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 Immaterial Sword

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Kamina Uzamaki
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Fire
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PostSubject: Immaterial Sword   Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:43 am

Some could say Kamina had gone a bit overboard with his constant training. It landed him in the hospital and he was told he had to take it easy for a minimum of 3 weeks. Which Kamina tried to fight but doctors can be very stubborn in their demands so he rested. And relaxed and for once stayed in bed and heard the birds sing. It was oddly serene something Kamina wasn't used to. It bothered him subconsciously he was used to a routine of sorts and training was an essential part of that he couldn't ever imagine himself laying back. Yet here he was doing exactly that part of him considered going out anyway. And continue his training there were so many things he wanted to ask Ryden about jutsus. And questions about Ryden himself in general like why was he so intent on stopping him from teaching his goal. Maybe he didn't believe that Kamina could do it and that thought made Kamina angry how dare he doubt me. And then all of a sudden the urge to train resurfaced in him again. I can totally prove him wrong he thought i'll show him strong I can be. He'll regret ever doubting me and my strength Thats for sure. Kamina slowly got up from bed and walked around he felt fine. But then he did the hand signs for the clone jutsu only to realize he couldn't summon any chakra. Kamina was terrified no no way there's absolutely no way someone can lose their ninjutsu. Or is it possible could he have drained his body of every last drop of chakra. Kamina dropped down to the floor scared his hewer beating a mile a minute and slowly coming to the realization. That everything he had worked for is now gone the hours he spent on that training field now wasted. He wanted to scream and throw things because of the sheer unfairness of it all but couldn't muster up anything. He sat there unmoving and silent looking back on everything he had done to prepare himself to be a shinobi. The practice of the jutsus the hours spent learning at the academy. Never giving up no matter how difficult a jutsu was constantly putting up with the other kids. And their bullying he endured all that for a chance to one day avenge his parents. He started to sob right then and there and almost as quick as he started he stopped no he was not going to give up this easy he would use a jutsu or he would die trying. That is his Nindo that is his philosophy in life one thing you can guarantee Kamina Uzumaki will never do is say die. That fiery spirit and passion is what brought him this far and it won't let him down now. He got up dressed and did everything he normally he would have done. He walked out that door and headed to the training field just like always.

As he walked towards the training field he suddenly had the realization what if he met Ryden. That's where they always met he would probably stop his training if he met him at the training. This new problem started worrying Kamina where else could he possibly train. He could go to the outskirts of town but That's a bit too far. He stooped in his tracks and walked around town stopping here and there. He walked to the food vendor and sat down “hey kid haven't seen you in a while”. Kamina smiled “watcha been up too” “nothing much been resting up” the old man laughed “yeah I bet you kids these days don't stop” Kamina stayed there for a while eat some food and generally joked around for a while before leaving. He felt better and still wanted to train he went. And finally decided to at least check out the training field he walked over there. Slowly this time not running as fast as he can or sprinting. He reflected on everything he had learned not just all the jutsus like the clone and transformation. But all the lessons he was taught by Ryden and life itself. He knew part of him hate it some part of him deep down hated the constant training. Sometimes he wanted to just quit and give up but that tiny voice in his hed was drowned out by louder ones. Ones screaming for revenge and aiming for strength so he ignored them bit part of him wondered what he had left. If he just gave up on those voices entirely if he just quit and threw in the towel. He never wanted to be anything other than a shinobi but he only wanted to be a shinobi out of revenge. Ryden and a few others had warned him about it and he wondered if they were right. He quickly threw aside those thoughts though they didn't understand what i'm going through he thought. How could they they didn't have their parents killed before their very eyes. That's not something he could just forget easily no one should forget that easily. Vengeance is all that compelled him it was his entire existence. He couldn't just forget about it he never would. And to do that would be letting the killer off. That would be like outright saying his parents death meant nothing to him and they were worthless individuals. He couldn't he wouldn't let someone get away with this. If he ever met the man that murdered his parents well the outcome is obvious he would ty to kill him or die trying. He would educate his entire life to this most people plan out their lives till old age Kamina planned it out till avenging his parents death and most of all. It was about setting things right he believed all those yeasts of loneliness and suffering were due to one man. When in reality part of it was Kaminas fault he never attempted to her close to anyone after his parents death. He detested anyone trying to get to know him. And so he was jeered for it constantly insulted by classmates and disliked by teachers for rude behavior.

