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PostSubject: Assimilate All Creation [Komon]   Assimilate All Creation [Komon] I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 23, 2017 8:30 am

Komon’s eyes slowly opened like in the beginning of every horrible hospital scene ever, which quickly gave him an idea to where he might be as he heard the muffled sounds of footsteps around him. As his sight began to focus and the blur of the world around him began to dissipate he could tell that his assumption had been correct and that he was sitting in a very uncomfortable hospital bed. But how had he gotten here? What had he done to end up in a situation like this. His memory was still vague but it was beginning to flood back to him, and the faint sting on his back was enough to remind him.

The tattoo. How long had it been since then? How long had he been out. He didn’t know, despite the fact that it was information he desperately needed, he also began to take note of the pounding headache as he clasped his hand to his forehead and grunted in pain. And almost immediately as if she had been waiting for him to hurt a nice nurse appeared around the corner and told him that he should really be taking it easy, and that it was impressive he was even up right now considering what had happened.

“Your body degraded severely in a matter of seconds, you should really be resting and conserving your strength”

Komon merely let out a grunt as his hands reached to his bedside and pushed upwards in order to lift himself off of the bed. “Thank you for your help and all, but I really need to start training if I wanna be ready to fight in the war, I’m supposed to be leading a team soon.” Komon grunted a couple times in the sentence as he wobbled to the hospital door and tried to make his way to the exit. The amount of strain he was putting on his already aching body probably wasn’t a good idea comfort wise, and that was made all the more clearer as the medical professional behind him seemed obsessed with reminding him.

“Sir, you need to get back in your bed! Sir!” she’d yell but he couldn't hear her as he was already blacking out again.

His unconscious mind was always a little weird and what it appeared to be now was a pitch black world with him laying on his back looking at the sky. This sky had a number of faces fly by, all looking familiar and friendly. First he saw his brother, probably the only person in the world he would be willing to die for at the moment, the last living relative he had, the two shared the same face and he didn’t know anyone in the world he was closer too. Then came hitori’s and sakana’s.. Two gennin he’d be solely responsible for in this war and he had just lost what felt like at least a tenth of his strength.

“I’m so fucking stupid” He’d say as he slapped his own face in his subconscious.

As he did so the world around him would disappear once more to reveal the real world going through the same cheesy wake up routine as he had earlier, this time the same nurse was there sitting on a chair at the end of his bed. This time Komon actually took a moment to look at her in order to remember her face. As his byakugan began to peer at her she would begin to talk to him.

“You actually going to listen to me this time or are you gonna try to run off and pass out on my nice clean floor again” The sentence had a bit of sass behind it, and Komon made sure to note it.

He’d let out a small laugh that was quickly turned into a cough, as the sudden intake of air seemed too much for his body to handle at the moment. “I think I’ll stay put for a bit. Get some answers and all that.” He’d say as he leaned back and crossed his arms behind his pillow in order to prop himself up higher. “So how long have I been out” He’d ask hoping that the blonde haired blue eyed woman could give him some much needed answers.

The woman would oblige him, the fact that he was now cooperating with her seemed to be putting her into a better mood than her earlier annoying frenzy of demands when he had tried to leave. “Um… Not long really only about five or six hours, you just need a bit of rest and you should be cleared to start training by tomorrow” She would then walk over to a machine that seemed to be monitoring some part of Komon’s body, he was the furthest thing from a medical specialist however and could hardly understand what the complicated machine was doing.

“That's not bad” He’d say letting a yawn escape his mouth. “Do you have any ninjutsu books in the hospital, I figure I might as well read up on some techniques while I wait, no point in sitting around and doing nothing after all” The woman didn’t answer him however and simply walked out of the room. Which Komon of course thought was rather odd but then scratched it off as she probably just had to go help another patient who was having an emergency rather than chit chatting with a perfectly fine patient.

Now unguarded Komon’s mind began to roam as he looked out his window, there was still daylight, and the woman said he’d be cleared in a couple of hours anyways. With plenty of time left in the day to begin training back to full health Komon simply couldn’t stop himself and began to pull himself out of bed with a good bit less strain than the last time, he could definitely feel that he was weaker than he once was, he just couldn’t really place how he was weaker.

