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 Within Earth, The Harmony Lies

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Within Earth, The Harmony Lies   Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:33 pm

Earth, an element that has no bounds. It is so abundant as everything we stand on and the foundation to our buildings is on earth. Even the planet we are on at this moment is known as earth. It was always strange to Enyo how he had an unnatural affinity for earth, but he would surely work with what he had. He then got up from his bed and realized that he didn’t have any earth techniques, in his head it was made up that he would train his nature in the forest.

As he got up he did his morning routine, he made sure to focus on the stretch and the slight burn he felt. It wasn’t as hard as it used to be thanks to the monk’s training, it was as if he was in another body that carried the strength of a hundred men. Maybe he was just over exaggerating, but this is how he felt and his actions proved it in every way. Anyhow, after Enyo got done with his last set of repetitions he grabbed his staff and placed it on his back thanks to the convenient brown leather strap it came with.

Walking past his clan that seemed to be constantly training he would make his way to the forest, he decided to walk through the village this time in order to get an eyeful of the festivities. It was rather quiet despite the beautiful day, people were around but barely any were speaking. This was a minor detail so Enyo just kept walking until he got deep within the forest. He hopped in the tree to look at the mountain he had been at for a week, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t as crazy as he thought he was.

The mountain was still there which relieved him, after doing this he hopped down and began his training. The first thing he thought about was what jutsu he should use, he took into account that he was a tai user and his opponents footing would be key to catching them off guard. With this in mind earth would be the perfect thing to use in order to throw his enemies off guard.

With this in mind it would only be right if there was a jutsu which would allow him to disrupt the ground in some way to shake his enemies if only for just a moment. That would be enough to launch an attack that was cautious and well thought out. Of course it was a simple tactic, but a good one nonetheless. Thinking of this Enyo would begin to feel the ground below him with his right palm, that is when he remembered when he was learning his affinity the jutsu his instructor was using.

Some tearing palm, it twisted and churned the earth and had a large radius, it was truly a terrifying jutsu because those trapped could be crushed to death or just restrained. Enyo was going for the restrained type of deal since his morals doesn’t allow him to kill. Especially since he got this bo staff which would make him vow before every battle in order to gain some unusual boost in strength. It was quite strange but he reverted his attention back to the jutsu at hand, he knew it was activated by the instructor placing his palm on the ground, but how did his chakra react in order to make the ground churn as it did?

Enyo was a bit puzzled, he wondered if the chakra was sort of like a handle to a churn and used the kinetic energy to mess with the inside of the ground. Only a small disruption can cause an earthquake Enyo thought to himself, using the most minimal amount of chakra was also the key because he didn’t want to kill his opponents. Enyo would sit on the forest floor as he begins to feel the ground with his eyes closed. He did this to create the visualization of a churn which he would use to guide his chakra into displaying the jutsu. It was only natural to do such a thing since he was a visual learner along with kinesthetic.

Combining these two things Enyo would begin to insert his chakra into the ground causing a little shake, not to the level of his academy instructor, but it was enough to know he was on the right path. All he had to do was place more chakra into the ground and the jutsus would be mastered. If only it was that easy. Enyo did just that and placed his chakra into the ground with his eyes closed as he visualized the turning motion of the churn, the ground began to shake just beneath him. A lot more violently this time as well. As Enyo looked around him he could see that nothing was happening to the surface of the ground, it was all internal and that wouldn’t really help him battle. It was a tremor indeed, but he needed the outer appearance to change as well in order to diversify the battleground .

Wondering what he could do to get the surface of the earth involved in this he began to think of things that were similar, he thought and he thought until he came to the conclusion of an egg. It was like cracking an egg into a skillet, but what did this mean in terms of earth? Well the egg has an outer shell and so does the earth,if the chakra was to start from the surface and slowly compress the earth while spinning it that would give it the desired effect. Of course saying it was easy, but doing it would  be a lot harder.

Enyo stood up as he now knew what he had to do, all it would take now was practice in order to make the jutsu one with his body. “Okay, I will place my hand on the ground and only let my chakra channel to the surface, none is allowed to leak through the insides of the earth because that won’t give me my desired effect. It will be quite hard pressing down on the earth using my chakra while not letting any seep through. It will require a lot of chakra control. I will give it three tries before I go on to the chakra control exercises to make this easier on myself.” Enyo thought to himself as he was more pumped than ever to have this jutsu completed.

