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 What's this? A Training Partner is what!

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: What's this? A Training Partner is what!   Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:13 pm

Senshi listened as Reizo spoke about experience coming in time, and also to his advice about jumping. Senshi could think of a few scenarios where jumping would be okay, even add to the situation to make it easier but he could understand where Reizo was coming from. He would have to keep that in mind with the Dynamic Entry technique, he certainly didn’t want to get caught in the air again like that. Plus while Reizo might be without a way to attack in the air, currently Senshi’s abilities with weapons would aid him quite well in that department. He wasn’t completely helpless, but until he got faster he would indeed need to heed Reizo’s words. He didn’t have a surefire way to dodge an attack when he was suspended in the air until he could form hand seals faster and use either body flicker or the substitution technique to get out of the way. “There’s really no need for an apology Reizo-sempai, no attack is cheap to a shinobi. You took advantage of a situation as a shinobi should, and it shows that you have internalized your own techniques to an advanced level which is commendable.”
Senshi nodded to Reizo’s advice, it was indeed good advice. Great even when considered that Reizo had not been a shinobi for very long and understood that lesson already. Reizo’s words reminded Senshi of what his Uncle used to say when teaching to play Shogi or the more western version of chess. After Senshi had performed the technique, and Reizo had praised him Senshi felt himself stand a bit taller in pride. He wasn’t used to being praised but he liked the feeling it brought about in his chest. “Thank you, Reizo-Sempai. I’m sure it was due to how well you explained it and demonstrated the technique for me. Without you I would have been struggling for several hours to learn it.” He gave the older boy a slight bow in thanks, Senshi knew that he didn’t have a particular talent for Taijutsu and thus being able to learn the technique so quickly would leave him with much more time to train in other things.  When Reizo closed his eyes and clapped his hands together Senshi was relatively surprised and almost stuttered to a stop, but continued speaking.
He found it odd, but maybe it helped him to focus. Senshi again stuttered as the chakra began to flow around Reizo visibly. He had never seen that happen before, had never done it himself before either. Senshi blinked in surprise as Reizo began to follow his hand seals as he did them. When Senshi held up his hand with the Keiren jutsu active he was even more surprised to see that Reizo had also activated the jutsu. For a Taijutsu specialist to grasp any Ninjutsu technique that quickly surprised the boy even more. It had taken him several hours to finally get the technique down, and that was after several hours of delving into his chakra from learning the Lightning Paddles technique to use the Lightning natured chakra. Senshi felt a feeling of shame and inadequacy well up inside him, though none of it showed on his face as he finished instructing the other boy and touched the technique to his own forearm. Just because he wasn’t as talented didn’t mean that Senshi didn’t feel pride that the other boy was also a loyal Kumo ninja. It meant that Kumo would be stronger for having someone as talented and Senshi could only hope to continue to serve his village as best as possible.
As Senshi offered his own arm to be used as an experiment for the attack he simply shrugged his shoulders at the other boys words. He wasn’t a masochist, he didn’t want to be hit by the attack but it had seemed the right thing to do in order to progress the other Genin’s training. He had never attempted to technique on himself before, because he didn’t want to lose control of it when the pain from being shocked would hit him. Now thought he had practiced with it extensively and knew how to maintain the technique almost on instinct, his chakra just flowing the paths it was accustomed to. Reizo was no where near close to mastering the jutsu, while he could use it effectively and probably in combat true mastery would only come with extensive practice. Senshi rose his eyebrows slightly as he watched Reizo tag himself with the technique his bicep extending out along his arm. Senshi noticed with a bit of pride that his muscles were bigger than the other Genins.
It was odd considering the other boys taijutsu specialty, but Senshi was bred for strength. As Reizo began to rub his arm, Senshi considered offering to use the Chakra Anesthetic jutsu on him but stopped himself. The pain would go away quickly, just as it had with himself and it would be better for Reizo to know how the technique felt and how long it could last. As Reizo began explaining the Leaf Gale technique, Senshi compared it to what he had read of the technique. It matched near perfectly, but Reizo was also offering insight in how to better perform it rather then Senshi having to fumble about on his own needing to figure it out. That alone would speed up his learning time by several hours. As the other boy began to demonstrate the technique Senshi followed with his eyes, picking out the areas where he would need to position his feet. After Reizo had finished, Senshi took the same starting stance he had but after several second he realized how he had placed his feet wrong and adjusted. Once he did he could feel that it felt more natural, and he felt lighter on his feet.
He then moved into the crouch taking his time to repeat the motion several times. It felt right and the weight on his legs from the crouch while unbalancing him slightly would be counteracted when he performed the technique fully. After he had practiced the crouching movement for several moments, Senshi moved into crouching and then incorporating the sweep with his left leg lashing out and pivoting around on his right leg. The first attempt ended in Senshi unbalancing himself and falling over for when he had crouched he had instinctively moved his feet closer together. Standing up with a slight flush of embarrassment Senshi practiced the same movement several more times before he finally managed to complete the sweep slowly with his left leg lashing out. He then repeated the same procedure, but this time lashing out with his right leg. It went much faster, taking only three attempts until he completed the motion successfully. With that accomplished Senshi then practiced at full speed for several attempts alternating legs as he added in chakra. He turned to Reizo once he felt he had gotten the technique right, "Was that correct Reizo-sempai?” As he waited for the other boys response, making sure to listen carefully he considered how to explain the Shadow Shuriken technique.
Once he had his thoughts in order Senshi decided to explain it just as he had to the academy students, he didn’t know how much practice Reizo had put into weapons since graduating.  “To start with, for the shadow shuriken tehchnique, you use two shuriken or even kunai and throw them quickly. It will appear as though you have thrown both a the same time however what truly happens is that you off set your throws by a few seconds so that the second weapon will be hidden within the shadow of the first. This makes it exceptionally difficult for shinobi to notice the second weapon and gives you a better chance at scoring a hit on the enemy. Unfortunately the technique requires a decent amount of skill, because you muse throw both weapons on the exact same trajectory while also calculating how the sun will cast the first weapons shadow. This usually results in novice users having terrible accuracy with the second weapon.” He paused in his description wondering if he should continue anymore before demonstrating. Deciding a quick demonstration at full speed was best, before continuing his explanation, Senshi indicated the target dummies.
“I’ll show you full speed, before slowing it down a little.” With that Senshi felt the rush of chakra as he quickly drew two kunai and two shuriken, the shuriken in one hand and the kunai on the other. In a sudden movement the first two weapons left his hand, and the chakra he had charged up took effect speeding him up slightly as the second two left his hand. He second set of weapons were perfectly hidden in the shadows of the first not becoming visible until all four weapons smacked into the bullseye on the dummy, sinking in more than half the weapons length before stopping. Turning back to Reizo, he began to address him,  “You can either quick draw and throw the weapons with one hand or you can alternate hands if you have been practicing enough with them. Personally I prefer to quick draw with one hand, its far more effective and harder for an enemy to see you throw both. It is however far more difficult to do it this way, since you must master drawing two weapons at the same time and then releasing only one at a time. It requires a great deal of speed to master it this way, but is far more effective.” Senshi then pulled out only two shuriken, and with an exaggerated slowness he threw the first before charging a bit of chakra into his arm and after judging the speed and distance the other one had left his hand he released the second, watching as it quickly slid into the shadow of the first flying below it at perfect speed that both weapons hit the target simultaneously.

