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 Hidden Mist Mastery

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Kōmori Hozuki
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

Fame : 87
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Water, Lightning, Fire
Clan : Twins of Kumogakure
Clan Element : Twinstincts
Bloodline : Superiority Complex
Ryo : 25044

PostSubject: Hidden Mist Mastery   Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:17 pm

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Komori begrudgingly stood up. He felt as if he was about to fall back down due to the shot of sharp pain he felt in his sides. Wounds he had received from his last sparring match. In a way, the pain itself was a motivator. As long as he sustained these wounds, it would push him even further to train, for the sake of him not having to become injured. He would better himself so he would be able to defend himself, and in the future be able to defend others.
                Komori followed his standard morning routine slower than usual. He consistently held his right side with his left hand, under a false impression that the physical contact would alleviate the soreness. Even though Komori was ambidextrous, which made the handsigns that were required for jutsu much easier to perform, his left hand was still his more dominant hand. This resulted in his morning routine being slightly slowed down, as he was doing everything one handedly. After finishing getting ready, Komori headed towards the front door to leave the house. He walked by his favorite blue hoodie, one that his mother had made for him, before stopping and looking back at it. He felt a sense of compulsion to wear it, and put it on over his head, despite his body’s protests.
                On the way to the training ground, he reminded himself of the handseal required for the jutsu, just in case he forgot. It was the Tiger seal, which was fairly easy to remember, as it did not need several handsigns in a complex, hard to remember order to perform. He silently cursed himself for losing as he once more was forced to walk instead of his regular jogging pace.
                Komori headed to the library to quickly review a book that contained information on the Hidden Mist Jutsu he had learned the prior day, as he was interested in mastering it.  Upon arrival to the library, he waved at the librarian Yuko, who was buried in her work and did not seem to notice him. He walked at a leisurely pace towards the section of the library devoted to water style jutsu. Walking down one of the aisles filled with books and scrolls, he easily found one of the documents on Hidden Mist Jutsu and pulled it from the shelf. He went to the front desk, where another woman was working. It must be Yuko’s break, Komori thought. He greeted the woman and checked out the book before exiting the building and walking down the roads, flipping through the pages as he went.
He chose to go to his favorite training ground, despite it being quite a distance from his house. Upon arrival at the gates of the fenced in enclosure, he immediately hurried with the best of his ability to the koi fish pond. He had been able to use Hidden Mist jutsu before, but now he wanted to master it. The book he had checked out stated that a shinobi would be considered a master at the Hidden Mist jutsu if they were able to draw upon the moisture in the air to create the dense fog, as opposed to a water source.
However, he was not at this level yet, and wanted to practice with a reduced source of water instead. Komori closed his eyes and imagined his chakra becoming intertwined with the water of the pond, trying to capture the feeling of his chakra moving as the fish swam about. With his eyes still closed, he activated the Tiger handseal and poured his strength into his chakra. He felt the mist begin to form around him, cooling his body wherever it made contact with him. He continued concentrating until he could sense a change in the atmosphere around him as the temperature dropped slightly but noticeably. Still holding the Tiger handsign, he opened his left eye and snuck a peek at the surrounding fog. He had successfully used the smaller water source as a means to create the encompassing mist. The fog lifted off the field once he had dispelled it. Now it was time for him to create the same strong, thick fog from the moisture in the air.
Komori was satisfied with himself already for showing such prowess with the Hidden Mist jutsu, although he had still not shown complete and total mastery. Instead of focusing on the water of the koi pond, Komori instead diverted his attention and chakra onto the very air around him. He held his hands together in the Tiger seal already. With closed eyes and a scrunched up forehead, he attempted to channel his efforts onto the moisture in the air around him. However, the only moisture he felt was the cold beads of sweat slowly dripping down his face, a sign of perspiration from the mere concentration. Time seemingly slowed down. He lost track of what time it was and did not look towards the sun, as every ounce of his concentration poured into the surrounding air molecules.

With sweat rolling down his face at a slower rate, he imagined himself sending his chakra throughout the air around him, expelling it at his chakra points. The air around him began feeling cooler, which caused him to open his eyes to look at his progress. The temperature reverted back to normal, as his concentration broke and he had to start again. He muttered a hushed curse under his breath to no one in particular before activating the Tiger sign once more. Closing his eyes, he reinitiated his training method once more until he felt a chill in the air. This time, however, he magnified his chakra control instead of losing focus, and once again felt the cold embrace of the Hidden Mist jutsu. He opened his eyes once more and looked towards the koi pond. The water level did not seem to have lowered at all. Komori smiled, impressed with himself for mastering the Hidden Mist jutsu.

WC: 1008
Requesting: 5 stat points and Hidden Mist mastery

Base Stats:
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Fame : 106
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Earth
Clan : None
Clan Element : None
Bloodline : None
Ryo : 136550

PostSubject: Re: Hidden Mist Mastery   Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:03 am

Approved, Kōmori


Mastery for Hidden Mist Jutsu
+5 Stat Points
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Hidden Mist Mastery
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