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 A new training ground!

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Hikari Namikaze <3
Jounin of Hoshi
Jounin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: A new training ground!   Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:52 am


The Sixteen year old genin ninja, Hikari Namikaze, would lazily hit the snooze button on her alarm, before turning over and trying to go back to sleep. It was 8 in the morning and Hikari just didn’t want to wake up. Today was a training day, which meant she was to wake up, get ready for the day, go out and practice today. Don’t get the wrong idea, she loved the library, it was her heaven in haven for her. She also liked the gym and the training grounds that she spent all day at. But at the same time, it was just the same thing over and over and over and over again. She didn’t like doing the same thing over and over again. But at the same time, it was time for this small town tea maid to feel the grind of training in order to become a strong kunochi. Part of her wanted just to stop and consider herself strong enough to be done with the training, but Hikari knew that right now, she wasn’t strong enough to hold her own in a fight against anyone of any real power. Right now, that is fine, but one day, she actualy wants to save people, and that might mean fighting people at the level of some of the queen’s grauds, or even worst, ninja that are on the level of kages! Hikari was nowhere near ready for that, and she needed to get ready for that, not just eventually, but soon. She never knew when she would need to come in and save the day from evil!


Hikari would turn off the alarm and roll out of bed. She would go to her shower and pour hot water on her body, it was a fight to get out of the shower. She loved the feeling of the water on her body, and just didn’t want to continue on to the same old training every day. Hikari would eventually step out of the shower, dry off, shave, dress up in her normal combat outfit, slipping into her leggings and white dress, before going and making breakfast. It had to be something special so that she didn’t go insane from doing the same thing every day. Hikari would make French toast sticks, pour a lot of syrup on them, and make some bacon with it, and a lot of fruit. Like, a lot. Hikari would take a deep breath and head out, the first place that she wanted to go to was the library. She would jog there, trying to not break a sweat, but still get a little bit warmed up for her training today. She would eventually get to the library and would jog up to the grand doors, and procced to walk in. Every time she entered the library, the pure amount of knowledge would make her loose her breath, it was insane how much knowledge was in this building! It was four stories filled with so many book cases, all of which full, and more in the back room. Hikari would walk up to the ninjutsu section and start to look through the books. She would look around trying to find some justus that caught her interest. After picking out a few books and scrolls, she found a few and started to head toward the checkout area. As she came to the opening, Hikari would see Suzaku, her favorite librarian.

“Hello Mr. Suzaku, how are you doing today?” Hikari said, saying quite bored. She didn’t really want to be checking these books out right now. She just wanted to take the day off and go out and do something fun. “I would like to check out these books.”

The librarian would smile and take the books from the teenage girl. He would then start taking notes of what she was checking in and what she was checking out. “But of course my young kunochi, It is as always my pleasure to help you.” and would start noting what books she was taking home. However, about half way through his check out, he would look up to Hikari and would ask, “My young little kunochi, why do you look so sad? I thought you loved it here at the Library! Why do you seem so…. Well…. Upset?”

Hikari would sigh, of course he noticed Hikari’s problems. “Well Mr. Suzaku, you see, Its just I have been doing the same thing for the past 2 weeks now, I mean, it’s fun, I’m learning techniques quite regularly and I know I am getting stronger, but at the same time, it just gets boring after multiple days of the same thing, I wake up, come here, possibly go to the gym, and then go back to training field and train there for a few hours, call it a night and do it all again the following day, it becomes quite repetitive and boring!” Hikari would take a deep sigh, she really didn’t want to be here.

As she did Suzaku would look at her, slightly out of pity for her, and say, “Well, that is life my young little shinobi, that is the adult life. You will find yourself repeating the same thing day after day after day. If you can’t at least do a few days of this, than you will have problems with the rest of your life as you continue on your path to adulthood. He would look at her for a bit of time before continuing. “However… if you wanted to … oh, how would you say it, change things up a little bit? Yes, If you would like to change it up a little bit, I know of a place that you could go that would be a nice change of pace for you.”

Hikari would quickly lean in and quickly ask, “Where! Where can I go to change things up! She was now supper interested, a chance to change things up? Hikari was going to jump all over that.
Suzaku would back up a bit, startled that the girl suddenly changed to being enthusiastic. Suzaku would smile though after a little bit. He would respond,
“Ah, well you see, to the north of Hoshi, there is a wild life protection area it called Tachibana Wildlife Reserve. In the center of it the forest, there is a body of water called the Tekitsu lake. It has an open area that is wonderful for swimming, having picnic’s and even training there. It is quite peaceful there and you can train while alone. You don’t have to worry about bandit’s or other shinobi bothering you. The only thing one has to worry about it if some animals come up and bother you.”

