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 From Weaponry To Ninjutsu

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Komon Hyuuga <3
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Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: From Weaponry To Ninjutsu   Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:22 am

Kōmon   had always been gifted with swords; it was just something he had always been good at because of how naturally it came to him. This was probably due to the fact that his father was an accomplished cloud swordsman and often sparred with Kōmon   as a child, before he had died in the line of duty, protecting that caravan. As a way of remembering his father, he liked to practice swordsmanship and kenjutsu. It was simply something he often did without really thinking about it.

However, Kōmon   wanted to become a strong shinobi, gifted in the art of ninjutsu above all else, and he worried that his skill in swordsmanship and lack of ability to do anything else would one day be his downfall. This was something he found completely unacceptable. He wanted to be one of, if not the most, powerful; this was simply his long term goal. If he could become even more powerful, he would be able to protect himself and his loved ones from being attacked and even killed. The best way he knew how to become powerful was to learn powerful ninjutsu, like his teacher, Gorami, or other famous shinobi of the past. So he decided that he needed to become more skilled in ninjutsu than he was at kenjutsu. The main problem was he only knew one D Rank ninjutsu and a couple of rag tag jutsus he'd picked up in the academy.

Kōmon  , just now getting out bed, was still deciding how he’d practice these ninjutsu, when he walked downstairs and began to prepare his breakfast. He walked to the pantry and found a box of cereal. He then spun towards the fridge to grab some milk, and, after he had made his breakfast, he began to lay out his plan for the day in his head. “If I head out right now I can spend a couple hours training in the fields on my ninjutsu” The newly made genin thought to himself, as he began to devour his cereal until his bowl was left empty.

He then ran back upstairs to grab his gear, putting on his signature dark green and black hoodie along with his dad's old hidden cloud jounin vest. He loved wearing the vest it reminded him of simpler and happier times, and helped him remember what he's training so hard for. After getting completely dressed and grabbing his ninja pouches filling them with kunai, shuriken, and smoke bombs, he made his way back downstairs now fully equipped for the task at hand. He burst out the doorway ready for his new day of training.

As he walked outside he noticed how nice the day was. There were several clouds in the sky but all fluffy and white, looking around he noticed several children at play. God he missed those days running around without a care in the world. But the world took that from him, his father killed in action, acting selflessly as a shinobi should. But what did that get him in the end... nothing but a quick death. His mother was a shinobi too mindlessly serving a village, instead of honing her power and in the end she was unable to protect herself from the mist shinobi that took her life. Kōmon   would not make the same mistakes his parents made. He would become so powerful nobody could harm him, and hed use that power to protect the ones he loved. That was his endgame, and he wouldn't let anybody get in his way. Realizing he had zoned out and been staring at a group of kids for a solid 30 seconds now Kōmon   shook the thoughts out of his head and began to make his way to the training grounds.

It took him a while to make it to the training ground he didn't sprint like he normally would he wanted to take in the view of the village. Get a glimpse of the world he was living in and all that he started looking around at all the buildings. The village wasn't much but there was plenty of people in it, and they all seemed relatively happy with their lives. After a couple minutes of walking Kōmon   finally arrived at training ground.

Upon entering the area he normally trained he noticed a training dummy and figured he might as well start by attacking it. Quickly he made the signs for his newly mastered lightning style technique, in order the hand signs went Bird Snake Dragon Horse Ox. “Keieren No Jutsu” He shouted with power and confidence clear in his voice. Like in his previous training he felt the electricity surge into his arm and out to his hand. There it stayed thanks to Kōmon  s perfect control of the lightning chakra with that he dashed at the dummy and planted his hand on what would be his target's face if it were human. He watched in awe as his lightning extend from his hand outward to the point where it surrounded the dummy completely and then dissipate. The attack didn't seem to do much damage which didn't surprise Kōmon   because he knew that it was meant not as an offensive move but as a way to slow your enemy by sending electric shocks throughout the body to overstimulate the muscle and cause cramps. Thus the name Cramp Jutsu.

Wanting to see how his jutsu affect the dummy he decided to take a closer inspection. When he got up close to it he noticed that the rag surrounding the dummy had scorch marks on it. “That must have been from the electric shocks” he thought to himself.

Still not feeling as if he had become as fluent in Ninjutsu as he was In Kenjutsu Kōmon   decided he wanted to see what the effects of his newfound lightning style had on an actual person. Unfortunately at the time he had no volunteers. So he came up with the next best plan. After a moment of thinking that plan came to him and he began to weave a couple signs, Ram, Snake, Tiger. “Clone Jutsu” he figured if he could find a volunteer he'd simply create one. Plus in doing so he was helping himself with practicing ninjutsu in the process.

