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 Training session (P,NK)

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Renji Hyuga
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo

Fame : 8
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Element(s) : Lightning, Earth
Clan : Hyuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 9500

PostSubject: Training session (P,NK)   Thu May 04, 2017 2:14 pm

Having finally earned his Genin rank, Renji wanted to waste no time and begin working to become stronger and learn more jutsus, leaving the Academy Renji would make a quick B line for the training grounds. Not stopping for anything in the way.

Once he got to the training grounds, the first thing Renji would do is take his headband and ties it around his forehead. His hair would cover most of the headband in the front, and unless he moved it out the way one wouldn’t really be able to see it.  In the back the straps would fall down just past the top of his jacket.

With that out of the way, Renji would move on to his training for the day, he wanted to start with working on his Dynamic entry technique; a D rank Jutsu in which the user puts all of their speed behind a fly front kick. Renji knew that in order to be able to do this, he would have to first work on improving his front kick and secondly increase the explosiveness in his legs so that he could hit his top speed when executing this jutsu.

Renji, deciding to start with improving his front kicks, walks over towards a tree about fifteen feet in height. Once he was in front of the tree, renji would bend over and picks up a leaf that had fallen from the tree. ‘I never could kick a leaf growing up. I guess I’ll use that as a tester to see if I have made any improvements’ he would think to himself as he reaches his arm out high above his head and out in front of him. “here goes” he would say aloud to himself as he drops the leaf and assumes a fighting stance.

As the leaf begins to fall swaying from side to side in the air, Renji would activate his byakugan in order to help him track the falling leaf.

Renji would wait a few moment for the leaf to fall and sway to the perfect position, eye level a few feet in front of his chest. He would then bend down at the waist to gather up momentum, and jumps, attempting to kick the leaf with his left leg.

Just as he is about to make contact with the leaf, the wind generated by his kick would push the leaf out of the way and Renji would completely miss, landing on one knee three feet opposite from where he begun.

This would not discourage Renji though as he had anticipated that he would more than likely miss on the first attempt. He came close and that was something to be proud of. And also, through using his byakugan, Renji  was able to see the adjustments that he needed to make in order to connect on his next attempt at kicking the leaf.

Renji would reach over and picks the leaf up before standing back up himself. Once he was back on his feet again, Renji would once again reach up high and drops the leaf. Just like last time, Renji activates his byakugan to help with tracking. As the leaf falls, Renji would follow it with his eyes, this time with more confidence, as the leaf nears about the same position in front of his chest as before, Renji would once more squat down, and launches himself out towards the leaf. This time making sure to keep his knee at a straight angle to ensure that he does not generate any unnecessary wind, or loss any momentum due to wind resistance.

Renji’s foot would this time make direct contact with the leaf, dragging it all the way to the ground with him as he lands on one knee. Renji would not know of his success until he lifts his foot and sees that the leaf was still attached to it.

Happy with his progress so far, Renji moves on to working on his explosion in his hips, to help him to be able to get to his top. Activating his byakugan renji would scan the area looking for something heavy to lift. He would settle in on a nice sized over turned tree trunk about three feet long by two feet wide and weighing about two hundred pounds . Renji would walk over towards the overturned tree trunk, and bending down picks the trunk up and hauls it over his left shoulder. ‘guess I’ll go for a jog around the grounds’ he would think to himself as he takes off running as fast as he can with this heavy tree trunk resting on his left shoulder.

While running, Renji would stop every one hundred meters and does fifty squats while holding the tree trunk over his head, then he would return the trunk to his shouldered position and continues on his run.  Renji would continue this running pattern for about twenty miles before he would stop not to far from a stream and drops his heavy load on the ground. He would then collapse on the ground next to the trunk.

Crawling over towards the stream,  Renji would stick his face in to help cool himself down. He would then take a few sips from the stream  and goes back to resting for a few more moments.

Once he was done with his break, Renji picks back up his hefty tree trunk and walks over towards a nearby hill and begins to run wind sprints up to the top of the hill and jogs to the bottom; continuing this training for about an hour.

Once the hour was up, Renji would throw the trunk as far away from himself as he could get it. And then walks over towards a tree. “time to put it all together and test this out!” he would say to himself as he sets himself up ten meters away from the tree.

