've suffered in your life, but all the same, I thank you, I know the sort of person you are, loyal to justice, a beacon of light forever walking in the darkness." Ren gestured for the man to kneel. Assuming he did Ren would continue, "It's not much but I can at least give you back a fragment of what's been stolen from you" Ren would say lowering the sword to the man's shoulders, speaking as he did so. "As head of the Revolutionary army, I declare you my second in command, honourable samurai Kazuo of Hitsuyō Aku." He would say, restoring the man to the title he was due, the knighting over Ren returned the blade to the man Respectfully before turning again to watch the village. Eventually, it would empty and assuming everyone had followed orders Ren would see the spark of fire in the distance, building burning, and stone collapsing, the village falling to fire and destruction, though no one but the tyrannical shinobi that had tried to enslave its population were harmed by it. once the fire started to look like it would cut off their route to each other Ren would call for everyone to reunite atop the kage's building.

Once everyone had arrived Ren would give the signal for Ryu to mark everyone there and for Kaz to teleport himself Erza, and Ryu to the country borders, specifically where Kaz expected the black market to be. once they arrived he'd have Ryu summon everyone in the squad. Once they all appeared away from the village Ren would smile "Good Job everyone, now then, let's see about finding a place to rest." He'd say once he found a place alone to rest Ren would lie down, his shoulders slumping. His Curse mark burnt, He'd burnt through more of his chakra suppressing it for the entirety of that attack than He'd spent on the actual assault. Ren massaged his shoulder drifting off to sleep, at the very least he understood how to control the seal far better now, his own chakra having integrated into it due to the extended period of time that it'd been suppressed for.

676 towards Summoning Technique 25% discount
1886 towards Cursed Seal of Heaven stage 2 25% discount
Destruction of Funkakure
Official Formation of Hitsuyō Aku, the Anti-Kumo coalition. Requesting group formation with this colour (#ffff00) for code reference.

Taking Funka funds.
Total 92, 180 according to the fund's page, plus an additional 500Ryo that's overdue to be added.

so 92, 680
taking 20K for myself, Claiming MN Status and S-rank
Granting 18K to Kazuo (S-rank Promotion due to him already having 2K stocked)
Granting 20K to Ryu (S-rank MN Promotion)
Granting 10,680 to Faith (A-rank MN Promotion) 680 Stocked for S-rankup
Granting 6K to Alice (B-rank MN Promotion
Granting 6K to Ryou (B-rank MN Promotion)
Granting 6K to Ezra (B-rank MN Promotion
Granting 6K to Akane (B-rank MN Promotion)

[Exiting Upon being summoned]
confirmation given by Kenshin to the fact that the 5 seal placed by shouten disappeared upon his death, leaving the village open to attack


Ren Tsubasa
Health: 40
Chakra: 100
Stamina: 100
Speed: 100
Strength: 10

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PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 6:16 pm

Viper Uchiha wrote:
The trapped villagers awaken, being freed with the death of their tyranical leaders.  In mass they charge the mans living quarters only to not find anything inside, a safe however is in his room, it takes hours but it is finally busted open, the finds of Funkagakure given to the villagers as they flee the village, leaving the once great mining town, turned stronghold for rogue shinobi to be abandoned, the decay only furhtered before the village itself crumbles to the ground.
The village is already destroyed & the loot gone, bro

For reference

"You're like a drawn sword on the battlefield. One with countless nicks, soaked in blood, and rusting.. with a lethal crack in it. A sword that's begun to break."


Samehada: 280/280 AP
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Kazuo Kemuri
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Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 6:25 pm

(False. Aki didn't approve that part and the village's ryo has been updated as any other village)

As the trio appeared in a flash of purple light, Ren immediately went about summoning the remnants of their group. As the group arrived, Ren darted forward, paralyzing the two guards. In a flurry of movement, Kazuo drew his blades, following behind Ren and providing cover. It was hardly necessary, however, as the villagers shrunk back and hid from them as the Necessary Evil entered to purge this place. His meigan was active and his chakra sensory was on full alert as he strode along with his entourage, flanking Ren, as they made their entrance.