As he looked at the mirror image of himself he started to charge up his lightning style yet again. Getting in a comfortable battle stance he took a deep breath and weaved bird, snake, dragon, horse, ox. And again he exclaimed “KIEREN NO JUTSU” with a loud and sharpened voice that would demand the attention of any bystander. He felt the electricity surge through his arm and charged at his mirror image. As he rushed towards himself fully intending to electrocute the clone he couldn't help but realize attacking himself was going to be a strange feeling. He knew it was technically not him but it still felt weird. He decided to follow through but forgot one important fact. Clone technique does not make a solid clone. When he intended to strike he simply passed through the mirage and crashed into the dirt in front of him electrocuting himself in the process. He felt his nerves tense up and the jutsu do what it was supposed to do he ached all over his body. And could barely move. “DAMMIT!” he thought to himself. “So this is the power of Kieren No Jutsu.” After about 2 minutes of laying on the ground in pain he decided that that was enough training for the day he was much too tired and sore to continue.

The village looked even nicer at night. The sky was clear and the moon was up with stars shining all across the horizon. Kōmon   loved nature, it was always so beautiful to him. When he was angry he liked to lay down and look at stars to calm himself down. Today was no exception, when he got home he used chakra control to make it to the roof and laid down on his back. He stared at the sky for several minutes his mind completely blank before he decided to think about how he'd become skilled at ninjutsu. Working by himself wasn't doing anything for him and his brother was preoccupied with the genin exams. That left two people that could help him, either the bear girl he had trained with the other day or Gorami Sensei. After careful consideration Kōmon   decided that experience is the trump card in this situation. Deciding he would ask for his sensei's help tomorrow he retired to his bedroom. Getting into his pajamas and hopping into his bed, he began to fall asleep.

When he awoke the next morning he was still feeling relatively sore from yesterday's self imposed injury. But he wasn't about to let it slow him down, he sprung out of bed and readied his gear. He busted out of his apartment door and began heading towards the academy where he hoped to find his sensei. He went to the classroom he had been in just a week ago in attempt to locate the sensei. But the classroom was empty. Not satisfied Kōmon   went to the front of the academy and saw a woman sitting at the front desk. The woman noticing his confusion asked if he needed anything. Kōmon   thinking she might be able to help asked if she knew where Gorami Sensei was at. “He just left a couple of minutes ago, if you'd like I can give you his address.” the woman replied. Kōmon   asked for the address and she quickly gave it to him. He then thanked her for her help and walked out the front door of the academy.
After several minutes of traveling through the village Kōmon   found his sensei's apartment and knocked on the door. To his surprise gorami was not the one to open it however. A blonde woman in her 30’s greeted him at the door. “Uh….. Im looking for Gorami Sensei? Is he here by any chance?” Koman said with an obviously confused expression. The woman looked him over and chuckled. “Yes i'm his wife Yuno, stay here and i'll go get him.” She closed the door behind her and about 30 seconds later the door opened and Gorami stepped out. Greeting Kōmon   he asked what he needed. Kōmon   explained his situation about how he wanted to get the hang of ninjutsu and Gorami listened intensly. Sympathising with the kid he agreed to help. “Im eating dinner with my family at the moment but i'll meet you at the training ground in 45 minutes. Meet me there Kōmon   and i'll help you master your ninjutsu. Kōmon   thanked him for agreed to help him and walked towards the training grounds.

As Kōmon   arrived at the training grounds he figured it couldn't hurt to get some practice in before his sensei showed up. So he started warming up by taking some laps to get his blood running. Kōmon   had always been relatively in shape he hated sitting around and doing nothing so working out was just something he did while he was bored. He kept running until Gorami showed up which was about 30 minutes. Conditioned to this kind of physical activity Kōmon   wasn't very affected by it. “Thank you for coming sensei I appreciate the help.” Kōmon   said.

Gorami simply nodded. After looking over the kid he decided to ask him an important question his sensei had once asked him. “Kōmon   why do you even want to be a shinobi?” Gorami asked him. Kōmon   kind of taken aback by the sudden question asked what he meant, Gorami not budging on the topic simply repeated it. Kōmon   paused for a while putting thought into the answer.” Sensei you've met my brother Komori right?”. The Jounin nodded in response to his question. “Well you probably didn't know hes the only family I have left, Both my parents died in action. My father died guarding a caravan and my mother was killed at the hands of a hidden mist shinobi. So if you want to know why im training to be a shinobi ill tell you. To gain power. My parents died due to lacking it and I refuse to let that happen to me… Or my brother. Im going to become powerful in order to ensure our survival.” Kōmon   confiding in his sensei awaited a response. Gorami smiled, proud of the kid for his reasons. Most people who came through could hardly give an acceptable reason.

