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 Super Beast Imitating Drawing

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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Super Beast Imitating Drawing   Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:31 pm

Komon awoke in the middle of the training ground feeling like shit, the last thing he remembered was hitting the target with Electromagnetic murder. All he knew right now is that he felt exhausted. Before he could even focus on what he was going to do next he needed to get some food in him. He remembered the diner he had gone to previously and decided that would be as good a place as any to eat. Slowly he picked himself up off the ground wincing in pain as he did so. “God damn this hurts” he thought to himself.

The walk to the diner was more than unpleasant every step he took made his entire body ache and he was extremely light headed and dizzy. “I've got to be more careful when using my chakra” the young genin thought to himself realizing that running out of it was not a fun occurance. After several minutes of his painful journey he made it to the newly opened diner. Komon was looking forward to those waffles, the mere thought of them made him drool a bit. Komon couldn't remember the last time he had been this excited for a meal. Excited for his meal he opened the door to the diner.

He was greeted by the same girl he talked too last time. “Welcome back” she said as she guided him to his table. “What would you like” the nice woman asked. Komon again didn't even need to look over the menu and ordered the waffles. She told him they'd be out in a minute and proceeded to walk away. Komon took this time too look around the diner when he noticed Yutaka on the other side along with Tayo. recognizing the two jounin who had helped him earlier in the week he decided to go say hello.

Walking up to them was an effort in itself. Still exhausted from his previous training and all. However he managed to make it over. Tapping Yutaka on the shoulder because he was closer and had his back turned to him. Yutaka greeted him and asked how he was doing. Komon remembering the man's offer to teach him that strange drawing technique decided to take him up on it. “I was wondering if you’d be interested in teaching me that drawing thing you were doing the other day, later tonight.” Yutaka said hed be glad to and with that Komon said goodbye to the two jounin and returned to his table.

After a while the waitress returned with his waffles and he thanked her. He then began to eat them enjoying every delicious bite, and feeling his strength begin to replenish itself. Upon finishing his meal he decided to call the woman over and ask for her name. She informed him that it was Mayu. he then thanked her for the meal and tipped her 20 Ryo for her troubles. Komon now done with his meal left the diner.

However he still had about two hours before the time he had agreed to meet the jounin to train. Komon decided he was going to take a nap before then so he'd be well rested for the training session. Finding a clearing and a patch of grass he plopped himself on the ground and closed his eyes. Komon had an unnatural ability to sleep pretty much anywhere he could just close his eyes and shut down. He actually found the grass surface beneath him oddly comforting as he drifted off to sleep.

When he awoke he used the position of the sun to determine the time and deduced that he had about 20 minutes to get to the training ground or he'd be late. This presented a problem considering the patch of grass he had dozed off in was at least 30 minutes away. “Better run” was all he could think to himself, as panic began to set in he blasted through the trees to get back to the village leaping from branch to branch in what he was sure would beat his personal speed record. All this training had put him in the greatest physical condition hed ever had in his life. With a rough estimation he thought he might have maybe 10 minutes left as he reached the village with training grounds still a 20 minute walk away. Sprinting he guessed he might make it on time.

However by the time he made it to the training ground Yutaka had already been there a solid 5 minutes waiting for him. The man was pretty obviously annoyed by his lateness, so Komon quickly and sincerely apologized, telling him he had been sleeping off the pain from yesterday's training. Now knowing the full story Yutaka became more understanding of the situation and forgave the young genin. Knowing how painful it was to deplete one's chakra from past experiences. So the jounin began to ask the young genin how comfortable he was with infusing his chakra as this jutsu was completely dependant on his ability to perform it.

Komon felt he was getting the hang of it after their last training session and displayed his prowess by funneling chakra into one of his kunai and chunking it through a tree to show the jounin proof. “Very well then. Let's begin” the jounin then handed him a paint brush and a giant blue scroll. “It may look like it but these are not art supplies, at least not while in the right men's hands. To you they will be a powerful ninja tool as essential if not more so than your sword.” Komon inspected the scroll only to discover that it was blank.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” He asked the jounin. Yutaka chuckled at the question and instead of telling him decided that the best way explain it was to show him. Pulling out his own red scroll and paintbrush he took a seat. “Watch” he instructed the genin as he began to stroke paint onto the paper. Komon did as the instructor said and simply watched as he painted. Then watched as the painting took shape. “It's a bird” he thought as it began to take shape. Then he watched in surprise as the jounin made the painting leap from the page and a human size bird appeared before him.