Any combatants that strode forward would be intercepted by Kazuo. Indeed, a few did. Some looked like ninja, others just crazed villagers. Kazuo parried and disarmed each one, applying a blow with the flat of his blades to their skulls and leaving them unconscious. He was a marvel to watch work, the way he moved his blades. Ren’s overwhelming chakra was joined by Kazuo’s own aura, a cloaked, armored figure that bore no face, hidden under a wide-brimmed hat.

Kazuo too left the ranged combatants to their own ranged users. While he could engage if necessary, he didn’t see the need. He could counter anything they threw at them and if he absolutely had to he could cut them apart at a distance. He’d rather just stick to the ground. Indeed, as they entered the building, Kazuo was right at home. His blades moved in a flurry of motion as he incapacitated those that stood in his way, cutting down any foolish enough to oppose them.

The two ANBU moved forwards, faltering for a moment. That was all Kazuo needed. His blades sang a song, told a story of a child who tried to fight against god himself, and while they were dumbstruck by Kazuo’s tale, his blades would flash with chakra and they would fall, cut down in an instant. To most of the entourage, it would appear as if Kazuo never moved. In actuality, he made use of the flashblade technique to cut each opponent in two, slicing them at the waist and the neck, his cuts perfect and clean. He kept walking as they fell to the floor.

Kazuo did not move to help Ren as the woman attacked. He didn’t need to. Ren dealt with her and shouted, asking where Shouten was located. Nobody told them. He peeked into the mind of a bystander, and exclaimed that Shouten was gone. Kazuo stayed silent as Ren raved, seeing no need to interject. Instead he collected the ryo from the village’s safe before moving to make a speech. He announced who they were and what they fought for, and as he did, Kazuo stood beside Ren. As Ren finished, Kazuo smiled.
”Well said.” He told his friend, before following Ren. Ren thanked Kazuo and asked to borrow his sword. Kazuo indulged him, handing his left sword, a regular katana, and watching. As he was reinstated with his title of Samurai, he grinned with pride.

Given the command to teleport Ezra and Ryu to the borders, Kazuo obliged as he gripped the ryo he’d been given. Making the handseals once more, he’d make contact with his allies, and in a flash of light, they would vanish.


(TWC: 545)
Claiming 545 words towards Vanish mastery
Claiming 18k Ryo
20k/20k Ryo for S-Rank
The other 2k towards it can be found Here

I walk in the valley of the shadow of death
And I'll fear no evil, because I'm blind to it all
My mind and my blade, they comfort me
Because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come
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Ryu Reinhard

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PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 7:05 pm

“This’ll be quick.” Ryu would say as he was told to take down the four incoming ninja with Faith. Using his display of power the air would begin to feel hot and suffocating. It caused the running shinobi to stop and grip their throats. He would then look at them all and say a few words. “I’d just drop your weapons and run off.” Of, course that didn’t work and as they got through the illusion they raised their blades to attack. Forming a few seals the ninja would be surrounded by a ring of flame with a spider in the middle. The flames were hot, but not as hot as they could have been. The men were left with moderate burns on the extremities, but they were alive. “Get out of here. I tried not to burn you too bad.” He would say following Ren.

As Ryou and Faith were told to defend at the entrance, Ryu headed inside with the rest of the group. “Not, what I was thinking when I heard my family was from here.” The jounin would say spinning as someone tried to attack him using their fists. “I thought there would be more lava.” The man would swing again grunting that Ryu should stay still, so that the man could hit him, but the boy moved and in doing so tripped the man trying to hit him. At this moment the boy used his display of power once more to create the illusion of dry choking heat. “Leave!” He would say turning around and continuing through the building.

