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 Last minute training before the advance

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Komon Hyuuga

Fame : 148
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Earth, Fire
Clan : Hyuuga
Clan Element : Takeo > Me
Bloodline : Byakugan
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PostSubject: Last minute training before the advance   Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:57 pm

Komon’s heart rate was going crazy, it had been less than a couple hours since he had trained the S rank technique known as assimilate all creation and he was still going at it trying to learn more techniques. Afterall he had no time to waste, senshi’s tattoos had set him back quite a bit and he needed to train as hard as he could in order to be prepared for the coming events. Exhausted the young hyuuga would place both hands behind his head while puffing his chest outwards and taking several deep breaths. “Oh my god I don’t have the endurance I used to”

He’d say as he freed one of his hands from the back of his head and used his long blue sleeve to wipe away the salty sweat that was dripping down from his forehead and into his eyes. He stood in the same spot for a couple of seconds before his heartrate got back to a normal healthy pace. If he pushed himself too hard he might just end up back in the hospital and that wouldn’t help him at all. In fact it would be the exact opposite of what he was trying to achieve.

Allowing his brain to drift off from training for just a little bit while his body caught up with him his eyes would focus towards the white clouds in the sky. They looked so puffy and clean, pure one might say. And to find purity in Kumogakure was a very rare occurrence, the whole village was in war mode at the moment, and one needed simply to look at the streets to confirm it. Military personnel were prowling in every alleyway, and streetcorner, troops were constantly coming in and out of the grand village hidden in the clouds gates.

Even now Komon could hear the stomping of metal clad boots in the distance and let out a frown. Soon he and his team would be contributing to this war, and he’d be one of those very troops generating the same monotonous sounds. An unimportant piece to the makukages war machine. As he felt the sweat on his body begin to dry and the energy coming back to his body he began to pace himself towards the center of the training ground he was currently standing in. He had a very specific task in mind today and it was going to require a good bit of space. Thus the large and luxurious training ground he was standing in.


He said to himself as he began to focus his chakra. He had been reading about this specific skill for quite a bit and figured it was time to see if he too could learn it. In the pamphlet he had heard about it in he had learned that shinobi for quite some time had developed the ability to perform handsigns with only one hand. And granted that they could only seem to perform A rank techniques and lower he still saw it as something worth learning. Even now he could feel the chakra running towards his forearm, and into his palm where it belonged for such an attempt.

As he stood there in the middle of the field ensuring his chakra control was on point he’d begin to think of his brother. Who had somehow managed to gain this skill well before him. The thought of this filled him with both a bit of honest pride, and petty jealousy. The whole reason he had become a shinobi was to ensure he could protect his brother but these days it seemed the laid back hozuki was growing into a formidable ninja. A smile would appear on Komon’s face as he wondered what his father may think of the twins progress if he was here.
Hell Komon was probably about as strong as his mother and father where by now and that was odd to think about. How far he and his little brother had come since their days at the academy and training with Gorami sensei.

Taking his thoughts away from the past and moving them towards the present his byakugan would flicker on as the veins around his eyes began to bulge, signaling the activation of the infamous hyuuga kekkei genkai. Using his grey eyes special ability he’d be looking inside of his own body, and inspecting his chakra network with a level of scrutiny that only a hyuuga possibly could. Mapping the flow of his chakra from his chest to his palm and smiling as he did so, over his time of training he had developed a complex understanding of his chakra system that he prided himself very much in.

The smile quickly disappeared as he began to ponder over how one could perform a one handed seal though, typically he had just thought of the handseals as a guideline to help direct his chakra, and to completely change the seals into one hand seemed like it would make manipulating one's chakra much harder. He would have to completely map out the new routes for his chakra so that the one hand he was using could spread the chakra to the appropriate portions of his body, without the assistance of the other.

“This may take a while” He thought as began to run through his head on which jutsu he should try to figure out first. He figured something of lightning nature would be best considering it was the element he manipulated best, this was due to repeated exposure to the raiton techniques he so heavily relied on in a sword fight. He sighed as he realized that his recent S rank would prohibit him from using any of them in a fight and guessed it was a good thing that he could still rely on his lightning javelin technique to help out in a sticky situation.

