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 Yurei Uchiha Stat Page

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Yurei <3

Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan (3rd Tomoe)
Ryo : 5100

PostSubject: Yurei Uchiha Stat Page   Tue May 16, 2017 2:36 am

Yurei Uchiha

V1 - N/A
V2 - N/A
Full Beast - N/A


Sharingan (3rd Tomoe)

Current Stat Points:
Health: 21
Chakra: 100
Stamina: 40 (+21 AP from missions)
Speed: 100 (125)
Strength: 22



Fire, Lightning

Jutsu Unlocked


Temple of Nirvana
Sharingan Genjutsu
Lightning Illusion: Flash Pillar

Genjutsu Choking

Hazy Genjutsu
Great Fireball
Phoenix Fire Jutsu
Manipulating Attack Blades
Soul Expulsion

Body Flicker
Flicker Movement
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Cramp Jutsu (Mastered)
Chakra Anesthetic
Mist Servant Technique

Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Substitution Technique
Surface Walking
Fire Release: Fire Stream
Genjutsu Release
Inner Flame

Skills Unlocked:

Chakra Infusion

Items on your person:
Hoshigakure Headband
Piercing of Swiftness
Shuriken x5
Kunai x5
Smoke Bomb x2
Weapon Pouches x2
Explosive Tags x2


Before he was born, Yurei’s parents were part of a wandering caravan of shinobi and regular people alike before they moved to Hoshigakure. There was a coup in their small caravan to overthrow the local leader, and the shinobi within the group slaughtered most, with only Yurei’s parents surviving and vowing to never use jutsu again.

Hoshigakure was a unique and fitting place for them, but they had to hide their heritage, fearing the village would revolt against them and their typically strong clan. Yurei’s strange appearance and their reclusion helped to dissipate and sort of potential tension.

Growing up, Yurei was fascinated with shinobi and adored people and nature, staying outside as long as possible unlike his parents. He would go to the shinobi academy and try to catch the rare sight of a ninja when no one was looking his way, often putting himself in their place within his imagination. While he longed to become a shinobi, his parents abhorred the idea and forced Yurei into thinking he did not possess the required chakra or skill in order to become a shinobi. They hide him from the outside as much as possible and limited his connections with people and any sort of hardship, fearing he would one day unlock his sharingan.

Now, Yurei finds himself pretending to be a shinobi despite what his parents say. He often takes long walks and assists the community he lives in as best as he can, but his parents’ restrictions have began to increase his defiance and desire for freedom.

Despite his parents' intervention, Yurei secretly attends the  recently created shinobi academy and practices under the guise of going bird watching and helping the community clean. It is, however, unknown to Yurei that he or his parents are of the Uchiha Clan, as his parents have completely disconnected from the Uchiha and burned any ties to the clan, as well as vowing to never use jutsu. With Yurei discovering his potential in chakra and becoming a shinobi, he is slowly uncovering the lies and locked away truths his parents have fought to passionately to keep hidden from the white-haired Uchiha boy.


As Yurei advanced throughout his shinobi career, the boy became a genin and learned jutsu in secret, keeping it from his parents for fear that they would disapprove and do worse. He decided to specialize in Genjutsu, believing that it could change the hearts of those who hated shinobi. As a shinobi, Yurei met Damon Uchiha and Akio Inuzuka, and the two helped him to come to terms with being a shinobi and generating pride from it; however, this resulted in a tragedy when his parents discovered the truth.

Yurei's father, enraged that his son had put them all at risk, struck Yurei across the face after a heated debate about shinobi, but, before he could strike again, Yurei placed his father under a genjutsu that resulted in a heart attack, killing Roshi Uchiha. Yurei, distraught by this, unlocked his Sharingan and still carries the guilt of killing his father, but uses it as a means to go forward and prove his father wrong.

 Yurei unlocked his second tomoe after an attack made by villagers on his home, and, after persuing them, earned his third in a bloody non-lethal battle. Yurei quickly became fascinated with his dojutsu and the powers it possessed, especially with its affinity for visual genjutsu.

