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 Training In the Woods [P,NK,IO]

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Akemi Hiyu
Genin of Hoshi
Genin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Training In the Woods [P,NK,IO]   Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:35 am

Akemi stood in the middle of the woods, the sound of chirping birds echoing around him. This is the kind of place he liked. Akemi had only just discovered this place, having never really explored Hoshi. He walked around, taking care not to disrupt the colonies of ants and spiders. Nestled between his arm and his torso was a book about the history of the Hiyu clan, the detail was not very descriptive and there were lots of holes in the history, though that was to be expected, apparently the Hiyu clan was a very secretive clan.

He planted his feet onto a nearby tree and began walking up it, hands in his pockets. Once he made it to a branch that looked like it could support his weight he walked up and slumped down on it, with his back against the tree. He suddenly heard the panicked screatches of a bird above him and he suddenly jumped up, instantly wary of whatever threat could be approaching him. That was when he saw it, an egg, about half the size of his head, was falling from the tree canopy, with a huge bird following close behind.

Akemi had heard about this kind of stuff, when something disrupted or moved a tree a birds egg would normally wobble out of the size of the nest. Acting quickly Akemi jumped off the side of the tree and caught the egg, curling his body and legs around it to stop the worst of the impact getting to the bird. Facing his back towards the approaching ground he closed his eyes and prepared for impact. He landed with a thud, his neck almost snapping back at the force of the impact.

Half dazed he quickly unwrapped his legs and body around the egg to inspect for any cracks or broken of pieces. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found none, the back of his head still throbbing from the pain of hitting his head against a tree root. He held the egg closely and looked around for, what he assumed, was the mother of the egg. The huge bird was hovering in the air, about 10 meters in front of him, eyeing him suspiciously. He tentatively held out the egg, fingers trembling slightly. The bird, still eyeing suspiciously began to slowly hover closer to Akemi, until it reached 5 meters away, then it suddenly picked up speed and shot straight towards the egg.

Akemi flinched, expecting the bird to attack him for whatever reason, but nothing happened. Slowly opening his eyes he spotted the bird hovering a meter away from him, looking at him then the egg. At first he didn't understand what it was trying to say but after a second he got what it meant. He bent over, eyes never leaving the bird, and placed the egg on the floor, stepping away after he did this. The bird gave him a look that he somehow translated to Thank you and grabbed the egg before flying up into the leaves.

He winced behind his scarf, he had been scratched multiple times down his arms and legs. Now was probably a good time to practice the basic healing jutsu he had heard all about. He just had to remember the hand seals...

That was it! He swiftly put his hands together and started performing the hand seals Boar-Rat-Snake, and felt his chakra mould into a very calming, soothing consistency. Directing the flow of the smooth chakra to his hands, he rolled up his sleaves and placed them onto one of his cuts. He began to pump the chakra through his wound as was happy to feel the pain starting to disappear. He lifted his hand and inspected where the cut had previously been, there was only a thin line now. Smiling behind mask he began performing the hand seals again, hoping to close as many wounds as possible. 

He continued to do this for the next few minutes, hand seals, place hands on cut, repeat. Until all that was left of the cuts was the phantom pain and a thin line. Akemi grinned happily to himself, he had done it. Now that healing was done he wanted a way to get around unnoticed. See, Akmei can't socialise, at all, when he was little his parents had tried to force him with other kids but all it had been was a few hours of mumbling and complete awkwardness.

He remembered hearing something about "Chakra Suppression" when he was little so he decided that would be what he learnt today. He closed his eyes and tried to feel out his chakra, sensing all the corners and quirks to it. He tried to seize the chakra and bar it away but about 2/3 of it immediately broke out of the grip and settled back into place. While he had managed to suppress some of it, a ninja with any kind of chakra sensing would immediately sense it, even if a sliver of chakra remained.

Returning his attention back to his chakra he mulled over how it would be possible to suppress it. Trying to force it would definitely not work, it was like trying to transport water from one area to the next with only his hands. Gripping his chakra again he tried to move it, slower this time, but his chakra still insisted on flooding back to where it had been before.

Sighing, he sat down on the leafy ground and attempted to start meditating. He let his chakra flow increase, it was starting to feel like river rapids. That was when he had a thought, instead of trying to seize and take control of the chakra, why not try and redirect it. He nudged the fast flowing chakra inside of him towards a specific area and felt the direction change. He had sort of done it! About 1/2 of his chakra had been suppressed, now he just had to practice, but he would do that another day, learning how to suppress chakra is boring.

He opened his eyes, what should he learn now? He stood up and brushed himself down, looking around at the densely packed woods around him. He envied the clan he had heard of called "Senju" apparently they can manipulate forests and trees. Though, from what he had heard about Hiyu, the uses of the bodily transformation seemed limitless. Deciding against any more training for the day he turned around and started heading back towards his apartment. Hopefully, when the throbbing in his head stops, he would find training a lot more easier.

Walking through the sprawling streets of Hoshi, he felt a little bit on edge. It wasn't because he was worried he was going to be attacked, it was because he was surrounded by people. Burying half his face behind his scarf he looked down and continued forwards, not looking at anyone's faces, just the ground. In the streets he decided it would be a good idea to read a little bit before heading back to he stopped off at the library to borrow a book about simple Taijutsu moves.

Once he was home he took off his shoes and settled down onto his sofa, opening the book onto a page about a move called "Inside To Outside Block". Despite Akemi looking thin and scrawny he was still quite fast and strong. For some reason most people didn't really focus on strength so he had quite a big advantage there, making his strength greater than most chuunin. Though still, strength and speed wasn't the only thing that mattered in a fight. What really mattered was planning and strategy, thinking out of the box. It was because of these reasons that an academy student could possibly take down a Kage, if they get enough planning and are incredibly patient.

While reading the book he decided that just reading wouldn't do the trick, he would actually have to practice the move. He stood up and settled into stance and imagined an opponent across the floor. It was probably a bad idea to practice indoors, especially in his expensive apartment, but he was to tired to go back outside now. He imagined the opponent rushing forward towards him and attempting to punch Akemi in the face. Akemi decided he would try the closed fist first, swiping the imaginary enemies fist out the air he closed his fist and punched the imaginary opponent in the stomach.

This would probably disable most people, due to most ninjas being quite squishy and weak, my self included he thought. He noticed that the closed fist somehow made his strike a little bit stronger as he did it. He realised it was probably something to do with the momentum and nature of the technique. Now it was time for the open handed. Akemi realised, despite this being an extremely simple technique, it would probably get him out of a few tight scrapes,

Settling into stance again he imagined an enemy running at him and aiming for his face again. With an open hand he swiped the opponents attacking arm out of the way and forced his palm into the the opponents stomach. He stretched, this morning had been good, he had learnt two techniques and started to learn a third. 

He walked into his bathroom and washed all the sweat and mud of his face using the tap, he looked in the mirror and two yellow eyes stared back at him, he really wanted to learn some Hiyu techniques, hopefully he would be able to fix his eyes if he did it. It was time to rest. He laid down onto his sofa and immediately fell into the lovely cosy void that is sleep.

(Word Count: 1630
Claims: Inside To Outside Block [500/500], Basic Medical Ninjutsu [500/500], Chakra Suppression 600/2000 words] and 8 stats

Please remember to down vote me! <3

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PostSubject: Re: Training In the Woods [P,NK,IO]   Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:17 am


Ren Tsubasa
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Training In the Woods [P,NK,IO]
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