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PostSubject: Rainfall   Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:18 am

Komori had been lying in his bed fully awake for the better part of the night. He had not bothered to follow his nightly routine and put up the sheet that blocked out the sunlight in the meaning, for he had no reason for its protection against the beams of sunlight that poured in his window. He remained in his bad, with his hands folded behind him, so that they were cupping his head as he stared at the sealing, as he had no hope of getting a good night’s sleep. His restlessness was without a doubt, a direct cause of his lack of motivation. Komori was seemingly looking past the sealing, gazing into space itself. He was thinking about how the upcoming chuunin exams would affect him as a shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Cloud. Would Komon surpass him, leaving him behind as his brother advanced past Komori’s limits? Would any of his friends that he had made during his time as a genin move on to more important tasks?
Thoughts like these kept him up at night, as well as the pitter patter of raindrops that began pounding against his window. Komori stood up and walked over to his window. As he leaned against the frame, he began to contemplate rain and how it is formed. The entire water cycle always fascinated him, but that could potentially stem from his fondness of the water element. It was at this time that he settled on the very concept of rain. Komori decided that from that day forward, he wanted to be known as Komori of the Rainfall, or some other such alias. He wanted to become a legendary shinobi, feared across the land. He would check the library to learn of a new jutsu which would allow him to make rain clouds whenever he so pleased, especially if this would assist him in combat.
Now that Komori had finally set a goal for himself, he began to feel more at ease. His eyes blinked heavily for a period of time before he eventually passed out, as opposed to falling asleep. He woke up rather early the next morning, and he was too excited to train in order for him to feel how tired his body was. The effects of sleep deprivation do not usually affect oneself until the next day, so Komori had more than enough energy to train, whether or not it was medically healthy to do so.
He skipped breakfast and dashed outside of his home, and down the stepping stone path that led to the street before converging onto the main roads. The library was quite a distance away, however, it was nothing that a quick job could not cover in a small amount of time. He waved hello to the librarian, Yuko, before heading up the spiraling staircase to the advanced ninjutsu section. He spotted the water section down the far end of the walkway, just past the section devoted to advanced lightning users. As he was walking by, he noticed a boy with a familiar head of spiky bleach blonde hair leaning against a bookshelf reading a book. Komori absentmindedly reached for his side, from where the boy named Joka had kicked while Komori was on the ground during their last encounter. He slightly twitched thinking back upon the sensation of lightning coursing through his body.
Joka leaned against one of the shelves, with a hand in his pocket and while the other was holding an average sized book. He peaked his head up from the book he had been reading and immediately cracked a sinister smile. He lowered the book, still holding his fingers to make sure he did not lose his spot, and walked over. “If you’re here to try to become stronger to beat me, I’m afraid you’ll just be disappointed.” Joka shoulder checked Komori and began walking away in the direction that Komori had come from before stopping and turning his head around to mutter something else to Komori. “One last thing. Don’t ever try to fight me again. Unless you have a death wish.” He laughed to himself in an incredibly cocky manner while Komori stood still, clenching a shaking fist as he attempted to maintain his composure.
“Asshole,” Komori said under his breath. He decided it best to attempt to ignore the boy he had come to despise and continued to the advanced water jutsu section. He crouched down to the ground and began scanning the shelves, looking for anything regarding rainfall. After several unsuccessful attempts on several different rows on multiple separate shelves of books and scrolls, Komori was only mechanically carrying on, as much of his enthusiasm was being exhausted by the monotonous task of locating something. He decided not to ask one of the librarians, even Yuko who he had grown familiar with, as Komori did not like having to rely on other people due to his inadequacy. It was during this thought process regarding one of his important principles for interaction with others that he noticed a book lying horizontally on top of another row of books.
He grabbed the book and looked at the cover, which had a picture of a road with a rather large puddle that had several ripples running through it. The name of the book was faded, probably as a direct result of being a loaned copy to be used frequently in a library, and began to flip through it. He sat down on the wooden floor with his back pressed up against the bookshelf for support, as he began to read through it. The book painted a rather vivid picture within Komori’s head about the nature of a rain storm and the composition of clouds. This led to him having more of an understanding of how the weather process works. The book also contained a final chapter detailing a technique called Rain Tiger at Will with its uses and properties. According to the text, the Rain Tiger at Will Technique would allow the user to summon a group of rain clouds to assist him in battle. The clouds would be infused with the user’s chakra, and as a result, would help mask him from the perceiving eyes of such clans as the Uchiha and Hyuga, which were renowned for their visual prowess, as well as be able to supply him with a water source that would be able to be utilized for any water based jutsu moves that required him to have a nearby pool of water.
