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 Lumber Gathering/Training

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Lumber Gathering/Training   Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:07 pm

The Mission

It had been a few days since Enyo’s last mission which was his first as well, the name Kanshi was deeply engraved in his mind. He held no grudge towards the ninja, but felt an odd sense of evil emanating from him and his ideals, he knew he wasn’t passed the point of being helped and he had no evil intent towards the village so there was a human heart behind those cold eyes. Enyo’s thought was soon interrupted by a bulky man carrying a huge long on his shoulder blocking the sunlight which was like an eclipse to Enyo. He squinted a bit putting his left hand over his forehead in order to get a clear visual of this man. “Hey you, you look like a strong young ninja. Would you like to help us construction workers out by getting some Lumber from the forest?” The brawny man asked with a hefty voice to match his appearance.

“I wouldn’t mind, it could help me with some training.” Enyo said walking in the direction of the forest leaving the man back to his work. As Enyo walked into the forest he made sure to delve deeper within so he wouldn’t mess with the immediate surroundings of Konoha. As he walked for a bit he figured that the place he as in now was good enough and he began to think about the jutsu that he used while on that mission. The one where he was about to punch Kanshi with all of his strength, it seemed he had an extra reservoir of strength in his cells when chakra is sent through them.

It felt like his skin had become rock solid for a moment, it was also denser having traits that resembled that of a boulder. He wondered if he could use the same technique to take down a couple of these trees, the jutsu didn’t seem to limit his movement so he could possibly use his hand as an object to slice through the tree with his newfound strength. With this in mind he would begin to practice the jutsu, since he had done it already he figured that he would be able to get this jutsu in no time. It was pretty basic as well being just a surge of chakra through the cells of which he wants to harden.

But, instead of just his hand he wanted to enhance his whole body which he would do by using the same method as last time, through the affinity of his clan and their cells it seemed that he happened naturally. So, with this in mind Enyo would stand in front of a tree and began to emit his chakra through his body, he then condensed it into his body giving his cells the much needed fuel they would need to perform this task. Enyo would then feel his muscles become bulkier and become as dense as his hand was. He didn’t feel heavier because no extra mass was added onto his body and his movements weren’t limited, it just felt as though he was constantly flexing.

With his body in this state he would then take his right hand and straighten it out as if it were a scalpel. After doing this he would motion his hand into a swing at the base of the tree, as he did so he hand would begin to tear through the tree, although it was rough he did it nonetheless. His hand came out the otherside with minor abrasions and bruising, he knew with time and practice he would be able to do this without even coming close to harming himself. He would give it one more time, but this time he would enhance his physical resistance towards this damage and use his own strength to take down this tree.

Instead of surging chakra to his muscle cells he would harden his skin cells making sure they weren’t penetrable from the splintering wood of the tree. While doing this he figured it was much harder than the last time, this was because he was only doing the outer layer of his body, it was as if he were painting himself with his chakra. It was a weird thought but it helped the process come along which is all that mattered. With this new physical resistance Enyo would walk over to tree and this time he would use his own strength which would prove much harder than last time, but he was up for the challenge.

Atem swung his arm and used the strength from his legs as the turning force, his whole body was being thrown into this motion to give him the upper hand. And with a clean slice of the tree Enyo would hear the tumbling tree as it made a thud against the ground. “A truly potent technique.” Enyo said to himself as he looked at his hand to see no type of abrasions to his left hand. He was glad he was smart and used his left hand to test it this time because if he were to use his right hand he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. He then began to laugh as he complimented himself. Enyo would then use the enhancement technique once more to give himself a strength boost in order to carry one of these trees into Konoha.

As he made his way through the streets of Konoha he could see all of the amazed looks the was getting, he smiled conceitedly and brought the log up to the construction site. It was rather hard to find since he didn’t know where it was but he was lucky enough to hear the sound of slamming hammers and yelling men. As he brought it up to the man he could see his eyes almost bulge out of his sockets, “Oh, you are a lot stronger than I had thought. Thank you so much!” The man would say, “Just a moment I have to get another one from the forest, I’ll return shortly.” Enyo said walking back into the forest to get the last tree. Just barely, he brought the tree back, the jutsu taxed him so when he came back with the second tree his body collapsed, but the man caught him. “You did well.” He said as Enyo’s vision went black.

He then found himself in the hospital with an old nurse staring at him, “Never overdo it when you are exerting your chakra. It can cause you to die.” Enyo looked at the woman and just layed back down enjoying his rest.
[WC 1102]

[Exit, claiming 500 Ryo, 1AP, 380 WC towards Basic Enhancement Technique for completion. 722 WC towards Toy Soldier Transformation]

"❤️If it means my death...I will protect those I love. The true words of a Martyr.❤️"
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Ashie Uchiha
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha
Ashie Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Lumber Gathering/Training   Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:16 pm

Approved >.<

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Lumber Gathering/Training
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