With a grin on his ear travelling from ear to ear he would begin his three tries, again placing the palm of his right hand on the earth’s surface he would begin to let his chakra drain out of his arm and onto the earth’s surface, he tried to imagine keeping the contents of the egg inside and that's when he felt the tremble meaning the jutsu had been activated he looked down at the ground to see no visible change. He wondered what he was missing but of course it was just practice, he went for his second try and the same thing happened again. Like any other person Enyo became frustrated, there had to be a method to the madness that he was missing. What it was he couldn’t figure. But he dropped his attitude and went for the third try, again, it did not work.

“Well, my chakra control is the problem for sure. I will have to go through a couple of exercises in order to get this jutsu to work.” Enyo said to himself as he stood up. He then got a blade of grass and laid down, as he did so he balanced it on his nose with his index finger and once he had done that he used his chakra to keep it up right. “I should be able to hold this for an hour despite the wind or any other outside force.” He said to himself with determination. He didn’t want to lose to this jutsu as he knew he was a prodigy. A self proclaimed one at that. With that in mind Enyo began to hold the blade of grass on his nose with his chakra alone, it was quite the task and a tedious one indeed. For his first try he was only able to hold it for ten minutes until a breeze came and knocked it down in one fell swoop.

He knew whenever he heard a breeze coming he would have to up the amount of chakra he was concentrating a bit in order to match the strength of the wind and keep the blade of grass up. He began again and when a gust of wind came he was able to make it through this time. He found that this drained his chakra a bit more so he would have to efficiently guess the strength of the wind and match the chakra to a T if he was to make it to an hour that was. This task proved more difficult than he had thought but he knew he could overcome this in now time. With his second try only lasting thirty-two minutes he knew he was making progress no doubt.

His third try of this chakra control method Enyo was able to hold out until he heard a gust of wind come at the thirty-six minute mark, determined to not let it go down he figured that it wasn’t that strong due to the noise not being as loud as the previous ones. He adjusted his chakra accordingly and made it through that burst of wind. Feeling a bit proud of himself he lost concentration for a bit and the blade of grass began to fall, he then corrected it and straightened it back to it’s original position. “Whew, no need to fail after I’ve come this far.” Enyo said in his head.

With only eight minutes left now Enyo kwas certain he would make it, soon he heard the loudest gust of wind he had since he began this chakra control practice. Knowing that it was no time to hold back he concentrated all of his chakra into the blade of grass and it straightened out as much as possible. As the approaching wind ran through the leaf it did not falter, “Yes, I made it to an hour.” Let’s see if I can use the technique now Enyo said getting up with the blade of grass still stuck to his nose. He chuckled a bit and pulled it off of his nose.

He then realized that he was too tired to go right into using the jutsu so he took a quick break where he reflected on himself also known as meditating. After he finished that he would return to his jutsu training. Enyo went to the spot he was at before and put his right palm on the ground, he then closed his eyes and began to unleash his chakra onto the earth’s surface, he felt no chakra go further into the ground which was a good sign, but he was still skeptical. As he heard the tremble of the ground he opened his eyes and around him he could see the mass of rocks clumped in weird assortments.

“I did it, finally. Now to get accustomed to this jutsu.” Enyo said as he continued to do the jutsu until he felt comfortable and depleted his chakra. On the ground now huffing he felt as though he was successful and victorious but he wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to learn another jutsu but he didn’t know what. Would it be another earth technique or something else? He didn’t know, but after his rest he would surely find out.

Once he regained his strength which had been after quite some time he realized that he wanted to learn another earth technique, which one it was wasn’t known but he wanted it to coincide with the one that he had just learned. As he envisioned this he realized that there was a jutsu that allowed you to elevate the earth are currently on, it could be used for a ton of things such as evading and getting a vantage point. Thinking about the tactical side and uses for all of his jutsus help Enyo prioritize which ones he wanted and could use in

Wondering how the jutsu he figured it was the same as the one he had did before but a lot less demanding, causing a tremor that would shoot the earth up directly under him did require some sort of precision. He would have to move the earth directly below him to clash with each other in order to make the earth shootout. That seemed like the most logical thing at the time so that is what he went for. Now, how would he cause his chakra to push two pieces of earth towards each other with scu accuracy. Maybe he would have to rapidly move his chakra in such a way it would force them to come together.

