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 No Longer A Scum

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Doton
Clan : Hiyu
Bloodline : Tai no Hengen
Ryo : 4000

PostSubject: No Longer A Scum   Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:06 pm

It was night, he stars were ablaze in the air burning off an infinite amount of gas that let off a light that could only be matched and surpassed by the sun itself. The only reason the moon was shining brighter than ever before was due to the sun becoming a true storm of nothing but gaseous energy combusting every microsecond. Observing all of this happen made Enyo feel as though he was a human while he was laying down in the soft green grass that would compress to the earth floor beneath his weight. He was a bit tired from training his body, he knew he needed to work on Hiyu techniques like his father told him, but he was yet to find Ari.

He often wondered how she was but he quickly dismissed the thoughts and returned to the admiration of the environment the forest held. Enyo always found it entertaining that nature was able to sustain itself, it was like some sort of self-regulating system that was harsh to those around it. Animals would kill each other for food, some would die and starve becoming fertilizer for the land in order to grow the green grass he was lying upon at this moment. He also wondered how specific species were in distinct locations in the world, but he attributed it to evolution.

“I guess I will go on and train some things before I head home, I’ve been out here all day and it would be bad for my health to stay out past my bedtime.” Enyo thought to himself as he got up using the palms of his hands to push himself to his feet. He would then dust himself off and hop into his stance that he thought permitted easier focus and concentration. Among the things his father told him about while he was still in the Taika province was the Mirror Transformation Technique, he stated that it was a way to blend in with your surroundings by the use of your cells.

It was always apparent to Enyo that his cells were far more important than he thought when it came to doing things that were of the Hiyu Clan. With that being said he would begin his training, one thing he always liked to do at the beginning of the training was speculate. “How should I go about reflecting myself, I know that reflection is due to the light refracting off of a surface, but how will my cells be capable of such things. It might require me to fuel my cells with thin layers of chakra to the point where it obstructs the light that would usually contact it.” Enyo said pondering on the technique, he often wondered how someone even created such things, but then an overwhelming sleepiness came over him.

He figured that it wasn’t best to train either and went home, that morning when he awoke the noise of hands hitting each other meaning that someone was sparring outside he got up and began to look for mission. He figured it would be best for him to help out Konoha today because he had heard of a thief in the midst of Konoha. This made him think of the thief that Kanshi killed that day, that is something that would never leave his mind. A memory to show that the world wasn’t always peaceful and happy which he already knew, but still couldn’t seem to face. He always had the childish dream of purging the world of everything evil but that isn’t possible.

Walking in the village he would go straight for the wooden board which posted all of the missions on little papers, some were bounties and others were scavenging missions. The possibilities were limitless, the only time a mission wouldn’t be put on the board is if it were top secret and had to be carried out by the highest of ninja. Enyo didn’t know who that would be, but he figured that there had to be some secret military in Konoha to do things behind the scenes. It wasn’t unheard of that the government did things that was necessary behind the backs of the villagers because they lack the common sense to understand these things.

Enyo was well aware yet he was one of those people as well. He couldn’t help it, he always thought there was a better way than killing someone. Enyo running his right index finger across the board would finally meet a mission that he was previously talking about. The thief, they wanted him to be caught, he was nothing but  a petty merchant thief but he was beginning to hurt the businesses and this would affect the economy. Most people never thought of the bigger picture when they did things like this, but Enyo would always sympathize for them. People never did these things without reasons and those reasons would always lead to what happened in their past.

Enyo snatched the paper off of the mission board causing a few weird stares going his way, but he ignored them, he then began to head for the market place where this thief was stealing at more prominently. He awaited atop the roof right above a merchant that had been hit only once while other markets had been hit two or three times already. He figured the thief would try to hit an unexpecting merchant so this would be the place that is least expected. Some hours had passed and the sun was beginning to set, the market seemed to be at peak for some odd reason, but this was the perfect striking time for the thief.

As Enyo had expected he could see a man in all black traversing the crowd without being seen, it was clear that he had been doing this for some time but since Enyo was a ninja and had a bird’s eye view it was fairly easy to see him. The thief would then begin to head for the merchant that Enyo had suspected, but Enyo would wait for the perfect time which was when he was grabbing food. As the thief basically played into the hands of Enyo, he would use the surface walking technique to traverse the wall and pounce on the thief. Enyo had startled the thief appearing in his peripheral and he began to take off.

