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 Hidden Mist Training

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Kōmori Hozuki <3

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PostSubject: Hidden Mist Training   Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:40 am

Komori awoke the next morning, still a little sore from his sparring injuries. He swung his legs over the side and clutched his still bandaged side. He exhaled heavily, gathering his strength to stand up, which caused him to grunt. However, Komori still remained passionate about training, but simply decided to do a lighter training regimen for the day. One that would not push him further than his body could currently handle. He put on his shirt, wincing from the pain of lifting his arms up.
He began his morning routine, walking in a partially asleep state into the kitchen and habitually fixing himself breakfast from the contents of the cupboards in the apartment he shares with his twin brother Komon. He made a mental note to remind himself to wake up earlier in the mornings so that he might be able to see Komon before he went off to train for himself. Ever since the two graduated from the academy, they had been seeing less and less of each other, as one or both of the boys were always off training their own jutsu, as their chakra natures were different. They were not able to share moves as easily as Komori had hoped, which led to them being more distant. Komori decided that he would challenge Komon to a sparring match once he felt strong enough. And until then he would keep training harder and harder until he was confident in himself that he would be the victor.
Komori decided to save himself from the pain of putting on his hoodie and actually left it at home for one of the few times ever. His favorite blue hoodie had been a gift from his mother. She made Komori the hoodie too large for him to wear on purpose, as she wanted him to grow into it and wear it for a while. Luckily, he was able to continue wearing it. Even now it was slightly too big on him.
He headed towards the training grounds, unable to do his morning run due to the soreness from his injuries. Lilly had done the best she could to heal him, but she was still only a genin like himself. Her medical jutsu was not advanced enough to have him make a full recovery. He decided to not take the longer route to his favorite training grounds. Instead, Komori walked down past the library to another smaller field, however this field contained a small lake of water. This time he would not have to worry about disturbing the koi fish, like during his training for Water Release: Snake Mouth.
He concentrated his chakra onto the water of the lake nearby, trying to dissipate it ever so slightly. If he was able to perform this jutsu, it would give him an immense combat advantage, especially against those without dojutsu. He even read in a book that the legendary Sharingan of the Village Hidden in the Leaf’s famed Uchiha clan could not pierce the mist. Komori activated the Tiger handsign and focused every ounce of chakra he could onto the water. The level of the water seemed to slightly lower, which caused the dissipating water to rise into the air, and form into a small mist. However, it was easy for one to see through, even without any visual prowess. While Komori was preoccupied with being distracted, his concentration broke off and the mist slowly broke apart until it was unable to even be seen.
Although he was off to a rough start, Komori was determined to train, no matter what medical condition his body was in. He smirked and thought to himself, If I get hurt I can just use that as an excuse to see Lilly some more. Despite being just a young kid, he was confident that he knew how the sensation of love felt. However, he was in no hurry to experience even more pain than he was already suffering through. He once again looked at the water and began focusing again, entering an almost meditative state as he cleared his mind of all of his scattered feelings, and thought of nothing but the water and his relationship to the water. He had to infuse his chakra into the water enough to make a thick, cloud like substance that would engulf the area around him, masking his presence and being a handy tactic for future battles.
A swirl of white fog arose from the lake and began to disperse in a roughly twenty meter wide radius around the initial source. Komori continued to focus, causing the mist cloud to slowly extend even further, however growing lighter as a result. Since the fog was imbued with his chakra, he sensed the slight difference and dropped the jutsu. There was not much left to do than to keep practicing until he learned the jutsu, which he desired to go on to master as soon as he possibly could.
Having found that saying the name of the jutsu helped him be more involved in the technique himself, when he activated the tiger handseal, he shouted, “Hidden Mist Jutsu!” as the muscles in his face tightened, giving physical signs of his concentration. He shut his eyes and held the seal longer than he had before. Once more, the surface of the lake began to grow foggier until a thick mist was created that began to spread out. However, this time, the cloud of mist maintained a solid thickness the entirety of the time that it was spreading out. He continually funneled his chakra into the cloud that overtook him, swallowing the landscape in a sea of white fog, encompassing the surrounding are for roughly fifty meters.
Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment, Komori cancelled the jutsu, and clutched his sides. Dammit, he thought, even something as simple as this hurts. He struggled on his walk home, walking at as quick a pace as possible. Once he arrived at his home, he walked into his room and collapsed on his bed in order to restore his energy for the next day.
WC: 1017

Requesting: Hidden Mist Jutsu and 5 stat points

Quick Stats:

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Mist Training   Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:10 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Hidden Mist Training
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