As his feet stopped just short of the wall and his eyes peered through the glass window he could see that he was on the third floor of the kumogakure hospital in the center of the village. A risky escape for someone in his condition no doubt but one he was more than willing to take. His pale hands reached out and began to pull back on the window frame, causing it to dislodge from the wall. He’d be met with a cool wind from the outside kumogakure climate and the sound of chirping birds resting on the rooftops just one floor above him.

As he stuck his legs out the window and let them dangle in the air while his but rested on the window, his head turned to look at the reflection in the glass and he could see the tattoo that senshi had given him. The damn thing would serve as a reminder to him for the rest of his life to never take an unnecessary risk such as that again. “Remind me never to trust a senshi seal again” He’d think to himself as he grabbed his shirt that had been resting on a coat rack to the side of the window, and lowered it onto himself to shield him from the cold wind.

“Alright.. Now to get down” He’d think as held onto the seal and hoisted himself downwards onto the window seal to the second floor below him. He however wasn’t tall enough to do this and his feet were dangling about 2 feet above it instead. He’d let himself drop and hope to god he stuck the landing or he was going to be in the hospital a lot longer than a few hours. Thankfully he did but as he looked up to thank the gods he saw the angry face of the nurse peaking out of the window he had escaped through.

His hand went to the back of his head as his grey eyes met her blue ones and he gave a light chuckle before saying. “Um yah… Sorry but I gotta get going village to fight for and all that” He’d then turn around ignoring her yells for him to get back in the building while drawing a bird on his forearm before unleashing it into the world and hopping onto it, he’d then fly past her face and give a wave while smiling, but that very smile would be quickly interrupted by a wincing facial expression as his body ached from landing on the damn thing.

“Bye!” he’d yell as he flew off into the kumogakure sky. The chuunin never took for granted the view this jutsu afforded him, he loved looking at the tiny buildings from so high above. The typical shinobi may have been afraid of such a height but to him it was one of the most beautiful blessings in the world to be able to see the world from this point of view whenever he so chose. He’d let out a small sigh as he saw the vendors below him on the street, this was where he had been wanting to go, and it seemed he’d have to descend.

Motioning for his bird to start dropping altitude he’d feel the wind resistance begin to slow and his hair begin to stop swaying, until his black and white painted bird finally made contact with the dirt road of kumogakure streets. Komon had been hungry in two definitions of the word, the first was a literal hunger that would have to be dealt with immediately and the second was a hunger for knowledge, he needed to learn a new technique to make up for this lack of power immediately if he wanted to be back on track for the war.

Frustrated with himself for allowing himself to be in this weakened state he would dismount from the bird and send it into an alleyway, so that it would await his arrival. Dispersing it would be a waste of chakra and from the feel of it, he didn’t have as much chakra to go around as he once did. Senshi’s tattoo had really fucked with him. So the bird would stay, and as if it wouldn’t obey his chakra Komon talked to it like a dog. “Stay!” He’d say as he motioned with his finger and walked into the crowded streets.

Komon’s stomach would growl as he walked as if to let him know that he should be eating right about now. And in response he shhhd his stomach in public which probably made him look like and idiot. With all the stupid stuff he had done since he had woken up and the woozy feeling in his head he was beginning to think the hospital might have had him on some heavy meds. He’d viciously shake his head in order to try and wake himself up, and when he finished the rapid swiping of his head back and forth he’d realize he was standing in front of a traveling merchant carrying an obnoxiously large backpack. He stopped just short of running into the man, and thanked god that he hadn’t knocked him over. Komon was much too poor to pay this man for broken goods.

“Sorry sir” He’d mutter as he held his hand to the back of his head. “Didn’t see you there” then he’d point to the pamphlets the man was holding and ask what they might be. It looked like information on ninjutsu, and having banned himself from the library and all he was always in search of new ninjutsu he may be able to learn. The traveling merchant’s green eyes lit up at the thought of making some profit and instantly began to give a sales pitch.