Trucking through the crowd he began to slow down until he figured it would be best to climb the building and jump from building to building. Enyo continued to run on the side of the building maintaining his speed which was just barely enough to keep up with the thief. The thief would then stop on a rooftop and turned around towards Enyo which made him climb up the building to size up the thief. Soon a slightly feminine would ring out of the black mask, “Stop, I can’t allow you to capture me!” She yelled. “I can’t do that, I won’t hurt you and they won’t mind if you come in quietly. I know you have your reasons for doing this so I’ll explain to them that their punishment should be rather lenient and you can receive help from Konoha’s ninja.”

Enyo would look her in her steely blue eyes, “B-but you don’t unde-” Enyo would cut her off. “But I do, I know that you are doing this for your family or some person you care very much about. I know it all.” Enyo would say walking towards her. She would begin to break down crying, this is when she would drop the food and rush Enyo. Enyo was fairly surprised and his reactions kicked in, it felt as though his clan’s assassination techniques began to take over him because he began to dodge in a weird way. He felt the chakra rushing in his body. His limbs were all so nimble, the girl had good fighting posture and her attacks were nothing to sneeze at. Using his nimble body he would acrobatically evade all of her attacks unti he was backed up to the edge of the building.

She would then go for what seemed to be the final punch, but Enyo would catch it causing the both of them to fall. Enyo had to think quick or they would both become seriously injured so he decided to use his toes and gripped them on the edge. It wasn’t enough to stop their descent, but it caused them to slam into the wall which was all Enyo needed. From the impact with the wall the girl was knocked out, with her dead weight it was fairly hard to move so he had to kick in multiple jutsus at once. He activated his Body Enhancement Technique while activating the surface walking technique on his hands left hand as he used his muscularly enhance right arm to carry the girl. Enyo and the girl were now dangling from the side of the building, Enyo would use his fingers and his lefts to flip himself up on the wall so he could transfer the chakra to his feet.

Once he did this he had completely regained his posture and was able to get her back to safety. Enyo grabbed the food that she had dropped and on the way to the Ninja Academy to figure out what to do with this thief he would give it back to the merchant who was just about to close up shop. “Oh thank you so much sir, you are forever in my gratitude.” He said bowing. “No problem sir.” Enyo said walking to the Ninja Academy. As he opened the door with the girl on his shoulders he would be greeted by two Jounin, “What are you doing?” They would ask curiously. “Well, this is the thief you guys were looking for. Listen, you can’t punish her too hard. She was doing this for someone she loves. I understand that doesn’t clear her of her actions, but just keep in mind how you would act if you were in her position. Walk a mile in her shoes.” Enyo would say walking from the Ninja Academy.

As he walked out of the door he would hear a, ‘Hey!” As he turned around they would throw a bag of Ryo at him, “Good job kid and we will keep what you said in mind. Don’t worry.” Enyo would nod as he walked out. Heading home he would feel accomplished. Another good deed had been done. In his mind it felt as though another evil had been purged, her soul had to be cleansed from his run in. She wasn’t that bad looking either, well from her eyes. Enyo thought about how else he could help Konoha, he figured it would be best not to overexert himself as the nurse had said so he began to head home.

Those Hiyu techniques were something serious on the body, they often had a heavy tax to pay when using them, but this was most likely due to him not mastering the jutsus just yet. Although he did not like the way the Hiyu’s fought he often found himself instinctively using their techniques. It was as if it were some sort of evolutionary thing. Walking into the territory of his house he could hear the battling or sparring continue. The sound of fis clashin hands hands slapping against each other was fairly common in the Hiyu place.

Enyo would open the sliding door to his room and unfolded his sheets so he could snuggily lay in them. Thinking about the day he had already thought about he couldn’t wait for the future, people would recognize him as the symbol of peace. A force of good, something to be reckoned with, he wanted missing ninja to cower in his name, but against this was all nothing but childish dreams. A great man once said, “Your dreams aren’t big enough if people aren’t laughing at them.” With this thought Enyo would doze off into a peaceful slumber for the night.
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Ashie Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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No Longer A Scum
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