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 Riku's missions

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Genin of Hoshi
Genin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Riku's missions   Sun May 14, 2017 2:54 am

Riku quite excited for the mission he was about to partake on, not that he let it show in his walk, as he walks his usually steady and confident walk. He makes his way through the crowd of people, bobbing and weaving. He enjoys the sound that the dock area has going on, as fisherman try and sell their wares, and ship captains declare where their are going, and how many crew members they are looking for. He briefly begins to wonder what the life of a sailor was like, and turns his mind over to if it would be fun to become a pirate, stealing from other ships, selling the treasures and fortunes of other people as if it were your own.
He shrugs it off, pretty content with being a Kiri ninja. He adjusts his Kiri headband, tightening it down, feeling a surge of pride go through him, before he cuts it off and returns his attention to where he was suppose to be showing up for his mission.
He quickly finds the area that he was to report to, and turns his attention out to the coast, watching as the sun started to rise in the sky. 
"Crack of dawn, right on time." a voice harps out. Riku turns his attention and sees the captain of the ship who he is to be repairing the boat for. The captain gestures for Riku to follow, which Riku does, with a quick step in his walk as the captain seems to take off, not bothering to bob and weave through the crowd, but casually brushes aside the people that get into his pathway. Riku keeps close enough to follow the gap the captain makes, but occasionally has to dodge a body or two from when they immediately fill the hole in again that the captain made.
The captain leads Riku to the beach, where his ship is breached, and gestures at the many holes on the ship. 
"As you can see, we got into some trouble with pirates and such. Ingrateful bastards tried to rob us, but me and my crew showed them that you don't mess with a ship captain from Kiri."
He stops, and glances at the ship, and yells out, "Hey, watch what you're doing ship boy. Don't need another accident with the gun powder like last time."
Riku looks, and sees a ship boy about his age, but a little more gangly than him and awkward, carrying a heavy barrel on his back, with a huge label of gun powder. The boy seemed to stumble a bit and almost dropped the barrel, but catches himself and stumbles below deck.
The captain sighs and says, "I will admit a few of those holes happen to be from when that ship boy accidentally drop the barrel, and the gun powder spilled out. He didn't warn anyone, so a few of my sailors who decided to smoke on my ship inside, something I abhor, well, let's just say they flicked in the wrong spot and went boom."
The captain shakes his head, and sighs once again. "Now listen here, this ship needs to set sail very soon. The faster you can finish this job, the better off we all are. Now then, besides the ship boy, the crew and I have all evacuated the ship for the time being, and as soon as the ship boy is done lugging the supplies down below, he'll be off too. So the ship will be under your command."
He gives off a laugh at that and says, "I make myself laugh sometimes. But what I'm saying is, the ship is yours to repair in any way shape or form as long as you can finish it, and finish it fast."
He pats Riku on the pat, and then starts to walk away. He pauses and says, "Oh yeah, their are some holes on the bottom of the ship, that can't be seen on the outside, so you'll have to go down to the bottom of the hull and repair the damage inside that way. Good luck, all the wood and supplies you should need are scattered on deck of the ship, make my ship look good boy, and make me proud."
He walks off, doing his casual shrug through the crowd, despite the protest many pedestrians gave off. Riku watches him walk off before turning his attention to the ship. He casually makes his way to the ship and walks up the side of the ship using the tree climbing technique. When he gets up there, the ship boy looks mightily impressed with him and says,  "I'm always impressed when i see ninjas do moves like that. Makes me wish that I could be a ninja, but my mom would kill me if i left this job. She managed to force my uncle,the captain of this ship, to give me a job. Of course, that also is the only reason why i'm still working on this ship, because my mom and the captain siblings. Welp, I have some more work to do so i can get out of this place before it gets dark outside. My mom would kill me if I don't visit when I have the chance to do so. She gets kind of fickle about that sort of thing. Uh, the wood to patch up the ship is scattered around. Just take whatever's not actually nailed down to the ship. Good luck and have fun. Oh and the name is Hal."
The ship boy Hal walks off and gathers some more supplies, and walks down below deck. Riku looks around, notices the wood planks, the hammer, nails and various other tools to properly shape the wood and fit it in the holes of the ship. He starts by finding where the various holes in the ship are, and finding the various other parts of the ship that needed general maintenance. 
