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 V6 Timeline

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PostSubject: V6 Timeline    Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:28 am

V6 Timeline

The Akatsuki is formed, a notorious band of criminals who seem to have no clear purpose. The organization consists of members from minor villages and the ranks of missing ninja.

Takigakure is destroyed via unknown means and its leader is presumed dead.

Misaki Ametsuchi retires, naming her prized student Yaju Hayate as Yondaime Raikage

Yukigakure, Iwagakure and Amegakure soon follow, it quickly becomes clear that the Akatsuki is behind these village destruction.

Takeo Tadashi replaces Denkiteki as Yondaime Tengkage but later hands the reigns to Xyxer Gyojin who joins the Akatsuki in hopes of restoring Kirigakure to its former glory in a new land

The leader of Shimagakure forms an alliance with the Akatsuki in exchange for protection and status.

Amegakure's destruction goes unchallenged save by a single Genin, Li Dian. Li escapes only to appeal to the Daimyo to rebuild Amegakure.

The leaders of Tenga and Shima make a deal, to combine their people and resources in Shimagakure. Tenga is destroyed and the remaining population moved to Shima. The village that emerges as a result of this alliance is named "New Kirigakure" with Xyxer Gyojin as its Mizukage.

With all minor villages destroyed, the Akatsuki now turns its sights towards Kumogakure. Maku Jemuzu and Youka Tau launch an unprecedented attack on Kumo and kill its most prominent defender, Echo Uchiha.

Heartbroken and enraged by his brother's death, Koroshi Uchiha finds Maku and attempts to avenge Echo. In the end, he spares Maku's life but takes the Kyuubi that was released into the world upon Echo's death.

Spurred on by Echo's death, Navi Yameki, Godaime Hokage, faces Viper Uchiha in an enraged duel that ends in his death.

Brennar replaces Navi and acts as an interim Hokage until the elders can come to a decision regarding the leadership of the Leaf.

To keep the organization from doing even more damage to Kumogakure, Akihana Akari, a Kumo kunoichi, offers herself as a political hostage in exchange for the Akatsuki leaving Kumo alone. Her offer is taken up by only part of the group and she is taken prisoner.

Youka Tau, not held by the promise given to Akihana, attacks Kumo a second time. He succeeds in taking the village, killing the Raikage and all high ranking shinobi within the village. He then resolves to recreate Kumo in his own image.

Amegakure reconstruction begins with Li Dian as its new leader. The village is rebuilt with a new hope for a new tomorrow.

In captivity, Akihana Akari manages to befriend her captors to the extent where she agrees to help Denkiteki avenge the murder of an old friend in exchange for her freedom. Together, the search leads Denkiteki, Akihana and Maku to the country of Haven.

It quickly becomes obvious that Haven - a country with no Shinobi forces of its own - is ill equipped to defend itself. Wanting to make up for not being able to defend her own home village, Akihana decides to stay in Hoshi. Denkiteki aligns himself with the same goal and the two forge an alliance with the royalty and local police of the country. The ninja village of Hoshigakure is established shortly afterwords.

Jason Senju is elected as Rukudaime Hokage. His reign however is short lived. A curious desease takes hold of the young Kage and claims his life only a month into his reign, leaving Konoha bereft of a leader once more.

Amegakure is rebuilt and just as it looks like the people there will get a chance again, Youka Tau makes an appearance, claiming Amegakure as under Kumo's jurisdiction. He destroys the village once more, transporting those he sees fit to live out their remaining days in his own version of Kumogakure.

Kirigakura holds its first genin exam, a free for all death match among the village`s genin with the survivors being granted the status of Chunin. The event is dubbed “The Blood Games”.

Hoshigakure spreads quickly in wealth, military and influence, earning a major village status. Funkagakure however all but disappears from the map, rumors stating that it has been taken over by a missing ninja shrouded in mystery. No survivors are ever left to tell the tale of what goes on in Funkagakure.

