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 The Grove, again [P]

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Ayato Hyuuga <3
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Grove, again [P]   Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:13 pm

Life for a shinobi is dark and maybe full of terrors. But the reason Ayato of the Hyuuga Clan had made so far was because he had worked his body and mind to the point where he could transform from a boy to a shinobi that could hold his steel. The Eight Trigrams and the Gentle Fist, abilities granted to him from the blood of heroes of age past, were a big reason for this/ And today was the day he had decided to take his game one step further. Next was the technique, Eight Trigrams: Protection of the Eight Trigrams. Ayato's father had explained when the lad asked him about it after he accidentally activated during his mission with the burning building. Here's how Ayato had shaped it into his head.
"This is a versatile technique which affords both offensive and defensive capabilities whereby she emits a constant stream of chakra from the palms, which are formed into extremely thin, sharp, blades. While using this technique offensively, the chakra is shaped into thin, sharp, flexible blades allowing to hit multiple targets with extreme precision and can cut smaller targets, like bees, into pieces. When used defensively, it creates much larger, stronger, more flexible, arc-shaped chakra blades that spread out across the user's entire attack range, effectively forming a barricade between him and opponents, rebuffing even the largest and smallest of targets."
Well, obviously his father would be aware of the technique, no real surprise there. Hibari Hyuuga was considered to be one of the strongest fighters of his generation. Ayato wanted to see that Hibari Hyuuga a lot of more, the mellowed down of the version of him that lived together, he respected but not admired. The wish to see his father's true self, became a reality recently but not for the right reasons. " You made enough bloody noise to be heard from Konoha." Hibari stated with ice in his voice. "The Queensmen, they were the ones started it."Ayato had protested, but Hibari ignored him. “From what I hear it was you who humiliated them first." Hibari leaned closer. "You think you have it hard for being a baseborn son of a noble Clan. Neji Hyuuga was orphaned at the age of eight and had no one to care for him. He was a member of the disowned Branch family of the Hyuuga, but he came to be known as a legend-
I don’t care!” Ayato said. “I don’t care about him and I don’t care about you or Kyousuke Snow or the Queen or any of it. I hate it here. It’s too…they think shinobi are monsters.” He finished, almost choking on his words. The accusations were so unjust that drew his breath away from him. His father looked more than sad anger, which only made Ayato feel worse. "Yes. That’s a duty of a shinobi and the men and women who walk that path, to step in front of anyone and bear all the pain. This is your life, a long life or a short it’s up to you, Ayato.Hibari Hyuuga said with his white eyes full of distant coldness. Life, easy for him to talk about one, Hibari Hyuuga grew up Clan's stronghold, in the districts reserved for the Hyuuga clan. He had seen the world, from one end to the other. He was respected and praised by everyone. His kinsmen threw feasts in his name for his valor in battle. Yet Ayato was on the queerest place on the world, disowned and alone, here where they believed shinobi were witches and the Hyuuga aliens that came from the moon and shape shifted into humans.
Ayato stopped in place and attempted to regain his composure. He couldn't let anger flash within him, it was crucial that remained focused. That technique he had to work on was very delicate and even though, he had used anger a million times before to draw his strength from, today this could not be the case. Tightening the shinobi headband upon his right bicep he took a step forward and continued his way into the forest. 
Flakes of light snow were falling down through the morning mists, creating a veil of white that coaxed the earth underneath. And even thought it made for a beautiful scenery, it was only that, an image. And a false one, at that. The ground underneath the snow was a dump and muddy rocks and roots hidden under the crust that had formed on a new ground, waiting for the careless and the unwary to trip him up and break his neck. Ayato had resorted to his Surface Walking Technique, focusing his chakra at the soles of his feet on balancing himself properly upon the fresh snow.
One hour he had been walking, farther and farther from the entrance towards a wilderness without a name. Walking was good, to keep his blood from freezing, yet it had tired him out nonetheless. He had dressed warm enough yet the cold pierced through the linen cloak and the wool underneath all the like. Quite a long and difficult travel, yet this was the only place he seemed fitting to train. Most days this forest was bright and airy, where tall aspen trees spread shadows across water streams, birds singing from their nests and the air strong with the smell of flora. A miracle, created by some shinobi had the ability to awaken trees from the depths of the earth. That would make for a good song in the city's lore, even though it was a shinobi who had created the forest, it was just as citizens had preferred it to be. 
Ayato threaded his way through a thicket then started up the slope to the low ridge where the vantage point to the grove was. The grove was a dark primal place, two acres of old forest untouched for years. The gloomy ruins of a tower rose around it. Branches of different trees tore through where the tower's ceiling used to be. The place was of deep silence and many brooding shadows. It smelled of moist earth and rotten wood. This place was different from the rest of the forest, had come here a few times before, to work his Gentle Fist techniques. And even thought back then the trees had given him nervous tensions that came close to fear, as of today the ruined stone tower surrounded by trees had no terrors for Ayato. 