“Well you got a good eye there kid! This right here is information on all the hottest high ranking jutsu you can find. We got earth, we got lightning, we got wind, we got fire, hell we even got water if you fancy that kind of thing” He’d shout as he twirled his little french mustache. “What kinda jutsu you looking for kid, I got all kinds and I’m willing to hand them over for a price.”

Komon laughed at the ridiculous way this man seemed to carry himself, and the sudden intake of air of course instantly caused him to recoil in pain. He was beginning to think that he should have listened to the attractive nurse back at the hospital. As he stood in the middle of the street bent over and coughing up a fit he’d lift his arm upwards and extended his index finger to signal for the man to wait for him to catch his breath. As the coughing fit passed he’d slowly extend himself upwards until he once more came face to face with the traveling merchant. Wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his signature blue outfit he’d then apologize.

“Sorry about that, just got out of the hospital… and I wasn’t particularly allowed to leave yet.” He’d take a quick pause letting the words hang in the air before continuing to ask the man about his product. “But um show me what you got for earth… Preferably S rank” He’d say boasting a bit of confidence. He had mastered 7 A ranks by now and he was beginning to grow tired of it, he was a chuunin now and an S rank was expected of him at this point in time, and what better way to train back his health then to exert himself on an S rank.

The man blinked in astonishment upon hearing this. “An.. An S rank? But you're so young… learning such a technique requires a great deal more patience than someone your age can afford.. How about you aim a little lower kid, I got plenty of B ranks” The man's tone took a turn towards condescending as he spoke and Komon obviously wasn’t fond of it.

“I was personally appointed a chuunin of this village by youka tau, I have already learned 7 A rank techniques and I assure you that B ranks are below my threshold in terms of skill. Now if you would please show me your S ranks I’d very much appreciate it.” His voice would take on that of a stern and experienced warrior talking to a student to ensure that they were taking their training seriously. Komon had picked up that trick from his friend senshi, he had noted that the jounin always seemed to take control of the room around him and had decided that was a trait he was going to have to train into himself. Now was his first actual attempt at mimicking the man's actions and his grey byakugan eyes would focus on the merchant in front of him to see if his intimidation tactic had worked.

The man however didn’t seemed phased by it and continued on with his sales pitch in his typical stereotype like portrayal of a door to door sales man. “Oh well then have I got a deal for you mr chuunin sir! He’d say as he whipped out a pamphlet called assimilate all creation. “This little guy right here is one of the two earth S ranks I have on me at the moment and wowzo is it powerful. You ever wanted to move way faster than your normal capabilities have allowed you? Easy fix just learn this technique and touch a piece of sand. Were you born with abnormally weak chakra and desperately want to make up for it, just touch the nearest tree!” Komons eyebrow perked up in interest, it was certainly a captivating speech and he could see why this man was in his chosen profession. Hell he was probably better at selling things than komon was at fighting things.

“Alright I’ll take it..” The chuunin said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ryo that matched the label on the pamphlet. “Thanks for your time” He’d say as he waved him off and began to walk back into the crowded street. His stomach was still growling and he desperately needed to grab a bite to eat. Deciding that he could read the pamphlet at a later and more appropriate time the young hyuuga would stuff the small piece of paper into the back of his weapons pouch, which it seemed to fit nicely in. “I’ll get to you later” He muttered to himself as he did so.

Standing at six foot tall Komon was beginning to grow into a tall shinobi, his head appearing high above the crowds in front of him, and allowed him to scan the marketplace for signs. It was at around this time that his eyes fell upon the familiar sight of the seafood restaurant he had eaten at a couple weeks back with his younger twin brother Komori and the gennin max. He shuddered as he remembered what had happened to the kid. His arms and legs missing was an uncomfortable sight to say the least. And to learn that the man who was leading their army was the one that had done it to him was a shocking revelation for the hyuuga.

However the puppeteer had seemed unphased by the condition he was in and it had eased things, in fact he had been the one to let conversation flow, asking Komon and his brother about how their chuunin exams were going until he had learned about the puppet user in komons second to last exam. It was at this point that he had stormed out and Komon couldn’t help but wonder why the young gennin was so upset by this news. He shrugged as he pushed the memory aside assuring himself that what max was up to was none of his business and that he should stay out of it if at all possible.