Kamina thought of all this as he walked and bumped into someone. “Watch where you're going brat” the man responded angrily. “Sorry” said Kamina even though he didn't mean it. He walked over to the training field like he normally did but was careful not to enter. He didn't want to be seen by Ryden. He knew he would put a halt to his plans. So he quickly scanned the area with his eyes. Making sure to look extra carefully Ryden can be very sneaky if he wants. Kamina had to learn that the hard way during their sparring sessions. Suddenly appearing behind him or Kamina will realize he was fighting a shadow clone the whole time and the real Ryden sneakily left in the middle. That knew always got him the most angry mainly because it took him so long to dispatch of a regular clone. But this time he was going to train and learn everything he could about jutsus. He had been recently studying up on a Specific branch of jutsus called space time. He never really paid too much attention in class but one thing that always interested him was space time ninjutsu. The whole concept of teleportation and summoning peaked his interest he had gotten some books about it and read up on it during his rest and recuperation. The idea of Space and time itself bending to his will blew him away he had no formal training in these sort of techniques. But wished he could learn them from anyone he would even go back to the academy and listen to boring lectures all day. If it meant learning how to do those types of jutsus he was so preoccupied with this thought he didn't notice he had walked deep into the training field oh no he thought. Ryden will definitely will see me now all his hopes of training and ninjutsu slowly died and withered away. Any moment now he was expecting a firm grip on his shoulder and a speech about taking it easy. When all of a sudden he noticed Ryden himself practicing throwing shurikens. Kamina was dumbfounded there's no way Ryden didn't notice him he hid behind a tree quickly and thought to himself. If I play this right I can get out of here and head to the outskirts of town and practice training there without him noticing so Kamina climbed up the tree silently as possible. And bounded for the next one just so he was positive Ryden would not notice he transformed to hide himself into the bushes.  And slowly ran out he kept looking back every now and then to check to see if Ryden was following. Him he even looked back when he reached the edge of the the training field.But he was safe

Kinda now walked towards the outskirts of town to practice. He wasn't used to this but felt he needed to in order to get something done today. After all he had done all this and gotten out of bed just to spite Ryden he wanted to prove himself. And show what a capable warrior he is one thing Kamina hates is to be pitied and looked down upon because of his status.And as an orphan that tends to happen a lot. Maybe That's why he thought it necessary to constantly fight.To prove himself he finnaly reached the putslirys of town ready to start learning a mew jutsu. The immaterial Sword this jutsu had captured his eye immediately. He set to work learning this jutsu by himself. He began with the hand signs Boar Ram Rat over and over until he felt comfortable doing them in that order. And then he let loose expecting some sort of powerful blade to appear before him but nothing happened. “Why am I surprised” he said while sighing and he went at it Hours soon passed and he was so engrossed in his work he didn't notice there was a stranger creeping up on him. Slowly but surely the shadow kept coming closer and closer to Kamina and soon it didn't care about stealth at all casually walking towards him unsheathing a weapon. Pretty soon Kim realized someone was behind him and instead of being alarmed simply sighed and said. “Well you got me Ryden sensei guess I should give up” when he decided to turn around expecting. A familiar face and greeting instead came face to five with a strange man about to strike him down with a sword before Kamina could processes this there was a flash. And his sensei Ryden stood in front of him parrying the strange foes blade with an ethereal looking blade that was 6ft long. Kamina  get away from here this shocked the boy unaware of what was going on “now Kamina”. This time he responded and ran away as the fight soon began. There were so many things he was thinking was that the jutsu he had attempted that Ryden sensei just did. Who was that guy and how did Ryden save him and as he heard the clash of battle he stipe himself. This was his time to prove himself he ran back into the fight. He then did the hand signs again this time with a newly founded surge of passion Boar Ram Rat and appeared before him the same sword his master had just used. He leaped into battle while they were clashing blades slicing The foe in his back and with that newly found opportunity Ryden finished it with a killing blow. Quick and effective ending the man where he stood He looked over to Kamina holding the same exact sword and a ecuted look on his face. “ I told you to stay back he said” . “ yeah “ Kamina remarked dumbly I guess this means you're. Not gonna stop training any time soon huh. And Kamina only smiled in response

Word count 2008
Requesting Space/Time art Immaterial. Sword
Requesting 10 stat points
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Immaterial Sword   Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:22 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Immaterial Sword
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