“Really the hardest part is judging the trajectory of your weapon, the shadow it casts due to the sun changing positions, and the speed with which you threw it. Once you can do that, it’s a very simple technique. Allow me to retrieve my weapons and then you can throw yours.” With that Senshi jogged to the weapons post using another kunai to assist him in pulling his shuriken loose then with a yank he pulled his kunai loose pocketing them all correctly, he jogged back to Reizo. Standing back he crossed his arms, focusing on Reizo’s body so that he could look for inconsistencies in his form and offer advice if the other boy needed it. 

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Reizo Shōyu <3
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Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: What's this? A Training Partner is what!   Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:46 am

Reizo was glad Senshi could reason with his accidental attack, but it didn't make Reizo feel any better about himself or what he had done. He noticed Senshi swell with pride after his compliment, which eased Reizo's guilt a little, but part of him still felt like he betrayed his own values. The pain in Reizo's arm was still present, although subdued considerably from what it was before, and it would hinder some of his ability to throw shuriken. Although it worried Reizo that he might have trouble currently performing the shuriken jutsu, he figured it was probably best to learn it with one hand anyway, as it would be most effective in that way. Reizo then observed as Senshi performed his newly learned Leaf Gale. His speed and power still had some ways to go, but Reizo immediately noticed how well-developed Senshi's form had already become in such a short time. It truly worked to their advantage to teach each other's jutsu to one another. It had taken Reizo, a Taijutsu specialist, over an hour to learn the secrets of the Leaf Gale, and yet here Senshi, who had no formal Taijutsu training, was able to nearly perfect it in only 10 minutes. Reizo assumed that it must've been much the same way for himself learning Senshi's Cramp Technique. If he hadn't known to search for a spark to light his chakra and trigger his lightning nature, he probably would've taken hours trying to figure out how to initiate his chakra nature and incorporate it into his jutsu.

Reizo whistled at Senshi as he performed a full speed Leaf Gale to the same capability Reizo had demonstrated earlier. In fact, it seemed like Senshi's was even stronger because of his pure physical build and natural strength. Reizo then applauded the other Genin's efforts. "I'm impressed, you picked up on it so quickly!" Reizo would respond to Senshi's question. Reizo was sure to listen as Senshi outlined the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu. Senshi's description was very succinct and descriptive. It was extremely helpful to hear exactly how the jutsu should be performed in such a high level of detail, as well as to have a live demonstration to take mental notes on Senshi's form and how to properly throw the two shuriken. Reizo analyzed every detail of Senshi's form, and looked at the angles at which he threw the shuriken, as well as the speeds and trajectories. It seemed clear to Reizo that the shadow itself could act as a visual aid to help him switch up his throwing power and angle to keep the trailing weapon in the shadow of the first, even at different times of the day. Not only that, but Reizo theorized that he could even extend it to looking at the shadows of his surrounding objects, or his own shadow, to properly gauge how hard or soft to throw the two shuriken to pull off the jutsu. He continued to hypothesize that in doing so, he'd even be able to throw the two shuriken in a single motion, should he calculate all the needed details correctly and nimbly.

Reizo nodded to confirm that he had understood all the instructions, and then watched as Senshi performed the technique. It was one weapon trailing the other at seemingly full speed, but even to Reizo it was hard to even see the second shuriken or kunai. The colors blended in very effectively, and Reizo struggled to make out the shapes of the trailing weapon. Reizo then more accurately analyzed the slow motion demonstration. He took in how Senshi angled his body, his arm, and his circular throwing motion. He also was keen to mentally noting how Senshi flicked his wrist to get the desired result. Reizo still had to strain to see both weapons, but it was clear when they struck the training figure simultaneously that they had been thrown in rapid succession.

Reizo finally managed to find the courage to try the technique. He wasn't particularly talented with throwing weapons, but he managed to hit the targets in the Academy at least. He wasn't precise with his aim and would miss the bulls-eye more than 50% of the time, but he would seldom ever miss the targets altogether. Reizo pulled two shuriken out of his pouch. In his mind, he envisioned hitting his target with both shuriken with one throw, simultaneously. He felt that envisioning the future results always helped in his overall aim and accuracy. Reizo did an exaggerated windup, similar to a submarine baseball pitcher. With a flick of the wrist Reizo successively tossed out both shuriken, but instead of following in the shadow of the first one, the second shuriken flew beside it, striking the dummy only inches to the right of the first shuriken. Hmm, that's not quite right. Maybe I need to try a smaller motion, and start from a lower throw to push the second one underneath the first, Reizo thought. Pulling out two more shuriken from his pouch, Reizo would try again. His left arm was still disabled, so Reizo continued to exclusively use his right hand to throw, which was his dominant hand anyway.

Reizo tried the smaller windup. This time he got them to land one right under the other, but the speeds had been off, and the second one had actually struck first. "We might be here a while," noted Reizo, somewhat light heartedly. Deep down he was disappointed and a little embarrassed with his accuracy, but he knew training was the only way to fix it. Surely Senshi would understand that. Reizo extracted the 4 shuriken from the dummy and would try again. He would repeat the sequence at least 30 times over 20 minutes, making slight adjustments each time, but still failing to get the exact same result that Senshi had shown minutes earlier. Reizo groaned. Ranged weaponry really wasn't his greatest strength, this had been proven so far. He wanted to keep his head up, though, so he had to keep trying and encouraging himself. Instead of thinking that I just can't throw weapons effectively, I need to be telling myself that it'll just take some time. More work, more effort. Just keep trying and I'll eventually succeed. I'm going to be the greatest shinobi of all time, I have to work through these basics, no matter what, he would tell himself.