Hikari couldn’t belive it, it sounded like heaven on earth! (Besides the library that is,) Quite, alone in the forest, a pond, it sounds just like her training ground back at home! Hikari would jump at this and ask, “So, where is it?”
Suzaku would chuckle some more, he probably thought it was cute for the young Namikaze to do this in his eyes. “It’s about a two-hour trip north of here, well, for a normal person atleast, for you, I would say maybe an hour long journey.”

Hikari would finish checking out her books and smile at Him and say, “Ok, thank you!” and would quickly start to hurry away to her room.

(A few minutes later, back in Hikari’s room)

Hikari would open the door to her apartment, and look into the empty small apartment. She would head to her room and start packing for a day of fun and training, she would pack some cookies, sunscreen, various jutsu scrolls, books of ninjutsu, a towel, some snacks (Tea, water, some cookies, a banana and some apples.) As she went through her closet and drawer, trying to find some sort of modest bathing suit, she wasn’t able to really find one. After about 10 to 15 minutes of looking (Hey! Hikari is a sixteen year old girl, she has a lot of clothes,) Hikari found a large cardbord box in the corner of her room. Hikari would go up to the box and look at it, on the box it had a letter on it, saying Hikari, no matter what you do, you are not allowed to open this box! The strange thing was that it was in her own hand writing. The chestnut haired girl didn’t remember making this. She would open the box, and in it was another cardboard box, in it, there was another note. The note would say Hikari, You ignored me the first time, do not ignore me again! At this point, Hikari was curious, she would open the box, and in it was another cardboard box, it was a little bit more sturdy and on it, there was another note on it, would say, Namikaze, you are a beautiful maiden, you do not need this. Hikari would throw the note off and open the box, this was getting insane. There was another box with another note on it. Modest is hottest! Hikari would gulp as there was another box, why was she still even doing this? She didn’t want to know what was in there! But at the same time, she had to know. [/color] Hikari would open it one more time, finding a metal box, and one more note on it. The note said “You are a beautiful person, what ever you do, DO NOT open this box! Of course, at this point of time, Hikari would open up the next box and find a smaller metal box. On the box, there was one final note. This note however was much longer than the other ones, Hikari would open it and in it it would have the following letter.

Dear Hikari Namikaze,

You are a slut. There, I said, it, you are a freaking whore. I don’t know who got you so desperate, that you would actually want to wear this, whether some how Shoushei seduced you, a handsome monk, a foreign hottie, some Uchiha bad boy, or a powerful knight shinobi, I don’t care. You were a pure and innocent maiden, there isn’t any logical reason you should be showing this much skin to anyone but your husband. You should be ashamed of yourself, I did everything I could to make sure you would never be tempted, I even used the mind reading jutsu to go into my own mind and destoy the record of this, that way you could never be tempted to wear this. If you are desperate enough to wear this, you will most likely be a single mother in under 10 months.

From your dearest not a slut other self,

Hikari Namikaze

Hikari thought she knew what was in this now, She would take a deep breath before opening the box and sure enough, in it was her bikini collection.

Now, Hikari would need to explain why she has this, it was quite a funny story. For her 16th birthday, (Which she was still with her parents and sibblings for, they were still alive at this point) Hikari would have a bunch of presents from her family, as a joke, her younger sister, Alice Namikaze, had decided to play a prank on her (Or Hikari hopped it was a prank, Alice was young and might have been serious about it) Alice bought half a dozen bikini’s with a note on them that said something along the lines of with this and your hot body, you can have yourself your wedding before you have your 17th birth day!

Hikari didn’t want to wear them, and never planned to, but she didn’t want to throw away a present from her sister (Even more so now after she was killed) and as such didn’t throw the evil clothing away, but at the same time didn’t want to ever be tempted to wear it, so as such, she erased it and locked it in her room (Although, in the middle of her closet in a giant box wasn’t the best idea, she will admit.) That being said, Hikari would look at the pile of practically under wear that for some reason was acceptable to go out in public with. Why is this a thing? But at the same time, Hikari was tempted to put it on. She was going to be alone out there (She hoped) And didn’t have any other bathing suits that she could wear instead. Hikari took a deep breath and stripped down to her birthday suit, and would slip on a  red bikini. Over the bikini, she would slip on her regular clothes over them, that way, the bikini was just like her underwear. Hikari would hope that no one would come and spy on her while she was at the lake and would head out to the Tachibana Wildlife Reserve.

(A few hours later, at the Tachibana Wildlife Reserve, a few miles north of the city of Hoshigakure.)

Hikari would walk up to the edge of the reserve, it was a huge forest that was super dense, and super dark. Hikari would look at it, and think ‘how does anyone large animals live in here? It looked like there was no way for a large animal to live in it! Hikari would look around the area, and would listen, some way off in the distance she would here something.

