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 Medical Training

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Medical Training   Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:04 pm

Han wakes up late in the afternoon as he feels a little better. His fever is still going strong and taxing his body. He is not supposed to train today as his body needs the rest but he needs to wake up now. He feels his stomach grumbling and growling with hunger as he realizes that he has not eaten yet today. He stands up slowly, his body aching with every movement. He feels very weak, very fragile as he starts to walk down the stairs carefully and slowly. He makes it down the stairs with a slouch and irritated eyes as he forces himself to stay awake. He walks to his fridge and grabs a meal as he slowly starts to eat it. Everything hurts as he struggles to chew and swallow through his dry and itchy throat. He manages to finish his meal and satiate the hunger in his stomach even though he was in great pain. He struggles to stay awake as he rubs his red, irritated eyes to keep himself from sleeping. He needs to stay awake to talk to his father, he needs to know the truth, he needs to find answers.  He tries his best to keep his eyes open, he tries his best to stay awake and stay conscious but everything starts to blur and go dark as he slowly drifts to a deep sleep. His eyes slowly open again and he yawns. He opens his eyes wide as he realizes he fell asleep. He looks around frantically, trying to check the time of day as he notices his father at the stove, cooking another meal. He sighs as he realizes he slept for too long. His father turns around and smiles. "Morning kiddo! How are you doing? Feeling better?" His father says as he starts to set the table. "Actually, I feel much better than earlier today!" Han says with a surprised tone in his voice. He feels like he is healed up and ready for anything. His eyes are no longer irritated, his throat is no longer itchy or dry, and his temperature returned back to normal. "Good. It's good to know I can still help. I used to be a medical ninja back in the day. It took me a while but I managed to heal you right up!" He says smiling. "Thanks dad. Um, I have some questions dad. Did mom ever mention anything about a mysterious figure or dream monster or something like that? I've been seeing it recently and it just went away last night but it kept saying that it was mom and it was me. It kept saying it needed me to be whole again. I just don't understand, dad." Han says gravely and seriously. His father is taken aback and he leans on the table. He covers his eyes with his hand and sighs as he starts telling Han the story. "Well, it dates back to the war of the Yuki. The East Yuki or your side of the Yuki were losing in the war and they knew that they needed an advantage, an asset to win the war. They turned to another world for the answers, a dark world, one of malice and evil. These things that they returned with were horrible creatures of freezing cold and pure evil. They were known as the Aisunaitomea no akuma or a nightmare ice demon. These beings were ethereal and thrived on the dreams of the living. They captured their victims in coma-like states as the victims experience horrible nightmares. They would feed on the fear and the dreams of their victims. The East Yuki were the only ones who could control them as they learned the weakness of these demons. The leader of the East Yuki learned how to split the demons and seal them within their bodies, allowing them to be captured and used. This formed the Yuki Yokai, a group of demon-using ninjas. They were one of the most deadly ninja in the entire Yuki civil war. They evened the playing field and took many lives from the West Yuki Clan. Eventually, however, most of the Yuki Yokai died from insanity as their demons slowly drove them insane. The only one to survive was your grandmother, she had managed to keep the demon under complete control. To keep the demon from escaping, she sealed the demon inside her daughter, your mother. She kept the demon in check until she got sick. Her defenses were failing and she said the demon was starting to regain control. She said she needed to seal it in someone else and I volunteered but she needed a Yuki. She needed you, son. She sealed it in you while you slept and we thought that it would never resurface as your Yuki blood was inactive. I knew I shouldn't have let her, this thing is too dangerous for a child! If anything ever happens to you, I'd have to... Anyway, as long as you managed to keep it in check, you'll be fine." He says shaking his head. Han nods silently and smiles as he finally knows the answer to his questions. Han looks at his father and notices his dark expression. He frowns and starts to think. "Hey dad. Do you think you could teach me some medical jutsu? I think that it would really help me." He smiles. His father's mood lightens and he laughs. "Sure, son. Thank you." He says. Han doesn't know why he was thanked but he just listens and waits for his lesson. Han's father stands up and leads Han back up stairs. Han looks at him confused. "You still need your rest, son. We'll start tomorrow, bright and early." He says with a smile. He ruffles Han's hair and leaves for his room. Han smiles, now knowing some answers at least. He goes to bed without any further delay.