About 40 minutes in, Reizo finally saw some success. The second shuriken was trailing just behind the first one, almost exactly in its shadow. However, it eventually caught up just before hitting the dummy, and the two shuriken collided in midair, causing them to diverge perpendicular to one another, splitting exactly to hit the two adjacent dummies on either side of his target, right on the bullseye. Reizo was taken aback. That was so cool, even if he hadn't intended to do it. Maybe he could keep it in mind as a future trick. He noted exactly what he had done, and moved on to try to perfect the jutsu at hand. Finally, Reizo managed to get the jutsu right, exactly as demonstrated. He tried again and again, landing the jutsu with increased success each time. He tried it with Kunai, and the results were the same- success! I hope I didn't bore Senshi-kun with my pathetic weaponry demonstration, Reizo would say, glancing back at the other Genin for the first time since he had started learning the shuriken jutsu. Reizo grinned as he had finally figured out how to do the jutsu, now he had to incorporate his chakra. At first, Reizo was worried that the chakra would throw off his form, but in fact, it made everything even easier. Almost like a JUTSU was designed to be used in conjunction with chakra. Wow, I feel so dumb. I should've just been using chakra from the start I guess. This is way easier, Reizo confided in himself. Reizo felt the need to ask for confirmation from his teacher as to whether his technique was correctly replicated. "Did I do it all correctly, Senshi-kun? I think I got it to look exactly like how you showed it. I'm sorry it took me so long to figure it out, I'm kinda embarrassed. I'm not usually that great with ranged weaponry, but this training session has helped my precision and accuracy a ton, so hopefully I won't be weak at it any longer!" Reizo would boast. Reizo didn't want to have any weak points in his game. He couldn't afford to fall behind in any discipline if he wanted to truly be the greatest shinobi to ever do it. Reizo let out an audible sigh of relief. He was glad he finally figured out his problems with the jutsu, and was even happier that he had been able to share the experience with a colleague.

As he was basking in the sentiment, Reizo's stomach growled extraordinarily loudly, cutting through the quiet air like a siren. It was already well past noon, almost closer to sunset in fact. Reizo hadn't even gotten the chance to eat his homemade bento. "Wow, um, excuse me," Reizo giggled. "Thank you so much for helping me train, you've been a huge help, Senshi-kun. I think it's about time that we parted ways though, I'm starving. Maybe we can train again sometime soon? I would love to pick up some new jutsu to show you next time," Reizo would say. This was his most successful training session ever, of that he was certain. He looked forward to the next time the two Genin would meet; maybe next time they'd be even stronger.


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Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: What's this? A Training Partner is what!   Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:58 pm