Planning to use his newfound knowledge to his advantage, Komori walked down the spiral staircase before waving goodbye to Yuko and heading outside the door. He took a stroll through town and navigated the roads, admiring the sunny day he was about to ruin. The fact that the sky contained no clouds in sight for miles was rather ironic, as it was a cloudless day in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. He maneuvered his way towards his favorite training grounds in which he had learned several jutsu before, and hoped to learn even more. His desire was to become one of, if not the, strongest shinobi in not just the Village Hidden in the Clouds, but in the entire shinobi world.
Komori decided that the best place to start practicing would be to activate the tiger seal required by the Hidden Mist jutsu, which caused the air temperature around him to slightly drop. “Hidden Mist jutsu!” he yelled as a thick fog enveloped him and most of the training grounds, forming from the very moisture in the air. He thought to himself how fog was just a cloud at a low altitude, and began contemplating how he could use this to his advantage. After all, this had been one of the reasons that he had wanted to master the Hidden Mist jutsu. He tried focusing the mist to slowly rise up into the air, where it did not appear to move at all.
However, Komori kept his determined attitude and worked even harder on trying to channel his chakra to make the cloud move upward. The fog began to clear ever so slightly, leading Komori to wonder if he had pushed himself too hard, and, as a result, run out chakra to maintain the Hidden Mist jutsu. However, still holding the tiger seal, he looked up only to see that the mist had not dissipated but had risen up above him. It stopped short of how high the cloud was meant to be, and it remained as a low hanging cloud. He was rather concerned that his clouds were not actually nearing atmospheric level, and instead remained as a simple low hanging fog that blanketed the training grounds. Komori concentrated on the cloud composed of his chakra and imagined it gaining more elevation than it had already. He concentrated and continued to hold on to the
Komori quickly released the Tiger seal and in its stead, quickly activate the chain of handseals that led from Bird, switching to Rat to Ox, had slight difficulty transitioning to the Monkey seal before activating Rat just before using the final seal Snake and looked up towards his makeshift cloud. The mist grew even thicker than it already was, and became incredibly opaque, blocking out the orange glow of the sunset for a small radius. The now fully formed cloud, albeit a small cloud, slowly shifted colors from a whitish grey color resembling that of steam to a darker grey. Komori awaited the expected rainfall impatiently and performed the handsigns once more, which only caused the cloud to slightly expand, fading from a darker grey to a lighter shade of grey, one that resembled smoke more than a raincloud. He sighed and lowered his head before he felt a lone raindrop on the back of his neck. He peaked his head up and looked towards the sky as another raindrop splashed down to the ground. The area covered by the relatively small cloud began to be showered by a light rainfall. Komori was rather shocked by this, despite this being a direct result of the jutsu he was trying to achieve.
Light rain drops began to fall from the sky at rates that differed. As one of the rain drops splashed against a nearby stone, time seemed to slow down more as Komori was able to perceive the stone itself just from the single rain drop. He became aware of how smooth the texture of the rock was, and he was even able to notice how rounded the rock really was. Another drop of rain hit the koi pond and sent ripples echoing from the source throughout the entirety of the water. He was able to see the effect the water brought and how a singular rain drop affected the relative balance of the pond. He was able to infer that one of the koi fish had moved, due in part to the effect that the newly formed ripples that the koi fish had made and how they intersected with his own. Another drop splashed onto a blade of grass, and Komori was able to have knowledge of when the drop of rain dripped off the edge of the blade onto the ground. The same instance occurred again whereby he noticed the way a rain drop slowly slid down the surface of a couple of the leaves that could be found as a part of the trees in the nearby forest. So this is what sensory jutsu is like, Komori thought to himself. In the time it took for him to smile, the amount of rain that he had created multiplied. This allowed him to become even more aware of all of the various objects that could be found in his surroundings. Komori embraced this feeling and relished in knowing what everything near him was doing.
