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 V6 Character Rules/Template

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: V6 Character Rules/Template   Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:29 am

Welcome to NRPG, if you're looking through this thread, chances are you're trying to create a new character, your very first character here even? Not to worry, this quick and efficient guide will help you get started.

The first thing you must do when creating a character is to read through our site timeline to ensure nothing in your personal history clashes with the already established canon. We do not limit your imagination or creativity in any way but we do request that you respect the plot and narrative we've already set in place.

Creating Your First Character

Your first character is also referred to as your "Main" character, or sometimes as just your "Main". To create your Main, please use the template provided below. Once you've filled the template, post it in the Character Creation forum as a new topic where a member of staff will presently review it. Heed their feedback and edit accordingly until your character is approved.

If you decide to start in a Ninja Village, you have the option of starting as either an Academy Student or a Genin. Starting as a student means you begin with 30 stat points total. Genin however start with 60.

Please note that if this is your very first character on NRPG, you are required to start as an Academy Student.

If you choose to start as a Missing Ninja, you may start as an E rank or a D rank Missing Ninja. The stats for E rank are 30 while the stats for D rank are 60. In order to start as a Missing Nin, you must have commited or been framed for a crime. The nature of the incident must be detailed in your history

E rank is equivalent to the AS rank, and comes with the same stipulations.

If you would like to have your character be in a clan, please first check the availability of said clan. Uchiha for example is almost has its own additional clan specifications attached as joining requirements. Other clans may also have further joining requirements such as OOC permission of the creator.

If you chosen to forgo clans, you will be granted buffs to your character. You can read more about those advantages here

The role play sample you provide for your application should be at least 500 words and should include one of the scenarios listed below. If you choose to create a Village Ninja, you're role playing as the defender, if you want to create a Missing Nin, you would role play as the antagonist.

-A group of civilian children have been kidnapped. Either role play rescuing them and taking care of the abductor or abducting said children and holding them for ransom.

-A guarded caravan is forced to stop due to a broken wheel in a territory famous for rogue ninja activity. Role play either guarding the contents of the caravan against bandits or role play the bandit leading the attack on the caravan.

-Sometimes ninja defect a village. Role play either defecting a village to embark on the path of a Missing Ninja or role play the loyal village ninja that stops him/her.

Do not use actual village names in your sample as this might interfere with already existing site canon.

Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation to the best of your ability when filling out your application. We don't require you to have a degree in English but we do expect readable, coherent text.

Creating Your Next Character

On NRPG, there is no cap on the number of character slots one may have. This means that, yes, you can have as many characters as you want. However, before you run off and create an army, there are some rules that have to be followed when making characters beyond your first. So, please continue reading if you are ready to move forward with another character.

As you might expect, a brand new player starts with a single character slot. Now, if you want to get more character slots you must meet one of these two conditions:

1) Reach Chunin rank or equivalent on your first character.

2) Have written 25,000 words on your first character.

Upon meeting at least one of the two conditions you are granted a new character slot and may no longer claim another slot with your first character. Should you wish to go beyond this second character slot and create yet another character the character in this second slot must meet the aforementioned conditions. Once your third slot is claimed you may not claim another slot with your second character. This process of reaching the conditions with one slot, claiming a new slot, and then being unable to claim another slot with the initial slot can be repeated ad infinitum.

Character Interaction Restrictions:

The characters played by the same player may interact with each other but only for purely social and story reasons. Characters controlled by the same player may not benefit from training discounts, bloodline transfers, monetary gains or other in-game increments.

Same-player character interactions will be monitored for abuse by staff.

Characters meant to fill a new slot can be made as either Genin or Academy Students.

Character applications past your first on the site do not require a roleplaying sample. 

Character Death

It happens, whether by choice or as a result of the chaotic RP world we live in. Should you lose your character unintentionally, you may choose to replace said character with a brand new one. The replacement character can be one rank lower than the character you lost, but no more than a Chuunin or equivalent.

However, if you have lost all muse for a character and would like to get rid of it, we have two options for you. You can choose to either have your character killed to advance someone else's plot or you can opt to have them turn into an NPC to be used by your village. These options are only available to village shinobi of course as Missing Ninja rank up by killing and prearranged rank up scenarios are strictly prohibited.

If a Missing Ninja dies, it is assumed he/she vanished. It's a tough life out there for them.

You do not get to decide who your death or NPC-fying will benefit. Once you give up your character, the decision of its fate rests solely with your Kage/Village Leader.

Once you've decided to give up a character, please post here to pick whether you'd like it to die or be turned into an NPC.

Yet they say that experiences can fleet from one life and into another, so why should that change here? While we don't mean that memories and anything of that nature can be passed around, the wordcount you've accumulated over the course of one character's life can be 'recycled', but you'll only be able to use half of the total wordcount of things you have trained (excluding anything that was free; try to keep links to all events on your statistics so you can provide proof if disputed) Here's a list of what you can get wordcount for:

  • Jutsu
  • Skills
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Puppets
  • Familiars

You will have to tally up the word count and provide links for your completed training/building. Post your request along with the accompanying links on your new character's stat page and wait for a moderator's review. Upon approval, you are granted your bank of words from which you may put towards stats, jutsu, items or anything else that a word count may be traditionally be put towards. When spending this word count you must track your deductions as you go and get moderator approval for each change.

NOTE: This only applies for actual character death, and does not apply to: Missed Activity Checks/NPCing/Suiciding.

Banned Characters

Banned characters are those belonging to banned members who have been removed from the site due to multiple offenses against the staff, the community or in role play.

When in a topic with a banned character, you are allowed to skip said character's posting turn if the ban is temporary. Should the ban be permanent, it is assumed that they simply walked/teleported/disappeared from the topic. These character's fates will be decided by their acting village heads.

You are not allowed to take advantage of a member's banning by claiming their body, money and/or items.

[size=24][center][color=orange][b]Character Name Here[/b][/color][/center][/size]

[size=18][center][b][color=red]Basic Information[/color][/b][/center][/size]



[size=18][center][b][color=green]Ninja Traits[/color][/b][/center][/size]




[size=18][center][b][color=violet]The Player[/color][/b][/center][/size]

[b][color=violet]Other Characters:[/color][/b]
[b][color=violet]Roleplay Sample:[/color][/b]

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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V6 Character Rules/Template
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