To Senshi, though he had been attacked when he had not been suspecting it, he saw it more of as a learning point that even though he had thought his not-opponent was safe that he truly wasn’t. It meant that in the event he ever was in a life or death fight he would be less likely to be surprised by the enemy. Which was an incredibly important life lesson the boy was thankful to have learned so early into his career. Senshi was proud of how well he was developing under Reizo’s tutelage, it showed both the capabilities he himself might one day be able to achieve and also showed how good of a teacher Reizo was. Which in itself boded well for the village in that Reizo could one day pass his techniques on to others and improve the village as a whole. It was odd that Senshi could attribute all of his fast progress to Reizo’s teachings, and yet when Reizo succeeded so quickly Senshi found himself confused on how well the boy learned techniques.
Senshi gave Reizo a small shy smile at his praise giving another small boy, “Thank you again Reizo-Sempai your tutelage has indeed been extraordinarily helpful. I will be able to better myself with other techniques now that you have freed up so much of my time.” If only Senshi could read minds, he would have swelled in pride what Reizo was thinking. As he launched into his already prepared lecture on the shadow shuriken technique, Senshi wouldn’t notice how in thought the other boy was at the time. He was too enamored talking about one of his few loves in life, weapons. Senshi would have been proud in his fellow Genin if he’d noticed how much attention he was paying to his form and movements. His long hours of constant practice with the throwing weapons had shown him just how the different angles of his arm or wrist could affect a throw. Just as Reizo’s long hours of taijutsu practice had undoubtedly shown him just how a slight change in position of his feet or arms could change the power and speed of a simple punch.
As Reizo completed his first attempt Senshi noted several faults in his technique before he began, as the two shuriken collided with the post he spoke up. “If you angle your arm slightly more and reduce that wind up by about a third you’ll increase your accuracy.” Senshi paused continuing to watch as the boy ran through several more attempts. For the first fifteen minutes Senshi would offer random bits of advice and be generally impressed with how well the other boy was doing. It had taken him hours of practice to get the technique right, and he had done a lot of throwing practice. The dark haired Genin could already see that Reizo was progressing at an astounding rate compared to how he had done. After the first fifteen minutes Senshi allowed part of his attention to be drawn away. He had come out here to do his own training as well and he figured he could work on some of that while the other boy practiced. He would just have to ensure to keep part of his attention on him to offer any advice that he could. It was after all the least he could do after Reizo had been so helpful with his own training. As Reizo continued making attempts Senshi began to run his hands through the hand seals of the technique he was focusing on.
Boar, Ram, Horse, Snake, and then Dragon. Senshi’s hands flashed through the seals slowly and then beginning to gain more speed as he grew accustomed to the sequence. When Reizo next spoke Senshi continued to run his hands through the seals. Pausing only when he restarted the sequence to allow his hands and fingers a slight break. “That’s all right Reizo-sempai, it took be several hours to learn this technique and already you have progressed a lot.” As Reizo continued his attempts at the technique, he probably didn’t realize just how much his base level of accuracy with the shuriken was going up. Senshi saw no point to address the increase to Reizo as he was sure the blonde haired Genin had noticed it himself. Due to his only slight attention on the boy as he continued to run his hands through the hand seals, he greatly failed to notice the slight depression in the boy. If he had, he would have noticed how quickly Reizo pushed it away and focused on the positives of his own training and been mildly astounded at the other Genin’s resiliency.
As it was he was entirely too focused on his seals, Boar, Ram, Horse, Snake, and Dragon. His hands flashed finally able to perform the seals at full speed and it brought a light smile to his face. They were no longer tripping over each other instead flowing from one to the other with relative ease. He dedicated another five minutes to the practice to ensure that it was fully ingrained both mentally and into his muscles. He would need to be able to perform the seals at full speed in order to use the technique in combat. At this point Senshi paused in his seals when he heard the clang. It took several minutes to replay what had happened through his mind before Senshi gave a small grin. He would need to work on something like that with his weapons. Having them push off against each other to then change their trajectory in a moment’s notice would make a good surprise technique. It could even be used as a distraction type technique. He made a mental note to research if there was any such technique now in existence that he could practice.