As they found the village funds Ryu was passed a suitcase to protect. He shook the case listening to the jingle and headed up to the tower when Ren announced their group. After that it seemed the jounin’s job became escorting civilians out of the city. Many people in the confusion of the attack has started to pillage, the jounin could hear someone calling for help. As the jounin showed up he noticed that a building missing a wall due to a recent fireball hitting it by the looks of the burn marks had two of the villages shinobi inside terrorizing a family.

The jounin jumped inside of the building with his chakra suppressed and kicked the first upside the head knocking him out. The second he used temporary paralysis on, before jumping on top of him and using the man’s sleeves to tie up his arms, then punched him in the crotch.  “Alright quick synops, bra. I’m Ryu Reinhard jounin of Suna, part of the group Hitsurigu Noque. You guys are free now, so grab what you can and get out of here. Because this place will be in flames soon.” He would point them towards the gates in case they didn’t already know and then escort some more civilians out.

After that Ryu would return and mark everyone as Ren had said, before being teleported to some countries borders. At that moment Ryu would summon all of the people that had been marked.

Claims: Mark sealing everyone, so that they can be summoned and exit. 20K for S-rank MN

Come and get it!
Chuunin Status
11/14/2016 1:08:11 PM | Edited 1:08:24 PM Kyousuke: Awesome. So I can do missions with other people that require a chuunin or higher?
11/15/2016 1:58:01 AM YOKOXKURAMA23: Yes because you are that rank, we will just need to make sure that you fit the role of a Suna chunin by the end of this topic
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Ezra Terumi

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Clan Element : Lava, Boil
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PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 7:10 pm

Ezra arrived with the rest if the group as they were summoned on the outskirts of Funkagakure. He had never been through here, but judging from the looks of the place and what his new companions had said, it was overdue for something of this caliber.

The Terumi boy would follow his orders, taking post outside the kage building tow ward off any intruders. It was a strange feeling, knowing what he was doing was for the betterment of the people, the world. But then why would people fight them on this?

Shaking his head to himself, the boy would note a few determined nin approaching, weapons drawn. Luckily for Ezra, there was a blade hidden in the dust about a foot from his left foot, and the boy would shove his toes under the sheath and kick it upwards, grabbing it in mid air and holding it to his side, his right hand on the hilt. The blade would slide from the sheathe fast, streaking through the air towards the first oncomer's throat. At the last possible moment, the blade would tilt slightly, instead striking the side of the man's throat with the flat side of the blade. The Terumi would pull the blade back slightly, turning and locking his right leg behind the man's own, pulling with his turn and knocking the man down, before delivering a swift boot to the bridge of his nose. It would hurt like hell and it may have broken his nose, but it was better than killing him.

The people around them were scared. The home they had known was being taken from them, and while they wanted so desperately to feel liberated and free from their shackles, whatever was binding them to this wretched place, they didn't know what to make of the invaders yet. Killing people wouldn't help give a good impression.

"We'll do right. I promise. Just give us time to prove it."

Assuming Akane hadn't dealt with the second oncomer her own way, the Terumi would rush over, blade sheathed in his left hand, and strike them with the hilt into their gut, driving the air from them before drawing the blade and striking them on the side of the head with the flat, driving them to their knees. This would be followed by the Terumi turning the blade in his hand and driving the hilt down on the back of the oncomer's neck, rendering them unconscious.

He received a message to get others to safety, and Ezra would happily agree, taking those he could with him, shouting orders to others over the subtle roar of new flames, lit everywhere in the village.

Once everything was settled, the people were safe and the flames were lit, he was called to the roof of the kage building, and of course he would oblige. He was handed some ryo, and was teleported off to... well, somewhere he wasn't familiar with. Before taking any other action, the boy would count the amount he had been given before pushing it into his jacket and moving off, pushing himself into a corner and crossing his arms. After monitering the goings on of the area for a while, Ezra would smile satisfied that he knew the patterns, and the Terumi would move to a place where he could get some shut eye.