At dawn, Han woke up. His father was already nudging him as a sign that they were going to start soon. He groggily stands up and rubs his eyes as he walks down the stairs with his father. His father leads him through the village in a hurry. They go down street after street as he tries to understand where they are going. A few minutes pass and they finally reach their destination. They reached the hospital. Han starts to recall that his father volunteered here a lot when his mother was alive. He smiles as he knows he can help these people. His father leads him inside and into the volunteer clinic. "So, you already know the basic medical ninjutsu, right?" His father asks him. "Yeah, I learned it a week ago." He replied. "Good. I don't have to start from square one then. Ok. Let's see here. Ah! Here we go! Someone needs to have a surgery, I think it's a good time to teach you this. I'm gonna be teaching you the Chakra Absorption technique. This technique lets you absorb the target's chakra, just as the name suggests. This technique is used to put the target to sleep temporarily, allowing medical ninja and doctors to perform surgery on them. Of course, this could also be used offensively to weaken the opponent or capture an enemy. Ok, let's start. First you focus your chakra into your hand, usually your dominant one for easier control, and place your hand on the target's body. In this case, the patient." His dad goes up to the patient and his hand glows a soft blue. He places his hand on the patient's chest and the patient's eyes slowly close as the chakra leaves their body and they drift into unconsciousness. Han's father smiles and he turns to Han. "Ok, there's another patient. You try it next." Han turns to the new patient. He walks up to her and places his hand on her forehead. He closes his eyes and focuses. "Use your chakra to connect to hers and pull it towards you." His father directs him. He pushes his chakra to his hand and gently makes an aura around his hand. He pushes a little chakra into her and searches for her chakra. A few moments pass and he feels a spark as his chakra made contact with hers. He pushes his chakra further into hers and wraps around it and he pulls it back. Both chakras start to mix as it returns to him. He feels a surge of chakra as it returns to his body and he opens his eyes in surprise. He looks at his patient and sees that she is slowly falling asleep. He removes his hand and he just looks at it closely. He sees his hand glowing bright blue with chakra as it pulsates in his hand. He closes his eyes once more as he focuses on this excess chakra. He converts it into his own chakra as he slowly absorbs it into his body. He sighs as he finished this task of incredible control. His father smiles and approves as they continue helping out the people in the volunteer clinic. Han slowly gets better and better at controlling his chakra as he pushes small threads of his own chakra inside of the chakra of another and quickly pulls it out as he converts it into his own and absorbs it or releases it safely in small bursts of blue chakra. He makes sure that he does not take too much chakra because he might cause damage to the patient. After an hour or two, he manages to absorb the chakra of others in less than a moment, almost instantly. The patients fall into a deep sleep as fast as the hand of blue chakra touches them. His father smiles with pride as his only son is helping people in ways other than hurting them. He feels proud because his only son is healing others and is learning from him at incredible speeds. He knows that his son will do well in the world, all he needs is experience.  He knows that his son has inherited the Will of Fire, the will to help and to serve, and he sees the strength and passion in his heart. He is very proud and he knows that, somewhere, his wife is proud of their son too. They spend the next two hours working hard on the patients, knocking them unconscious for their treatment and surgery. Han and his father finish up on this part of their volunteer work and head to the hospital cafeteria for a meal. They worked up quite an appetite from all the work they did. They get a tray full of food and they eat it as fast as they can, filling up their stomachs and ending their hunger to prepare for the rest of the day. Han and his father discuss the work that they had done earlier that day. "It felt weird. I pushed my chakra into their body and felt my senses expanding. I felt their chakra flowing through their body and their chakra network. I pulled the chakra out and the sensation of the new and vibrant chakra around my hand was amazing! I almost lost control of it back there. I had to convert it into my own chakra and it took a lot of focus for me to do that. I think I got it down now though. Conversion and control comes easily now." Han says. "Good, son.You're a really fast learner! I guess you got some medical talent from me too. It's good to know I gave you some traits too!" His father says smiling. They both laugh and have a good time for lunch. As lunch ends, they return to the volunteer clinic and start changing back into their nursing outfits. They take a look over the nursing duties and the patients in need in the volunteer clinic and Han's father analyses each and every duty carefully. Eventually he decides on the injured and wounded patients instead of the sick patients this time. Han prepares himself for his next duty as a volunteer nurse. He seems excited about helping and healing these people. 