When Reizo finally managed the technique for the first time, the dark haired boy gave a light yet proud smile. “Congrats Reizo-sempai! It looks like you got it down.” As Reizo continued to practice the technique Senshi delved into his chakra drawing some of it forth and converting it into lightning chakra. He knew it was not nearly enough for the technique he wanted to practice but it would be all he needed for now. He then ran through the hand seals again allowing his chakra to flow as it needed to do. He would use this as an opportunity to let his chakra begin learning how to flow correctly. He trusted Reizo as a fellow Kumogakure shinobi, however in the event they ever sparred he wanted to be able to surprise the other boy with techniques he didn’t know he had. At Reizo’s words, Senshi looked up from his own training in mild surprise. He had almost forgotten the other boy was so close to him. “Yes Reizo-Sempai, you learned it exceptionally faster than I did. Your accuracy had improved by almost twenty five percent in the first fifteen minutes of training. I’m glad I could return the favor of your improving my own Taijutsu forms and abilities. I’m sure as much as this has improved your ranged abilities, it has done just as much for my up close fighting abilities.”
Senshi would have hardly believed how much improvement the two boys had assisted the other in. It was just reaching noon and they had each learned at least three techniques to combat capability levels. If only he had, had a training partner like this for the entirety of his training, he would be much farther along than he was now. As Reizo’s stomach growled, Senshi’s own answered in a dulled response. Senshi nodded at the other boys words, he had packed his own lunch so he could stay at the training grounds all day. Giving a slight bow before responding, “Thank you as well Reizo-sempai, I too hope we can train together again as I have improved rapidly under your tutelage. I hope we can conduct some missions together in the future, have a good rest of your day.” As Senshi watched the other boy go he turned to his own pack and proceeded to eat his lunch quickly. He had a technique that needed mastering and then he could do a bit more work with his own already learned technique. Now way was he about to let his skills slip when he had people like Reizo to live up to and hopefully serve with eventually.
After finishing his lunch Senshi began the real portion of his training, it was time to really learn to use Raiton: Jibashi, or otherwise known as Electromagnet Murder. It would allow him to send out a bolt of lightning up to 5 feet in front of him. It would add nicely to his medium ranged capabilities. It would also serve as a good, decent ended surprise on any opponent that was expecting the weapons specialist to not really use much ninjutsu. Not to mention his general build lent people to thinking he was a close range fighter, this would double down on the surprises he could throw at them. His entire arsenal of techniques was built around surprising an opponent after all. Especially since they were all incredibly low ranked and yet useful techniques that could save his life one day. Pushing his thoughts away Senshi formed the amount of Chakra he would need, pulling up all the dredges he had until he was scrapping the bottom of his reserves. He knew he had barely enough chakra to pull a technique like this off and until it grew a bit he would have to be careful to only use the technique as a last resort.
Once he had gathered enough chakra Senshi began converting it know he would need to become faster at it than this. He spent several minutes building the chakra up and then began the hand seals to the technique at half his best speed, allowing his chakra to flow as he had already started shaping it to do. Once his hands landed in the Dragon seal he released all of his pent up, converted lightning chakra and smiled as a quick flash and smell of ozone permeated the air. He had barely seen the electricity shoot out and move across the training grounds, the three meters to the wooden post he had been aiming for. He could see where the technique had scorched the edges of the wooden post. He knew that he could reduce the amount of chakra a bit as he got better with the technique and form a web of lightning that could add small, yet still considerable, shocks to an opponent. He wasn’t near that level yet. He sat down to catch his breath from using so much chakra in one go. Once he had though he jumped back up, he could feel his reserves had refilled enough for his second attempt. Now that he knew what to expect he formed his chakra, pulling on it much faster, his conversion rate to lightning chakra from normal chakra had also increased a bit.
With more practice he would be able to do this in a fight instantly. He formed the hand seals much faster this time as his chakra flowed even further through the forms he released it slowly this time instead of in one large burst and was pleased to see the lightning crackle in his palms as he extended them towards the wooden post. He watched as the lightning lanced out in several small bits surrounding the post and shocking the air, burning leaves along the ground and leaving long black lines through the dirt and grass. Senshi held the technique for a few seconds before releasing it as beads of sweat rolled down his face. That had been much harder than just releasing all the converted chakra at once. He had also been forced to begin pulling on more chakra and converting it to continue fueling the technique. He knew that he would not be able to hold such a technique for very long. Taking several deep breaths Senshi focused on slowing his heart rate and gathering his chakra back. He had a second lightning technique to mast before he could go home after all and it would take just as much chakra if not more.
