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 The Start of a Journey

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Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
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PostSubject: The Start of a Journey   Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:15 am

Elizira moved throughout the village at a sedated pace, the moon’s light shining down on the village, basking it in an almost heavenly glow as she traveled toward the training grounds to get some work done tonight. She needed to train if she wanted to get stronger after all. So she would make damn sure to get herself stronger so she could hunt her future prey. All she wanted to do was become strong enough to be able to drink the blood of any prey she might set her mind too. It was a simple goal, but still one that involved great amounts of hard work in and off the training field. Today she intended to learn the simplest techniques available to a shinobi. She was in the academy and they required you to have a good mastery of the Clone and Transformation technique before even graduating to give you something that could possibly save your ass in the field. She shrugged mentally at this thought. As she moved, it wasn’t like she wouldn’t learn so much more powerful techniques the moment she had the authorization to do so. She basically saw the genin exam and rank as the ability to learn more destructive techniques. The difference in power wasn’t THAT substantial after all. Arriving at the training field she would note that it was only about ten o’clock at night. Which gave her plenty of time to learn her two techniques, and maybe even a third before the sun came out of it’s hell spawned pit. Oh how she hated the sun, it made her feel extremely uncomfortable and she didn’t feel like she could get anything done under its oppressive rays. As these thoughts flooded her mind she arrived at her destination. A low fog covered the ground due to the island climate and how cold it could get at times at night. This gave the area an eerie glow as the moon’s light shone through the fog, illuminating it making it look like an interesting place to train. Elizira found it absolutely beautiful, she moved silently through the trees as slipped off her shoes to feel the sand beneath her feet. She always enjoyed the feeling, the simple things, ya no? She nodded her head as she prepared herself to learn the techniques she set out to learn.

She knew in theory the clone technique was one of the simplest techniques to perform as all it did was create two temporary chakra constructs that had no real form in the image of the user and have them run around to distract the user and hopefully make them think they were the real one. This wouldn’t work for long though, as the clones have no actual weight to them, and therefore do not displace the grass/ground beneath their feet as they run. This was obvious sign in villages like the sand village where one could easily see if the sand moved under the technique user’s feet to know if it was a clone and it was something Elizira never understood when it came to why villages which had surroundings like that even taught the technique, or at least required it to become genin. She performed the Ram, Snake, and Tiger hand seals in the specified order and pressed her chakra into the technique. A single illusory clone of her came into existence and she looked at it with a critical eye. She was aiming for two clones, but that just meant she needed to add more chakra to the technique, which was a simple fix after all. She critically looked the clone up in down before giving a satisfied nod. Yup, she looked good tonight, and looks were an important part to a kunoichi’s arsenal. After all, seduction missions, interrogation and even simply getting someone to think that you’re interested in them so they did something stupid for you all became much easier if you looked good. She turned her attention back to the clone however and willed it away, dispelling the illusion with ease as she performed the hand seals again. Ram, Snake, Tiger, she’d then press her chakra into the technique again and sigh slightly when three clones would come into existence. Okay, so a little less would do the trick now, that would be simple. She nodded to all three clones, hey progress was progress after all, before dispelling them as well. She looked up at the moon and smiled softly as she basked in it’s glow before performing this set of hand seals for what should be the final time that night. Ram, Snake, Tiger, this time two clones appeared and nodded at her with a confident smirk and a hand on their hips. She nodded back, with a grin, that meant she got the chakra correct down to the T. She would put that on the list as her first ever technique, an important milestone for any budding shinobi. After all it wasn’t every day you control your chakra well enough to perform an actual shinobi technique for the first time. It would be the first of many of course, but it was still a good feeling. She would look up at the moon and note the time, it was only about eleven now, meaning she had been there for only an hour and had already learned half of what she wanted to learn for the night. ‘I might learn a third technique or something while I’m here..’ She’d think as she tried to figure out what to do with her time after she learned the next one. It was in theory easier than the second, because the chakra involved wasn’t pushed outward, but focused on the appearance of the user. This meant that the chakra didn’t have to be pushed out, but rather focus in, which is always easier to do. The interesting part came when trying to form the chakra to the form of whomever, or whatever you were trying to transform into. This generally took a moment as you had to make sure everything was done properly or you wouldn’t look like you were supposed to. She quickly went through the necessary hand seals, Dog, Boar, Ram, and began to focus her chakra toward the appearance of her mother. She too had fair skin, a bit of a rounder face, but the same eyes and rather than silver hair she was a brunette. She felt the cloud of smoke envelop her and at the same time felt the chakra altar her outward appearance, felt the chakra transform the colour of her hair, the shape of her face, felt it do the job it was meant to do before the smoke cleared. Afterwards she noted she had no way to test to see if the technique was a success. She didn’t exactly have a mirror after all, thinking to the first of the two techniques she learned that night, she quickly ran through the hand seals. Ram, Snake, Tiger. The single clone appeared as she thought ‘You know..I meant the last time I did the technique to be the last time I did those seals tonight...Oh well, can’t be helped.’ She’d look the clone up and down and match her appearance to her vivid memory of her mother. It was easy to do as it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen her for most of her life before the woman was burned alive. She nodded satisfied that she got the technique down on the first try before looking up at the moon once more. It had really only been a few minutes, meaning it was still extremely early in the night. She pursed her lips in thoughts as she considered her options. She could call it a day and go home, maybe go out hunting to get her bloodlust satiated, or she could learn another technique or two. After a minute or two of consideration she chose the latter, deciding that she was in the training ground anyway, so she might as well learn how to do a couple more things. She could always slake her hunger for blood tomorrow night.

