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 Creating Groundhog Day

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Creating Groundhog Day   Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:33 am

Mission Details:

After Senshi had left from sector one, he hurried towards the training grounds. He really had his work cut out for him with this one. It would be a long and tedious missions with nothing to really stimulate him as he worked. At least this meant that he would get to practice the new technique that he was working on. It had taken a lot of studying but Senshi was decently sure that he was ready to finally try it out. A space time technique that was known simply as ‘flicker’. It was used to slow down time around him as his would then be able to move faster, and see things happening around him in the distorted time field he had created. It was the simplest move that had to do with Space time and probably the only move Senshi would ever learn of it. He would need to release his chakra in such a way that it permeated the air around him and then form it to rip holes into the very matter of the universe. As he did so he would then need to form his chakra around himself simultaneously to protect himself from the effects of the jutsu or else it would slow him down as well.
It only affected the area around him that his chakra influenced, some someone far enough away wouldn’t be slowed down until the entered the field his chakra provided. Once they did they wouldn’t notice that their time had been slowed only that he seemed to suddenly be moving faster. It had initially confused him, and he had been forced to purchase several more advanced books before he had begun to understand. While yes he would be manipulating the reality of the world only he was truly affected by the jutsu. He would be faster, and his reaction times would increase because the area around him was slowed by time enough to do so. No one else would notice other than seeing him move and react faster to things than before. It was a very complex technique simply due to having to understand the theory behind it. So much so that Senshi had greatly enjoyed his studying of the technique more than he thought he would enjoy learning to employ it.
Senshi smiled to himself as he arrived at the training grounds and immediately set to work scouring the area for any scrap Kunai or Shuriken. As he did so he also began to form his chakra around his body. As he moved around collecting the broken and lost bits of weapons people had used in the area he practiced pushing his chakra out around his body. Enshrouding himself in its protective cloak with a shark focus. His intent on the cloak was to prevent himself from being affected by his own chakra. After more than an hour of collecting broken weapons, and the remnants of traps in the training ground he felt he finally had a good enough grasp on the first part of his technique. It was now that he started to let his chakra flow out of his body into the world around him. As he moved around collecting trash and weapons he focused his chakra out of his body with the thought of grasping the very atoms that made up the air itself. He would bend his matter to his will. Once he could feel his chakra grasping at millions of tiny things he focused on having it permeate them.
It took over an hour in which to accomplish. An hour where he continued to collect Kunai, shuriken, the odd bokken that was in the area and he was surprised by the amount of traps people didn’t clean up. He was forced to bring the broken pieces of wooden spikes that had been used to his trash and disposable piles. He was almost done cleaning the training grounds up actually when he felt that he was really connecting with the atoms. As he began to collect the trash up and run it to the dump he focused on building his protective layer of chakra around his body. During his move between the training grounds and dumps he also found that it was harder to affect the area around him when there were many living human beings that had access to chakra as well. He knew when he started to use this technique for real he would need to work on it more around people so that he could maintain his control of the atoms. By the time he had finished running all the trash to the dump he had finally managed to succeed in filling the atoms around him with his chakra and using the protective cloak around his body.
As he moved to the training building to collect new wooden posts he began to focus on slowing those atoms down. With his chakra in them he visualized his will being asserted over them, forcing them to slow from their frantic movements to slower more controlled movements. It took two hours, in which he managed to pound in six new training posts and take the old ones to the dump for disposal when he could finally managed to slow the atoms down. The first time he had succeeded he had failed to keep his protective cloak of chakra active and he too had slowed with the world. It had been an odd sensation to feel himself moving so slowly. It had also been incredibly aggravating to try and complete his tasks at this new frighteningly slow pace. He wondered just how insane a technique that could actually slow and opponent down would be. He was afraid of ever encountering something like that, but knew it would be a very high level technique in deed to affect someone else chakra.
As he had begun to take the scrapped weapons to the collection point, a place he knew quite well as he had been there with his father many times to take some of the metal to refuge it into new weapons, he finally managed to succeed in his attempts. At his first success he managed to run into the wall of a building and almost break his nose from the impact. It was also incredibly straining on his leg due to the large bruise that was forming there from where his father had struck him earlier. He realize that in combat with a technique like this he would need to be exceedingly careful or he would get hurt. It strained his muscles in an odd way that he had not been expecting. Once he had finally completed deliver all the scrap metal, using the Flicker technique he did another much faster rounds of the training ground he was responsible for. Finding nothing he returned to the mission office marveling at how fast he filled out a report form with the technique active. He knew time wasn’t actually slowed down except from his perspective but it felt as though it was. He was almost drunk on the power he thought could be accomplished with such techniques. Pushing these thoughts away he entered the mission office prepared to deal with the sour Chuunin. Snapping to attention he handed his mission scroll over. “Sir, Genin Kobayashi complete with the Second E rank mission of cleaning up and restoring Training ground two.” Senshi stood quietly as the man read the report over, it was almost six o clock at night now and the man looked even sourer than before. “Fine. Be back tomorrow for more missions. Dismissed genin.” Senshi nodded sharply giving a salute before turning on his heel reactivating the flicker technique as he headed home for dinner.
-----Words: 1,288

E Rank Mission Complete - Mission 2: Scrapman
500 Ryo

1 AP
Flicker Movement


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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Creating Groundhog Day   Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:38 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Creating Groundhog Day
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