Facing the tree, Renji would take a step in the direction of the tree with his left leg and pushes off it, sending him flying towards the tree at his top speed. Leading with his right leg and a smirk on his face, Renji would make direct contact with the tree dead square in the middle, the kick causing the tree to shake a bit. From the top of the tree hundreds of leafs would come falling down to the ground around Renji, who was now standing in front of the tree staring at the indent his foot made in the tree.

Looking around at all of the leaves falling around him would give Renji an idea on how to work on another technique that he had been wanting to try out, The eight trigram: thirty two palms technique.  

With a few leaves still falling around him, Renji would assume his gentle fist fighting stance, holding one hand out in front of himself, and the other straight out behind him, he would also lower his center or gravity, and shifts his weight back to his back foot. Renji would begin to throw strives at the leaves , being the first time he was trying this, he knew that any contact would be a success. It would take Renji a few attempts before he would hit his first leaf. His second one wouldn’t take as long, but he still wouldn’t come directly after his fist success. And Renji knew that if he wanted to perfect this technique, that he would have to make all thirty two strikes connect without any fault. As Renji continues to try to hit the leafs, he would see his success rate increase as the leaves would begin to fall at a slower pace until the last leaf would fall from his early strike to the tree.

A bit exhausted, Renji would take advantage of this natural break to stretch out a bit and goes for a short jog around the training ground. When he is done with his jog Renji would look up and notices that he had been out here all day.  With both parents dead, and his brother out of country on a mission, Renji has no one to rush home to, so he decides that he may just pull an all nighter.

Once he was finished with his break, Renji would stand back up to continue his training. Looking up at the tree, he would see that it still had some leaves left in it. “I have to get stronger! This has to work.” He would think to himself while looking up at the tree. He would then walk ten meters away from the tree and gathers his momentum, powering up for his Dynamic entry kick. Renji then would launch another flying front kick at the tree, hitting it a few feet away from where his last strike had landed. Bending his knee, Renji would kick off the tree doing a back flip and lands a few feet away from the free, facing it.

As the leaves would begin to fall around him, Renji would take up his gentle fist stance once more. Finally warmed up from his previous attempt, Renji would activate his byakugan this time, knowing that the 360 vision would surly be a great help in target acquisition.
The first round of leaves would begin to pass by Renji’s eyes as his byakugan would come online. Still in his Gentle fist stance, Renji would take a small step forward with his back foot and shoots both hands forward, leading with his middle and index finger. As he shoots his Fingers forward Reni would say “Two strikes”. Spinning around, Renji would make another two consecutive strikes, hitting two more leaves “four strikes”. Taking a step forward with his back foot and shooting his hands both out in front of himself and then out to his sides, making another four strikes on leaves as they fall around him, “eight strikes”. Lowering his center of gravity in order to make an attempt at a group of leaves about to hit the ground, Renji shoots his hands, both out in front of him, then pulling his elbows back, would shoot his hands out to his sides, finally he would turning his wrist and contort his body a bit ,hitting eight leaves in the process “sixteen palms” . Still in his awkward position, Renji would go to uncork his body, and pushes off one hand to get back up to his feet. While he is pushing off his left hand, he is using his right hand to strike at four leaves. Once he was back standing he would string his left arm around striking another four strikes, before finishing off with a barrage of strikes to the leaves falling in front and behind his face. Once he makes the final strike Renji would return back to his original Gentle fist position and says “eight trigram: thirty two palms.” Sweat dripping from his chin and breathing heavily.

Once all of the leaves were done falling around him, Renji would deactivate his Byakugan and begins to jump for joy at the fact that he had just completed his first eight trigram technique. However, Renji still wasn’t done. He had the whole night ahead of him and he wanted to perfect his thirty two palms, or at least ensure that it wasn’t just beginners luck.
Renji would continue this training of his eight trigrams  and dynamic entry kick for another hour or two until he had kicked and punched the leaves off of at least ten trees. Not wanting to destroy all the trees in the training grounds, Renji decides to call it a night for now. He would deactivate his Byakugan and brushes off some of the dirt from his clothes as he begins walking towards the entrance to the train grounds. Once at the entrance, Renji would take one final look back at all the leafless trees that he had created, “I hope I don’t get in trouble for that.” He would mumble to himself. Turning back, Renji would begin to walk home.


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Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: Training session (P,NK)   Thu May 04, 2017 5:00 pm



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Training session (P,NK)
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