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 Leaf Whirlwind

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Kamina Uzamaki
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Leaf Whirlwind   Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:28 pm

Kamina had tried everything he could but whenever he sparred with Ryden he never got any attacks in. He would always get easily frustrated and kept rushing at him with everything he had expecting some offense to land. But alas Ryden always had an advantage over his young and reckless pupil. Especially when it came to hand to hand combat that was not one of Kaminas expert skills. He can learn ninjutsu and space time technique's just fine but using his own two fists was a skill he had not yet quite mastered. Part of it probably came from the fact that back when he was bullied it was the only thing he could rely on. And he would always get beat up badly he saw ninjutsu as a way to combat this using those powers to make sure he was never in same position again. But sometimes he felt like it while training with Ryden he often got frustrated that the counterattacks for his jutsus were often simple physical attacks. What made him even more frustrated was those simple physical attacks knocked him off his game. Often taking him out with simple leg sweeps and takedowns. Which infuriated Kamina what good where all his jutsus if they couldn't get past someone using hand to hand combat. He often got a little too frustrated and decided to attack in one full blow which amlost never worked. But he did it anyway and ended up on his back faster than he realized. Which in turned angered him more so he leaped up trying to attack only to be knocked back down with a back kick. He got up slowly this time as to appear like he wasn't going to attack so he waited a while out of breath. And finally said something “why won't you fight me normally” this amused Ryden who had hoped to get some sort of response after aggravating his student for so long. “Is there a normal way to fight” he inquired sarcastically to which Kamina responded “you know what I mean” .” All I'm doing is exploiting my opponent's weakness any competent shinobi would do the same”.But Ryden was trying to do more than that he wanted to teach Kamina something and there was only one way Kamina learned and that was through battle. So he figured he would humiliate his pupil a little bit before teaching him his lesson. But Kamina wasn't having it he leaped at Ryden this time only using his combat skills granted they were basic at best. But that wasn't going to stop him from trying. Punch after punch kick after kick tackle after tackle Kamina tried it all in order to take down his mentor. Normally someone would give up at this point but Kamina wasn't known for saying uncle. He wasn't going to yield to anybody so no matter how hard he fought he wouldn't give up. It was admirable to say the least but it was in vain because as Kamina was full of intense passion Ryden was as calm as can be. Not having a care in the world. Casually dodging and side stepping Kaminas attacks like nothing. Eventually Kaminas body couldn't keep up with his spirit and he collapsed

So Ryden stood over him trying not to laugh at his students obvious misery. “So had enough” he said calmly. Kamina said nothing and just stared at him with a burning anger. Well there goes that plan he thought to himself what's it going to take to convince this kid. Kamina slowly got up and decided training was over and left without saying a goodbye
As Kamina walked home he started to feel bad for the way he treated his sensei Ryden. He wanted to go back and apologize but figured it was too late.  So he felt crummy walking all the way home he reflected on all their sparring sessions that past day and thought why can't I just do it. Why can't I just learn to fight hand to hand and it dawned on him. All those years of being bullied and trying to stand up for himself and failing got to him. He subconsciously thought he wasn't good enough to learn how to fight. And deep down he was afraid he was afraid of failing with his own two fists. He was afraid of failing his late parents who are his reason to even get up in the morning. He wanted to prove himself wrong he wanted to show that he could do it. That he could learn to fight and so it was set in stone. When Kamina sets his kind to do something he doesn't stop. So he started training at home push ups sit ups pull ups. Any kind of exercise whether it be upper body or lower he trained in. He wanted to show Ryden sensei that he wasn't a stubborn kid. Well he was but he didn't want his Sensei thinking that. So the next morning he set out to the training field ready to practice Taijutsu. Ryden saw him excited and smiling and thought “well what happened to you” he asked inquisitively. Kamina stood as tall as he could and said directly “in ready to learn some Taijutsu”. Ryden smiled and said “alright let's start off with the basics” and so they did Ryden taught Kamina the basic stances for fighting and the began. He learned all sorts of kicks and punches the hardest part being learning combos. He then began sparring with Ryden and this time keeping up with him Ryden himself was surprised. So he resorted to a technique he knee to finish him. With a series of high and low kicks he performed the leaf whirlwind knocking Kamina to the ground. When he looked down he expected Kamina to be frustrated and angry. But was surprised to see his student with a grin.

Teach me that please he said as he was getting up. Ryden was surprised by the odd behavior “are you sure it's going to take weeks upon weeks of training” but Kamina wouldn't be discouraged so easily. So Kamina was taught the succession of kicks to perform the technique and practiced it every day sometimes with a dummy others with Ryden himself. And although he seemed he would never Learn. It Kamina kept at it actually surprised he was enjoying himself he like the practice of just using his body and felt it was actually kinda relaxing. And pretty soon he had it down but wasn't sure he could completely do it. So the next day as they began their sparring session Ryden said “hey Kamina to make things more interesting how about you only use Taijutsu against everything over got. Kamina was baffled there was no way he could do this bit did that mean he was going to back down. Hell no he kept at fighting his master at a disadvantage dodging all manner of attacks and finally he had an opening he went for it.only to meet a vicious kick he was knocked down but he kept at it trading blows left and right. Until finally he saw an opening and this time he didn't hesitate he went full force and allowed his mule memory to take over. And blocked the attacks he saw coming and took a few he didn't see coming and then after a while or playing defense went at it. He performed the technique flawlessly hitting a perfect leaf whirlwind that knocked his master to the ground. “Well well well looks like Taijutsu isn't so bad after all” no it isn't thought Kamina smiling.

Word count 1280
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Leaf Whirlwind   Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:11 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Leaf Whirlwind
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