~Exit, TWC: 558~
~Claiming 6,000 ryo~
~Claiming B Rank MN/Hituyo Aku member~
~Claining 558 words towards Quickdraw, at 903/2000~
~Will claim rank up rewards upon approval~
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Hato Sano
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

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Element(s) : Water
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 7:32 pm

Ryou appears, along with the rest of the group, with a puff of smoke. Ren seemed to waste time on the attack. The Lycan moved alongside the leader and the group. This was until, of course, Ren told them to make sure none enter the building along with Faith. "Yes ma'me." He performed the body flicker to get on one of the building closest to the building. 

It looked quicker strange that they would send an eleven-year-old to guard the entrance to the Kage building. So some low levelled shinobi would try to slip past Ryou to enter the gate. The Lycan counted at least 15 that tried to slip by into the Kage's building. Alright Ryou, you can get these guys without killing them. The Kaygua told himself. First, he used the one jutsu that he had that was long ranged and covered a wide area, Dust cloud. He weaved the hand signs for the jutsu and then let the wind style spew from his mouth. Stupidly, all the ninja were pretty close together so the 30-meter jutsu engulfed them all in a blinding wind storm of dust and debris. They were all blinded by it so Ryou thought this would be a good time to try out bone armour jutsu. He tried to infuse the chakra into his lower layer of his skin. Then once the ninja stumbled out of the cloud, still blinded, Ryou would run up to them and start punching them. Though it wasn't perfect, Ryou did notice his punches were a bit stronger. He so far incapacitated then shinobi. The other five somehow got their eyes cleared and started charging for the kage building. Ryou acted fast and started to weave hand signs for Dance of Seedling Fern. Ten large bone spikes made a wall to block the entrance. That's when Ryou charged at the spriters and knocked them all out his swings to the stomach. 

Ryou still was watching for any more that tried to slip past him until he was interrupted by Ren's voice and then roars of clapping. Ryou sighed in relief that it was now over. 

Later Ren meets up with them, telling them their next thing on the list of things to do as well as giving them money in briefcases. The Lycan turned to the city to do as he was told, destroy it. Ryou travelled over to one part of the village. He figured Faith and Alice would do their part. Before going along with the plan, he checks for anyone. Once the ghost was clear, Ryou began to weave signs for Dance of Seedling Fern once more. Bone spikes break through houses. He was getting to the point where he could make twenty. 

After the Lycan was finished. Ryu came over to tag him. Later Ryou would appear in the borders of counties in the black market. Ryou and the rest of the group were told to rest. Ryou ordered a room to himself to get some alone time. You are now a higher ranking missing ninja, should I be happy? Ryou asked himself in his head when he went to go lay down. Sadly for Ryou, it was another sleepless night.
WC: 536
B rank MN status (6k/6K)
268 WC toward Bone Armour and Dance of the Seedling Fern
Rank up rewards
Member of Hituyo Aku

Hato Sano
Health: 5 
Chakra: 20 
Stamina: 10 
Speed: 10 
Strength: 15

PM me if you want jutsu ideas, I'll be glad to help with giving you ideas
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Akane Tokiyama
Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Water
Ryo : 490

PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 7:54 pm

Akane would follow the group and would split off from the group and stand guard at the Kage building when she was told to by Ren. She was excited to be here, doing some good in the world. Akane was glad that she could break the chains that had held the people of this town for such a long time. She had to live under the tyranny of Missing Ninja in her small town for a couple years and she understood completely how they felt. It was disgusting that people would do such things as this.

As Akane stood guard at the door she would watch as Ezra took on the first incoming ninja and would see that a second ninja was coming in their direction. Once the second incoming ninja got into proximity Akane would begin to sprint towards them and would slide across the ground and would slam her fist straight into the man's.. Nether region. Once he was on the ground she would kick him in the side of the head hard enough to render him unconscious. Then she would continue to stand guard and would wait for Ren to give her and Ezra further orders.