“Heave!!! Ho!!!! Heave!!! Ho!!! Heave!! Ho!”

Hikari would head toward the sound of the man. She was travel towards the sound and find a big ban, like, 6’4, late thirties, over 250 pounds, and a big, long red bushy beard that went half way down his stomach. He had an axe and was swing at trees and vines, it looked like he was trying to make a path. Hikari would hide behind a tree and watch him for a bit, but eventualy the man would notice her and turn around, “You know, I can smell your perfume.”

Hikari would squeal in her head for she would step out from behind the tree that she was siting hiding in. She would blush and say, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I just saw you and you were kind of… well…. I just didn’t know what you were doing and I was curious…. Well, what were you doing? Mr……. ?”

The man would turn around to face the young teen ager and would scratch his majestic beard.

“Ah, well my name is Jack Strowman. My job is to try to clear up the trails in the forest for the animals and the humans around these parts. But tell me, little missy, who, are you?”

Hikari realized that she was being super rude right now, just asking the man’s name and what he was doing even though it was obvious that he was supposed to be here, and Hikari wasn’t supposed to be.

Hikari would nervously smile, realizing this, and would say, “Hello, my name is Hikari Namikaze, It is nice to meet you! I am a shinobi from the village hidden in the stars. Hikari would pull up the left side of her skirt so the man could see the headband around her left thy. Hikari would then continue. “I am just here to…. Well… to train…. And to have a little bit of a nice day off while I do. I heard that in the middle of the forest that there is a lake, oh, what was it called? Tekiatsu Lake! Yeah, that was it, the Tekiatsu Lake! That was it! I am heading to the Tekiatsu Lake so that I can train.”

The man would look at her and would say, “Well, that is fine, your shinobi are allowed to be here as long as you don’t hurt the wildlife, but, the problem is that we have a lot of over growth and weeds and such blocking the path. So, it might take some time before you can do this.

Hikari Namikaze would try to hide her surpise and look behind at the ‘road.’ How could he see this huge thing? How could he tell the difference between the road and the forest! It was that overgrown. Hikari would have to let the man take some time before he would finish the road in order for her to be allowed to continue. Hikari would sigh, maybe she should just go ahead and head back home for today. Prehaps he will be ready in a few days? As she was thinking about it, she suddenly heard something.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrr” Hikari would look towards where the sound came from. Standing there, was a massive tiger hiding behind in some of the trees. It looked like it was about ready to pounce.

The sixteen year old girl would shiver, she didn’t know what to do! The tiger was looking right at them, was she supposed to just stay still and hope that it wouldn’t come at the two of them? Should she try to warn Mr. Jack Strowman? Should she just start shooting Jutsu at it and hope that it will fall before the tiger can get there? She would look back at the tiger, it was taller than her, and she couldn’t tell how long it was, but it had to be at least 10 feet long. Hikari didn’t think she could take this thing down in one strike, and being too scared to actually do something on her own, she would grab the back of Jack Strowman’s shirt (Who had started to go back to swining, which is supper dangerous so once again, children, don’t mimic The idiotic Hikari’s actions.)

“Hmmmm?” The man would question as he turned around, “What’s up?”

Hikari would put a figure of her lips to tell the lumberjack ranger person to stay quite before she pointed in the direction of the tiger. The man would lazily look in that direction, before seeing what it was, his eyes would grow big and Hikari could see the fear in the man’s eyes. “Blimme! That is the biggest tiger that I have ever seen before!”

Hikari would take note of this. She thought it was a tiger, but had never seen one before and wasn’t sure, but she knew for sure now. Hikari would wisper under her breath but loud enough that the man with the axe could hear her. “Ok…. So what do we do? Can we run?”
“That thing?” The man would say in disbelief. “Maybe you as a shinobi can, but I know I sure as hell can’t.”

Hikari bit her lip, she wasn’t going to leave the woodsman to die, “How about attacking? I know some powerful jutsu, I can attack it? How can I defeat it in one shot?”
“What!?” The man looked at Hikari with disbelief. “This is a protected animal! We can’t attack it! We can’t hurt it! Otherwise, our heads will be on plates!”
“Even if it is a matter of life and death?”
“Yes!” The man would say (All of this is whispering, by the way)
“Ok, then what do we do?” Namikaze would ask.
“We … well… we hope it leaves!” The man would say, Hikari could tell that he was scared though, and he didn’t think that was much of a plan.