As he waited for his chakra to begin gathering back up he put himself through his paces with several sets of pushups, sit ups, planks, v ups, leg lifts, pull ups, and squats. He and Reizo had done a lot of technique training but Senshi felt like his actual physical abilities needed to be focused on as well. Enemies would want to close the distance with him once they learned that he relied on ranged weapons so much. When they did he needed to be ready to fend them off, not to mention it would make him stronger and faster which would allow him to not only avoid enemies but throw his own weapons faster. Plush for the sword he wanted to commission he knew he would need to increase his strength in order to wield it effectively. The only way to do that was through working out and pushing his muscles as hard as he could. It took almost a half an hour for the boy’s reserves to fill before he felt that he could attempt the next technique. He closed the distance with the training post feeling the soreness and tiredness of his muscles from the last half hour of training.
While his stamina had greatly increased it wasn’t up to where he thought it would be acceptable. Pushing the feeling away he focused on the training post and his next technique. The Raiton: Hiraishin, was a technique that in its simplest form of explanation would be Senshi getting skin contact with his opponent and then using the built up electricity in his body by swinging one arm around would allow him to release a bolt of electricity through his body into another person’s body. He hopes that maybe one day he could prevent himself from having to swing his arm around to build up the needed electricity to shock an opponent. The arm swing was needed because in techniques like the Raiton: Jibashi he had hand seals and a decent amount of distance to help his chakra form the lightning. In the Raiton: Hiraishin he would need the chakra to form a lightning bolt exactly as it left his hand and entered into the other person’s body. He wouldn’t have hand seals to form the chakra, or any distance between himself and the person at all. Thus the arm swinging up into the air would allow him to pull the static electricity out of the air and charge his own body with it, keeping him safe from the damage but not his opponent.
It worked much as an accidental static shock would just must stronger. With these thoughts in mind Senshi began to focus on his chakra drawing it forth and forming it into lightning chakra as he did so. He would start small, releasing only little bits of static discharge in order to get some practice in before he attempted it at its true combat capable limits. With this in mind he reached his hand out holding it to the wood post focusing on visualizing exactly what he wanted of his chakra. He wanted it to leave his body in its lightning form and multiply, frying his foe with its electrical properties. With this idea in mind he quickly swung his left arm up into the air using his chakra to grab at the static electricity around him. He felt it build but clearly he had focused on grabbing too much for his chakra to handle for as he released it he also received a small shock. Letting loose a small yelp Senshi pulled his hand back from the training post. That had hurt, he could feel his nerves tingling in both hands as the static discharge bled out of his body with the chakra he had used. Maybe working with small amounts was a bad idea but Senshi reasoned that not only would he get more practice in trying the technique he would also get more practice in control the amount of ambient electricity that he pulled in. That would be extremely beneficial for later on if he ever attempted to learn higher ranked lightning techniques.
Senshi wasn’t sure he ever would though, he had small reserves as it was and the general potency of his chakra was also small. He wasn’t really built for Ninjutsu type techniques though he did hope to at least have a decent arsenal of C rank and below techniques to call on if he needed them. He would never be the assaulter type shinobi, throwing out hundreds of insane A and S rank techniques to try and flatten an entire village by himself. Instead he would slink through the shadows and use his intellect and skill with weaponry to take an opponent out. His greater strength would allow him to easily overpower enemies in the medium range when he had his sword. He’d still maintain enough distance from a taijutsu user like Reiko, and be able to contend with ranged ninjutsu or other specialties as he needed to it. It seemed the best way to be a shinobi to the young boy, and as he had no one else to teach him he stuck with his perceived notions. Having only learned from books he was interested to put his ideas into practice against other shinobi. Maybe Reizo would be up for a spar one of these days and they could test each other’s metal. Senshi would need to get some blunted Kunai and shuriken though just in case, he didn’t want to accidentally injure a comrade in arms when there was no need.