Kurisu Ametsuchi returns to claim the title of Seventh Hokage. The village prospers under his rule. Enemies of the village are punished and shinobi forces stabilized. The new generation is given a chance to prove itself through the combined Konoha/Suna Jounin exams which take place in Suna.

Xyxer Gyojin steps down as Mizukage, leaving Haru Hyuuga to take over the role of Niidaime Mizukage.

With Hoshigakure in good hands, Akihana Akari looks once more towards her old home, now made infamous for its cruel leadership and poor living conditions. Unable to live with the fact that she has failed her people, the kunoichi makes her way to Kumo once again on a diplomatic mission to convince Youka to release Kumo from his iron grip.

Kirigakure hosts the second Blood Games in an attempt to progress its younger ninja by pitting them against a village ANBU.

Dignitaries and high ranking ninja begin to flood Sunagakure in preparation for the upcoming Jounin exams.

Funkagakure's volcanoes begin to grow even more violent and unpredictable in their eruptions, causing the whole country to be covered in a film of ominous smoke and soot. The atmosphere is intensified with by the stench of blood in the air.

In Kumogakure, Akihana Akari meets with the Raikage to propose a treaty of peace and freedom for Kumo's citizens. The Raikage, Mortarion, counter proposes. The duo is married in a lavish public ceremony on September 10th.

After months of wandering, Xyxer Gyojin returns to Kirigakure attempting to usurp Haru Hyuuga for the title of Mizukage. Haru Hyuuga - with the welfare of his people in mind - concedes the position, making Xyxer Mizukage once more.

Living conditions in Kumogakure improve drastically with Akihana Akari involved. All three districts are reorganized, prisoners rehabilitated, medical faculties strengthened in both supplies and manpower and the Kage is no longer seen as a fearsome figure in the eyes of the villagers.

The first round of fights for the Jounin exam begin in Suna to much anticipation and applause.

Upon his return to the office of Mizukage, one of Xyxer's first actions is to organize the third Blood Games. However this round appears to be particularly violent, calling into question if the tradition will continue from here on.

Akihana Akari returns to Hoshigakure amidst a leadership change. The reigning princess decides to abdicate the throne in favor of her cousin Kanzaki Senju, bestowing the title of Queen Regent on Akihana until Kanzaki comes of age. Akihana also takes on the role of Deputy Kage.

Kumogakure too goes under a leadership change with the missing Ninja Maku Jemuzu taking over the villages military. His pseudonym, General Slanesh, is known and feared throughout the land. Under his leadership, Kumo begins to expand its territory, taking minor villages such as Taki, Ame, Yuki and Tatsu. Not satisfied with these accomplishments though, Kumo turns its attention to Sunagakure.

Rumors report that the psychopathic Mizukage, Xyxer Gyojin, has found an even greater reserve of power than he previously commanded, however most are unsure of what this power could possibly be. Some say it has made the fearsome Mizukage… rap.

The Jounin exams in Sunagakure end to great celebration and cheer, however the good spirits are short lived as Maku shows up at the gates. The Kazekage, Koroshi Uchiha, is seen rushing from his offices towards the gate and then appears to vanish. Witnesses are unable to find him anywhere and forced to conclude that he is just gone.

What proceeds is a peaceful takeover of annexing Sunagakure into Kumogakure, with ninja being given a choice to either assimilate or leave. Sunagakure’s funds are seized by Maku and its status as an independent nation withdrawn. Maku and the Council of Suna hash out the terms of the takeover without any violence or resistance.

Naoki Gekou is appointed as Deputy Mizukage, however little is known about the man save that he was once the leader of Shimagakure and a member of the famed Akatsuki.

Sensing the urgency and fragility of the shinobi world in its current state, Konohagakure issues a recall of all its shinobi to home base, possibly preparing for a war. Anyone who does not return to Konoha is marked a fugitive and entered into the Bingo Book.

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V6 Timeline
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