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 Learning Chakra Infusion

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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Learning Chakra Infusion   Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:35 pm

Kōmon awoke to another day in the hidden cloud, He had become quite skilled in ninjutsu in the past month learning several E rank techniques and even a D rank. But that wasn't enough for him.. No not nearly enough. He wanted to learn more techniques, the problem was he simply didn't know any. After dressing into his gear and packing his equipment he began to head downstairs, and out the front door of his apartment. He figured if he didn't know any jutsu, but still wanted to learn one, then he had two options to choose from. Head to the library and hit the books, or head to the training grounds and observe some jounin going about their training, find one performing a jutsu that interested him and then ask them if they'd like to show it to him. After careful consideration of both options Kōmon decided to go with the ladder of the two.

So he began yet another journey across the village hidden in the clouds. “I really do need to get an apartment closer to the training grounds if i'm going to be training this much” the genin thought to himself. It was an unusually hot day too, he was already sweating by the time the training grounds appeared over the horizon. The heat however was apparently not affecting the jounins training schedule, Kōmon realized as he saw eight of them training hard on the field.

Kōmon decided the best course of action was to take a seat on the outskirts of the training ground and watch from afar until he located a jutsu he might be interested in replicating himself. As he gazed across the field he noticed that the first two jounin didn't seem to be using jutsu at all at the moment. They were simply sparring with taijutsu, and exchanging blows with their fists. They where doing so with above average speed however even with his byakugan he couldn't keep track of their movements. He had heard about ninja like this. The ones who specialized in nothing but taijutsu. After watching them for a couple minutes he decided he wasn't gonna learn anything he could replicate from the two and decided to move on.

The next person he began to observe more than caught his interest however he watched as the man spit eight wads of flame directly out of his mouth and incinerate multiple targets. He watched as the man did it again, this time paying attention to the name of the jutsu. Apparently it was called pheonix flower jutsu. While it interested Kōmon at the moment he only knew lightning style so he decided to save that to learn once he'd mastered fire style. So he kept observing.

Again he focused on another jounin this time the man however used water style, He watched as a puddle of water beside the man took the shape of a dragon and rushed forward at a tree completely obliterating it, Kōmon was impressed but decided that was far outside of his element and abilities at the moment. So he just kept watching other jounin moving from one to another trying to find the perfect jutsu to replicate.

Several more minutes of observing passed by but nobody was displaying lightning style. Kōmon was about to give up before he saw something interesting across the field. A man was sitting, with nothing but a piece of paper smack dab in the middle of a jounin training ground. “The hell is this guy doing he thought.” so he observed as the man began to paint, and watched in amazement as a giant bird leaped from the page and sprung to life. Kōmon was fascinated by the event.

Deciding to play close attention he decided to activate his byakugan. He often took it for granted but his rare dojutsu was a very useful learning tool. It allowed him to see the flow of chakra in people, and observe how they use it in their jutsu. About 2 minutes later the man drew another figure, this time with his byakugan activated Kōmon watched as the man's chakra flooded into the paint brush and seemed to combine itself with the paint. Feeling he had watched enough he came to the decision that he was going to introduce himself to the man.

Kōmon approached the man directly waving and saying “Hey my names Kōmon Hyuuga, i'm a genin trying to learn new jutsu and i wanted to know what you called that technique.” the man introduced himself as a hidden cloud jounin and didn't give his name. “The technique is called Super Beast Imitating Drawing it's done by infusing the ink with your chakra.” Kōmon slightly confused asked how one was supposed to infused chakra. “The ink is designed to fuse with the user's chakra as the surge it into it, You need to know how to use chakra infusion before you can learn this technique.” Kōmon was disappointed because he did not know how to use chakra infusion and did a poor job at hiding that disappointment. The jounin noticed the look and said, I'd be happy to help you learn chakra infusion it's actually relatively simple. Kōmons face lit up upon hearing this and agreed to let the man teach it to him.

Kōmon still not knowing the man's name asked if he could get it. “So you've already forgotten me huh? The jounin replied.” “My name's Yutaka you came by the other day asking if I knew anybody that knew genjutsu, I introduced you to my friend Tayo so you could learn genjutsu release” the man replied laughing. Kōmon was slightly embarrassed by the fact that he forgot and quickly apologized, to the man. “It's no problem it was only a brief conversation, I can't expect you to remember every small detail.”

Yutaka began to explain the basics of chakra infusion to the genin in extensive detail. “Chakra Infusion is a technique that's been used by ninja for quite some time, its one of the earliest forms of chakra control. It's basically a technique where the user channels their chakra into an object to increase its abilities. The most common use is channeling your chakra into a weapon to strengthen it.” Yutaka wrapped up the explanation and looked to Kōmon to see if he was understanding it. However when he looked at the genin he could tell he was blanking. As if to confirm his suspicions the genin said “Uh yeah…. I got like literally zero of that.”

