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 Learning Mass shift and starting chakra sensory

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Akemi Hiyu
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PostSubject: Learning Mass shift and starting chakra sensory    Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:45 pm

After Hikaru had learned the storage displacement jutsu he felt like he needed to learn more. He wanted to learn more space-time jutsu, maybe the last of the basic ones. A jutsu called "Mass Shift". It didn't sound like it would be very useful, but Hikaru still wanted to learn it, just in case. Deciding that he wasn't going to get any sleep, he got out of bed and began putting on his gear. Once he had his usual black kimono on, he opened the window and jumped outside. Ninja's don't use doors he thought.

As he jumped between the buildings he felt a sense of tranquility. His dirty blonde hair ruffling as the cool night breeze brushed past him. As he ran he decided to try and coordinate his breathing. Breathing was an essential part of any ninja. One breath out of line and it could mean death. A wasted breath is a wasted technique. His right foot touched the floor, Breath in, he held the breath as he pushed his foot from the floor. His left foot touched the floor and began to push off, Breath out

He continued to regulate his breathing all the way to his training grounds and found that he was barely tired from the long run.

"Guess regulating my breathing really does work."  He murdered. He began doing warm-up stretches to properly wake himself up as it was still night time. He summoned his kunai into his hand and began to practice slashing it in different directions, slowly increasing his speed until he was at his max. He displaced the kunai back into it's alternate dimension and started jumping around the nearby tree's, punching and kicking them as he did this. His knuckles began to bleed but he ignored the pain, his body was so weak and scrawny and it annoyed him to no end.

Fortunately, what he lacked in endurance and strength he made up for in speed. He focuses slowly on training his speed and mind after all. As he jumped between the trees at his top speed he decided to use Flicker movement. He did the seals and time slowed down around him. He was a blur dancing through the trees. Pushing his speed to the limit.

After a while he felt exhausted and had to take a break. He slumped down with his back against a tree as he breathed deeply, supplying his lungs with some much needed air. Damn this fragile body he thought. Only five minutes of pushing myself and im already on the verge of collapsing. He closed his eyes and began meditating, slowing down his breathing as he let his senses spread out. Right now, he could only sense about 5 meters in all directions but he was slowly increasing the range. Hikaru loved meditating, he always seemed to regain his energy quicker when he did it. He tried increasing his range of sensing further but it was like trying to push a brick wall, it just didn't want to budge.

Eventually he grew tired of trying to understand chakra sensing and he decided to stick to something he did know, space-time jutsu. He stood up and began recalling the instructions of the "Mass shift". It only had one seal which was rat. It involved using your chakra to exercise your will on a small object to move through space. Though due to the delicate nature of the technique it could not make sharp turns or move quickly. He nodded to himself and began his practice.

He stood up and wove his fingers into the rat seal. He eyed the ground for something to test it on and saw a small rock about 5 meters away. He grinned and tried to will it towards him. Nothing happened. Guess that isn't how to do it he thought. This time he tried to use his chakra the book had said that the user uses chakra to exercise their will on a target after all. He started channeling his chakra towards the small stone while he held his hands in the rat seal.

The rock started to rock back and fourth but nothing more happened. Guess im not using enough chakra he thought. This time he used more chakra, channeling it towards the intended target. The rock started to buckle before shooting towards him at intense speeds, giving him a split second to react. Instead of dodging like most normal people would he decided to try and catch it. He held out his hands and swiftly caught it before it could cause any harm to his face.

He eyed the rock angrily before chucking it back five meters away. He mentally felt his chakra and saw that it was less than 1/2 percent capacity. Guess thats why this technique requires the object to move slowly he thought. Once again he put his hands into the rat seal and began channeling chakra towards the rock, willing it to come towards him. The rock rose slowly from the ground and began to float towards Hikaru. He maintained his attention and chakra flow until the rock had reached him. 

He grabbed the rock out of the air and eyed it with a smirk. He had successfully pulled of the jutsu for the first time. He threw it 7m away and tried the jutsu again. He realised that this time it was taking considerably less chakra. He continued to do this for the next 10 minutes. Throwing it further each time until he realised that the limit was 10 meters away.

Now he just needed to decrease the chakra cost until it was barely noticable. He chucked the rock 10 meters away and did the rat seal. He channelled 1/2 of the chakra he normally used and saw that it didn't move. Then he tried doing 3/4 of the the chakra. He slowly increased it until he had found the minimal amount of chakra required to complete the technique. He sank to the ground, exhausted. He could barely move.

"Guess i might aswell continue my practices on chakra sensory." He said to no one. He closed his eyes and allowed his senses to spread in every direction. He could feel that the area they encompassed where slowly growing larger. He continued to meditate, reaching a deeper level of relaxation and meditation that he had never reached before. In the deeper level he could feel that is range of senses where slowly growing larger. The previous brick-like boundary's felt like butter to him.

He continued to mentally push his boundaries until he hit another wall, harder then the first. Guess im not going to get past that anytime soon he thought. He continued to sense in his new range of about 10 meters. He could sense everything in a 10 meter bubble around him, it was quite exhilarating. He could feel the colony of ants moving below him, the birds flying over him. 

He opened his eyes and sat up, he could still feel all the energies around him. He bent his knees and stood up, wincing at the effort it took him to do so. He felt content with what he had learnt today.

"Time to go sleep for the rest of the day." He wheezed.

(Word Count: 1217
Claims: 6 stats, Mass shift and 200 words to chakra sensory)

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PostSubject: Re: Learning Mass shift and starting chakra sensory    Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:17 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Learning Mass shift and starting chakra sensory
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