The rain pitter pattered against the now moist grass plain of his favorite training ground. Komori smiled and looked up into the sky with his eyes closed. He spread out his arms and welcomed the feeling of raindrops that seeped through his clothes and chilled him to the bone. However, he did not care, as he was welcoming the feeling of achievement that warmed him in such a way that it countered the cooling effects of the rain. He looked back down and saw various people stop what they were doing and get up from scattered benches. They began trying to cover themselves with various papers and their own hands as they dispersed and left the park. Komori looked off into the nearby distance and saw that his cloud of rain did not actually encompass the entire Village Hidden in the Clouds. He was going to see if he could expand it as much as possible. He could not tell what happened at the edge of his rain, however, which led him to determine that he was not able to sense everything his rain drops touched, but rather only everything that occurred within a certain radius. However, he still wanted to see how far his rain cloud could expand in the sky. His determination faded when he noticed the rain splashing against rooftops at the edge of the training grounds and his smile faltered.
He remembered the rain that splashed against his former home after he had returned from a grave. He thought back to the day after his mother’s death at the hands of a Hidden Mist jounin that had only killed her for her visual prowess. The man had only killed her for her Byakugan, and he had escaped with her eyes preserved in a jar. Komori had chased after him, but the man was too fast. He tried to keep up until the ninja disappeared into the nearby forest that surrounded their home which had been on the outskirts of town. He yelled curses after the shinobi he could no longer see and stooped down, holding himself up by pushing on his knees with his extended arms. He was leaning over and panting before the thought of what was happening with Komon and his mother came to the forefront of his head and another surge of adrenaline allowed him to start running back to their home. The sky was dark but no rain had started falling yet. He ran inside the house and down the hallway to where he found Komon who had already been kneeling next to their mother’s side, holding her hand. Following his lead, Komori joined them and knelt at her other side and grabbed her free hand. She was startled for a moment, and Komori realized that since she was now blinded he would have to verbalize his actions more than he was used to. “Mother, it’s me,” he said weakly, “Komori.” Her panic turned to a weak smile as she tightened her grip on his hand.
She laid slouched against the wall. Her eye sockets were dark and gave off a hollow sense of emptiness. She whimpered as if she was crying, but she no longer had tear ducts. In the stead of water, blood flowed from the empty space where her eyes used to be. It was a horrid sight. One that left the two scarred for life. Komori shook himself out of his thoughts and practiced the jutsu again. His hands began to grow more accustomed to the order of handseals: Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake. The rain cloud expanded and the radius of the affected area had been slightly broadened, which he was testing to see. The raindrops continued to pour and at a faster rate, almost as if it was a symbol of his emotional state and how everything seemed to be flooding back to him.
The day after her murder at the hands of the Hidden Mist shinobi, the twins attended their mother’s funeral service. Komori remarked in a low voice that no one quite noticed about how it always tended to rain at funerals. He looked down at the ground sullenly and thought to himself that it was if their ancestors were up in the sky, crying out over the loss of their children and their children’s children. A never ending cycle of death that continued across time. Unavoidable. Komori was just a young kid and he was already having an existential crisis, as he stood there wondering if life itself was even worth living. The rain coming down flattened his hair, leaving a soaking wet feeling that he should have been used to, due in part to his hydrification, the kekkei genkei that he had inherited from his father and known all of his life.
It seemed like it had always been raining. Whenever it rained afterwards, he thought back to that day, despite how much he did not wish to. He raised his head slightly. However, with this technique, the rain that was once a reminder of how weak and incapable he had been as a child would now become one of his greatest strengths, which he would utilize to protect those that he loved. He cracked a small smirk. I’m going to show everyone that I can be the best. He looked up in a defiant manner at the clouds of his own creation and began yelling at them, “You hear me?!,” he shouted to no one in particular, but that was of no concern as he just wanted to yell to release his pent up anger. “I’m going to become the greatest shinobi in the entire world!” The storm clouds appeared to grow darker overhead as it began to rain even harder, almost as if the Rain Tiger at Will technique reflected his current state of emotions. He lowered his head and said in a smaller voice, “I’m going to do it for you, mom.” He began walking out of the park, “Believe it.”
He continued to practice with the Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake seals, and since this was his first time learning the jutsu, the only expanded the cloud. However, he continually tested his abilities by dispelling the rain clouds which he had made, only to once again perform the chain of handseals and summon a larger, singular one to take its place. This process continued throughout the night, most likely leaving other members of the Village Hidden in the Clouds in a state of confusion as to what was happening with the sporadic weather that was taking place for hours on end.