“Alright then, let's get started” the jounin said. “The goal of your training today is actually quite simple. Word around town is you’ve learned the D Rank Kieren No Jutsu, that's pretty impressive for someone your age, what i want you to do is simply manage to hit me with it…. By any and all means.” Kōmon   nodded the task seemed simple enough. Gorami with the students acceptance of the task shouted “BEGIN”. Kōmon   always the rational thinker decided the best course of action would be to sprint head on at the vastly more experienced jounin. As he charged Gorami just stood still, only a few feet away from the jounin Kōmon   was sure he was gonna land the hit. As he was about to connect however he met a completely different reality. Gorami simply spun on the heel of his foot as the boy charged past him and ended up behind him. Then with the back of his foot kicked him to the ground. “Come on Kōmon   I expected more from a gennin of your caliber!” he said as Kōmon   crashed into the ground.

Kōmon   was quickly realizing he was out of his league but he wasn't about to give in here. Slowly he got back on his feet and not learning from his first mistake went in for another head on collision this time activating his Kieren No Jutsu as he sprinted towards the Jounin, this time The jounin did nothing to counter him and Kōmon   actually managed to make contact but just as he was about to celebrate Gorami poofed out of existence and Kōmon   was faced with the realization that it was merely a shadow clone. Gorami must have hidden in the trees and sent a clone out to greet him. He'd planned it from the start. “AREN'T YOU A HYUUGA? LEARN TO USE YOUR BYAKUGAN IT'S A GIFT NOT MANY ARE GIVEN DON'T LET IT GO TO WASTE!” The shouts seemed to be coming from the trees and Kōmon   following his sensei's advice activated his byakugan in an attempt to find him. He saw his sensei's chakra in the trees and rushed towards him.

Deciding to learn from his previous mistakes Kōmon   wanted to try a new approach and weaved the three step signs for clone jutsu creating 2 clones while still at a distance he sent 1 head on and the other to attack from the side while he went around and prepared to attack Gorami from behind. As the two clones charged the sensei head on he sprinted from behind with his byakugan active to ensure this wasn't a clone like the last time. After confirming it was actually gorami he charged in sync with his clones but about 10 meters out the man began to weave signs completely foreign to the inexperienced gennin. He heard the man should mud wall and then slam his pal to the ground. Instantly a wall raised around him in all directions.

This easily countered the 2 clones as they slammed into the wall and vanished, Kōmon   being a bit more experienced than the illusions jumped forward and used his chakra control to sprint up the wall. He used the momentum from his charge to leap into the air, and activated Kieren No Jutsu jumping down on his sensei from above. But the jounin was still too fast for him Kōmon   was kicked out of the air by his master's foot.

“Your improving already Kōmon  , I actually had to use a jutsu to counter it, unlike you I don't have a byakugan to distinguish clones from reality. That was a good use of your jutsu. But you're still not fast enough to tag me.” Gorami was just teasing Koman at this point and it was visibly pissing the genin of. Obviously koman was growing increasingly irritated at the predicament, and sprung up with an obvious intent to attack. “I WILL GET YOU, I SWEAR TO GOD!” He yelled as he jumped into a tree branch and threw a kunai with a string attached to it behind his sensei.

Gorami noticing the string decided to let it slide his curiosity was often his downfall. He really wanted to see how this played out. Kōmon   used it as a zip line as he slid down the reinforced string with an insane amount of speed Gorami crossed his arms to block the incoming kick. Kōmon   had hoped he'd do that however and used his momentum to push off of the arms and flip into the air landing on the ground with his heels dug in, he pushed forward using all the momentum he had gained from the previous events to increase his speed, Gomari still recovering from the kick had left an opening and couldn't recover fast enough to counter Komans next move. The gennin mid charge brought the electricity into his arm screaming “KIEREN NO JUTSU” and successfully landed the hit on the seasoned jounin. A field of electricity surrounded him and he suffered at the hands of a slight electrocution.

“Ow” he said weakly as he stumbled. “That actually hurts pretty damn badly.” Gorami told the gennin. “Congrats” Kōmon was shocked by the fact that he had actually managed to land the hit, and still trying to come to terms with it. A couple seconds later he found the words he wanted to say. “Thank you for helping me with my ninjutsu sensei, I definitely feel more at ease with it then my kenjutsu now.” With that they said their goodbyes and Kōmon   headed home for some much needed rest.

WordCount: 3020
Requesting: Spec change from weaponry to ninjutsu + 15 Stat Points

"Danger is real, but fear is a choice"
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Komon Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: From Weaponry To Ninjutsu   Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:23 am

word count: 3020
Requesting: spec change from weaponry to ninjutsu + 15 stat points

"Danger is real, but fear is a choice"
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PostSubject: Re: From Weaponry To Ninjutsu   Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:48 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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PostSubject: Re: From Weaponry To Ninjutsu   

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From Weaponry To Ninjutsu
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