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 Late night cram session for the Genin exams

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Renji Hyuga
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo
Renji Hyuga

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PostSubject: Late night cram session for the Genin exams   Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:43 am

With his academy finals coming up in the morning, Renji wanted to get in some late night cramming to ensure that he had down packed all the jutsu that was required of him to know for the up coming test.

As he steps onto the soft training ground grass, Renji takes a look around and would see that tonight he would be having the whole training grounds to himself. A small smirk would appear on his face as he thinks to himself, ‘just the way I like it.’

Taking a few more steps into the training ground Renji would begin to stretch and loosen up his muscles as he knew he would probably be at It all night if he wanted to ensure that he was ready by morning.

First up on the agenda for Renji was the transformation jutsu, An E Rank jutsu required of all students before graduating.  Growing up in a country constantly at war, Renji has seen this jutsu put to use many a times. Often as a means of deception during the third Raikage’s era, other ninja would use this jutsu to pretend to be her and try to scare off would be attacker. “I’ll never use this jutsu, why would I want to pretend to be someone else. But, I guess I gotta learn it if I want to graduate” Renji would think to himself as he stands there reading over the instructions for the jutsu from a scroll he had taken from his front left bottom jacket pocket.

As he reads over the instructions,  Renji would note that the instructions states that this jutsu is difficult because of the constant emission of chakra. “shouldn’t be a problem”. Being a Hyuga Renji was blessed with above average chakra control with little training.

Not sure what to transform into, and Not wanting to spend all night on this jutsu, Renji decides to transform into his brother, assuming that it should be easier since he’s known his brother his whole life. Once he was decided, Renji would then close his eyes and begin to create a mental image of his brother in his head, Trying to ensure that he got every detail right. While doing this, Renji would also begin to generate chakra inside of his body, letting it flow freely through his chakra network. ‘good thing big bro taught me about chakra networks and how to control mines’ he thinks to himself as he continues to gather chakra and create his mental image.

After a few moments, Renji would make the hands seals required for the jutsu Dog- Boar- Ram. And with that a plum of smoke would surround the young shinobi. Once the smoke had completely disappeared, the first thing that Renji would look at was down on his chest, he wanted to see if he was still wearing his favorite black shirt. When he looked down what he would see was his brothers bright red shirt. Excited, a big smile would come across his face as he continues to scan the rest of his body and sees that he indeed had preformed the jutsu. For the final test, Renji would walk over towards a small stream not to far from where he was standing. With a full moon Renji could see perfectly his reflection in the water, or rather the reflection of his brother who he had transformed into. Sprinting back to his original spot, Renji would dispel the jutsu, and returns back to his regular self.

Now with one of the two jutsu that he needs for his finals down, Renji was ready to begin working on the clone jutsu.  Reaching back into his pocket, Renji would pull out another jutsu scroll and takes a seat and begins to read the instructions for the clone jutsu.
Again, having seen so much devastation at such a young age, Renji has seen this jutsu at work before as well. Used by ninja of his village during attacks on the village. It would give off the image that we had way more ninja on our side than we actually did. It actually worked a few times too, Renji would think to himself with a little smile on his face.

Once he was finished looking over the instructions, Renji would place the scroll into his pocket and stands up to his feet.

Standing with his legs spread shoulder length apart he would close his eyes and begins to gather his chakra. With his eyes closed, he begins to envision a mirror on either side of himself. In the mirror of course would be a mirror image of himself, following his every move. He would then envision the images walking out of their mirrors and how standing next to him, still mimicking his every movement. Once he was sure of the image, Renji would open his eyes and shoots his hands from his side to out in front of his chest, and he would then preform the Ram snake tiger hand seals and next to him on either side was a mirror image of himself.

Renji, standing there still holding the last hand seal would look to his right and then to his left and see that both clones were also holding the Tiger hand seal. Renji happy with this would nod his head in agreement with his accomplishment and smiles. And both clones would in sync, nod their heads and smile at the same time as Renji. Seeing this would cause Renji to fall over laughing. And again the clones would fall over laughing; dissipating as they hit the grass.

Still filled with laughter and excitement “Ahh well that went well. Both jutsu for the finals now. Now to just preform them right tomorrow” he would say aloud to himself, as his tone shifts back to serious.

Now that Renji had the two jutsu down that he needed for tomorrow’s exam down and still with some time left before the sun comes up he decided to continue on with his training, this time moving on to a technique a bit more difficult than the last two.

