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 Komon Hyuuga And The Rhino Summoning Contract

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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

Fame : 115
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Element(s) : Lightning, Earth, Fire
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Clan Element : Twinstincts
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PostSubject: Komon Hyuuga And The Rhino Summoning Contract   Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:57 am

Komon awoke to another beautiful morning in the hidden cloud, excited for the day he hopped out of bed and put on his gear, his fathers old vest was beggining to fit him much better these days, he was really growing into it after all. After admiring himself in the mirror for a bit, he grabbed his hidden cloud headband, it was pretty much his badge and he never left home without it, he was very proud of it. After brushing his teeth and eating breakfast he headed outside bracing himself for the long day ahead of him.

Today he wasn’t planning on learning a jutsu at all, no he had something much cooler in mind than that. If there’s one thing he remembered about his father Choro Hozuki, it was his signature jutsu, the summoning technique. He remembered his skill at it, how he could summon rhinos the size of their house and how impressed he had always been of it. He wanted to learn that, the problem was, he just didn’t know how. He figured he knew two people that may have some idea on how to go about it tho. Gorami and Yutaka.

With that question in mind he decided to ask Gorami first he was his former sensei after all and he trusted him completely. So he began his journey through the village hidden in the clouds like he had gotten so used to doing. The walk wasn’t long and he made it to Gorami’s house in no time at all.

Komon then walked up to the front door and began to knock, he waited a couple minutes with no answer and knocked again, this time he waited about twenty seconds before Gorami came to the door appearing tired as all hell. The man yawned before he spoke as if to confirm Komons suspicions. “How’s it going Komon?” he asked without much energy. Komon then apologized for coming to his house so early before explaining why he was there “I remember my father used to make rhinos appear with a special jutsu, the rhinos could talk and they were as big as my house, I really want to learn that jutsu do you know anything about it?” he asked hoping for an informed answer.

Gorami thought it over before he gave a response. And after about ten seconds of silence finally answered. “Well… I don’t know the jutsu myself but I certainly know what you’re thinking of, it’s called summoning jutsu.” the man told Komon. “Whats summoning jutsu?” he replied. Gorami was happy to continue helping and responded “Well summoning jutsu is used by having a summoning contract with a summoning race, you’re father clearly had a contract with the closest summoning race to our village. The rhinos of raiton valley, thats pretty impressive actually.. Your father must have been an exceptional shinobi I’ve only ever met one man the rhinos accepted a contract with.”

Komon smiled at the thought of that, His father was a strong shinobi he knew that. But to hear it from someone else was just satisfying he didn’t know how to explain it. “Where would I find these Rhinos?” he asked Gorami sternly. “I don’t know the location exactly but they are in a valley west of the village. If you intend to seek a contract with them be careful alright?” his former sensei commanded more than asked. Komon assured him he would be extra careful with a wide grin on his face stretching all the way from one side to the other.

Komon then thanked him for his help and turned towards the front gate of the village he intended on starting his journey immediately. He figured if he could get this contract he’d have his father’s summoning and his mother’s byakugan a little something to remember them both by. With excitement he started to sprint towards the front of the village, there was no time to waste after all. Using his chakra control to scale buildings in his way and shadow clones to clear paths in the crowd he made it to the front gate in no time at all.

He had just sprinted several miles and was understandably out of breath. So he paused for a moment and sat on a bench at the front of the village, looking around he realized this would be his first time leaving the village. It felt odd to leave it when it was all he knew. But he knew that his job was to be a shinobi of the hidden cloud and that would often include travel… so he had to get used to it eventually now was as good a time as any. With confidence he stepped outside of the front gate and took his scroll off his back before unraveling it on the ground.

He then pulled his paintbrush out of his weapons pouches and began to make strokes across the page, and watched as his bird began to take shape, activating the chakra infused ink he commanded the bird to leap off of the page and onto the ground. He then hopped onto its back and took to the sky, watching the village fade into the distance behind him, then using the position of the sun he steered his bird to the west and began his search for raiton valley.

Komon enjoyed flying, he loved the feeling of wind in his hair and seeing the world rushing by beneath him, it was something he never wanted to take for granted, like Yutaka had said, not many people get to see the world from this height. He planned to enjoy every minute of it. Soon he saw a small village on the ground and his stomach was rumbling, so he decided to check it out and began to descend downwards to the outskirts of the village hoping to find food. Walking through the town he noticed that the people seemed genuinely happy, something he rarely saw in the hidden cloud, the raikage’s harsh rule had taken its toll on his home village, and people often lived in fear. This village felt different however. Soon he found a vendor and asked the man for some food and also if he knew how close the rhinos of raiton valley where.

The man happily gave him some food, they where bars wrapped in a plastic wrapper, and they tasted amazing even though he had no idea what they were, the were never served in the hidden cloud, so he had no idea what to call them. The man then told him raiton valley was just over the mountains in the very distance. Komon thanked the man for his help before drawing another bird and resuming his journey.

In the air he looked at the mountains in the distance and figured he’d make it there within the hour based on the distance and speed he was currently traveling. The thought of finally arriving at his destination pleased him, he would meet the rhinos soon enough. After about half an hour he began to ascend as he was getting closer to the mountains and needed to scale it.