"Seems like the crows nest needs some preventative maintenance done to it. Don't want it to fall off in the next major storm this ship goes through." Riku mutters to himself, as he climbs down from the mast. He gathers up the supplies he will need for working on the mast, and starts taking the supplies up to the crows nest. He quickly uses the crowbar to pry off the rotted planks of wood that were supporting up the crows nest. He quickly checks the boards, comparing the board, before sawing off a couple of inches off the board, and placing it back in, quickly nailing some nails into the wood to keep the board in place. He does that for the other rotting boards, making sure each board fits snugly into it's hole, and making sure to secure the boards in the spot with a couple of nails. He grunts and pushes up and down on the boards he just secured, making sure that they didn't flex out of place. He nods as they keep in place, and walks straight down the post, carrying all the tools and remaining lumber that he had with him. As he walks down the mast, he grabs a kunai and starts carving from a wood block with the kunai. He wheedles it down to nothing but a stick of wood. As soon as he gets back to deck, he tosses the stick of wood off the deck and walks over to another stack of wood.
"Hmm, might make it easier if I start setting up the wood planks where I need them instead of having scattered all over the deck and requiring me to keep returning up here." Riku says to himself.
"Talking to yourself is a sign that yore crazy. At least, that's what my mom says every time the captain visits and she hears him muttering under his breath." Hal says, as he scrambles back up to the deck. "But I reckon when no one is around, it don't really matter. Well, I've done my bit, so I'll be seeing you. Have a good one."
Hal scrambles down the ship, putting his feet upon the beach and walking away. Riku watches him walk away until his out of site, before returning his attention to the job that's at hand. He grabs the wood planks and starts going around the ship, inside and outside of it, placing the wood planks in easy accessible places when he couldn't put it directly by the  hole that it goes with. He then scrambles up the boat again, and grabs the tools he'll need to work the job. He starts getting to work, sawing planks to the correct shape, and nailing the boards into their proper spot, making sure that they not only fit, but didn't budge a inch.
A hour or two later, Riku pauses, looking up at his latest handiwork, and smiles. "It's looking really good in my humble opinion, but it's been a bit, and I need to take a break before I collapse from exhaustion. Ha, not really gonna collapse."
He walks off in the direction of some food, grabbing something to fill his belly, before returning to the ship. He sits down with his back against the hull of the ship, actually against one of the holes that he had just patched up. He guzzles his food down in almost one gulp. And then starts to sip his nice cool beverage. Shortly afterwards he does a quite loud burp. He groans and stretches. He stands and continues his stretching. 
"Ugh, if i continue on like this, I'll be going home and sleeping instead of finishing this job up. Oh well, this job is close to being wrapped up anyways. Back to the grind. High ho, high ho, off to the grind that lovely me goes." Riku thinks to himself, as he starts whistling a nice little tune to keep his spirits in good cheer as he continues to work on the ship.
He walks up the side of the ship, and begins making his way down to the bottom of the ship, to where the holes on the ship couldn't be seen from the outside of the ship. He begins to saw the boards that he already had placed down there earlier. He begins placing the boards in their final positions. He hammers them down hard, making sure that they don't go anywhere.
"Not that these wooden boards are alive and capable of moving on their own."
"Hey, captain wants to know if you started to use the sealant on the wood yet. He wanted to make sure you didn't forget about that, else the wood's good as bad as soon as we set off from the shore." Hal says, as he scares the living crap out of Riku. Riku scratches the back of his head where he hit his head, and says, "Ouch, man, haven't you ever heard not to sneak up on a ninja.  That's just asking for yourself to become a pincushion of kunai and shuriken, though that might be too your liking, I'm not one to judge anyone's state of being."
Hal laughs, nervously, and then states, "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you or anything. Thought you heard me approaching, but I'm guessing when someone is at hard as work as you, that noises around them really don't disturb them. Point in case to my point, I spooked you when i showed up."
Riku waves him off and says, "I'll get around to the sealant right away. I just finished installing the last piece. Thanks for telling me about it, I would of forgotten."
Hal says, "Welp, that's all for me, have a good one." Hal walks out of the ship once again, and Riku went above deck to grab the sealant. It was a simple job, having him scramble around to put the sealant on all parts of the ship that he fixed up. After he finished up, he climbs off the ship, with the sun closer to dark then it had been before he arrived. He leaves the area, returning to his home.

[exit, but keeping this open for later solo missions, twc for mission 2022, claiming 1000 ryo]

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PostSubject: Re: Riku's missions   Sun May 14, 2017 8:51 pm

Word count please
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Aryll Hyuuga
Jounin of Kiri
Jounin of Kiri

Fame : 211
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Element(s) : Suiton
Clan : Hyuuga
Clan Element : Incest and Class Discrimination
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PostSubject: Re: Riku's missions   Sun May 14, 2017 8:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Riku's missions   

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Riku's missions
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