Enyo would clap and place both of his hands on the earth’s surface and began to let his chakra seep into the earth which was the opposite of what he had done with the previous jutsu, earth palm tearing. His chakra began to move back in forth randomly until a random piece of earth shot up out of the ground three meters to his right. “Okay, I obviously made a mistake in my calculations. It seems I will have to place less force on the area and shoot my chakra diagonally upward towards myself. It would only make sense that this work.” Enyo said not knowing that it would only make sense because he didn’t understand how the earth worked.

He gave it a shot utilizing the method he said, his chakra acted as a gripping factor and pushed the earth up, Enyo was lifted up which took him completely by surprise. He had successfully done the jutsu but by no means was it mastered and Enyo knew this. In order to fill as though he had mastered the jutsu he would have to use it in battle situations which would require him to approach the ground at different angles while imagining a scenario. After, he would use the jutsu accordingly. The first scenario would be a shinobi entering his combat range from the left, in this case he would go for the offensive measure unless any projectiles were thrown. If so, then he would use the earth to elevate himself. Focusing his chakra to the left side as if it were some sort of detonator he expanded the concentrated chakra underneath the earth and watched it spring up. That was the key to fulfilling the jutsu, using the chakra as a remote detonator to create a controlled explosion if it could be called that.

That was one scenario out of ten finished, the next one would consist of Enyo coming from an aerial stance and planting on the ground after which projectiles would be there to meet him. Of course he would have to use the earth to elevate himself so that the projectiles didn’t skewer him. To enact this Enyo would hop into a tree and make his way to the outermost branch, after doing so he would hop down and as soon as he did he clapped his hands and placed his palms on the ground immediately using his chakra as a remote detonator right under him which caused the earth around him with an area of five meters squared to rise up. Again, another successful trial, at this point Enyo knew he was pretty much done with this jutsu so he didn’t feel as though he needed to do the other trials.

He would go for two more and they would be more difficult than the last. The next one he was about to perform was one where projectiles were coming for him at all sides, and his leg was damaged. The only way to get out of this would be to sink in the ground. After which it would probably be a good idea to follow up with a disappearing act using the Hiding like a mole technique. Enyo remembered seeing this astonishing jutsu and had to be one of the best jutsu that a ninja could use. Although Enyo wasn’t one for deceiving he knew it would be a priority. Especially if his family or the village was in danger.

Anyway, it was time to perform the scenario Enyo was already on the forest floor with his palm on the ground. He accessed his surroundings in order to figure out what direction he would head to after. With a few moments of looking he would see behind him was the best decision so he used his chakra to sink the earth into the ground as he was there he realized that his clan's jutsu would also suffice. The Hiyu clan had a jutsu that allowed them to mirror their surroundings which was also fairly important in the ninja world of combat and death.

Feeling a bit fatigued Enyo lied there in the hole he had created, his chakra reserves were fairly low since taijutsu was his main source of combat. Taking a minute to rest before his last scenario which would consist a wall of fire coming at him from the right of course he could just sink into the ground but that wouldn’t test the abilities of the wall. So instead he would take out the ninja before using the jutsu. The ninja is five meters in front of him and three meters to the left. Enyo only has two seconds to disrupt the ninja and he must raise right leg to throw him off balance. With that being said Enyo would have to adjust the pillar to rise a bit to his left.

Enyo rose the earth back up to perfect level and immediately plunged his right palm into the earth while looking at the imaginary target he had created and flawlessly he hit it. He imagined the ninja being thrown off and falling in an awkward way. “Whew, I’ve completed this jutsu.” Enyo said to himself as he layed back dozing off in the sun.

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[Turning Palm Tearing Earth Acquired, Earth Moving Core]
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PostSubject: Re: Within Earth, The Harmony Lies   Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:49 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Within Earth, The Harmony Lies
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