Your Story:
Yurei learns the transformation technique and uses it to disguise his appearance, as well as make him look normal due to his albinism

Yurei learns the Clone Technique

Yurei becomes a genin of the Hidden Stars, but contemplates on whether or not he should tell his anti-shinobi parents about his decision.

Yurei develops an interest in Genjutsu, believing it to have the potential to end anti-shinobi views in Hoshigakure. He meets with Damon Uchiha for the first time, and, using Ephemeral, accidently makes Damon relive a horrible memory.

Yurei meets Akio.

Yurei tries to come to terms with telling his parents the truth while he continues to learn genjutsu. His parents learn his greatest secret.

Yurei's parents confront him about being a shinobi. He unlocks his sharingan through sorrow.

After the night's events, Yurei cannot sleep and decides to take his mind off of things when he finds both Akio and Damon at the training grounds. (Body Flicker, Gen Release, 15 stats)

After the death of his father, a grief-stricken Yurei tries to take his mind off of things by furthering his study of genjutsu, and he learns that it not only can change someone's heart, but also terrorize them

Yurei waits for his father's funeral date to arrive when his mother comes to terms with her son's status of being a shinobi, and offers him more information about the Uchiha.

On the day of his father's funeral, Yurei is assigned to oversee a controversial wedding. It is a success, and Yurei uses Genjutsu to show a crowd radical villagers what it means to be hated. (+4,000 Ryo, 10 AP, 5 Stats)

Yurei begins to try to mend differences between shinobi and villager by providing care to a nearby church. (+500 Ryo, 1 CD Kage post, 1 AP)

Yurei, Akio, and Damon attend Roshi's funeral.

Yurei collects flowers with Damon for his father's grave. (+1000 Ryo +3 AP)

Yurei helps guide a lost royal to Hoshigakure. (+2000 Ryo, 5 AP)

Yurei begins to heal after his father's passing, and he learns Genjutsu Choking while fending off religious zealots.

Yurei's first chuunin exam - Yurei learns that there are villains on both sides(+2000 Ryo, 5 AP)

Yurei learns Flicker Movement

Yurei learns the Temporary Paralysis Technique

Yurei learns Phoenix Fire Jutsu (Phoenix Fire, +10 Stats to speed)

Yurei learns Manipulating Attack Blades (Manip, +13 Stats to speed)

Exhausted from training, Yurei had to protect his home from religious zealots when he unlocks his second tomoe. (2nd Tomoe Unlocked)

Yurei learns Soul Expulsion (+10 Stats, Soul Expulsion)

Yurei tracks down the zealot attackers an unlocks his 3rd tomoe Sharingan(Unlocked 3rd tomoe)

Injured and battered, Yurei seeks to recover while also unlocking the secrets of the Sharingan (+20 stats, +9 to Speed, +11 to Stamina/Learned Sharingan Genjutsu)

Yurei meets Komon Hyuuga, a shinobi of the Hidden Cloud, and learns his second chakra nature. (+15 stats, 11 to chakra, 4 to stamina, Lightning Nature, Cramp Jutsu)

Yurei, disliking his lack of communication with his mother, decides to make her breakfast. (+10 stats to Chakra, Mastery of Cramp Jutsu)

Yurei learns the Mist Servant Technique to further his understand of Genjutsu. (+5 stats to chakra, Mist Servant Technique)

Yurei learns chakra anesthetic. (+5 stats to chakra, Chakra Anesthetic learned)

Yurei meets Sakana of Kumogakure, who challenges his plans for peace.(+20 stats, 19 to chakra, bringing it to 100, 1 to strength, bringing it to 11; Chakra Sensory)

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Yurei <3

Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan (3rd Tomoe)
Ryo : 5100

PostSubject: Re: Yurei Uchiha Stat Page   Today at 6:54 am

Yurei and Akio Investigate a murder, and Yurei learns Lightning Illusion: Flash Pillar; (+20 stats, 10 to health, 10 to strength; Strength = 21, Health = 20; Flash Pillar Learned)

Yurei Learns Inner Flame (+2 stats, Inner Flame; 1 stats for both health and strength. Health = 21, Strength = 22)

Health:21  Chakra:100  Stamina:40 (+21) Speed:100  Strength:22
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Yurei Uchiha Stat Page
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