Blunted weapons would leave enough of a bruise that Senshi knew Reizo would learn from allowing any of his weapons to hit. Until they were both better skilled, using live steel against each other was definitely a bad idea. Wouldn’t want to accidentally cripple one another after all. Pushing the thoughts away Senshi focused back in on his chakra drawing it forth and pushing out with a vengeance. He connected his hand to the training post as he instinctively converted the chakra swinging his arm around he again received a shock, though slightly smaller than last time he was pleased to note that he had felt the crackle of electricity against his palm. He continued to practice for an hour at the lower amount, using only enough for an E rank technique initially and then slowly increasing until he could reliably use a D ranks worth of chakra to fuel the technique without shocking himself. He had received several shocks over the course of his hour of training and had felt his body beginning to adapt to the shocks. It had brought an idea on for a skill he could one day develop, if it was at all possible. Maybe all the training he was getting with electrocuting himself would one day let him learn to lessen the damage of electrical attacks against himself. He would need to practice more and see if he could learn to divert the electricity out of his system. Even if it only lessened the damage marginally it would still be an incredible skill to have. To render an entire element as being less effective against him seemed like an incredible skill to develop.
Though he knew intellectually it would be a long and arduous process just the idea of it brought a smile to his face. He could even pass the technique on to others in Kumogakure and then his village would be all the stronger for the ability to lessen the damage of the element. Senshi was even sure that it would only work on elements like Raiton that effected an opponent internally. One could not after all lessen the damage of being crushed under tons of earth or water. Though maybe they could lessen the damage of a fire or wind attack by absorbing some of its properties. As those weren’t his elements he was unsure if such an act was even possible. It bore thinking on at least, and he could pitch the idea to one of those elemental users in Kumo and let them see if it was possible to develop the ability to do it. He knew that at the minimum users of these types of skills would need to have that elements affinity in order to do so. It wouldn’t be possible to lessen the damage of an elemental attack without being innately familiar with how those attacks worked and the element itself worked. Pushing his thoughts away Senshi began focusing on practicing his technique again.
After another half hour to ensure he had it down at the low levels he took a break from his chakra using training in order to let his reserves refill. While he did so he took off on a run through the woods, focusing on his breathing as he did so. He needed to build up his stamina and increase his speed so that he could keep up with some of the more powerful shinobi. In the least building his speed up would allow him to try and escape from enemy shinobi who could possibly kill him. It would be better in most situations if he managed to stay alive, since Kumogakure had so few shinobi currently. He could focus on beating those impossibly strong people later on, once he himself was stronger and had better techniques available to him. Pushing his thoughts away as he arrived back in the training grounds after running for a half an hour Senshi approached the training post. He had enough chakra to attempt the technique at full strength before he’d need to let his reserves fill again but he was too excited to wait for them to refill more. Stretching his arm out he made contact with the wooden post and swing his arm up into the air converting his chakra to lightning chakra as he drew in the ambient electricity in the air to super power the technique and then released it all in one blast.
He was surprised when he received a much stronger jolt into himself than ever before and at the slight blackening on the post Senshi grinned viciously. He knew what he needed to do to prevent that from happening again and once his reserves filled he felt that he would have the technique down enough to use it in combat. He had even thought of several ways that he could charge the technique and use it in a fight. He began to punch and kick at the training post, running through his kata without using any of the taijutsu techniques he knew. He needed to improve on his form and make it more sleek the way Reizo’s had been. The only way to do that was to dedicate some time doing the burning training. At least this way he could strike the post and build up the resistance in his hands to hitting hard objects. After another hour of practicing his kata and smashing fist, shins, elbows, and feet in the training post he stopped. His chakra was finally refilled enough to attempt the technique twice. If he could get it down both times then he could finally take a break and go home for the day to enjoy a good dinner and read to relax some. Focusing on his chakra he extended his hand whirring his other arm up quickly into the air grabbing at the ambient electricity in the air and then released it all through his connected hand. He was pleased to see the blackened mark on the training post was larger and he had managed not to electrocute himself this time.