His mind elsewhere, Komori let the rain clouds formed by his new technique stay in the sky above, as he had completely forgotten to dispel them. Due to this, the Village Hidden in the Clouds experienced a rainy night, which ultimately resulted in a torrential downpour that lasted until the morning
Once Komori had finally arrived back at his home, he stumbled inside the house and fell to the ground as the door slowly closed behind him with a heavy thud. Since he had absentmindedly forgotten to dispel the Rain Tiger at Will Technique, a shower of rain occurred throughout the night within a half mile radius surrounding his home. Komori stumbled onto the floor where he collapsed as a soaking wet body onto the floor as he passed out in his damp clothes on the hard wooden floor.
Komori woke up the next morning and exhaustively pushed himself up the floor. His soaking wet hoodie hung heavily from his body, which he then promptly removed and used to mop up the still damp floor. He made a mental note to wash it that night. He changed out of his clothes into a similar pair of black pants as well as a simple white t shirt as he was walking into the kitchen and checked the cupboards, only to find that neither he nor Komon had bothered to buy groceries and restock. So instead, he merely walked outside of his house towards his favorite local ramen shop. This shop being the same one that he and Gorami had visited a few days prior. After he had sat down and began to eat his meal, he saw the same spikey head of bleach blonde hair that he had seen the previous day.
Joka walked into the shop with his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall behind several other people before he noticed Komori sitting at the table. The boy walked over to Komori, who remained seated and attempted to ignore him. Joka pulled over a chair and sat backwards in a chair, before plopping himself down on the opposite side of the table and speaking out with an arrogant smile, “How’s my favorite punk ass doing?”. Just do what Gorami Sensei would do, Komori told himself as he turned his attention back to his food. Gorami Sensei would ignore him. Joka noticed this, and, instead of simply disappearing, picked up the bowl of ramen and through it to the side where it crashed against a wall, breaking the bowl and spilling its contents everywhere. Komori immediately reached across the table and grabbed Joka by his shirt, pulling him close.
He laughed in Komori’s face, “Come on, kid.” He stared him back into the eyes before saying in a more menacing voice, “Do you really want to get your ass kicked again?” The shopkeeper spoke up from cleaning up the mess, “Hey if you two are going to fight, take it out of my shop!”. Komori let go of Joka’s shirt and pushed him backwards before heading outside. Komori had walked maybe twenty meters outside the building when he heard Joka’s voice, “Hey, you son of a bitch, don’t you walk away from me!” Komori stopped in place and held a clenched fist. Insults did not usually affect him but Joka had insulted his mother. Joka noticed this as well, “There you go, buddy.”
He smirked and began activating an unfamiliar chain of about eleven handseals, which caused Komori to activate the Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake seals. Rain clouds appeared in the sky as a sharp sound echoed throughout the area as the arm of Joka had become infused with lightning chakra and he cried out “Chidori!”. The rain began to pour, resulting in difficulty of sight, which would work to Komori’s advantage, as he was still able to sense every move his opponent made. Drops of rain hit Joka’s head, and then while some stayed on target, others missed, which led Komori to the realization that Joka was looking around. The rain drops that touched Joka’s lightning infused arm quickly evaporated from the sheer heat, and left Komori feeling a slight sensation of the tingling effect that lightning has. Due to the torrent of rain, Komori was nearly impossible to find. Since the ground began to flood with rain water infused with his own chakra, Komori activated the handseals in the order of Monkey → Rat → Tiger → Dragon → Horse → Dragon. Water began to rise from the puddles in the form of a massive snake roughly twenty meters long.
Komori called out from inside the downpour, “Water Release: Snake Mouth!” as Joka was slammed with the force of the water snake, which in turn, swallowed the boy whole. Komori dispelled the rain clouds as they dispersed from the sky, leaving various puddles of water, confused bystanders, and Joka within the mouth of a snake composed of water. Komori directed the snake into a nearby building, where it slammed Joka into the wall and then collapsed into a pool of water, leaving behind an injured and confused boy whose lightning had faded away. Komori leaned over the boy and said victoriously, “You should try being more respectful, Joka.” He started walking down the road with his hands in his pockets before adding, “You don’t want to mess with Komori Hozuki of the Rain.”
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You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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