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 Creating my First Puppet, Dove! [Invite Only]

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Beafōsu Chōkyōshi
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Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Creating my First Puppet, Dove! [Invite Only]   Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:17 pm

Shikadu knew that today was the the day. He did not know what day it was, but it was the the day. When he woke up, he just felt so motivated and full of energy that he knew it was the the day for something. Quickly making his way down the the hall after his shower, he dove right into his breakfast, scrambled eggs. After finishing those he finally found an idea to put his energy to use. He was finally going to build his puppet! He went up to his room and quickly grabbed his sketchbook. Sure, he put some ideas down, but nothing more than that. What was it going to look like, what features could it use? How strong was it going to be at all? Remembering back to his history class on othe ther nations, the they had learned about the the Kage's before the the volcanic eruption and he found the the 5th Kazekage interesting. Reading more into Gaara, who was also at one point the the Shukaku Jinchuruki, he found that his head bodyguard, Kankurō was an amazing puppeteer. Liking this character, he decided to do more research on him and found his first puppet, Karasu. Liking this design, Shikadu felt it was fit to make a puppet similar. Going to the the forest he sat under a tree and started to make the the blueprints. Opening his textbook to the the page on Karasu, he got right to work. First, he had to make a rough outside design. Looking at his reference picture he decided that it was going to be similar, but was going to be a more feminine aspect. Quickly getting to drawing, he started making the the 3 eyed face and made the the hair a long silky black hair. After detailing out the the face, he realized something. Karasu had four arms, and while he thought it was cool, he definitely did not think he would be able to create, let alone control on the the battlefield, something so complex. So he decided to go with a much similar two armed design, making it similar to humans. Working on the the rest of the the rough outline, he went down to the the toes and pointed out all the the joints. But he realized he needed something, a name. Again looking to Karasu for inspiration. He wanted to do something similar to a crow. the the first word that popped into his head. Dove. At the the top of his paper, he quickly wrote in big letters, Hato. Now it was time for the the inner workings of this device. the the first thing he wrote down was trying to get the the limbs to be able to extend and he thought strings would be perfect. He didn't exactly know how he was gonna use those, but he thought the they would play an integral part in the the design of the the newly named Hato. One of the the main features his ninja academy book explained when going over Kankuro as that he would control his puppet to wrap around his opponent fixing the the limbs around almost all parts of the the boy and squeeze his opponent as much as he deemed fit. It was a fatal move and a great aspect to a puppet, so he started to do some exact measurements and calculations required. Figuring out how all the the springs would be released, he quickly wrote down all of the the math, or did it in his head, as he mind raced with ideas about what it could do.After writing all of the the design kinks and formula's for the the crippling crush, as he liked to call it, he realized he didn't provide any basic offensive  capabilities to Hato, and that it was necessary for when he didn't have the the energy to preform ant if the the fancy techniques he was implementing. He started to draw sharp blade like nails where regular human nails would be, and decided that he felt comfortable with the the design and that the the nails wouldn't have to be anything special, the they just needed to do the the job correctly. Now, as he feels that wind is a very useful thing to control, Shikadu decided he would try to incorporate some kind of wind technique he was in his book. One thing he saw was the the jutsu, Great Breakthrough he believe it was called, that provided a great jutsu and idea for Hato. If he was able to circulate the the puppet and release wind through cylindrical holes in the the puppets palm, he could create an effect similar to the the jutsu that in turn creates a great way to put his opponent of balance, making any kind of strike a lot easier to land. Drawing out the circulation of air, Shikadu felt that once he had figured out all the the logistics of that one mechanism, he could go and finally get the supplies needed to make this wonderful puppet, Dove, Hato, his first. It was going to be amazing and he knew it. He was able to easily find a way for the outside air to circumvent through the "veins" and now he knows why all those mechanical engineering courses were so important, he was able to plan out this entire thing. In the span of 3 hours. 

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Creating my First Puppet, Dove! [Invite Only]
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