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 Lightning Javelin

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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Lightning Javelin   Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:02 am

Komon had finally learned how to summon the rhinos of raiton valley and really felt he was getting a diverse set of abilities. But the chuunin exams were coming up and he wanted to be sure nothing caught him off guard. He had to find a way to build his speed by some means other than slowly building it up. He needed a jutsu that would amplify his speed. But now was not the time to learn it, he had to eat first, he was starving from his earlier training with the summoning jutsu, and it was getting late. Komon figured he’d eat head back to his apartment and start learning the jutsu in the morning, fully refreshed and ready to face the harsh  training this jutsu would no doubt require.

So he had his heart set on his favorite diner with his favorite waitress and favorite waffles. Packing up his equipment and scrolls he made his way through the village and towards his destination. The walk wasn’t that long he knew the way, and it was late so not many people were roaming the streets. He made it to the diner in no time at all, with his stomach growling he decided it would be best to step in.

When he entered the diner he once again saw the pretty waitress Amai, he didn’t know her very well but from what he could tell he liked her. “Hi” he told the girl. Amai welcomed him and said “Haven’t seen you around in a while, what have you been up to?” Komon then explained to her that he’d been training for the chuunin exams a lot lately and hadn’t had time to stop by. Amai was impressed by his words and told him they had a table open for him and guided him too it.

She got his order, and Komon jokingly said “The usual” not expecting her to know it but she smiled and said ok and wrote down waffles on her notepad. She told him the waffles would be back in a minute and walked off back towards the kitchen. Komon looked around the diner to see if anyone he knew was here after all he’d seen at least three jounin in this diner before. But after a quick scan he saw nobody he knew and simply waited. After about five minutes he grew bored and activated his byakugan to see into the kitchen, so he could watch them make his food. This amused him as he watched them make his waffles.

After about five more minutes his food appeared to be done and he deactivated his byakugan as Amai came back out of the kitchen, and brought them to his table. He thanked her, and began eating enjoying every bite, waffles were easily his favorite food and this diner always made amazing ones. He quickly finished and paid for his food saying goodbye to Amai and informing her that he would like to see her again sometime soon. He left the diner feeling confident.

With his appetite satisfied he decided it was time to get some rest so that he could properly train tomorrow he figured the jutsu he’d learn would be at least C rank maybe even B to amplify his speed by the amount he wanted. So he used super beast imitation to draw a bird and flew it to his house through the night sky of the hidden cloud. After a couple minutes of flying he landed on his roof where he then climbed into his room through the window and plopped into his bed drifting to sleep in the process.

He awoke the next morning feeling well and ready to train, he didn’t need to get dressed because he had completely forgotten to take his clothes off before falling asleep. So he was already clothed when he awoke and ready to start his day of training. Still not knowing exactly what his jutsu he wanted to learn was he decided to go to the library and ask Jiyo the wise librarian who had helped him in the past with his shadow clones.

So he left his apartment and in a short amount of time reached the library, walking through the front door he saw an empty front desk and figured jiyo may be somewhere in the back. Without much worry he looked through a couple aisles before finding her in the genjutsu section rearranging the books on the shelves. “Hi” he told her. She responded by asking him what jutsu he was trying to learn today recognizes his voice without even seeing his face. “I wanna be faster, I was wondering if you knew of a jutsu that could help me with that.”

With this jiyo turned around. “You told me that girl you fought used a yellow jutsu that appeared to make her faster right? Well that was without a doubt the seven heavenly breath technique. Would you be interested in learning that komon?” Komon thought it over and decided he didn’t want to rip off Beafosu’s signature move. “Do you know any other techniques, maybe a lightning style one?” Jiyo told him she only knew of one, and that it was a B rank technique called Lightning Javelin. Again Komon thanked her for her help and headed to the lightning section of the library he knew so well, and found the B rank book pulling it off the shelf and heading to a quiet section of the library so he could study the new jutsu.

After sitting down at his table he opened the book and began to look at the jutsu, it seemed simple enough for a B rank and didn’t require any hand seals, which was a nice twist, he was worried he may have to remember a ridiculous amount of hand seals, to perform this B rank ninjutsu. The downside seemed to be the massive amount of science behind the jutsu and Komon seeked to be well versed in it. So he buckled down and began studying.

