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 Kinzoku Nazar

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PostSubject: Kinzoku Nazar   Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:43 pm

Suna Contest Application
Kinzoku "Gun Slinger" Nazar

Basic Information

Age: 22
Birthday: August 8th
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kinzoku stands 6ft1, weighing at about 190lbs of pure muscles due to being a part of the Nazar clan. Though his muscles are not the massive kind that bulge through clothing. He has a toned and cut physique with nearly 0 percent body fat. On his right arm he has 22 tattoos circling his bicep, each one expressing something that signified that year of his life. Now the tattoos have begun moving further down towards his forearm. Despite the beliefs of the Nazar clan, Kinzoku has grown his hair out to reach just under his jaw line. He also lets his facial hair grow but trims it to keep it from over-growing. His hair, facial hair, as well as his eyes are all a hazelnut color. His entire left arm is made of steel with sharpened finger tips and a sharpened elbow blade. He wears a black vest with an opened-up black jacket with the inside of it being red. On top of all of this he wears a steel chest plate as his flak jacket which connects to shoulder pads, each one have a red circle in the middle bearing the Nazar clan symbol. He wears long black pants held up by a belt with a holster for his revolver. He wears black boots similar looking to cowboy boots. Finally, he wears a black hat with a red outline. There is also a red center piece to the hat which also holds the Nazar clan symbol

Personality: Based on his attire, Kinzoku may seem as the "evil" kind of guy, one who may be intimidating and impossible to approach. That is not who he is, though he is not known for being friendly with everyone. There are only a handful of people who he truly trusts, and if Kinzoku doesn't trust someone he doesn't concern himself with them. Due to his past, he has strayed from some of the customs form the Nazar clan, hence why he is not bald. Another custom he has somewhat strayed from is the Enlightenment of the Fallen. Kinzoku still believes in Enlightening others and bringing people to the light or their inner peace, however he has to know the persons history first. He must learn about them before he decides to Enlighten them and whether or not they are capable of it. These are to due past experiences he regretted but soon came to accept as it made him who he is today.

As one can see, Kinzoku has trust issues as a result from the relationship he had with his parents. He tends to keep people out of his personal life and doesn't open up to others unless he does his own research on them. Researching someone is used as both his method to see if they are worthy of his time to be enlightened as well as to see if they can be trusted to know who he is.
When he's alone, which is pretty much all the time, he's either somewhere peaceful meditating or enjoying a cigar. Mediating is Kinzoku's number one method to Enlightenment. It's his way of keeping true to himself and finding that light through thick and thin.
He is also all about justice and following the establishment. Anyone who is unjust, abuses their power, and takes advantage of people in need and the weak, Kinzoku doesn't take very kind to them.

History: A story about The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Kinzoku's parents were both born, raised and lived in the Volcano village. His father Jiki and mother Sue were both members of the Nazar family. Both their families have lived in the Volcano village for generations down to the first members of the Nazar clan before they became what they are today. However that would all come to an end for Kinzoku's family as they were requested by the two heads of the community to go to Suna in order to enlighten as many people as they could in Suna and set up a community there. At the time there was great turmoil in the village and the Nazar community were peaceful people. So they were both sent to Suna with others in order to set up a community under the protection of the First Kazekage Amane Uchiha who was known for being kind and loved by the people. Jiki and Sue had already had a son in the Volcano village, Baku. But when they left the Volcano village along with many others who joined as emissaries, they left their son behind to live in the community. Thus Jiki, Sue and 10 others set out for Suna. During their travels they decided to have another child who would one day help the community grow. After their long travels and being accepted into the village by Amane they set up their small community of twelve, and a few days after Kinzoku Nazar was born. Other members of the newly found community also had children of their own, Kinzoku being the oldest since he had been born first. Though they were not actually relatives, in a Nazar community they considered each other brothers and sisters.
Kinzoku's father had a plan for him to moment he was born and be began putting that plan into action as soon as Kinzoku could take his first steps. He began giving Kinzoku dulled out kunai and shurikens, getting him use to the feel of them from an early age. When Kinzoku turned five he already knew how to throw the projectiles with nearly perfect accuracy. To Kinzoku, he simply saw this as play time with his father and didn't actually notice that he was being trained into a shinobi. He simply enjoyed the time with him. When his father wasn't around, he was showing off his cool skills to his brothers and sisters. His father wasn't around because he was doing what he was sent to the village for, to enlighten others in Suna. When he wasn't enlightening others, he was working to make a living. After five years of working, Jiki was able to set up a company which handed out loans to people who needed help. He did well for himself and the community. Eventually he was going to enter Kinzoku into the academy in order to hone his skills, but he was going to get him ready for that first. So Jiki worked with his son every night, assuring that his accuracy became nothing less than perfect.
In his past time, Kinzoku loved finding gadgets and taking them apart to see how they worked and rebuild them. From this he would also learn to build his own gadgets and weapons. His very first creation was a sling shot. Since his accuracy had become his unique skill, a sling shot only increased the range of his projectiles. Later on he built his own bow which could store arrows inside of it. He soon became just as efficient with the bow as he was with shuriken and kunai and it quickly became his go to.
Kinzoku had now turned 11 years old and was enlisted into the academy by his father along with one brother and sister from the community, both being a year younger. Kinzoku accuracy with projectiles was rivaled by no one within the academy. At his current level, he had the accuracy equivalent to that of a well seasoned Chuunin. But in terms of strength he was somewhat out classed and he was always somewhere in the middle in terms of speed. His brother was superior in strength whereas his sister was quicker and agile. Together they covered most bases. Kinzoku was the smarter one of the three as well and tended to do better in the academy intellectually.

