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 Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)

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Maximillian Yamaguchi
Chuunin of Kumo
Chuunin of Kumo

Fame : 80
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Element(s) : Lightning, Water
Clan : Yamaguchi (Nara)
Ryo : 22510

PostSubject: Re: Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)   Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:50 am

Saya wanted to know more about the technique, her curiosity on the subject refreshing. She had seemed to really desire to learn everything she could. “I wouldn’t call it pins and needles. It is more like a cold sensation. You can almost feel the strength being sapped from your body bit by bit, until you can’t even move. I…” Max thinks back to how he learned the move, noting the condition of the target afterwards “Have seen such a thing firsthand. It isn’t pretty.” When she wanted Max to allow her to feel the sensation of the jutsu, Max would hesitate his eyes telling her no, but his response wasn’t quite on the same page. “I can do that, if you’d like.” Max would then reach out and place his hand on the young girls arm. Her chakra would begin to drain into the boy at an alarming rate, his eyes shifting from a concerned look to that of one thoroughly enjoying the sensation of another person’s energy in his system. It was… invigorating.
Her already waning reserves of energy would likely deplete fast, though Max seemed oblivious at first, though he would realize quickly what was happening and stop himself, removing his hand from her arm and apologizing. “I’m sorry about that. I can get… a bit carried away at times.”
It was shortly thereafter that Renji would come over, exhausted.
Max was trying to happily taking in the moment, enjoying the company of his fellow team. Both Renji and Saya had been working very hard to advance, but the training… there was never enough training. The eyes of the other two had shifted to the skies, the dark clouds building in the distance. One could almost ‘feel’ the rain coming in your bones, or maybe that was just him, but it was on its way.
“Yeah, we probably don’t have a bunch more time before we are training in the rain so we should make the most of what little time we have left.” Shifting so that he was in clear view of both of the others, Max would begin the demonstration as his chakra would seemingly fade to nothing.
“In order to Suppress ones chakra, you have to think of it… turning off. What I do is I focus all of my chakra to a singular point, normally in my core. This helps me prevent any… hmm how do I put it? Uhm, leaking of my chakra. I then focus on weakening it until it is almost gone. Now, it is hard to know if you are doing it correctly at first. When I first did it I had felt my limbs grow… well weaker without a large influx of chakra pumping through them. You may not feel the same sensation, as I don’t believe that Senshi had that problem. Of course, my body isn’t quite as developed as it could be, so that might have been a unique experience.”
Next, the boy would explain the sensory technique. “For the sensory technique, one sends out a ‘ping’ of chakra to effectively gather chakra information in the area around you. It is kinda like sonar, where some things aren’t so easily detected and others are very easily detected without much work at all. It truly depends on the strength of ones chakra network to gauge how easy it is to detect.” The boy would then recall the Hyuuga and their byakugan, and what could mean in regards to the technique. “Now you Renji, you have access to a much more powerful type of sensory through the use of your eyes. While you can learn the skill, it likely won’t need to be utilized much so long as you have the byakugan at your disposal. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t learn it, only that I knew another Hyuuga that had decided that he didn’t need it due to his bloodline.”
Max would then perform the skill, gathering info on his two new teammates. This would be a refresher from earlier and help him notice if they are successful in their attempts to suppress their chakras. Max would give signals to them denoting successes with a simple thumbs up.
It wouldn’t be long into their training before droplets of water would splash down, drop by drop onto the heads of the genin. The cool water would likely be refreshing, but at the same time Max had no desire to train in the rain if it were up to him. People can get sick doing such things, and so he would break off the training.
“Alright, so you folks have taken in a lot so far and have made some great advances. I’m going to go ahead and call it a day, as I prefer to stay dry if I can. I’ll not tell either of you two to stop though, as that choice is yours.” With that said, both the boy and Napa would head to the tree and collect their belongings as well as the other puppets. “I like you guys. I think that you both have a lot of potential and can’t wait to see how far it takes you.”
Napa just shakes his head as Max says this, the puppet now being wrapped up in his mummy like bandages.
And with a wave, the boy would end their day with a single word.