This time, Renji planed on learning a gentle fist move, Palm Bottom. An E Rank jutsu that Renji has seen his brother use many times in the past. “if that fool can get it, so can I. Now let’s see first I needs a rock” Renji would think aloud to himself as he searches for a decent sized rock; Renji remembering his brothers tip for learning this jutsu, if you can cause internal damage to a rock, you can cause internal damage to a person. With that in mind, he continues searching for suitable rock.

Once he finally finds a nice baseball sized rock Renji would take a seat under a tree and rest his back up against the trunk of the tree. With the rock in his hand and recalling his brothers instructions for learning this jutsu, Renji would have to first learn to focus his chakra into his hand, and from there he needs to be able to transfer this built up chakra into the rock, essentially causing it to explode from the inside out. Easier said than done Renji would think to himself as he begins.

Holding the rock out in his left gloved hand, Renji would close his eyes to help him focus on gathering the required level of chakra into his hand. Way easier said then done Renji would again think to himself as he sits there and has a difficult time getting the right about of chakra. After about ten minutes of sitting there and nothing really happening, Renji thinks back to another tip given to him by his brother for learning this jutsu. Reaching into his pocket Renji pulls a marker and draws a small dot in the center of his hand. Remembering that his brother suggested using the dot to help give him something to focus his mind on.

Renji again closes his eyes and begins to try to draw the chakra to his left hand. This time trying his hardest to focus on the small  dot that he had placed on his glove, just under his thumb. After only just a few moments this time Renji would feel the rock in his hand begin to warm up and a few seconds later it would explode in his hand, shattering into hundreds of tiny pieces all over the young ninjas lap. “alright now that I got that, lets see if I can put it together and see if I got it down packed.” Renji thinks to himself as he gets up.

Renji walks over towards a nearby tree and assumes the gentle fist fighting stance,  lowing his center of gravity and speaking his legs to a little short of shoulder width, placing his left hand open palmed in front of his face and his right closed fist guarding his side. Gathering his chakra into his right hand this time, Renji takes a step towards the tree with his right foot and shoots his right hand forward aiming it at the trunk of the tree with his palm opened. Renji barely makes any contact with the tree however,  his chakra would penetrate deep into the trees trunk. A few seconds later the entire trunk of the tree would blow out, leading the top of the tree to come crashing down almost hitting Renji on the head if he had not jumped out the way.

Laying on the floor rubbing his head, “well that’s three down, what else should I go learn tonight” Renji thinks to himself as he looks up towards the sky and sees that the sun was about to come up.

Reaching into his pocket one last time, Renji would grab out the scroll for the genjutsu release technique. Knowing this technique and with his byakugan, Renji was sure that it would be hard for him to fall into most types of genjutsus or at least he hoped such was the case. Taking a seat on the now blown out tree stump, Renji looks over the instructions for how this technique works.

Renji would spend a few extra minutes looking over the instructions knowing that he would probably have to make use of this jutsu on many occasions during his career as a shinobi. Once he was done looking over the instructions, Renji would then stuff the scroll back into the pocket from where he got it and stands to his feet.

Standing a few feet away from the tree stump, Renji would close his eyes, and tries to imagine being under a genjutsu, or at least what he thought it would be like to be under a genjutsu. “ now according to the instructions, all I have to do is rapidly generate and flow my chakra through out my network, shouldn’t be hard at all with my already decent chakra control. I guess the hardest part is realizing I’m in a genjutsu? But I got my Byakugan for that, right” Renji would say to himself, asking the question rhetorically. He would then bring his hands up to chest level, and makes the Tiger hand seal. Almost immediately after performing the hand seal, Renji’s chakra begins to flow rapidly throughout his chakra network. “so this is what I guess it should feel like when I successfully preform this jutsu.” Renji would think to himself as he sits to finally catch his breath.

The sun had finally come up over the training grounds. Sitting there and looking around, Renji would see the early birds trying to get a head start on their training. This causes Renji to laugh a bit as he has been at it all night. Still laughing a bit, Renji would stand up to his feet and begins to head for the exit, no bothering to greet any of the other ninja who had just arrived.

As he got to the entrance he would think to himself ‘well I guess I better go get this exam over with while it’s still fresh’. And heads off in the direction of the Academy.

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"...what you should always be imagining is you at your most powerful." ~ Archer

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Kenshin Uzumaki
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Missing-Nin S
Kenshin Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: Late night cram session for the Genin exams   Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:18 am


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Renji Hyuga
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo
Renji Hyuga

Fame : 8
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Element(s) : Lightning, Earth
Clan : Hyuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 9500

PostSubject: Re: Late night cram session for the Genin exams   Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:05 pm


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"...what you should always be imagining is you at your most powerful." ~ Archer

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PostSubject: Re: Late night cram session for the Genin exams   

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Late night cram session for the Genin exams
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