Once in the academy, his father began teaching him the ways of the Nazar clan. He had been given his 11 tattoos, one for each year of his life. His head was now fully shaved as well. He began to learn the best methods to enlighten people. What to look for, their weaknesses, faults, deepest fears and how to come to terms with them. How to shape people into being the best that they can be and into seeing the light. Like steel, everything can be shaped into the perfect being and that would be Kinzoku goal when he was older. At Least it was suppose to be.
When it came time for the Genin exam, Kinzoku and his brother and sister all took it at the same time. They past it with grace and were promoted to Suna Genins. They were all personally greeted by Amane for their promotion. Kinzoku had completely fallen in love with their Kage, he had never met someone so kind before. He had been assigned to a team with his brother and sister which was the obvious decision to make since they were always with one another.
Now a Genin, Kinzoku began learning how to use earth element by both his Sensei and his father. It was the first step to becoming a true Nazar member. Now his father began getting Kinzoku more involved in his business, but he was lying to Kinzoku. When your job is to loan money, you give the money with expectations of it being paid back. But nothing always goes according to how people expect things to go, and when they borrow money sometimes they can't always pay it back. That's where Jiki brought Kinzoku into the picture. Jiki would bring them into a building he owned, cover their heads with bags so that Kinzoku couldn't see who it was and have him execute the man for not paying the money back. But that's not what Jiki told him. Kinzoku was told that these people were non-believers of enlightening people and as a result and either threaten or made attempt to rid Suna of their community. The only way to protect the community was to get rid of them first. Thus confused  Kinzoku a bit because they believed that they could shape and mold people just as steel could. But Jiki was his father, and he could never believe that his father was doing something bad. He believed if his father was asking him to do it, it was for the good. So he lifted his bow, dropped an arrow out of it, cocked it back, and released the arrow into somebody he didn't know. It was his first time doing it, and it wasn't going to be his last time doing it for his father.
Outside of handling problems for what he believed was for his community, Kinzoku was put through training drills with his teammates for basic skills such as teamwork. But teamwork was no problem for the three of them, they worked together like limbs from the same body, it was almost uncanny. Though basic, they handled missions with ease. Kinzoku had excelled in the use of weapons and earth ninjutsu. He was so proficient in it that he eventually learned how to use the fire element as well. Having acquired his new element, when he was with his team he was practicing on his kenjutsu and ninjutsu skills. When he was on his own he was building new gadgets and weapons. When he was with his father, he was doing more dirty work for him. Kinzoku had moved on from his bow and built a crossbow with mags of arrows which became his new go to. He built a sword for his brother and a set of armor for his sister which allowed her to move quickly and still be protected.
Kinzoku still couldn't understand why his father was killing these people instead of trying to help them and make them better. So he went to his mother to help understand, but she would avoid the topic as much as possible and simply tell him to listen to his father because he knew what was right. But he couldn't help be concerned, after all he was being forced to essentially assassinate people.
Their team was now ready for the Chuunin exams. But tragedy had struck the city with the sudden death of their beloved Kazekage Amane. Kinzoku was devastated. He thought their Kazekage was the greatest thing this village had. Her death left him worrying who could fill the void. A man named Azaiyo was the one who tried replacing Amane on the mantle but Kinzoku's team was assigned a mission by the higher ups so he did not really have much time to concern himself with the politics of it all. Due to the sudden death of their Kage, the village had become prey to many. As a result, three wanderer shinobi had stolen documents from the village. They were not classified documents so no Jounin/Dusk were sent. But if they completed the mission they would be promoted to Chuunin. With the help of their sensei they managed to track down the 3 men hidden somewhere in a tomb out in the desert. Two of them escaped the tomb and Kinzoku's sister and sensei went after them as himself and his brother stayed for the last one. They entered the tomb to face the man. The two of them out matched him together and easily took him out but he did not have the documents. During their exit to join the other two, Kinzoku had accidently set off a trap the three set which set off a chain reaction of explosions in the exit. His brother managed to push Kinzoku out of the tomb before being hit by the full trap. Kinzoku crashed across the sand falling unconscious due to the concussive blast. When he awoke he was in a hospital bed with his sister and sensei waiting for him to wake. The first thing he asked was where his brother was, but he did not make it. Kinzoku noticed shortly after that he had lost his entire left arm in the explosion. Had it not been for his brother he would have lost his life also. But they managed to complete the mission. He and his sister were promoted to Chuunin.  
Kinzoku was now 18 years old. When Nazar members turned 18 they were sent out on a soul search journey which lasted a little over a year. So he set out, leaving Suna. His destination was the Volcano village, his Clan's hometown. Now that he only had one arm, he could no longer use ninjutsu unless he figured out how to use handseals with one hand. Until then he would perfect himself with the use of his crossbow. He later made a modification to it which allowed him to fire arrows with blasts of chakra instead of waiting for the line to draw back. Allowed for more shots at a faster rate. During his travels, Kinzoku couldn't stand looking at the stub under his left shoulder. All he could see was his failure, is weakness, and the death of his community brother. It was all his fault and had he not been such a fool he may have been able to avoid the entire thing all together. That was going to be the biggest objective to his journey, coming to terms with what happened and understanding that it happened for a reason.