With his bird he made it over the harsh terrain and mountains guarding the valley with a lot more ease than he would have without it. He saw the valley almost immediately, it was beautiful, and had a river running through the middle. “So this is Raiton Valley..” he thought to himself. As he lowered the bird towards the river, figuring he could use some fresh water he began to put some water in a container he had brought along with him. He was stopped short when he heard a voice however.

“Who dares enter Raiton Valley land of the Rhinos!” he heard an angry voice exclaim. Surprised to hear any voice at this point he jumped in shock, quickly turning around to face the angered voice. When he turned around he was surprised to see a talking rhino. The rhino was about 6 feet tall. “Hi… My names Komon.” he said in an attempt to ease the tension. The rhino was clearly not happy with him, and demanded to know why he had entered the valley without the rhinos permission.

Komon gulped not wanting to give the rhino the wrong answer, because he looked tough, and honestly pretty scary, he wasn’t confident in his ability to take the rhino in a head to head fight. After a couple seconds of thought he decided it would be best to just tell the rhino the truth. “I’ve come in search of a summoning contract with The Rhinos of Raiton Valley” he said faking the confidence in his voice. At this response the rhino laughed, “You? You think you are worthy of the Rhinos of Raiton Valleys service? Don’t make me laugh child.” the rhino sneered.

Komon was more than upset with how this rhino was speaking to him. “I know my father was, and I seek to be as great as him one day, so that I can one day avenge my mother’s death.” this reply caught the Rhinos attention. “Who is your father boy, the Rhinos of Raiton Valley, rarely lend their skills to humans.” the rhino appeared to be warming up to him, and was genuinely curious of who this boy’s father was. Komon decided now was the time to stand his ground. “Stop calling me boy, I told you already my name is Komon Hyuuga I am a shinobi of the hidden cloud, and son of Choro Hozuki.” He said with a sense of pride.

The rhino was shocked, and began to see the resemblance, “Komon… I knew your father, my name is Kuijia. I fought alongside him in many battles, he was an honorable shinobi, forgive me for my rudeness. Komon was startled by the rhinos words, he had known his father, and the sudden change in attitude on top of that. He had so many questions to ask the rhino but decided to save it for a later date, his focus now should be getting the rhino contract above all things, he needed an extra edge for the chuunin exams and this is how he expected to get it.

“Does this mean you’ll give me the summoning contract?” he asked hopefully. The rhino seemed amused by the question and apologized saying, “I’m sorry, but that is not within my power to give, to achieve the contract to allow you to summon rhinos of raiton valley, you must ask Lord Rongyu for his blessing, the leader of the Rhinos of Raiton Valley. He will then decide if you are worthy or not, I have no say in the matter.” the rhino said actually sounding sincere. This didn’t bother Komon however and he asked the Rhino to take him to Lord Rongyu.

He followed the Rhino down the side of the river, walking beside him. Until they reached a giant tree,  that casted a massive shadow across the valley. In the shade of this tree laid a massive rhino three times the size of Komons house. “I take it that’s him?” he asked Kuijia, who nodded to confirm. “Lord Rongyu!” Komon shouted. In response the massive rhino stood to its feet shaking the ground in the process.

“Kuijia who is this human and why is he in my valley!” The rhino shouted. My lord forgive the unannounced and sudden arrival but this is no ordinary human, he is the son of Choro Hozuki, His name is Komon Hyuuga and he seeks a summoning contract like his father before him.” Rongyu eased up with this news, and turned to Komon. “You’re father was a noble man so I will hear you out, for what reason do you seek the summoning contract, if I do not see it as a noble cause I will not grant you it.” The Rhino demanded.

Komon gulped and thought his answer over before speaking eloquently. “My father and mother both died at the hands of powerful shinobi, I refuse to let me or my brother suffer the same fate, I wish to become a powerful ninja for two reasons, the first of which is to protect my brother, I will not let him die under any circumstances. The second is to avenge my mother’s untimely death, she was killed simply for her byakugan and no other reason by a hidden mist shinobi.”

Rongyu took a minute to process what he had heard, “To protect your brother, and to avenge your mothers death. Your father spoke highly of his family too, you remind me of him. Very well I grant you access to the Raiton Valley summoning contract. Kuijia! Give it to him!”  In response Kuijia slammed his foot to the ground and a poof of smoke appeared when it dispersed a scroll stood in its place. “Komon Hyuuga of the hidden cloud, you have been entrusted with the summoning contract of the Rhinos of Raiton Valley, Please do not abuse this privelage.” Kuijia told him.

Komon smiled and told him he didn’t plan on it and after getting an explenation on how to use it said his goodbyes and began to head back to the hidden cloud, not wanting to be out of the village after nightfall.

WC: 2217
Requesting: 11 Stat Points, and Rhino Summoning Contract

"Danger is real, but fear is a choice"
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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

Fame : 115
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Earth, Fire
Clan : Twins of Kumogakure
Clan Element : Twinstincts
Bloodline : Inferiority Complex
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PostSubject: Re: Komon Hyuuga And The Rhino Summoning Contract   Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:58 am

"Danger is real, but fear is a choice"
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Komon Hyuuga And The Rhino Summoning Contract   Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:44 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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PostSubject: Re: Komon Hyuuga And The Rhino Summoning Contract   

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Komon Hyuuga And The Rhino Summoning Contract
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