Yutaka let out a sigh. This was going to be a long day. Alright Kōmon maybe it'll be easier for you too just watch it in action. Kōmon nodded in agreement. “You said you were from the hyuuga clan earlier right?” again Kōmon nodded. “I’m going to assume that means you have the byakugan. Then please activate it and observe my kunai.” Kōmon listening to the sensei swiftly activated his byakugan, veins pulsing at the side of his eyes when he did so.

Yutaka drew a kunai from his weapons sack and instructed Kōmon to watch closely. The genin watched as Yutaka powered up his chakra and sent it down his arm, then saw the chakra travel to his hand and soon enveloped a field around the man's kunai. It was like the object was absorbing it. This was starting to interest Kōmon. Yutaka then confirmed he had Kōmons attention by telling him to watch what happened next. The jounin threw the kunai at a tree, and Koman assumed it was going to stick into the tree and stay, but watched in amazement as the object cut clean through the tree then left a hole in the dirt before it vanished from sight.

Kōmon was amazed by the display of power, he'd never seen a kunai do something that powerful. “How did that just happen!?” he asked with his curiosity renewed. Yutaka laughed, and explained to him that the chakra he had seen envelop the blade was what gave it the power to be able to cut clean through trees, and if practiced enough could even cut through boulders.

“So how do I do it” the genin asked in wonder. Yutaka understanding the genins amazement and want to learn the technique, instructed the kid to pull out his kunai. “Gorami told me you've mastered Kieren No Jutsu, to do that you had to channel chakra into your hand, this technique is a lot like that. I want you to imagine your chakra going from your body down your arm and into your blade, channel just the right amount because too much power and you won't be able to control it, too little and you won't penetrate the tree.” Kōmon having listened intently to the jounin felt he was ready to try the technique.

“So its just like Kieren No Jutsu, That should be simple enough” he thought to himself. With a confident expression he began to channel his lightning chakra just like he did to activate his Kieren No Jutsu. He felt it surge down his arm but when his lightning chakra made contact with the metal Kunai he gave himself a small jolt of electrocution. Dropping the kunai and yelping in pain he asked Yutaka why it didn't work.

“Well for starters I told you to channel chakra not lightning chakra. Combining elemental energy into your weapon is a long way away from your skill level. Focus on base chakra for now Kōmon, you don't have the experience to properly manipulate your lightning chakra without injuring yourself.” Kōmon listened to the man's instructions and picked his kunai up off the ground from where he had dropped it, dusting off the dirt and grass that had gotten stuck to the blade. “Alright” he said “Let's try this again.”

This time Kōmon got into a comfortable battle stance, and taking the instructions to heart did not call upon his lightning nature but instead just his base chakra. He felt it weave its way into his kunai and even saw a blue glow emanating around it. “That must be my chakra he thought to himself.” Not wanting to hurt himself by exerting too much power again he held back and began to throw his kunai. He watched as it soared through the air to its intended target, but was disappointed when it didn't pierce through the tree. Hed messed up yet again and it was beginning to piss him off.

Yutaka noticing the genins frustration assured him that it was perfectly normal to have trouble with new techniques. “I also noticed you held back? Why did you do that, where you afraid you were going to hurt yourself like with your lightning style? If thats the problem I can assure you that even using lightning style shows your more than adequate with base chakra, and should have no problem controlling it. Give it another shot but don't hold back this time.” Kōmon reluctantly agreed to the task and retrieved his kunai from the tree.

Determined to get it down this time and not mess it up, he took a deep breath got into a comfortable fighting stance and began to funnel his chakra like he had done previously this time refusing to hold back and putting as much in as he knew he could control. He exhaled then pulled his arm back, before swinging it forward and releasing the kunai. Again he watched it soar through the air but this time, with a more satisfying conclusion. The kunai went straight through the tree and crashed into a boulder behind it slightly piercing into the rock and sticking.

Kōmon was more than pleased with himself, and Yutaka was slightly impressed at his ability to learn the technique so fast. “Good job Kōmon, come by later and i'll teach you beast scroll someday.” Kōmons eyes lit up at the thought of that “sounds like a plan” he said as he thanked Yutaka for his help with the technique, before leaving the training ground at around nightfall and heading home for a much needed rest.

Word Count = 2020
Request= 10 Stat points + Chakra Infusion

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Learning Chakra Infusion   Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:33 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Learning Chakra Infusion
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