The description was “The earth spear counterpart for lightning users, with this technique user surges lightning chakra through their body, ionizing their neurons in a balanced nature that result in increased neuro-transmission rate, thus granting the boosts listed above.” so Komon guessed that the lightning stimulated his body forcing it to adapt to the circumstances and become more powerful granting him an increase in both speed and strength. He liked the sound of that, and asked Jiyo if he could check the book out, so that he could look back to it if he got lost at any point along his training. She gladly agreed, wanting to help him with his training in any way she could.
Komon decided it was time to start his training and walked out the front of the library with his newly checked out book. He felt prepared as he stepped out into the street of the village and began his journey to the training grounds yet again. With determination in his heart he pulled his scroll off of his back, not wanting to waste any of his own valuable time he drew a bird and watched as it sprung to life flying it to the training fields. He made it there in record time smiling in pleasure as he did so.

Now at the training ground he dismounted from the back of his bird and made the appropriate hand seal to dispel it from existence. He watched as it poofed away, and made his way to his usual spot in a clearing of trees. He started to think about how he would start his training, before he realized he could use a helping hand. Not wanting to head back to the village to get help he realized he could just summon Tiaopi the rhino seemed nice when he had first summoned him and he was sure that he would be more than happy to help him.

So he bit his finger drawing a decent amount of blood and summoning the rhino into the clearing when the puff of smoke dispersed the Tiaopi appeared. “What do you need boss?” Tiaopi said sounding happy as always. Komon explained how he planned to train, telling him that he wanted Tiaopi to time him as he ran from one tree to the other and compare his original time to that of what he had with the cloak, he hoped to improve the time greatly by the end of the day. Tiaopi after hearing the story gladly agreed and hopped onto Komons shoulder. “Im going to use sticky feet on your shoulder, this will allow me to not fall off at the speeds you’re going.”

Komon nodded acknowledging he understood the rhino, and walked over to the tree he intended to use as his starting line. “Alright give me a countdown, I’m going to start running on one” he told the small rhino on his shoulder. He got into a running stance and listened as Tiaopi began to count down “Five, Four, Three, Two, One.” on one Komon burst forward at his normal speed, he was in shape and relatively fast, he felt his blood pumping with every stride going the absolute fastest his body would allow him to go, and didn’t stop until he passed the tree he had marked as the finish line.

Upon crossing the line he fell over out of breath, gasping for air he managed to puff out the words “what was my time Tiaopi?” Tiaopi informed him that he had counted 30 seconds, an impressive amount of time for the distance he had covered. After hearing this Komon paused and took a little bit to regain his breath. After a solid minute of rest he stood up and said. “OK… My goal for today is to lower that drastically, I want to cover the same distance in 10 seconds, I won’t rest until I make that happen.” He informed tiaopi with determination in his voice. Tiaopi looked at the boy, although Tiaopi had been much too young to remember Komons father, Choro was a bit of a legend around Raiton Valley and he had heard stories of the man’s determination. Tiaopi saw the same in the boy in front of him, and felt a sense of pride flow through him.

“Alright tiaopi Lets try this again” Komon said, as the rhino agreed, they began to make their way back to the first tree for another attempt. He wanted to go three times without jutsu and average out the time to get a more accurate read of his time, so he repeated the process two more times and found out his average was actually closer to 27 seconds then 30, he was faster than he had originally given himself credit for. With the average put together he decided it was time to start trying the jutsu out, he had been avoiding it for a while not confident in his ability to produce the jutsu and manifest the chakra.

He had arrived at the tree and got into a starting stance. Taking a deep breath he called upon his reserve of lightning style chakra, letting the electricity surround him in a light blue cloak lightning, the feeling was amazing he could feel his hair standing up with the static from the electricity. And looked to see that the cloak had covered the rhino too, looking him in the eye he said “Alright this feels right, let’s give it a shot… Start the countdown please.” Tiaopi nodded and counted down from five once more “Five, Four, Three, Two, One.” Upon hearing the last word Komon pushed back with his left leg and braced himself for a burst of speed, When his body responded and he pushed forward he noticed a boost in speed, it was slight but he was definitely moving faster. Not wanting to sacrifice any time he pumped his legs as fast as he could his body striding forward with athletic precision. He watched as the tree he marked as the finish line came closer with every stride, and gasped for air as he zoomed past it.

