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 Village Rules

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PostSubject: Village Rules   Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:49 pm

Introduction to Villages

NRPG World Map

Major Villages

Villages are unique locations on the site where large groups of ninja dwell. NRPG currently plays host to five such villages: Konohagakure no Sato, Hoshigakure no Sato, Kumogakure no Sato, Sunagakure no Sato and Kirigakure no Sato.

Major villages are considered those with at least 25 to 30 members. Along with Major Village status, the village also gains basic amenities like a hospital, a ninja shop, a ninja academy, village gates to mark its borders and an ample sized building for the purpose of village administration work. This building is usually known as the kage office, leader chambers, etc. All further village upgrades may be registered if village economy allows.

Here is a brief overview of each village currently on NRPG:

Konohagakure no Sato:

Hoshigakure no Sato:

Kumogakure no Sato:

Sunagakure no Sato:

Kirigakure no Sato:

Village Leadership

A village is led by a Kage. The Leaf is led by its Hokage, the Sand by its Kazekage, the Star by its Hogokage, the Cloud by its Raikage and the Mist by it’s Mizukage. The Kage is in charge of all decisions in the village and is the highest ranking Shinobi in the village. Deputy Kage may exist to assist the reigning Kage in his/her duty but must be specified on the village page.

As Kage are the leaders of their village, they are allowed to set laws within their village for the villagers to follow. The Kage can make any rules they like, but must take into consideration the villagers’ reaction to such laws, and accept the consequences of a potential coup det'at. All laws are subject to staff review upon request, to make sure they conform with the rules of the site. These laws are to be listed on their home village page, located in each village.

Village Economy

A village is sustained by its economy as well as how the leaders choose to allocate village funding. Each major village receives 1000 Ryo every week to symbolize a booming economy. This benefit is granted to all major villages. However, additional monies may be made via missions. Anytime a village ninja completes a mission, 10% of the total reward goes towards his/her village. This amount is not subtracted from the ninja but added on top of the mission reward. Other various ways of earning money may be through competitions, espionage and any number of methods the village chooses to employ at its own risk.

Travel Rules

Traveling between villages is rare but not unheard of. Envoys between friendly villages are common and necessary between unfriendly ones. However travelling is not limited to village business, ninja are allowed to travel for personal reasons too. When gaining entry into a foreign village, it is customary for the host village to ask for your passports, papers and any additional proof of identification. If a traveler does not wish to provide such, he may engage the inquiring shinobi in battle but must then deal with the consequences.

If a village entrance or exit topic goes unresponded for 48 hours, it is assumed that the visitor is given entry/leave by NPC guards and now may freely enter/exit the village. These NPC guards only exist to the extent of letting ninja in and out of villages and may not be used in combat unless registered properly.

Based upon the distance of travel, and the character’s speed, one will have to either wait a predetermined time to auto travel (which runs the risk of being interrupted and attacked by missing ninja) or doing a set word count to gain instant uninterrupted travel. This is required by everyone including missing ninja, unless special jutsu for transportation such as FTG, STM, or a different method aside from walking is used. One may not use stat boosting jutsu such as body flicker to cheat the system, the only jutsu a ninja can use to go from village to village are teleportation based for the most part.

When going from country to country, it is 1,000 words or 12 hours.  For every 10 points in speed, a ninja reduces the travel count by 100. When going more than one country over, it is 2,000 words or 24-hours. The same formula for word count reduction applies.

All travel topics must be made on the country borders, one cannot get stats for this as it details their journey. Should a group be traveling together, they all must hit the marker of words or wait (timer starts when the last of the travel party posts). If stopped by missing ninja or attackers, you may count your journey completed following the conclusion of the topic.

Village Warfare

Our characters exist in a turbulent world so war between villages or even village and independent actors does happen. Should one wish to attack a village, they must make an open topic at the village gates declaring its purpose (Ex."Konoha Siege Thread"). Anyone may attack a village, but with significant cause and reasoning behind the attack.

Similar to attacking, anyone may defend a village, but with significant cause and reasoning behind the defense. Defending a village requires one to join the attack thread and face the enemy. Whoever wins gets the land. If a lesser ninja manages to eliminate a threat without aid, he/she may stake a claim to Kageship. The request will be reviewed by staff and verdicts made on a case by case basis.

As with any attack, there are always those who wish to run. Escape posts are allowed before battle to let those with lower stats leave the battle zone. If a ninja has less than 150 stats, he/she can post in a separate escape topic and escape uninterrupted. Should the ninja have 150 or more total stats, they may still attempt an escape but there is a possibility they will be caught and forced to engage. The 48 hour rule is strictly enforced when it comes to village battles unless otherwise agreed upon by all players involved. If an attack post goes responded for 48 hours, the attacker wins.

Similarly, if a defense post goes responded, the attacker is defeated and the village secured. OOC away posts may not afford an attacker/defender extra time. If a player knows they will be unavailable during the time, they should either not join or name someone else to defend the village (rightfully also forgoing their leader privileges to someone who can defend the village).

Those who escape a village destruction are labeled as Missing Ninja as it is a crime to abandon your village when it needs you most.

Should an attacker win and the village be successfully taken over, the victor may do as he/she wishes. This includes destroying the whole village or taking over as the new Kage. Everyone who remains in the village is subjected to its new fate – be it death, servitude or a reward for being in cahoots with the attacker all along.

Once a village is taken over, all its funds are in the hands of the attacker. There may be no hidden safes or money channels that someone took over the village and missed. The attacker may channel these funds into rebuilding efforts or simply pocket them him/herself.

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Village Rules
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