Hikari would think for a bit about what to do, the animal was getting closer, and it was looking at the two of them hungry. Hikari would take a deep breath, she had to do something! So with that, she would form the hand signs Horse, and Tiger in that order at a speed of 85. She would take a deep breath would form a fire ball in her lungs. As she did, Jack Strowman would look in disbelief and scream “What are you doing? Don’t attack it!”
Hikari would form the fire in her chest into a massive fire ball and shoot it out of her body. But she didn’t shoot it at the approaching tiger. But straight up at the clear blue sky. As the attack went to the sky both the man with the majestic beard and the man with the fantastic beard, and the massive tiggers (Steriods, I am calling it right now, the tiger found a lot of super jacked steroids and used all of them., there is no way a tiger could get that big naturally!) would look up at it. After a bit of time of just looking up, the tiger would look run away with its tail between its legs. The man would look at Hikari and she would return his look with an innocent smile. “Animals have a natural instinct to be afraid of fire. So, I just presented some fire and the animal left, scared for it’s life!”

Hikari would smile and the man would scratch his majestic red beard and look down at Hikari Namikaze. “Hey, so you have, well, some of that fire …. Magic…. The thing with the hand signs…. I don’t know what you call it, but you just spat fire. Think you could do it again?”

Hikari would look at him strangely, and would say, “Um, yeah, I am used to using that …. Magic technique….. it’s called a jutsu….. but if magic works for you, then magic is what you can call it. But why?”

“Well, I have an idea, If I continue hacking at this, it will take a few days. However, if you can go ahead and burn it all away, then We can get to the center of the forest and to the lake in about an hour!”

Hikari would bite her lip, did she want to do this?  She could probably burn the forest away quickly, and control the flame with her wind to stop it from going somewhere she didn’t want to go to. “Oh, Um, well… let’s see…. Hold on for one second.” Hikari would open her back pack and rifle through a few things to find what she was looking for. After looking around for a few minutes, she would pull out a scroll. Afterwards, she would open that scroll up and then look at It, reading the contents.

The Fire style, Fireball shower technique is an A-rank fire jutsu. It is done by forming the Tiger Hand seal. After they do that, the user can expel up to twenty fireballs that have the size of two meters. These fire balls can be manipulated when fired with the user's mental command to do no more than move around the user, they vanish after 50 meters. This jutsu is pretty much an upgraded version of the Phoenix Fire style jutsu. The craters that are left from these fireballs are 3 meters in size. Basically, one combines the great fire ball jutsu, with fire style phoenix flower jutsu.

Hikari would close the scroll, and smile to the man. “I think I can do this, I was planning to train a certain jutsu, and I think this can help us get to the lake in the center of the forest. It is a little bit risky, but I think I can get us there pretty soon.”

Jack would smile at the teenage girl. “I think we can take that risk!”

Hikari would practice the technique, letting the balls of fire constantly shoot down the path and let them explode, and then use her wind chakra to control where it burned and forced the flames to stay on the path that Jack Strowman told her she needed to burn.

The work went on for a few hours, (A lot longer than what Hikari thought it would be) Before Hikari would fall to her knees at around dusk. “That’s it, I don’t think I can continue with his. I am exhausted. I’m out of chakra, I can’t do much more today!”

As she fell to her knees, the woodsman would look down at her, judgeing her, trying to see if she was being a crybaby teenage girl that just needed some motivation, or was actually down for the count. He looked at Hikari and after a few second of thinking, probably came to the conclusion that he didn’t know what chakra was and as such probably shouldn’t push the female ninja beyond what she said her limits were. With that, the giant axe wielder would respond, “Welp, we did not finish, but we got a lot more done than what I was expecting to do today, that is mighty kind of you to step up and help a fellow out like that. For that, I am appreciative.”

Hikari would slowly rise to her feet, taking a deep breath and saying, “No, I really appreciate the opportunity to train like this! And, I feel like I am helping people as I get stronger, this is a lot better than my old training method. I don’t know if I will be back tomorrow, but I will be back within the next week!”

The woodsman would smile and respond with a “I am glad that this helped your training, come back any time you feel like it.”

With that, Hikari would bow to the man and start to head back to the village. She was supper happy she found this place, it was a little bit out of her way, but Hikari got the feeling this would be a great training method.

Word count: 4400
Stat claim: 22
Jutsu claim:
Great Fireball shower: 4000/4000
Wind Release: Wind Glaive 400/3000

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Risako Akara

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PostSubject: Re: A new training ground!   Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:35 am

Oh lord, allow your fingers to rest child. Approved.

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@ TheInvincibleLegend : Risako is probably the manliest Ninja in Konoha.
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Hikari Namikaze <3
Jounin of Hoshi
Jounin of Hoshi

Fame : 84
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Element(s) : Wind, Fire, Lightning,
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden eyes
Ryo : 83600

PostSubject: Re: A new training ground!   Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:47 am

Lol, Ive been playing for about a month, and I am alredy almost ready to become a chunin! Thank you Smile

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PostSubject: Re: A new training ground!   

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A new training ground!
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