Pushing his way past the crowd he’d walk into the seafood restaurant and would wave down the hostess as he came into the building. He remembered long ago that he had had a crush on the waitress at his local diner. It seemed like it had been almost a year since he had talked to amai however and he figured that relationship was long over, besides… He was about to go to war and there was no point in rekindling such a relationship, when there was a chance he may never come back. Although he’d fight like hell to ensure he and his brother did, reality was not his to control, and the reality that death was always a possibility constantly bit at him.

As he reached the pedestal that the waitress was behind he’d politely ask for a table for one before allowing her to escort him to a booth, apparently the restaurant wasn’t too busy on the weekdays, if they could afford to give such a luxury to a single diner. He’d let loose a dazzling smile towards the hostess before she turned and went back to her pedestal to work with more customers leaving him all by his lonesome in the corner of the restaurant. And with nothing better to do komon would reach into his weapons pouch and pull out the pamphlet he had previously tucked away, deciding that reading this would be a good way to spend his time while he waited for a waiter to come take his order.

The front page just showed a man with a wooden chest, and arms made of stone and sand, Not  knowing what the jutsu did at the time he found the image to be rather odd and his facial expressions showed it. However when he flipped it open he began to read about the technique and the front cover slowly but surely began to make sense as the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.

It appeared to function just as the salesman had described, the technique worked in order to enhance your abilities based on the touch of your skin being applied to certain elements. The jutsu was earth based so of course every element had something in common, being that they were all a form of earth in some way shape or form. The first option was sand, and when the user touches sand they will turn into that very substance, allowing them to move at a faster rate and to manipulate their own body to create holes, it sounded extremely useful and Komon made a mental note to try that one before any others.

He was about to continue reading as his eyes shuffled through the pages of the pamphlet when he heard a rather sudden “Ahem” As a man pretended to clear his throat. It appeared a server had finally come. Komon would lower his pamphlet in response to the man's cough and would make eye contact before saying “I’ll have the grilled salmon” before raising the pamphlet back up, he had no particular need to please this man and his table manners weren't at the top of his priority list right now. Plus the man had been rude to him first so he saw no responsibility to treat him any better.

Some time would pass before the familiar smell of his favorite dish came back and thankfully a different waiter would be serving the food. Frankly if the other one had come back Komon would have had to inspect it thoroughly for spit, as he didn’t trust the rude man not defile his food. In fact he still almost felt the need to as he was sure the man had friends in the kitchen. But he showed restraint and quickly thanked the new waiter for the food. His mouth would begin to water as he looked down at his plate before his hands began to move with the speed of a shinobi ripping the fish into pieces and sending it into his stomach.

To anyone in the restaurant they surely must have assumed he was from the akimichi clan or something along those lines with they way he was devouring his food, but the truth was senshi’s tattoo had stolen too much strength from him way too fast and he was just desperately trying to eat it back at this point.

Leaving a bit of ryo on the table he knew it was about time to start heading towards the training grounds, night was swiftly approaching and he only had a couple of hours left to start learning this technique if he wanted to get it down by the end of the night. As he got himself up from the table and began to make his way towards the front of the restaurant he’d point back to the table while passing the pedestal the hostess was at to indicate he had already paid but just didn’t have the time to wait for a waiter to show up.

The beautiful hostess nodded to show she understood before once more turning to help another customer. And with that Komon was back on the streets of kumogakure looking at the beautiful sun in the sky. He couldn’t help but notice the seemingly lacking number of people in the streets as well.. It appeared that the majority of people had already left for war and his team would be serving as reinforcements to catch what ever poor souls they may come across off guard. Maku was probably giving the enemy a false sense of security by sending untrained first waves, so that he could catch them off guard with a battle hardened second wave.

After a good while of walking the familiar training ground appeared over the horizon and Komon raised one hand in the air before doing a fist pump to celebrate. You had to celebrate the little things every now and again was one thing that the hyuuga had learned in his lifetime, even something as simple as finding your way to the training grounds after waking up from blacking due to a magical tattoo gone wrong. He smiled at the thought of this for the first time. And could feel his strength coming back to him.