Han's father walks up to Han and puts his hand on his son's shoulder. Han turns around to look at his father and they smile at each other. "Ready for the next lesson, son?" Han's father asks. "Yeah! I'm ready and excited! How will we be helping these people next?" Han replies and asks a new question. "Good, I'm glad you like helping others. Anyway, you know the Basic Medical Ninjutsu so you can close wounds and bruises so you can already heal these people. However, that doesn't stop the pain and suffering of the patients with deeper wounds. I'm gonna teach you how to ease their pain and suffering. I'm gonna teach you the Chakra Anesthetic technique. This technique uses the user's chakra to relieve the target of pain for a short period of time. The user does this by charging small concentrated doses of chakra into the fingertips and injecting them into the target's body about one fourth of an inch deep. The chakra then transfers into the target's nervous system, numbing all their pain receptors and nerves for a limited period of time. I'll handle the first few patients so you can see the technique in action for yourself. Afterwards, I want you to heal them with the Basic Medical Ninjutsu. After the first three patients, we can switch." Han's father says as he pulls in the first patient. A man is pulled forth and he has a bruises all over his waist and chest. Han's father comforts the patient and asks him a question as he distracts the patient from his hands. Han watches as what appears to be blue flames of concentrated chakra appear on his fingertips. He then proceeds to pierce into the patient's body causing him to scream in pain and surprise. He then looks around and presses his bruises as he smiles because the pain is gone. Han then proceeds to heal all the bruises with the Basic Medical Ninjutsu, clearing his body from any and all signs of previous bruising. He thanks us and gets up from the bed as he leaves the volunteer clinic with a smile. The next patient walks in and it is a young Academy Student with a few cuts on his left arm and bruises on his legs. He starts to talk about how he got the wounds and Han's father listens intently. The patient reaches the part in his story about his training going wrong and his technique backfiring as Han's father stabs into his stomach. The air is knocked out of the student's lungs as the technique settles in and the Academy Student feels numb. Han then proceeds to heal the wounds just like before, clearing them completely. Next he sees a patient with multiple cuts and wounds across his chest and his face. The man was a farmer living in the outskirts of the town. Han asks him what happened and the farmer turns to him. "It's fine, Han. I'm ok. It's just an animal attack. Things have been dangerous on the outskirts lately but it's better now. This was the only animal attack in the past year so it's all good. I just got hit a bit, so I'm here." The farmer says. "Ok, well we'll fix you right up." Han replies. His father walks up to the father and stabs him with his fingers and the farmer lets out a little scream as his pain goes away and he calms down, just like the patients before him. Han then proceeds to heal all the wounds on his chest and his face as the farmer just lies down calmly. The farmer thanks them as he leaves for the outskirts again and heads for his farm. "Ok, Han. You've seen me use the Chakra Anesthetic technique already and now it is your turn. Remember, pierce one fourth of an inch deep and inject your chakra into the patient's nervous system. I know it sounds complicated but you can do it. It's much easier and simpler than it seems. Go ahead, our next patient is coming in." Han's father says. Han nods and looks over to the patient. She is a woman in her late twenties with a deep and dark red wound in her arm. She walks in looking like she is in deep pain. She falls to the bed as she struggles in pain. Han looks with sorrow and pity in his eyes as he tries to comfort her. He then proceeds to close his eyes and focus his chakra into his fingertips. He puts more and more chakra into his fingertips until he sees that the chakra leaks out a little forming small blue flames. He says sorry as he slowly pushes it in to her stomach as she screams. He slowly pushes it in as he measures the depth of his fingers until exactly one fourth of an inch. When he finally reaches one fourth of an inch, he starts to push the chakra into her body, feeling for the nerves and the nervous system of her body. He finds a nerve and connects his chakra to it as he pushes it into the nerves numbing them for some time. She calms down and returns to her normal breathing patterns compared to before, when she was breathing quickly and heavily. Han's father quickly gets to work as he starts checking the wound deeply. He analyses and checks the wound carefully. He calls Han over to his side as he looks at the wound closely. "Han, come here. This is a great lesson for you. Her wounds are grave and she will bleed out soon if she isn't treated. Normally, the Basic Medical Ninjutsu level one, which is the level you know, is enough but whatever caused this wound severed the bone of the patient. I think it's time for you to learn the Basic Medical Ninjutsu level two. You are skilled and talented enough, now you just need to learn it. After I use this technique, her bones will be reinforced temporarily, giving her enough time to be properly treated. This jutsu can also close deeper and larger cuts as well as heal worse bruises. This is only a temporary solution but it's enough for now." Han's father says. He then walks up to the patient and his hands start to glow with a gentle flow as it looks like the technique Han uses. However, Han's father closes his eyes and pushes his chakra into his hands with greater force and control as the glow starts to grow much brighter and the aura of chakra grows larger. He lays his hand on the wound and Han watches it carefully. Han watches the severed bone come back together and he watches threads of chakra pulling the pieces of bones together. The bones return together completely as Han watches the chakra seal the bones together so it won't fall apart or disconnect. A few more moments pass as he watches the muscles reconnect and the skin close over the wound, leaving a scar. Han's father sighs as he looks at Han then smiles. "It takes a bit more chakra to do but it is more effective. I'm gonna heal her up completely now that she has time. You can watch my next technique but it is too advanced for your level of skill in medical jutsu for now. I'll be using the Mystic Palm technique next. Anyway, after this, I think we should go and do a different duty. How about the Emergency Room next? I think that you can handle it. You won't be alone anyway and you can do a lot on your own already. It is also a great opportunity for you to learn the second level of the Basic Medical Ninjutsu." Han's father says. He then quickly closes his eyes and performs