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 Kamina Uzumaki Flicker Movement

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Kamina Uzamaki
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 0
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uzumaki
Bloodline : Uzumaki Longetivity/Chakra Chains
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Kamina Uzumaki Flicker Movement   Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:21 pm

Kamina had now gotten used to training  before it was always a struggle. Now he lived for it constantly pushing himself to his max.Always wanting a challenge and never backing down.Ryden admired him for it bit often times thought he went a bit too far. The Kid acts like he has an eternal chip on his shoulder and needs to do better. A good work ethic for a kid hell for any shinobi but he could tell this stemmed from a place of anger. You could see it in his eyes he was burning for it lusting after it. He had seen this looks before this lid wanted revenge. He knew this is why he became a shinobi in the first place that wasn't surprising lots of people had. But what got to him was how determine this kid was in reaching his goal. He had hoped hasn't teaching this kid a few things he would forget it but he hasn't.He still has the look in his eyes and Ryden wanted to know how to get rid of it. He himself has been in that situation after witnessing the death of his comrade at the hands of an enemy. He was angry himself and even threw away his own life at a chance for revenge once. He just didn't want to see the same thing happen to him Kamina however felt conflicted he always knew he was going to make the journey of a shinobi on his own, but know with some help he doesn't know how to react on one hand he needs to be stronger. And Ryden can help help but on the other he wants to deter Kamina from his goal of revenge. Subtly but still persistent Kamina at first just ignored him and his preaching but the move he listened the more he kinda agreed. And he hated knowing part of him wanted to give up

He had a job to do avenging your friends and loved ones is a honorable thing.  It's tried and true ninja practice dating back. Years everyone was expected to do it and Kamina believed it wholeheartedly. It was so ingrained into his character and it's what separated him from the other kids. It could even be considered his Nindo or ninja away. Kamina didn't necessarily have a well thought out plan for revenge but most people don't. He wanted to be as strong as possible so he could one day face the man that killed his parents. He often dreamed of that day doing battle with the man that made him an orphan. Finally slaying the man that caused him so much pain and sadness. Often times in those dreams he woke up with a cold sweat and the realization of it was a dream saddened him. Sometimes he considered them nightmares other times pleasant dreams. He was so preoccupied by thinking all this he didn't notice Ryden behind him he turned around to combat him. This was a regular ongoing thing where Ryden would sneak attack him to keep him on his feet often times it didn't work out in Kaminas favor.

But this time he knew he had him right where he wanted him. He turned around quickly almost snake like in his speed. Ready to kick Ryden in the gut but then all of a Sudden. Whoosh Ryden moved faster than expected and got in front of Kamina mid motion. By the time he finished his kick Ryden was patiently waiting for him and then kicked him lightly in the back. Kamina fell forward did a cartwheel to regain his balance and knelled down in shock. “How did you do that”. “Do what” Ryden responded dryly “you know what I mean how are you so fast”. “Oh you know all those leg stretches really help” he responded jokingly “i'm serious I want to know how you did that”. Well it's an old space time technique I can bore to with the details but basically it slows time down for you appearing like you're faster. Kamina processed  this information with speed like that he could easily counter peoples attacks he wasn't good at taijutsu so this could help. They went about sparring some more with Ryden easily outmaneuvering Kamina at every turn. But Kamina wasn't interested in that he wanted to see this new technique in action. He kept on attacking with all his ferocity summoning a clone to attack from both sides. “Whoa take it easy on me kid” but Kamina didn't listen he upped his attack and finally he use it. A double attack finally brought out the jutsu Ryden used it to evade the attack. So what's your problem he said “teach me that jutsu please “ Ryden pondered it for a moment it was an advanced Space time 9he most likely couldn't handle. But the look of anger had dissipated from his eyes for a while. Maybe teaching him this wouldn't be so bad so he did Ryden explained the basics of the Jutsu and taught him the hand signs.

And so Night and Day Kamina practiced often not leaving the training field if he didn't advance his progress. He had become obsessed and part of Ryden wanted to stop him. He could tell the kid was slightly self destruct and might  kill himself. More than once the had to take his crumple body home and every day he would see Him back at it again. One day Ryden had enough and finally decided to end it and walked up to Kamina to stop him. He reached over and Kamina used the jutsu and appeared behind him. Ryden was shocked and then just laughed this kid he thought.He kept surprising him and time again with his somehow never ending tenacity. He feared he would see those same angry and vengeful eyes when he turned around only to see joy and happiness. “Looks like i'm getting better and better now” Kamina said smugly  Ryden indulged him “yeah you're really something kid” And he really meant it deep down inside

Word count 1017
Requesting Flicker Movement
Requesting 5 stat points
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Akihana Akari

Fame : 540
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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: Kamina Uzumaki Flicker Movement   Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:55 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Kamina Uzumaki Flicker Movement
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