WC: 898
TWC: 7593

Chakra Signatures (Don't count against words)
Saya's (2000/2000)
Renji's (2000/2000)

---Scroll of Nanaki's body--- (given by Senshi)

37 Stat points

Doctor Max is not a licensed physician. His use of the word doctor is purely for aesthetic and stylistic effect -- see also: Pepper, Dre, Octopus. Max will not be held accountable for anything that might befall patients under his care.

Napa's Stats
Puppet Stats::
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Renji Hyuga
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

Fame : 8
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Element(s) : Lightning, Earth
Clan : Hyuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 9500

PostSubject: Re: Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)   Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:20 pm

Renji had really pushed his body to the limits today, he had learned three new taijutsu techniques; the leaf Strong Wind, raiton jodon  upper cut, and the leaf whirlwind. This was easily the most training that he had ever put in before in his life. Knowing that he could barely lift his muscle another inch, Renji would hope that what ever it was that max wanted to show them was not to physically exhausting.

Renji would be sitting down with his arms wrapped around his legs as he hears Saya commend him on a good job. Trying to catch his breath and conserve some energy for whatever max had up his sleeve, Renji would simply reply with “thanks, you too” saying this as he takes a few deep breaths to try and get his breathing back under control.

Listening to his two teammates talk, it sounded as if they were not big fans of the rain, to which Renji was not either, but he would not have minded staying out in the rain if it meant learning more skills. But he would have no problems calling it a day as he had clearly used up a lot of his Stamina.

Renji would listen intently as Max is explaining the suppression technique. Knowing that Senshi used it earlier made Renji want to learn it all the more. When Max moves on to explaining the sensory technique, Renji would also listen closely  until he hears about Max’s Hyuga friend who did not learn the chakra sensory, and Renji decides that for now he will skip on learning chakra sensory, or at least until he met this possible cousin of his and find out more about his Byakugan.

When max give the floor to them, Renji would attempt to suppress his own chakra, trying to follow Max’s instructions to a ‘T’. It would only take Renji a few tries before he was able to suppress his Chakra the way he had seen his teammate and sensei do earlier.

As he felt a drop of rain on his head, Renji would tense knowing that it might mark the end to his funnest day ever.  At the same time he would active his byakugan to check out his two teammates and see how they were handling the rain. Seeing that the rain was finally here Renji was hopping that his teammates would not notice or not care enough to stop the training. Renji did not really have any friends in the village other than these two and he did not want to end the day. However, It would not be long before Renji would see the rain really start to come down on his friends.

It would be at this point that Max decides to call it a day. Trying not to look sad or down by the sudden ending of such a good day, Renji would smile and agree with that they should probably call it a day before getting soaked.

After Max leaves, Renji would linger around for a bit waiting for Saya to leave(unless she decides to hang out for a bit) before he himself would leave, pulling his jacket over his head so as not to get too wet.




39 stats

Leaf Strong Wind
Raiton jodan upper cut
Leaf whirlwind
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Saya Kirihara
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

Fame : 34
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)   Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:49 am

Quote :
Jutsu: Chakra Suppression
Rank: Skill
Requirement: 2000 Words // 1000 words w/ a teacher

Saya’s brow knitted together in confusion. So, the feeling wasn’t like pins and needles but something else. A chilling sense, the young boy said. That wasn’t something that she could really recall exactly. Of course, the girl had heard of it before and had experienced it as well but they had been so brief that it was difficult to remember how it was exactly. And the way that Max had mentioned the end result of a prolonged chakra absorption had her curiosity piqued too. She wanted to know, wanted to feel its drain on her body.

There was hesitation and uncertainty in his eyes. Was he afraid that he would harm her? That was understandable. She too had been wary of using the technique on him, afraid of accidentally inflicting damage unto her friend. But Saya could only nod in encouragement, offering her arm up for sacrifice just as he did moments before. Max placed his hand on her arm, and immediately she knew what he had been talking about. It was an instant change. Her body did a little shiver as if startled by the intrusive nature of the jutsu. It seemed as if her energy reserves were being sucked out by a vacuum, drinking it like some parched human in the desert.

Saya blinked, starting to feel a headache coming in as the blonde used the technique a little longer than necessary. She glanced at him, seeing the change in his look. It unnerved her, but the girl told herself that she had asked for it and was immediately relieved when he pulled away. A tired smile came upon her visage as she waved his apology away, and telling him it was fine. Inwardly, however, Saya had hoped that he had been a little bit more careful with how much he had taken from her. Immediately after they Max began the last stretch of their training.

