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 Temporary Paralysis Technique

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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Temporary Paralysis Technique   Thu Oct 06, 2016 4:25 am

Komon had just awoke the day after learning shadow clone jutsu. He was glad he had found a way to deal with his numbers disadvantage when it came to the girl and her bear, but he knew he still wasn’t fast enough to combat her, although he was working on it of course. But in the meantime he wanted to find away to compensate for that lack of speed. Something to slow her down maybe. Not knowing any jutsu he decided to shrug it off and eat some breakfast.

Eager to eat he sprung out of bed and got dressed, once more going through the routine of putting on every last bit of his signature gear. After getting dressed he brushed his teeth, and began to head downstairs, not interested in making his own food he walked past the kitchen without hesitation and to the front door. He had no time to make food, so he simply stopped at a vendor and got some food bars at a vendor on the way to his destination. The food wasn’t that great but it served its purpose of filling him up and that’s all that really mattered to him, plus it had the added advantage of being extremely cheap. That was good for him because he was currently low on ryo from the lack of available missions to him.

After a long time of walking Komon eventually arrived at his destination. The house which Gorami had told him was Yutakas. Komon was helping the powerful jounin would be able to help him come up with a way to slow down beafosu in their next spar. Walking up to the front door he knocked three times each louder than the last. And waited for someone to answer.

Komon estimated that it took Yutaka a solid 2 minutes to answer the door. “Komon? How’d you find out where I live?” he asked obviously tired. Komon then explained that Gorami was his sensei and he had asked him. Then he asked “Why do you seem so tired?” Yutaka yawned, and said he had just gotten back from a difficult mission. Komon then told him about his loss in his latest spar and how he had felt helpless against a faster opponent, and how he wanted to compensate for that by finding a way to slow his opponents down rather than making himself faster.

Yutaka thought it over and decided to tell him a story, “Come in, and sit down” he instructed the genin. Komon obeyed and sat on Yutakas couch while Yutaka pulled out a chair. “Komon have you ever heard about the legendary sannin of the hidden leaf?” Komon considering himself a history buff nodded. “Well then you should know about Orochimaru, He was infamous for paralyzing his opponents with fear.” Komon was more than intrigued by the jounins words. But listened as he continued. “Not many people however know how he did it, It was done with a relatively simple D rank Jutsu called Temporary Paralysis Technique. He disguised it by activating it with his eyes so nobody would know, he was truly a master of this technique.” The jounin finished explaining.

Komon was certainly interested in learning this jutsu and relayed that interest to Yutaka. “Well I don’t personally know the technique but I know my partner Tayo does, the one who helped you learn genjutsu release. He’s a genjutsu expert and although this is a ninjutsu it acts a lot like a genjutsu so Tayo taught it to himself in an attempt to broaden his knowledge of jutsu.” Yutaka told Komon. “Where can I find Tayo? So that I can learn this ninjutsu of course.” he asked but it came out as more of a demand.

Yutaka laughed at the genins boldness. “Head to the training grounds I’ll tell him to meet you there in an hour. I’m on my way to see him right now” Komon then thanked the jounin for his help and excused himself as he made his way out of the man’s house through the front door, and began his travels to the training ground. Not wanting to be late he decided to sprint and get there super early. He used his chakra control to scale and climb buildings in his path rather than take alley ways that would add extra time to his trip. After about 20 minutes of sprinting he made it to the training grounds with 40 minutes to spare.

So he sat on a bench and waited the time out by staring at the clouds. Imagining what shapes they could be, during the 40 minutes he saw several shapes but the ones that delighted him most where the bird cloud, and the sword cloud. After about thirty minutes he saw Tayo appear. “You’re here early!” both said at the same time. Tayo and Komon both laughed at the coincidence. “So Yutaka tells me you want to learn Temporary Paralysis Jutsu?” the jounin asked awaiting confirmation. Komons head nodded to fulfill that confirmation, and Tayo smiled and continued on with his teachings. “Alright well the techniques hand signs are relatively simple. It’s only one handsign and it’s one you’ve already used in previous jutsu. The tiger seal that is.” Tayo then instructed him to make the hand sign to confirm he knew it.

Komon easily fulfilled the jounins request and smiled with pride. Tayo satisfied with the genins hand sign then followed up with. “Alright that’s good, now i’m a bit of a perfectionist so my goal is actually to teach you how to use this jutsu without a handsign but we’re going to start off with the hand sign then build our way up as we go.” He waited for Komon to acknowledge he was paying attention before continuing to the next part. “The jutsu itself is pretty practical, you have to be in close range, about five meters so it’s kind of a don’t use until you see the whites of their eyes situation.” He joked. “But basically once you activate the jutsu with your tiger seal, you will expel a field of chakra 5 meters out and if your opponent walks into it they will be paralyzed.” Komon felt he was ready to attempt the jutsu for the first time after hearing Tayos explanation of it, it actually seemed pretty simple in theory, plus it was only a D rank non elemental ninjutsu, how hard could it possibly be.