the hand seals as his hands glow bright blue with chakra. Han assumes this is the Mystic Palm technique and he would be correct. He then watches his father place a hand on the patient's scarred wound and he sees her arm glow as the technique heals the bones, wounds, scar, and tissue completely. He sees his father remove his hand and smile as Han turns to look at the arm and sees that the scar is completely healed and gone. Han smiles in amazement as he stares at his father with a big bright smile. They head out to the volunteer clinic and sign their names for Emergency Room Services duty. They head out and stay in the Emergency Room as they wait for their next patient. Han is nervous and anxious as he has never done this before yet his father put so much trust in him. He sweats a little and his hands shake as his father puts a hand on his shoulder. Han looks over and sees his father smile. Han calms down and focuses, the nerves and doubts fading away. Han opens his eyes again but this time with purpose and strength, he knows that he is ready for this, he knows that he can do this. Han's father walks into a cubicle in the Emergency Room while Han is being led to another. Han watches the door carefully for their next patient. Suddenly, a gurney pushes through the closed doors with a patient screaming on it. Han steels his nerves as he prepares to check on the patient. He walks over to the patient and sees that he is a male in his late thirties covered in blood as his chest has a large gash and his ribs are fragmented and broken. Han takes a deep breath as he comforts the suffering man. He charges his chakra and pierces him with the Chakra Anesthetic technique, easing his pain for now. He then sighs and closes his eyes as the screams stop and he remembers what his father had done. He charges the chakra inside him as he performs the Boar then the Rat hand seal. His hands start to glow with his chakra just like before then he feels a pull and he is taken aback. He looks at his hand as his chakra surges forward into his hand and the small, slight aura of glowing chakra around his hand grows into a larger,  more fluid flow of glowing chakra around his hand. He puts his hand on the ribs of the patient and he closes his eyes as he feels his chakra embedding itself into the broken bone fragments, connecting them like some sort of chakra spider web. The chakra strings forming the web start to pull on each piece of broken bone, big and small, pulling them together slowly. He struggles as the multiple fragments of bones are placed back into the proper positions that they were originally in before they were broken and he puts them all together like an intricate puzzle. He then feels his chakra turn into some sort of chakra adhesive that keeps all the fragments and pieces of cracked and broken bones together. Han then watches his chakra cover and consume the outer part of his chest as he sees the gash wound slowly close over and connect the skin once more. The wound is closed completely without further issue or any scars or blemishes on the skin. Han sighs in relief as he looks at his successfully healed patient. He then pushes the gurney to the doctor to completely heal him. Han washes his hands, pouring the water over his bloody and red hands.  He waits patiently for his next patient, ready and waiting for his next patient. He wipes the sweat off of his forehead as he watches the door intently. He watches the door open once more as a woman is rushed in quickly on a gurney. Han ran over to examine the new patient and he sees that her right arm was shattered and her left was cut off. She was losing a lot of blood and she needed medical attention right now or she will die. Han looks at her and notices that she is a ninja, one of the Chuunin instructors in the Ninja Academy. Han remembers seeing her around the Ninja Academy when he was still a student and he is worried about what happened. He puts his hands on the bleeding stub of the arm of the patient in an attempt to stop the blood from flowing. He applies pressure on the arm and feels the warm blood pouring from the wound onto his hand, causing him to squirm with discomfort. He shakes his head as he applies more pressure, stopping the bleeding, for now at least. The Chuunin is pale and cold sweat pours down her forehead. Han washes his hands to get rid of all the lost blood that soaked them. Han grabs a towel and wets it as well as he wipes off all the sweat from her forehead and he sighs in relief. She's going to do better now but he still has some things to do. He comforts her a little before he charges up his chakra and pierces her stomach with blue flames made of chakra on his fingertips reaching one fourth of an inch deep. Shes screams loudly before her pain subsides and she closes her eyes. He breathes heavily as he is a bit tired from the repeated use of chakra. He then proceeds to use even more chakra as he performs the Boar followed up by the Rat hand seals as bright aura of chakra surround his hands. He places one hand on each arm as he goes to work on healing them up. First is the arm with a shattered bone. Once again, a chakra web spreads out, connecting every shattered piece of fragment and bone in the arm. Next, he feels his chakra coming back together as the threads and strings of the chakra web pull closer, returning each individual piece and fragment to its proper place. The fragments of bone connect and the cracks in between each piece are filled completely with his chakra. Han finishes healing that arm as he starts to feel a little light headed, but that won't stop him. He puts even more chakra in his other hand to heal the arm that was cut off. He feels his chakra pushing through the blood and the skin of the patient as it makes it way through. The bone is the first target. The bone was completely severed along with the rest of the arm so the chakra threads and strings could not reconnect them, however, it does reconnect the few scattered bone fragments left over that pierced the insides of the severed arm, causing bleeding on the inside of the arm. The threads pull together once more as the scattered and fragmented pieces of bone come together into one bone once more, at least as much as it can be with the rest of it cut clean off. Each crack and and break in the bone is filled with chakra as well, just like the others. Next is to close up the wound. Han's chakra surrounds the open wounds in the arm as the skin slowly close over, leaving the arm as a stub. Han sweats profusely and breathes heavily once more as everything starts to fade out to black. Han struggles to walk as he pushes himself forward, one foot in front of another, one step at a time, towards his father. He stretches his arm forward towards his father as his hand reaches out as everything in sight becomes fuzzy. His eyes start closing as his mind feels light as he falls into unconsciousness. He falls down on to the ground and stops moving as he loses his consciousness. 