He made it to the Volcano village safely and was accepted by the Nazar community there with welcoming arms. They were glad to see someone from the Suna community make it back and couldn't wait to hear how everything was going. It was a member in this community that informed Kinzoku that it was Azaiyo who murdered Amane. He was punished for it and a man from Konoha by the name of Koroshi had taken up the mantle. Kinzoku found it strange that it was a Konoha nin to take the place of a Kazekage and not a Suna nin. He knew the two cities had great relations with one another though, so before returning home he'd also take a trip to Konoha. In the Volcano village, Kinzoku did lots of meditation with the people of the community. It helped him find that inner peace he was looking for. But it wasn't enough. So he began researching, reading old doctrines and scripts about the history of his clan and their methods. It helped him understand why they believed in enlightenment and its purpose. It helped instill a single value which he would keep with him forever; never take anything at face value.
It was here he learned the element of his clan, steel. Once of the heads of the community took him under to help him overcome his troubles as well as teach him the ways of their clan and how to use their steel element. He excelled pretty well with the use of steel manipulation, but was hampered by having one arm. Through more months of meditation, Kinzoku came to terms with his current situation and was now done with his journey in the Volcano Village. He headed out and began making his way to Konoha. Doing all this traveling alone, Kinzoku really came to terms with who he was and found himself, which was essentially the purpose of this journey. Going to the Volcano village would have been good enough to end his journey, but he wanted to see what Suna's strongest allies were like. He also wanted to get some information of Koroshi. Upon arriving into Konoha, Kinzoku began inspecting the way of life in Konoha. His clan had the Will of Steal, this village had the Will of Fire. And he could see it in their shinobi. He could see why Konoha and Suna were strong allies, they both embodied similar values. Upon doing his research on Koroshi, he spoke to many elders, those who were most likely to know about him. All of them had nothing but good to say, it only made sense as to why they sent him to be Kazekage. It was also they who informed Kinzoku that his village had just been attack by the Shukaku. The news stunned Kinzoku for two reasons. The first was because he was worried about his community back at home, and the second was because Koroshi managed to subdue the beast. He wasn't surprised that the Kazekage was strong enough to subdue the demon, more so that he put his life at risk for a village he wasn't even born to. It was at that moment Kinzoku felt that Koroshi was the perfect replacement for Amane.
With that news, he quickly headed out to go back home to his community. During his travels, he found a note in his backpack that one of the Konoha elders had slipped in. The note informed Kinzoku of a puppet nin residing in Suna who could build an arm for him. If the puppet nin could in fact do this, Kinzoku would jump on the opportunity. It would only allow him to finally continue his training in ninjutsu. After months of traveling, Kinzoku was finally back home at the age of 20. His community was informed by that from the Volcano village that he had passed his journey and was now a full fledge Narar member. They were all very happy for him but Kinzoku was just happy to see they survived the attack by the Shukaku. Though repairs were still in progress it was good to see the village in high spirits. After settling in Kinzoku paid a visit to the puppet nin. Unfortunately his shop hadn't been fully restored from the attack so he didn't have the materials necessary. So Kinzoku got an idea. He was good with tools and constructing gadgets. So with his knowledge on inventing and use with steel and the puppet-nins knowledge and expertise, the two of them worked day in and day out to create a steel arm. After months of working on it, the two had created a fully functional steel arm which Kinzoku could freely control with his control over the element.
Now with his fully functional limb, his next task was to investigate the true nature of his dad's doings when he was younger as well as while he was gone. He found out which families had people going missing all those years back and questioned them. One after another, they informed Kinzoku that money and been loaned to them and unfortunately it couldn't be paid back when Jiki asked for it back. After a number of months, each one went missing, and Kinzoku finally learned what he was really doing all that time. He wasn't protecting his community, he was cleaning up his dad's trash. Kinzoku eventually gave an anonymous tip to the elders of the village who had the Dust arrest Jiki and his employees. He was his father, but Kinzoku could no longer tolerate the injustice of his father. He later informed his mother of what he had done and left the community. This was the beginning of Kinzoku some what separation from some of the Clan customs. He started to let his hair grow and was more concerned with who to enlighten, who to reshape and whether they could be trusted to be molded into new beings. He believed his father represented everything the Nazar clan stood for, but when he found out who his father really was it changed him. It was the finally chapter in his journey. He now saw everything clearly; his Jiki was the Bad for having abused his position of power and having his kid do his dirty work, his mother was the Ugly for having shunned an eye to the whole situation, and Kinzoku was the Good for doing what was right.
Kinzoku spent the rest of his time creating armor, weapons, and tools as well as honing his skills as a shinobi. He soon created his go to weapon which replaced his cross bow. This was a gun, a weapon yet to be seen but may revolutionize combat as a whole. Feeling like his training was complete, Kinzoku paid a long overdue visit to the Kazekage Koroshi. It was the first time the two met since Kinzoku was gone during Koroshi's rise to the role of Kazekage. He basically explain his who life's journey to the Kage, from him being born, to losing his arm, to turning in his own father. He also informed Koroshi that he had gone to Konoha to do research on him and find out what kind of man he was. But the fact he saved the village from the Shukaku was really all the information he needed. So he thanked Koroshi, informed him that he was one of the handful of people that he trusted and that he didn't even trust his own parents anymore. Finally, he stated that he hoped to one day earn Koroshi's trust. After their meeting, he visited the elders a few days later with a presentation of the missions he's completed, his journey, and displayed his skills. After a thorough overlook of what they had seen, Kinzoku was promoted to a Jounin of Suna.
To Kinzoku, rank didn't mean anything to him. The only reason he felt the need to be promoted to Jounin was so that he had a better opportunity to be recognized by Koroshi. Also, being a Jounin meant he'd be given more responsibility within the village which only increased his chances to gain that trust from the Kazekage.
Now at the age of 22, Kinzoku only continued to increase his skills as a shinobi, prove his worth, and rid this world of the unjust.