So komon got into a stance and attempted to activate the jutsu for the first time. Taking a deep breath he made the tiger simple knowing it by heart, from previous jutsu it didn’t prove to be a challenge to him. The part he had trouble with would come next. He tried to pulsate his chakra outwards yelling “Temporary Paralysis Technique” and not sure if it was working asked tayo to step into it. Tayo kindly obeyed and walked within 5 meters of Komon but he remained unphased. Frustrated Komon asked him what he did wrong. “Well I could definitely feel your chakra around me but you weren’t making it do anything in particular try to imagine your chakra as a steel wire binding me in place so that i’m unable to move and it should prove to be more effective.” he instructed the genin.

Komon listened and decided that the jounin knew best, he had much more experience than him after all and most likely knew what he was talking about. So Komon took up his stance once more and instinctively wove the tiger sign with his hands. This time with a bit more confidence he took a deep breath and pulsated his chakra outwards in a 5 meter sphere. And yelled “Temporary Paralysis Technique!” he then signaled to Tayo letting him know that he should step into the sphere again. And again the Jounin obliged him, walking into his sphere. When komon was sure he was within 5 meters and could feel his chakra being disturbed he imagined it shaping itself into a wire and binding the man. The jounin very visibly felt the effects when he was stopped in his tracks. “G.. Good…. Job… Ko...Komon” He managed to stutter.

Komon was pretty proud of himself and decided to release the nice man but before he could he seemed to break free of it himself. “Like I said good job, but you should know that this technique can be countered by people with immense strength. You seem to have gotten the hang of this jutsu but I want to teach you how to use it without your hands, Master it you might even say.”

Komon liked the sound of that and asked him how he would go about doing it. Tayo liked the boys consistency in interest and replied “Well, I’m sure Yutaka told you about how orochimaru was a master of this jutsu, he was able to use this jutsu by manipulating his chakra through eye contact. It takes a bit of practice but I believe you’re skilled enough to learn that same technique Komon” Komon nodded and asked what the difference was in activation, to which Tayo told him “A skilled shinobi can channel chakra to certain parts of their bodies without handsigns such as the rasengan and chidori those are both done by focusing chakra in your hand. You however will be focusing it in those grey byakugan eyes of yours and exerting it five meters forward into your opponents eyes. This means you have to be making eye contact with them however so it has less of an area of coverage than the hand sign, meaning no sphere. Got it?” he asked waiting for Komons reply.

Komon nodded acknowledging that he understood and asked the jounin to look him in the eyes so he could practice. He didn’t however know how he was going to go about channeling his chakra to his eyes however. So he thought about it and in about thirty seconds came up with what he thought was a pretty good idea. He imagined it working a lot like Cramp No Jutsu, He pictured the chakra running from his chest all the way up through his neck and into his eyes, he could feel it surging, and released it at the jounin feeling it make contact with his eyes he made the chakra expand around tayos body but lost control of it as he began to tighten it. “What went wrong?” he said out loud not expecting an answer from anyone in particular.

“Sometimes it just takes a bit of practice.. Focus on control and try again” he heard Tayo instruct him. Still determined he stood in his stance and took a deep breath letting the chakra flow upwards from his chest to his eyes, and releasing it into Tayo’s. When he felt the chakra connect he paid special attention to ensure he had control of his chakra, and let it surround tayo, letting it thin out into tiny wires, and constricting them. He watched as the jounin lost his ability to move and knew he had succeeded. “N… Nice…. Job… K-Komon.” the man stuttered while struggling to form a smile to let him know he was proud.

Komon then released the man even though he knew he was capable of it himself. “Thank you for your help with this ninjutsu it will help me a lot.” he said wanting the man to know he appreciated his help. Tayo smiled and said “It’s no big deal, I like helping out the genin, it strengthens our village and just feels like good Karma you know.” he said, before telling the genin goodbye. Komon waved at him and replied the same, turning around to head home to show his brother this new ninjutsu he had mastered. He pulled his scroll off of his back and placed it on the ground to draw his bird. Letting it leap off the page thanks to his chakra he hopped on its back and took to the sky. He then guided his bird home towards his brother and apartment.

WC: 2021
Requesting: Temporary paralysis jutsu (mastery) + 10 stat points
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Temporary Paralysis Technique   Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:49 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Temporary Paralysis Technique
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