He slowly wakes up and he looks around as he notices that he is on a hospital bed. He pushes himself up and looks to see his father standing up by the side of his bed. He tries to speak but it comes out soft and weak. "Dad, what happened? One minute I was helping a few patients and the next, I'm here." He says. "Shhhh, you're still tired. You overexerted yourself again. You blacked out, son. Don't worry, you managed to save her life, you still did well considering that it was your first time in the Emergency Room." His father says with a comforting smile. Han is given a meal to regain his strength and to compose himself and he is given time to roam freely as they finish getting his papers sorted out. He looks in pride as he sees the clean, state of the art facility that is the Hidden Leaf Hospital. He watches the nurses and the doctors running to their respective stations in a perpetual flow, like a river, constantly moving. Han watches the careful and precise care the doctors and nurses give to all their patients and he smiles brightly. He sees their precise movements as they use their experience in their every move, completely sure of everything they are going to do. Han smiles as he is called back to his room as they release him and he heads home for the night with his father. He eats dinner with his father as they talk about their day together and all the experiences they share. They end the meal happy and satisfied as they head up for bed to end the long day of work. Han puts his hand on his mother's charm as he prays once more, just as he does every night for protection, safety, and guidance. He tells his mom about his day through his prayers and he knows that they will be heard by her, no matter where she is. Han smiles as he thinks about his day before he closes his eyes and drifts into a deep sleep.

Claims:25 stat points+ Chakra Absorption+ Chakra Anesthetic+ Basic Medical Ninjutsu Level Two

Quick Stats
Health: 45
Chakra: 75

AP:400 (+4 from missions)

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PostSubject: Re: Medical Training   Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:02 pm

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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Medical Training
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