“This is the power of Super beast scroll. with it you can draw shapes and bring them to life. This bird can be used to fly over structures and is great for quick travel. You can draw other animals for practical uses too. However they are easily destroyed the average ninjutsu can 1 hit them.” the jounin further explained the jutsu and asked if Komon had questions. Komon thinking it over asked how he was supposed to make the paintings come to life. Yutaka knowing the answer decided to explain it to him in the best way he knew how.

“Komon I want you to pull out your kunai and pour your chakra into it just like I showed you.” Komon obeying the instructions did so and asked “Ok I get this but how is it relevant.” Yutaka then told him to be quiet and just listen. “Now I want you to pull out your paintbrush and ink and do the same to it.” Komon beginning to see where this was going immediately recreated the technique he did with the kunai into his brush.”

“That chakra you're pouring into your brush at this very moment is what will give the ink life, much like with kunai however if you channel to much the ink will explode when it tries to pop off the page. However if you give it to little it won't have enough strength to leap off.” The jounin explained to Komon. “Komon I want you to draw a bird onto your scroll and attempt to bring it to life. Do you think you're capable of that at this point” Komon thought the question over before deciding he’d give it a shot. “Yeah sure I think I can do that.”

Komon began to funnel his chakra into his brush and paint onto the page, he wasn't a naturally gifted artist however and his bird looked kind of odd, it also took him quite a while to draw. These were both areas he was going to have to improve on if he wanted this skill to be practical. He made a mental note to sign up for art classes this weekend before finishing up his drawing. It had taken him almost a full minute to draw it while the jounin had done it in around 5 seconds. He guessed that the jounin had practiced this skill in large amounts to reach that level of efficiency.

Komon deciding he was done activated the technique and watched as it leaped from the page. He was disappointed however to find out he had not yet even come close to mastering it when it exploded into a blob of ink and splashed all over him. Yutaka found this to be hilarious and erupted into laughter. Komon was noticeably embarrassed by his failure however and this irritated him, when Yutaka had finished laughing he said he was sorry and told Komon to wash off in the river before they continued.

Deciding it was best to listen to the instructor he headed to the river and began to rinse his clothes, not wanting the ink to stain them, especially his father's white jounin vest. He spent a solid 40 minutes just scrubbing the ink off that vest. And after that began to bathe in the river to get it off his skin. This damn jutsu is more trouble than it's worth he thought to himself. After making sure every trace of the ink was washed away by the river he got dressed and returned to the training ground where his instructor was waiting for him.

“Ok komon I have two things to critique you on. The first thing is that you were obviously using to much chakra, something I should have mentioned is that the brush and ink are a lot lighter than the kunai and therefore require significantly less chakra to be utilized.” Komon thought that was fair and asked what the second point was. “The second is you’re very slow with your technique if you ever want to effectively use it in battle you're going to have to become faster. For example I've memorized 7 simple strokes to draw the bird I showed you earlier, with those strokes memorized I can easily draw it in under 5 seconds.” Yutaka then showed him the strokes and told him to practice them for the next 30 minutes without channeling chakra into the brush.

Komon spent the next half hour practicing his strokes and could now draw the bird in about 10 seconds still not as fast as his instructor but without a doubt a significant improvement. At this point he decided he was ready to give the jutsu another shot and asked Yutaka if he could. “Don't let me stop you, if you feel you're ready by all means give it a shot.”

With his instructor's approval he began to channel his chakra into his brush and used the 7 strokes he had spent the past half hour studying and in 9 seconds flat he had finished. Proud of himself he activated the jutsu and watched as a bird lept from the page, this time not exploding in the process. Amazed at his creation he asked the jounin what he should do next. “Well how about we go for a ride” Yutaka said as he drew his own bird. “Hope you're not afraid of heights.” he watched the jounin hop onto his birds back and set off towards the sky hearing follow me! Leave his instructors lips he decided he should probably do the same.

Hopping onto his bird he was filled with nerves, he'd never done anything remotely close to flying. However he fought the fear and took off to the sky and the sensation was amazing. Eventually he caught up to his instructor, “It's a hell of a view isn't it Komon, not many people get to see the world from this angle… Don't take it for granted.” Komon looked down at the hidden cloud, the village looked so tiny from this height. “I think that's enough training for one day wouldn't you agree?” the jounin asked but before Komon could answer the jounin spoke again. “Fly home Komon I'll see you around” and his bird veered off in the distance.

WC: 2107
Requesting: 10 Stat Points + Super Beast Imitating Drawing

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Super Beast Imitating Drawing   Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:26 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Super Beast Imitating Drawing
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