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 Always Aspire

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Chisana Kiseki <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Always Aspire   Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:00 am

It was bright and early, still fresh mist covered the grounds like a blanket, making the air muggy but fruitful with the sweet taste of a new day. As usual, the smallest of the ninja ranks, was up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Her heart pounded with the adrenaline enthralled expectations of her latest aspirations. She double checked the books and scrolls on the sill of her small studio, as well her sweater drying over the well aged stove. They were still quite damp from her adventures yesterday with another of the Kumo ranks. She turned the stove off and lept out her window to the roof just below, quietly making her escape to a big day. 

She came to the training fields clutching a stick of dango in one hand and a palm sized notebook in the other flipped to the page of her first set of scribbled notes. She was eager to master the first level of Medical Ninjutsu right out the gate. 

Finding a decent spot she settled on her knees, finishing the last dango ball of deliciousness, and setting out the notebook just within reach. The technique was simple enough. Three hand seals for a performance of healing upon bruises or small cuts. Straight forward, however she had a feeling it might take a couple tries. 

She pulled a kunai from one of her many pockets of the teal sweater she boasted this morning. But set it aside next to the notebook. The boy she'd run into testing out this ninjutsu had cut himself, but she wanted to work her way up. Starting first with the small bruise she'd acquired yesterday upon her hand during training. It was blue-purple in shade, not a terrible one and barely noticeable. It crossed a couple of her right hand's knuckles. A great beginning, she thought to herself. 

Taking her time, she closed her eyes and performed the three hand signs. Boar. Rat. Snake. She felt the pureness of her chakra awaken to her call and travel down her arm to her palm of her wound less hand, in which she crossed it tenderly over the bruise. Concentrating carefully, ensuring a steady stream of chakra, she felt her skin and muscle react to her technique. It felt like a warm compress painlessly lifting the tender bruise away. Chisana smiled and opened her eyes, feeling pride in her reward. Unblemished skin met her gaze. Her fingers stretched as she tested them, flexing the knuckles and twisting in the sunlight. 

Well, experiment a went well. Now for part b. However she wasn't going to slice her palm open as the boy had done. In her blunt opinion, that was a poor choice that could make it difficult to train later as it sored. Instead she picked up the kunai and dragged a small cut down her forearm of her left arm. Just as before, but at a more standard rate of change, she performed the three hand signs with precision, placed her right hand over the cut and guided her chakra through her arm to her palm. As before with the bruise, she was feeling the healing warmth of this technique once again. It felt like her skin were pulling itself back together, her blood pulling and sticking like the syrup of a hot bun. She pulled her hand back to find a neatly scabbed scratch upon her arm. This pleased the small girl. She beamed like a pig freed from slaughter. 

She pulled a stick of charcoal from a small pocket and check marked the technique in her notebook largely across the entirety of the page. With great enthusiasm, she flipped the book to the next challenge. The next she hoped would help her open up more space in her many pockets. As well as be the potential weapon keeper. As a kunochi it was essential to travel discreetly more than often, as such, traveling light would play a generous role. Including that of keeping the enemy guessing, this fuuinjutsu could be just the key to answer all of these concerns. In occasional day dreams of potential techniques, she may be able to incorporate this in that of a fighting style. Perhaps the largeness of the available library could provide more upon this thought, but she shook her head wildly to get back to the point-mastering the first level of said technique. 

Of such, she wiped the kunai blade upon the grass around her, setting it aside. She then pulled from one of her larger pockets nearest the inside bottom hem, a blank scroll. It unraveled with a flick of the wrist upon the grass before her, with the kunai moved to the center of it. Chisana focused her chakra into the palm of her left hand and gently placed her palm upon that of the kunai and scroll. With a small poof, the kunai disappeared within the paper length of the scroll, replaced with a general marking. Satisfied at this triumph, she eagerly pulled a few other random objects out from the depths of her sweater. A vile, a pencil, and a shurriken lay about. She picked up the shurriken first, settling it in place. She placed her palm over it and the scroll alike the kunai, pulled her stream of chakra through her arm to her palm once more, and with another satisfying poof, the shurriken was within the scroll and a general marking for it in its place next to the kunai's. She moved to the vile, performing the same steps in succession. Then to the pencil. Poof, poof, went the items and markings replacing them in a blend of furious black characters. 

Chisana lifted the scroll to the morning sun, it's pink glow lighting it's print in an off yellow glow. Her smile grew even more and her bright blue eyes sparkled with a thrill. Even her cheeks were touched with the sweetness of blush. 

Setting it back down, smoothing the edges tenderly, she bounced upon her knees with anticipation. Oh what this could mean to her career and building of skills!

And oh what she could move towards now. 