With every part of his body demanding oxygen he fell to the ground and released the jutsu, it was certainly heavy in chakra demand, leaving him about as exhausted as Electromagnetic murder often did. He needed to rest, but his curiosity was too great. “Tiaopi! What was my time” he gasped. Tiaopi laughed and said he had shaved 7 second, lowering his time to twenty. Komon was happy and displeased at the same time with the news. On one hand the jutsu was obviously working, he had shaved a whole 7 seconds, on the other hand… he still wanted to lose 10 more. He had a lot of work ahead of him for the day.

He laid in the grass trying to think of how he could further increase the effectiveness of the jutsu, he had used his lightning style to surround himself in chakra to stimulate his cells so that they would adapt to lightning around them and exert more speed and strength throughout the body. What else could he do he thought. Then it came to him, he had to funnel the lightning through the inside of his body too, it would affect the muscles and organs as well as his skin and give him vastly more effective results in theory. “Alright.. Let’s do that I guess” he said out loud to nobody in particular. Tiaopi shot him a funny look for talking to himself but let it slide. As he liked the kid and didn’t want to make fun of him at the moment.

Komon gathered the strength to stand up again, feeling well rested from his time laying in the grass. “Ready for round two?” he asked Tiaopi. The rhino nodded expressing his approval and hopped back on to the genins shoulder. “Lets do this” he said. Feeling confident he put his hand on the ground getting back into his running stance once more. He thought for a little bit and gathered his focus, summoning his lightning chakra and letting it flow through the interior of his body stimulating his muscles. He exhaled feeling the strength of his body being amplified, but he wasn’t done yet, he inhaled one more time and amplified the chakra so that the blue field of lightning surrounded him just like last time. His hair stood up and he got goosebumps from the static, and he knew he was ready.

“Tiaopi” he said taking a pause before continuing, “Start the countdown” Tiaopi laughed, amused by the boy’s sudden calmness. “Maybe he’s got it down..” the rhino thought to himself, before beginning the countdown once again. “Five, Four, Three, Two, One.” And komon sprinted, instantly feeling the immense increase in raw speed, he had never moved this fast in his life, the sensation was amazing. As he pumped his legs he noticed the strength of his body was causing him to take longer strides, he was leaving clear imprints in the dirt and grass with the power of his steps. He saw the tree in the distance and was zooming towards it at an alarming rate. He kept running towards it watching it come closer and closer until he passed it.

Again he fell to the ground in exhaustion. Taking several deep breaths so that his body could recover from the stress he had just put on it. After about a minute of breathing he was able to summon his voice and asked Tiaopi for the time, Tiaopi laughed, at the exhausted boy, finding the entire situation hilarious apparently. He then gave the boy his answer and said he had lowered the time down to 11 seconds. Again Komon didn’t know whether to be happy or mad, he had dropped so much time, but he was off by one second, he hit his fist to the ground saying dammit with a smile on his face. “I guess I have to try this again” he said.

Standing up he began to walk back to the tree, he took a deep breath and had a little bit of fear in him, he knew he was low on chakra, and didn’t want to pass out again like he had with electromagnetic murder so long ago. It had been one of the worst feelings in his life and he by no means wanted to repeat it. Getting into his running stance he went through the same methods he had done previously, he began to think over whether the one second was really worth it, he had made tremendous improvements after all, what was one second when he had shaved 14 already. But he shook the idea out of his head, his goal was ten seconds. And he wasn’t leaving this field until he had reached it.

Already in his running stance he summoned his lightning chakra once again letting it surround him and amplify his abilities like he had done so many times before. He smiled as the jutsu hadn’t seemed to use the last of his chakra, he could do this he thought to himself. He didn’t even need to tell Tiaopi to start counting anymore he could tell by the genins body language when he was ready and had already started counting. “Three, Two, One!”

Komon gave it his all this time using every muscle his body would allow him too he felt the wind rushing against him as if in an attempt to stop him… but he wouldn’t let it, he dug his heels deeper into the earth gaining more traction to battle the elements, and felt himself surging forward, he saw the tree in the distance growing closer. With his goal in mind he pushed forward passing the tree and falling over as he tried to stop.

Tiaopi didnt wait for the boy to ask and shouted that he had lowered the time to just 8 seconds a whole two seconds greater than his original goal. Komon smiled clearly pleased with his results as he thanked the rhino for his help and told him he was free to go back to Raiton Valley. The rhino said it had been no problem and poofed into a cloud of smoke before disappearing. Komon then packed up his bags and started his journey back to the village.

WC: 3078
Requesting: 15 stat points and Lightning Javelin

"Danger is real, but fear is a choice"
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Javelin   Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:04 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Lightning Javelin
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