The moment Max began to explain chakra suppression Saya pressed her lips in thought. Turn it off? She understood his examples and references, but was having a hard time wrapping her mind around the concept. Then again, the girl told herself that she just needed a bit more time to simply think out herself. Max’s own little experience, however, helped Saya figure out a certain “endgame” or result on how she should feel if the girl managed to perform the technique correctly. And so, after Max had finished talking about the chakra suppression technique, the young genin started practicing the jutsu though kept a respectful ear open to when he started explaining the chakra sensory technique to Renji.

With Max’s voice acting as background noise Saya closed her eyes and tried to envision something. Anything to help her get the technique down within minutes. She pictured the lake she had trained in with Sakana. It was a calm and comforting place, surrounded by trees. Now, her brows knitted together, she tried to imagine the lake’s water slowly converging to the bottom of the lake. Sort of like a void in the deepest part of the reservoir, where - as Max had mentioned - the “core” of their chakra system was located. That’s the place she wanted to push and collect her energy, the place where the water was suppose to drain to.

For a moment Saya felt nothing. No change in the flow of the energies within her body. She bit her bottom lip, beginning to feel slightly frustrated at the lack of progress. Well, technically, the dark haired girl hadn’t even started so there was no progress to be had anyways. It wasn’t until Saya really imagined herself as the lake that the technique started to work. Perhaps it was because her body too was in the process of  developing that Saya felt the same sensations that Max had described before. All four of her extremities “felt” weaker in a vague sense.

In her mind’s eye, however, Saya felt like the lake was slowly becoming dried out. Like the broken grounds in deserts, cracked from the intense heat of the sun and no water to keep it moist. Sunagakure came to mind with their endless sand dunes and coarse environment. That’s what she thought of as she did what Max had done - “weaken” her chakra until it was almost nonexistent. At this point in time, however, the splitter splatter of raindrops broke through her concentration. She opened her eyes and saw that the clouds had finally made their way to their location. A small sigh escaped her since that meant that their training was coming to a close.

The puppeteer was the first one to leave. ”Thanks for training us today, Max. Nappa.” She told him and his skeletal partner, a smile on her face. ”You did great in leading and teaching us today too. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Saya waved bye to the boy before turning to Renji, the other part of their team. He seemed to be waiting for her to depart as well before he did so himself. How gentlemanly of him. She tilted her head, suddenly feeling the urge to check on his chakra, having felt it disappear from her radar just moments ago. Soft moonlight and a storm was all she could glean from his chakra signature. That was weird. Usually when the girl read someone’s signature, they tended to be more personal than a simple landscape imagery. Though the girl supposed it was because they needed to spend more time together, or they needed to have their chakras intertwine in some way.

However, she had yet to fully master the skill Max had introduced to her and had decided to inform him that she would be staying just a few minutes longer. ”You can go ahead and go too, Renji. I’m gonna finish up in just a few minutes so you don’t have to wait up for me.”

Saya made a shooing motion with her hands and a grin, almost in a reassuring way. The girl didn’t want her teammate to get soaked and then ultimately get sick because she was being stubborn. And, eventually, Renji had gone, leaving her to stand underneath the lone tree. Fortunately, the tree’s branches and leaves were quite large and thick, saving her from completely getting drenched in water. So, for the next couple of minutes Saya resumed her training, closing in that last gap in her mindset until her chakra signature was almost impossible to be detected. Technique complete!

: : : E X I T : : :

TOTAL WORD COUNT: 7423 + 1082 = 8505


CLAIMING: 42 SP + Max and Renji’s Chakra Signature (I do have the skill unlocked) + Chakra Absorption + Chakra Suppression

Health: 41
Chakra: 65
Stamina: 25
Speed: 100
Strength: 10

"I love the way she survived. Survival looked good on her.
She did it gracefully. She'd walk over glass & through fire."

- J. Raymond
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Kyousuke Snow

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PostSubject: Re: Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)   Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:21 am


"Come and get it!"
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PostSubject: Re: Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)   

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Team Senshi assembles (P, Team Senshi, NK)
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