Likes: Cigars, meditating, practicing his aim/shooting, helping those in need, getting the unjust.
Dislikes: Liars, abuse of power, criminals.

Ninja Traits

Rank: Jounin
Village: Suna
Element(s): Earth, Fire, Steel
Specialties: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Clan: Nazar

Health: 30
Chakra: 60
Stamina: 30
Speed: 60
Strength: 20

The Player

Other Characters: Kotsuzui Kaguya
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Nazar   Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:18 pm

Alright, just a few simple things. This is all I see so far...


As for the arm, I doubt that's gonna work how you stated. For you gaining arm like so, would require medical spec knowledge, which you don't have. So without that knowledge since you said you made it, I don't see how you could give yourself a metal arm, plus that would need to be registered. I get that you forge stuff, but that won't fly. So if you could, please edit that.

Please include the whole character application. I know you don't have to do the RP sample, but if you could, that would be great, boss.

Unless you have permission from koroshi, you can't use him like how you did in your history, having meeting with him without his knowledge ooc. If you do, let me know and we can move on.
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Nazar   Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:24 pm

That makes sense, I hadn't thought of that. If i put in my history that a medic nin helped put my arm on would they be good enough? If not, if I change one of my specs to med would I be able to do it myself? And at the moment its technically just an arm, same health as the rest of his body. I do plan on creating it as an amour piece once the bio is accepted.