Focusing Senshi drew back his right fist lashing forwards and just as he would connect with the training post his whirred his arm converting his chakra and sending it to his fist releasing it just as his fist connected he was surprised when the post suddenly exploded sending him tumbling backwards with several splinters of wood sticking out of his skin. Groaning in pain the young Genin made a note to study why that had happened. He spent several minutes laying on the ground bleeding before he began to push himself up. That had hurt a lot. He wonder if an opponent could explode like that, and hoped not. Bone fragments would be so much harder to remove after all. Picking the splitters out he groaned in pain, he would really need to research why that had happened. There had to be a reason after all, and he could prevent himself from ever being hurt like that again. Once the dark haired boy had succeeded in removing all the splinters from his body he stood lightly bleeding and collected his bag. He didn’t use the Chakra Anesthetic jutsu because he felt as he had brought this on himself by failing to study the technique fully he would use it as a learning point. Once he was ready the tired from not only training but his actual training accident boy headed home. He needed a good shower, a good meal, and some serious relaxation time after the hard core training of the day. He certainly hoped his father would be proud to see how much work he had put in for the day.

Words: 4,280
TWC:  11,621

58 Stat Points at 1 Point per 200 Words
Taijutsu: Dynamic Entry - 1,061/1,000
Taijutsu: Leaf Whirlwind - 683/625

Taijutsu: Leaf Gale - 500/500
Ninjutsu: Raiton: Jibashi - 2,000/2,000

Ninjutsu: Raiton: Hiraishin - 2,000/2,000


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What's this? A Training Partner is what!
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