Ayato leaned on the bark of a tree, drawing a deep breath and allowed himself a moment to savor the victory. Reaching his destination with the snow as an enemy was quite a challenge for his stamina, evident from how was short on breath.  Yet this was all part of his training.  Back then he would read a technique from a scroll and attempt to execute it in one go; while barely understand the principles behind it.  But that was when he still Green from the Academy. Currently, Ayato had the patience to carefully deconstruct techniques into smaller parts, trying to achieve one at a time. He had developed as a shinobi in the few months under Kyosouke Snow’s wing than he did in years in the Academy. And lately, he felt he could achieve anything as long as he put his mind into it. This would not come from the natural genius but from practicing over and over again. Everyone could do that but no one actually did.
He had warmed up enough by walking that distance and focusing his chakra. The fact that he no longer neglected the most crucial yet at the same boring part of training was another testament of Ayato becoming a more seasoned shinobi. He knew had to learn to refine it even more when doing ninjutsu techniques, but now simple stretching would suffice. Starting with the neck he tilted the head to the right and slowly rolled it down and to the left. Then he reversed to the right. He would repeat five times in each direction.  After he was done with the rolls he bent his right ear to the right shoulder and placed the right hand over left temple and add a little extra pressure by gently pulling the head to the right. His left hand rested at his side. He held that position for about 30 seconds and then he went on to repeat the process with the opposite side as well. After the neck and remaining in a position of proper alignment, Ayato rolled shoulders up, then back, then down in a fluid motion. He repeated this backward shoulder roll movement about 10 times, then reversed it, rolling forward about 10 times.  He thought with a sigh midways to the last stretching exercise. He crossed a straight right arm across his chest and used his left hand to gently pull right upper arm closer to his body. He held for ten seconds before repeating on the other side.
And he began to travel back, into the day of the fire not too long ago. When the rift was made into the celling and it collapsed towards him and the kid, Ayato used the Eight Trigrams: Heavenly Palm Rotation, made the flowing chakra form into a dome that extended away from him and the child in a one-meter radius, protecting them and at the same time blowing away the falling debris. Yet the debris would continue to fall and every moment that passed the barrier grew weaker. Just as the barrier was at his limit, Ayato unleashed all the chakra from his tenketsu in a desperate attempt to keep it up. Then it happened. Instead of a thick blue spherical dome, the barrier transformed into a fishnet and it also has expanded in a larger radius than before, slicing all falling debris. And that was it, Ayato used the technique without even understanding how he did it.  But was not foolish enough to think that everything would play out naturally and that he would achieve the Protection, an advanced Gentle Fist technique that required the application of everything he had learned up to this point without a struggle.
Taking off the hood of his cloak, flakes of snow began to fall on his hair. In preparation for creating a field of chakra from his body that protects him from projectiles or incoming attacks, Ayato began to test his flexibility, rotating his shoulders and arms in a smooth flow. Slowly focusing his chakra to his arms in small doses, he continued to do the same the tenketsu, expelling bits of chakra from his hands that move into the air. A dome took form around him, but of the white flakes slipped past the fishnet barrier landing on his hair. That meant that his stationary position could be done better. Ayato had to try and refine his form later on, since practicing a movement repeatedly with bad form is promoting bad habits and severely inhibits one’s capabilities to progress as a shinobi.
He felt his body was in great shape today, but it seemed he was stiff from the long and tiresome walk. He needed to ease his tension once more. Breathing accordingly with his harm beat, he began to ease his bruised knees before taking up the Gentle Fist stance.Extending his arms, he proceeded to do the same with his fingers from his open palm. Once again, Ayato began to swing his arms, but this time they traveled into a full circle, dancing in front of his body. He could bet his life that he was looking lame as hell right now; one of the pros of this secluded location was that no one would actually get to witness this.
Picking up the speed, a larger protective barrier of chakra began to form around him, made out of streams of chakra emitting from his fingertips. They slowly began to decrease in diameter, seemingly becoming sharper as a result. And they were for sure, The technique’s offensive properties obliterated the veil of fresh snow from the ground. Revealing the muddy wet soil of the earth underneath it. This time, the technique had executed successfully, it would seem. A circular barrier made of blue, razor sharp wire had extended to four meters perimeter around him.  The flakes of snow atop of his head began to melt from the temperature of his body. 

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: The Grove, again [P]   Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:15 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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The Grove, again [P]
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