Once she received the orders to help bring everyone to safety she would happily help and would assist every villager she could with their escape. She would then make her way to the top of the Kage Building where it seemed everyone was and would happily take her share of the ryo. It was more than she had ever had before and she would put it to good use. Hell, she may even save it for a couple years so that she could finally create the corporation with Haruki. After everybody took their share of the ryo, they would all be teleported off to an area where they could get some sleep. Thankfully, she wandered off and found a nice area to do so.

[TWC: 323 Words]
[Claiming 6,000 Ryo]
[Claiming B-Rank MN & Hitsuyō Aku]
[Will claim rank-up rewards upon approval]

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Alice <3
Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

Fame : 62
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Earth, Water
Clan : Nara
Bloodline : -
Ryo : 150

PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 9:34 pm

Alice appeared in a puff of smoke along with the remaining members of Hitsuyo Aku as was traditional for the summoning technique. Two guards standing at the front gate were quickly dispatched as the group moved to enter the village; civilians and shinobi alike were standing by watching as if in shock. The fear and confusion showed plainly on their faces. After a short while the group split up, Ren giving jobs to most of them and telling Alice and Kazuo to follow him. This following orders thing was going to get old soon if the Nara didn't reap equal rewards. Still, she could deal with it for now. 

When they entered the Kage building they were in Alice's and Kazuo's territory. The girl couldn't help but smile at the thought of possibly taking out some of these idiots. She didn't have to wait long. As soon as they entered the building enemy shinobi swarmed around them. A single Rat hand seal locked each of them in place as Kazuo's blade hit it's mark and cut down each one of the enemies with ease. Truly working as a team held it's merits; and Alice and Kazuo made a good team. She made a note to keep that in mind for later. 

When the two ANBU moved forward Alice was about to stop them in their tracks as well, but they faltered for a moment and Kaz was quicker than she was, rendering it unnecessary for her to help him. She simply shrugged, lowering her hands and continuing to walk at Ren's left side while Kaz was on his right. She stayed silent throughout the remainder of the exchange, listening to Ren's speech without much of a care. When it was all said and done, she allowed herself to be marked by Ryu so that she could be summoned later; it was an incredibly useful combination of simple techniques that she would have to learn later. For now, it could wait. 

After being summon into the familiar balck market, Ren would tell everyone good job and to find a place to rest for the night. Of course, being back in her own familiar territory, it didn't take long for Alice to find her usual spot. This was only after receiving the briefcase filled with her share of the spoils from their groups first raid. This could turn out to be quite profitable after all.
TWC: 403
6k ryo
B rank MN status (6k/6k)
rank up rewards
403 words towards shadow imitation A rank
2 stats
Keeping MN colors
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Naoki Gekou
Master (Kiri)
Master (Kiri)

Fame : -189701
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Wood
Bloodline : Mangekyou Sharingan, Wood Release
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 10:16 pm

[I really wish any one of you guys had consulted the staff before doing this. I guess first of all I should apologize on behalf of staff for the major oversight that had led to this. We failed to clarify what had become of the village after Viper's post. It was our intention to destroy the village in an event later on and keep it removed from things until then, that is why no new Funka characters were allowed.

I assume that makes it rather apparent in which direction this will be going. The staff has decided to void the thread - as Viper's claim said, the people of Funka scattered in all directions, taking any wealth or resources the village had with them. If your characters were to come here, they would find a ghost town in a barren land.

I do see that some effort was put into this, so all of you will be allowed to claim the WC for this, other than that it is voided. You can redo the thread if you wish. Sorry it turned out this way.]
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Ezra Terumi

Fame : -7
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Earth
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava, Boil
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   Mon May 29, 2017 10:39 pm

So because staff fucked up, we're getting punished. Makes sense 10/10.

There better be a sterling fucking apology coming.
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PostSubject: Re: Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]   

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Hitsuyō Aku Enters! [Village Destruction topic]
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