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 Chakra Aborption Kamina

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Kamina Uzamaki

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Element(s) : Fire
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PostSubject: Chakra Aborption Kamina   Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:21 am

Kamina had been feeling pretty good about his skills. Not to the point where he let his ego inflate but to the point where he felt proud. He had acknowledged that as a shinobi he had grown. And also as a person he had changed in a lot of ways. No longer that shy little kid terrified of everything. He felt more confident about everything not just his skills. He had slowly gotten used to being a genin. Something he never thought would happen. He awoke this day calmly not i any hurry at first when he remembered. Ryden had told him to meet him the other day. It had been a while since Ryden had taught Kamina any new jutsus. And Kamina had been complaining for a while. Ryden had finally obliged him after one of their usual sparring sessions. It was after Kamina ended up in the usual position of on the ground unable to move. The real reason Kamina petitioned his sensei to teach him was mainly because he was tired of constantly getting his butt kicked. He figured he needed something to even out the score. Something that would teach him to defeat his master once and for all. What that jutsu maybe he did not know all he knew is he wanted it. So he did his usual routine of getting dressed eating breakfast rather quickly this time so he could meet up with Ryden. And he was out the door this time heading straight to the training field in hopes of meeting his master. But on his way there was stopped by a tenacious little boy. “Hiyah” the boy screamed at the top of his lungs leaping like a cat at Kamina. Who in turn sidestepped this attack like he always did. In which the boy was sent crashing into the wall next to them. He struggled to get up and then before he could say anything Kamina had already left. Man what is that kids problem why can't he learn to just give up. Kamina not realizing the irony of his statement went ahead as planned to the training field. When he anticipated another attack so he sidestepped Lyle always expecting the boy to come flying past. When instead two shurikens went past his nose. Kamina was alarmed by this he turned suddenly expecting an enemy to appear. But he saw nothing he then looked down and saw his miniscule attacker. Kamina exploded “what the hell is erring with you kid you could have killed someone” he then continued to berate the boy. “Soko” “what” Kamina responded “that's My name Soko not kid.”Whatever just go home and stop following me. “Never exclaimed the boy not until you fight me” Kamina wanted to protest but Soko wouldn't hear it. So he agreed to a one round sparring match. Kamina himself still couldn't believe he was about to face a kid in a battle. Part of him wanted to teach the lid a lesson bit the other more sensible part knee it was wrong. So he was conflicted maybe he should just ditch the kid and go to the training field later. Kamina decided against it this was the only way to get this kid to leave him alone.

So he stood away facing an Academy student Kinda thought of the best way to take him down without hurting him. So he decided that light Taijutsu was the way. Hit him with a couple leg sweeps and take it easy on the kid. Soko on the other had been pumped for this and you could tell nothing was going to stop him. Seeing the intense expression on the boys five made Kinda want to stop he couldn't be responsible for crushing this kids dreams. But before he could protest any further he saw Soko charge. He dodged attacks left and right over and over even shurikens. Eventually Soko had used up any physical strength he had and Kamina simply walked up and pushed him over. He started to walk away but stopped “you want to beat me” he said and the but simply nodded “then train harder”. He walked away and started looking for his master. “That was awfully nice of you” Jo didn't have to look long he found Ryden leaning against. A tree “yeah I guess” Kamina responded. “No seriously that was great thing you did in proud of you” Kamina smiled shyly. Now that he was here Kamina  decided to ask him “what are you going to teach me”. He was hyped for this he had been sitting at home thinking of possible jutsus his master could reach him. Kamina wanted to be as versatile as possible and learn as many different things as possible. Could it be some sort of secret Space time jutsu or an ancient Ninjutsu art or even a hardcore Taijutsu technique that shatters the enemy's bones. What could it possibly be Kaminas interest was peaked and he needed to know the answer. Almost like a drum roll Ryden answered him. “You are going to learn…… MEDICAL JUTSUS. The color had drained from His face all the anticipation had just been killed. But why Kamina inquired “i'm not even a medic why would I need this” he responded angrily. “Whoa whoa calm down this is useful to you” I'm going to teach you Chakra absorption”. Kaminas rage subsided maybe this could be useful.

So they began with Ryden telling him the basis of the jutsu. “Chakra absorption is simple all you have to do is make physical contact with your opponent” he demonstrated his hand had a faint light blue aura. Kamina nodded intently listening to His masters very word. Suddenly Ryden smiled “hey Kamina” Kinda looked up “high five” before he could respond Ryden clamped down on his wrist tightly. “Ahh” Kamina screamed surprised he tried to fight it but he was slowly losing his strength. Ryden let go and Kamina dropped to his knees “why would you do that” he asked angrily. “What are you going to do fight me” Ryden inquired “you have no chakra. “This is unfair” Kamina said frustrated “how am I going to get some”. Then it suddenly dawned on him Ryden expected Kamina to learn the jutsu and use it on him. There was no way he could do that could he? Ryden walked away calmly “take as much time as you need” he soon left. Kamina looked down at his hand the one Ryden had grabbed how could he learn it that quick