Chisana rose from her knees, dusting off bits of dirt and grass as she scanned the trees and grounds about her. For this next technique, she needed a test subject. One with life and one that moved. Or skittered. Such as the dinky little grey squirrel skittering about it's nest and a tree limb extending from the cozy little hole in the tree trunk. As far as she had studied, this would work well as a first time use. It was just a matter of catching the fast little critter. 

She approached the tree slowly, one quiet step at a time, doing her best to be casual and calm. All the while keeping her eyes on the target. The little thing raced about the tree limbs collecting bits of leaves and the occasional bits of stick. It must have been preparing for the coming season. It's tail flitted about and it hesitated occasional, however Chisana must not have come across as a threat by luck or it had grown used to the ever violent visitors of these grounds, for it merely glanced once at her, than carried about it's duty from branch to nest and back. 

As soon as she had reached the trunk, she ever so carefully brought a foot up high enough. Streaming her chakra to the base of her bare feet, she strengthened a bond between she and tree in that she could walk up easily and without detection. From one angle she wouldn't be seen by the squirrel until she rounded the trunk. Climbing to the level of the nest she reached a slow hand around just out of sight, holding it until just the right moment. The squirrel had skittered into its nest and any moment now it was going to leap back out again. 

Steady, steady... she thought to herself. Until the moment arose. In a snap of quick reaction, she snagged the squirrel. Only, not the neck and body as she had wanted. Instead she had nabbed the bushy grey tail, in which the squirrel easily curled up and bit her hard on the hand, breaking skin and drawing blood. Chisana whimpered from shock, but held firm. She swung her arm back around, squirrel in hand and grabbed it correctly with her other hand. 

"No matter how hard you fight, you will be mine, squirrel." she spoke firmly to it as it squirmed fearfully, it's beady eyes angry and panicked. "But don't worry, I only need you for the morning, and then you shall go free." The squirrel of course didn't speak not a one human tongue, and continued shrieking and fidgeting. 

Chisana released the bond beneath her feet and leaped to the ground charmingly smooth. With haste she shifted the squirrel into a tight grip in one hand until she could pin it snugly under both knees. Belly down the squirrel worked hard to scratch and scramble to freedom, but it was pointless under the weight of this girl's determination. For good measure Chisana pressed her palms together for a small meditation to ensure an easy application. She brought to mind the image of a small dot upon the squirrel, channeling her chakra to that of her first finger on her dominant left hand. Slowly, maintaining the chakra with great steadiness, she touched the back of the squirrels neck. However the touch was quite brief as the squirrel scrambled about. As such she could feel it quite noticeably that it had not worked out as planned. 

With a huff and a pout, she steamed, "Hold still, squirrel." With a fast hand she snatched the little thing up, holding it firmly as to limit it's wriggles. "It'll just be a moment if you would just be patient." 

Chisana summoned her chakra once again, focusing but moving ever so quickly. She poked the squirrel more firmly and longer. However this technique was proving more difficult than any before it. More than likely due to the impatience of the animal affecting her concentration. She breathed in deep with this realization. A little squirrel could not be demoting her level of mind. Recentering herself, she cleared her mind, ignoring the animal for a long moment. Giving herself time to find her calm and peace. In her calmness, the squirrel seemed to finally be giving up in its fit of rage, stilling in her palm and staring back at her with wet, beady little eyes. She let out a breath and brought back the focus at hand, drawing the application in her mind and then that a stream of chakra directly into the pointer finger of her dominant hand. She pressed the back of the neck of the animal and this time, like a magic sticker, there was this bond between her and a small spec beneath the fur of this creature. 

"There we go." She patted the squirrel on the head, albeit a bit roughly. Letting it go to scatter back to its safe haven. The young girl watched it settle back into its cozy hole and stretched her arms above her head. "I'll give this a moment for testing." Leaning against the tree she could still identify with the seal. She pulled out a rice cake from a tin in her sweater, snacking on it a bit as she rose to her feet gingerly. Walking back she could still feel the seal there, strong as ever. She scooped up her notebook and bit of charcoal and check marked boldly upon the technique notes. Casually she looked back. The sun had risen above the village and she had to squint and raise a hand to her brow to see, but the squirrel and it's mark were still strong. For a moment she thought of testing to see if she could remove it as well. But from the stare she received, she identified with it as an act of defense and decided against such tactic as to recapture it. It may do as well to travel back in a day or two to test the length of strength of this technique. So she took her leave, back to her little studio for a bit of breakfast and meditation. 


Word Count: 2066
Stat Request: 10
Jutsu Request: Medical ninjutsu Level 1, Mark Seal and Generic Sealing Technique.
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Chisana Kiseki <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Water, Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: Always Aspire   Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:54 am

Bump ;D
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Always Aspire
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