After deciding that she would stay and learn a thing or two more she began to consider what to learn. She just taught herself to use the clone and transformation techniques. What else could she learn tonight that would complement the abilities of a trained killer and assassin? She contemplated this for a few minutes, silver hair falling in her eyes as she considered the options. She’d heard of a technique that could allow her to throw her voice, that could be useful in infiltration missions..She decided as she grinned at the other possibilities. She then proceeded to concentrate chakra on her vocal cords, and tried to make her voice come from a different direction. She did this by mouthing the words she wanted to say and sure enough the chakra carried the sound to a different location before the voice was heard. She smiled as she learned a third technique that night but pouted as she realized she once again needed to find something else to learn. She brought her hand up to her chin to contemplate her options, running through any ninjutsu she had researched or may have heard of in passing while in the Academy and most seemed a little too advanced for her at the moment. She was just about to give up and go hunting for the rest of the night before she realized that she should have enough chakra to easily seal and unseal items and such into scrolls. And she had intended to have one of the academy instructors show her how. She felt like it couldn’t be that hard to learn it and she had the extra time and she had even ‘acquired’ a sealing scroll earlier to ask him to demonstrate with. No one would mind if it turned up missing...It was furthering the education of a budding student in the academy after all. With this in mind she retrieved the scroll from her pack and began to unravel to show the premade sealing array that was written inside it. The array seemed complicated to most people, including her as she didn’t know anything about sealing. But the giant open circle in the middle might as well have had flashing neon lights on it saying ‘Press hand and chakra here you moron’. She set the scroll down to practice with it, knowing that when she got comfortable enough with it she should easily be able to simply pull stuff out or seal it in without even setting it on the ground. She then proceeded to pull out a single kunai knife and press it down into the sealing array, using chakra. The kunai knife proceeded to sink into the array as if it wasn’t even there and after a moment she had successfully sealed the kunai knife into the scroll. She then ran chakra through the array from the blank spot in the middle as described before and in a poof of smoke, the kunai appeared in her hand, ready to do it’s job. She grinned as she held the kunai before putting it back into her pouch and rolling up the scroll. This night ended up being extremely fruitful as she managed to learn the clone technique, transformation technique, the Ventriloquism technique, and how to use sealing scrolls to store her equipment. After packing up her things she noted it was just turning one o’clock at night, which still left her plenty of time to go kill something and drain it dry of blood. She stretched out before heading off into the woods on the islands to go hunting before calling it a night. Traveling back home to sleep in the safety of her apartment, away from the evil sun and it’s horrors. She would have to come back out to train soon, the more she learned, the stronger she became after all.

TWC: 2002
Claiming 10 stats, Clone, Transformation, Generic Sealing, Ventriloquism.
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of a Journey   Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:29 am


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The Start of a Journey
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