Kamina calmed down and tried to concentrate his Chakra but nothing happened. He really didn't have any Chakra whatsoever how could this be. Was Ryden really going to leave him like this why? Kamina started to get frustrated typical Ryden put him in a ridiculously difficult situation and expect him to get out. He was sort of getting tired of this but he had no choice now. He needed to learn this jutsu but at the same time he himself had no chakra. What an awful paradox he was stuck in. After a while Kamina decided to try out some of his jutsu simple ones. Transformation...nope nothing he didn't even have enough for that. What was he supposed to do he tried to remember what Ryden said. He had a flashback of that scene in his mind “Physical contact” that's all he needed right so all he had to do was touch someone. It can't be that hard he decide he needed what another person to test this out on. He searched around in the training field it was oddly empty for the middle of the day. As he was about to give up he saw a kid practicing throwing shurikens. Well he found his test subject now the only thing he had to think of is how to approach him. “Hey you” Kamina said and then instantly regretted because he stuttered out the words. The boy turned around confused good now he had his attention now how to touch him without being weird. “Hey uh do you want to spar” the kid looked Kamina up and down obviously sizing him up “sure” he said smugly. Kamina stuck his hand out and introduced himself “my name's Kamina what's yours. He turned around and left “Ira” he said turning his back to Kamina. So he wasn't very polite that was obviously evident. Dammit now how was he going to get to steal some chakra. He went back now he realize the error of his ways. He had now had to spar against an unknown opponent without Chakra. How did he even get himself into this situation. He cursed Ryden under his breath this was all his fault. He made me do this he put me into this situation put then again part of it was his fault  I mean he had challenged the boy assuming he had the jutsu down. But then again doing is the best practice.

So he took his position across from the field facing the boy. What was going to happen without any Chakra he would be forced to steal sole from this kid. But without Chakra he would have to rely on Taijutsu and he knew he either had to learn Chakra absorption or die trying well not die just get best up. So before he could say anything the boy charged already making hand seals. Kamina charged head forward like he always does before realizing he was making a huge mistake.  He then turned around and ducked into the trees for once allowing himself to be a coward. “Where the hell are you going” Ira yelled chasing after him. Kamina calmed down and started  practicing he always said he worked best under pressure now was the time to prove it he looked deep down to look for Chakra. Really looking at the bottom of the barrel for any reserves of Chakra and summoning it into his hand. He needed to get this right and his hand slowly started  emitting a blue aura. But before he could rejoice a fireball whizzed past him burning everything up and Kamina barely escaped the inferno. He ran away from the fore trying to concentrate on his jutsu but that was kinda hard to do when you nearly died . He soon got the airs back a little bit ear so faintly before hearing “Hey coward come here and fight me” I will Kamina retorted. And came at him using Taijutsu The boy responded with the same. And as they were clashing fists Kamina tried to get a grip on him and drain his Chakra. But he couldn't and because he was preoccupied with trying to drain Chakra from him got bested in the hand to hand combat portion of this battle.  So he decide to jump her he leaped at him only to be pushed away. He needed to get him so he threw a kunai at him to keep him at bay. And then he leaped high up and dropped on him put him in a headlock put his palm toward the boys forehead. He tried to drain his Chakra as hard he possibly could. He held on as tight as he possibly could but he was eventually judo flipped to the ground. He got to his feet and met an unhappy opponent. “Enough” he screamed “I have had it with you weirdo” he did the hand signs “i'm going to finish you right here and right now” and after he let it all go. But nothing happened. Ira was dumbfounded what was wrong he did the hand signs again and again nothing happened. Kamina smiled it worked so he did the hand signs for Phoenix fire jutsu and suddenly realized he had an abundance of Chakra so much the fireballs were enlarged and Ira turned and ran to escape certain doom Kamina smiled. He heard laughter all of a sudden to see Ryden leaning against a tree he was furious he has been here the whole time. And did nothing and he began to chew him out but gave up halfway. If one thing he learned in all his time as a genin it was Ryden would never change

Word count 2046
Requesting Chakra absorption

Requesting 10 stat points
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Kamina Uzamaki

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Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uzumaki
Bloodline : Uzumaki Longetivity/Chakra Chains
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PostSubject: Re: Chakra Aborption Kamina   Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:51 am

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Kamina Uzamaki

Fame : 0
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Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uzumaki
Bloodline : Uzumaki Longetivity/Chakra Chains
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Chakra Aborption Kamina   Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:54 am

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Chakra Aborption Kamina   Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:15 am

Approved <4

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"It was only a sunny smile, and little did it cost in the giving.
But like morning light it scattered the night, and made the day worth living ."

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PostSubject: Re: Chakra Aborption Kamina   

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Chakra Aborption Kamina
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