I hadn't put an RP sample because I don't think I have ever seen someone put one when creating a second application. I thought that if you wanted to see an RP sample you could just see my topics with Kotsuzui Kaguya?

So I didn't get permission from Koroshi. At first I thought the same thing, that i needed to ask him. I asked Nobunaga (one of the first Suna applicants) if he had asked Koroshi for permission (he also met with Koroshi in his history). He told me he did not, and Koroshi seemed ok with it. So I did the same and was just going to wait to see if Koroshi was ok with it or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Nazar   Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:20 am

Alright stepping in with a few things, for starters with the contest rpc since they are supposed to be the heart of Suna I would prefer for them to be born in Suna. I know that some of the other rpcs have not and I have allowed them but I am trying to get this train back on track. With your family being from Volcano and having you in Suna is better, however I don't feel that the Nazar clan would send any emissaries to Suna, given that there is no real talk about the "enlightenment" besides trying to help people, Suna has always been a village that looks out for each other and outsiders. Such a village I would feel that the Nazar clan would take one look at and would say "They are already enlighten, let us try to seek out people in need"

Having no need to send emissaries that sort of ruins your family being here. That point aside the things that your father was doing, and having you do would be quickly picked up on by the villagers higher ups, people do not just vanish out of thin air, and if that started happening there would be a village wide search to make sure that everyone was save.

Next would be the issue with your time lining, I know it may be a bit hard given that you are trying to look at the history of two different villages, so let me try and help clear some things up, starting with the Volcano village. This village at first was just a minor village, mainly just a trading village who were able to stay funded because of the rich materials they were able to get out of the Volcano's and near by mountains, however they were briefly brought up to major village status when Osore took over the village, using it as the home of the brother hood. He was a Jashin cannibal who would often eat people, and would rule using his and his followers powers. When you would return to the village on your journey you would be welcomed back to this sort of place, your home being much lager, but filled with terror, people fearing for their lives that Osore would choose them to feast upon that day, or that Shouten would pick them to do experiments on. With you being raised by the Nazar clan any sort of Journey you would be on would be halted to try and save the home of your clan, and if you tried you would either be eaten or taken a part limb from limb to see how your clan works, if Shouten hasn't done that to the clan leaders already.

This puts a rather big hole in your story given that would be its end.

Another hiccup would be with you leaving, given that you a freshly ranked Chunin Suna would not allow you to go on such a journey without at least another chunin going along with you, Suna trust all of their shinobi, but to let someone of a rather low rank travel from village to village is dangerous.

So those different things in your history will need to be worked out if you do want to continue with this clan/rpc.

(Side note, I know they you may be wanting to keep that you have an arm made out of steel, who wouldn't? However this would need to be an open choice for you, not getting it just as a replacement, given that with medical ninjutsu Suna would have been able to craft you an arm made out of human tissue, so it would be as if you never lost anything.)



I punched Guest IN THE FACE!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Nazar   Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:09 am

Instead of editing my bio right away I'm going to ask you here if the changes I have in mind are ok so you don't have to waste time re-reading it all. 

I was unaware of the history of the volcano village being as it is. I was thinking of moving his history forward a bit. So i'd have Kinzoku's grandparents flee the village as a result of being afraid for their lives. As a result they would take refuge in Suna, as you mentioned they look out for outsiders. This way Kinzoku and his parents would all be born and raised in Suna as you'd like. So having said this, where exactly where Suna have been in their history in this point of the Volcano village? Just so I can get an idea of how to fit Suna's history into Kinzoku's.

I will change Kinzoku's father's business thing. I should have seen how silly it was. I'll also push him becoming a shinobi till after his journey so it doesn't conflict with the Suna shinobi system. I'll also add in that he willingly decided to go with a metal arm as it'll benefit his style as a shinobi.

If this seems somewhat ok with you, i'll get to re-working it
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Nazar   Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:50 am

We are currently trying to work up a good set timeline which will help out a lot of creations, however until that is fully made here is an idea of how the time line currently is.

The Volcano village became a major village roughly 5 years ago, so if you want your grand parents to leave because of that fear, then that would make it where you are not born for awhile.

However If you do want to have your grand parents come over sooner that is always a possibility, they could have moved because they did not agree with the ideals of the clan, or because they did not like that area, or even just because they wanted to go on their journey to find enlightenment and your grand parents met and fell in love in Suna.



I punched Guest IN THE FACE!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Nazar   Today at 10:17 pm

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Kinzoku Nazar
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