Running through his head all the lightning techniques that he had spent the majority of his life learning he quickly came to the decision that chidori would be a good one to practice, it required a ridiculous amount of handseals which meant that he would get in plenty of practice due to the vast variety of seals it required he’d be covering the basis of several different hand signs all in one go.

He decided that a good way to figure out how to get his chakra mapped out would be to use chidori with two hands first and observe what happened to his chakra network. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath he’d mash his fingers together in a violent blur of speed that he had worked so hard to obtain. He smiled as he could see the chakra being manipulated in his fingers as the eleven of them slammed together.

When he finished weaving the signs he saw a pulse of chakra run down the both of his arms as a bright blue ball running through his chakra network. It extended all the way down and went back to his chest where the two surges of chakra met and combined into another bright blue flash. This time Komon watched in amazement as the blue ball exploded outwards into a wave of electricity and instantly recognized it as his raiton chakra. With it now being created he’d manipulate the chakra into running down towards his palm and would find joy in the fact that his hand now summoned the electricity the jutsu required.

The signature chirping of the electricity was music to his ears, but he knew that he could summon the jutsu with both hands. The challenge was going to be trying to do the same with a single hand.

Intrigued he’d begin to review what he had just witnessed with his clan's signature kekkei genkai, the grey byakugan eyes. The hands seemed to have created a pulse of chakra that traveled down his arms and to his center, and in the center the two pulses collided to charge his raiton chakra. He simply needed to find another way to summon chakra in his body that the pulse from a single hand seal could collide into to generate the electricity needed for his techniques.

He figured that the easy solution would be to create a small circle of chakra in his chest through concentration like he had in the past with his lightning javelin technique so that the small pulse from whatever hand he may choose to use could collide with it. It would also be convenient placement for the chakra considering the chest was where the fingers seemed to send the pulse towards, But Komon didn’t put much faith in theories, he decided right then and there that it was about time to try this thing out so he could know for sure if it worked.

With a good amount of practice Komon would begin practicing the 11 handseals to chidori without the other hand. This felt odd in nature because ever since he was an academy student he had been taught to perform the seals in one specific way. To do it in a manner such as this felt, unnatural and slightly disgusting. He spent a much longer time practicing these seals than he normally would if using two hands just because of the odd sensation of having nothing for his fingers to connect to, he was essentially just wiggling his fingers in the air and hoping for a good result.

However after about thirty minutes had passed his confidence in his ability to produce the signs began to grow and the feeling of producing them became less alien like, and more comfortable. He let out a smile as he finally decided that it was time to test out the seals about 45 minutes into practicing them. To the average person the shear amount of time spent merely practicing the seals would probably seem monotonous, but Komon had always made a point to ensure that he could perform handseals at a moments notice in an almost instinctual manner, and to achieve such a level of control one often had to spent a vast amount of time practicing.

As if to prove his point he’d do one last round of 11 seals this time allowing them to trigger a pulse of chakra instead of simply weaving. As he did so he'd manifest another ball of chakra in his center in order to give the small pulse traveling down his chest at a rapid rate something to collide into. A smirk would appear on his face as he watched a similar explosion like the one that had summoned his raiton chakra appear when the small burst of chakra did collide. It seemed to be working so far and the electricity surged to his right hand bringing about a chidori the likes of which were on par with his two handed one.

His eyebrow perked up in surprise that he had gotten this down in a single attempt and he began to rethink whether or not this technique was really as complicated as he had originally assumed. Anyways he had already summoned the electricity for the chidori technique and decided there was no point in wasting such a large amount of chakra before striking out at the tree next to him and knocking it down after his hand pierced through the thick wooden trunk. He let out a satisfied laugh as the tree collided into the ground next to him before allowing the jutsu to dissipate.

As he did so his stomach would growl once more with the intensity it had during his S rank training, it seemed that senshi’s tattoo’s had really cut down on his body's overall capabilities as he was always finding himself starving and unfull. He let out a sigh before placing his hands in his pockets and walking out of the clearing in the training grounds and heading towards the sidewalk. It was about time he got home anyways, night was falling and he really didn’t have much time left before he had to leave for the hidden rain assault.

WC: 2016

Requesting: 10 Stat Points + One Handed Seals

"Never mind your happiness, do your duty"
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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: Last minute training before the advance   Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:27 am

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Last minute training before the advance
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