He had a strange feeling he’d be almost at one hundred percent come time to deploy. There was no way in hell he’d allow himself to be anything less heading into war. As he took a couple more steps he’d find himself standing square in the center of a clearing in trees. He recognized the area as training ground five, a location which he had grown accustomed too. It was far from the village, and was the area where he had first met the jounin senshi and his friends max and reizo.

The memory of their first training session was a fond one, it had shown Komon how much he still needed to learn when he hadn’t been able to get a single shot in on anyone in the area despite having the strongest chakra nature of anyone in the group at the time. In fact he had gotten knocked out in one hit and max had, had to carry him back. But this was no time to reminisce on the past, Komon had to get into gear, the sun was already setting and it was going to be getting dark very quickly any moment now.

The good news was that the assimilate all creation technique required no handsigns, all it required was one to use their chakra to mimic the properties of whatever they where touching, of the four choices he had Komon had already decided at the diner that he wanted to test the sand element first, he’d try wood after that if he had time but sand was definitely the priority. He peered around the training ground and realized however that there was none in the general area. A frown would appear on his young face before he recalled that there was a pond nearby that his brother often trained at.. And surely there would be sand surrounding such a structure.

After a bit of searching he found himself standing in front of the water, his sandals perched in the sand. Slowly Komon would bend his knees until his forearms rested on them in a squatted position on the sand bank. He took special care not to strain his muscles, still feeling quite sore from senshis tattoo mishap before he reached down letting his bare hands feel the sand. Nothing happened as expected due to the fact that he wasn’t manipulating his chakra yet.

He let out a small smirk as he began infuse his chakra into the sand taking note of its grainy feel and the way it seemed to move around, offering little to no resistance to an opposing force then he began to pull the chakra he had sent out back into his body allowing it to feed his chakra network the information it had gathered on the foreign material, and forcing his body to react to it. His byakugan watched in amazement as his arm began to turn into a large fine mass of tan sand, but managed to stay in tact instead of succumbing to gravity due to the chakra holding it in place. Slowly but surely this effect began to mirror across his entire body until there was no skin left.

“Woah” He said aloud, and was slightly taken aback by the change in voice. It appeared that when his body wasn’t made out of its normal routine organs and had been completely changed to sand, it affected his vocal cords as well and the sound that had came out of him was completely foreign to him. A small and almost meaningless change but a noteworthy one as well.

Komon looked around in amazement before deciding he wanted to test out the speed aspect of this as well and began to spring along the edge of the water, instantly noticing himself moving faster than he could with even lightning javelin in the past. This was a speed on a whole nother level than anything he had ever had before. He was in the middle of his self praise when his foot hit shallow water however and completely turned to mud, causing him to collapse in the nearby sand.

“Fuck” he’d say as he turned into a pile of grainy sand. He was taken aback however when his body began to reform on its own, something he hadn't known he’d be able to do. It seemed that when he was in this sandy state he could do much more than just move fast and he decided to put a theory to the test. He’d concentrate the chakra holding his chest together to widen, and watch as a hole formed where his torso once was.

It seemed he could manipulate his body, to do things the normal human skin just wasn’t physically capable of doing and he laughed at the thought of simply forming a hole in his chest the next time senshi decided to throw another one of those god forsaken shuriken at him. Besides he owed the newfound jounin a nice surprise for what had happened with that goddamn tattoo just yesterday. Komon’s eyes would then shift to the sun to see that it was disappearing and night was beginning to fall before hesitantly deactivating his first S rank jutsu.

He’d lift both arms up to his face as he watched the sand slowly revert back to his normal pale skin and couldn’t help but be amazed by what ninjutsu could do. To completely change something into another substance just through the use of chakra was outstanding to say the least. His attention would be cut short however as the daylight began to dissipate and he decided to hightail it back towards the village taking a long dirt road. It was about time he got home and had a little bit of rest like the medical professionals had told him to do in the first place. He had more than worn himself out for the day.

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Requesting: 25 Stats + Assimilate All Creation

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All right, Approved unless overruled

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