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 A Letter to Zero Koyomi (P)

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Ashie Uchiha

Fame : 20050
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Earth, Fire, Wood
Clan : Viper's Hier
Bloodline : Masutaai
Ryo : 42350

PostSubject: A Letter to Zero Koyomi (P)   Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:57 pm

It's been a few weeks since she came to Suna, she really missed her friends. She sat at a desk that her uncle had already in her room. Pulling out paper and a pen from the drawer beneath the desk top. Her pen starting from the top as she wrote.

Dear Zero,
       It's Ashie! How's everything at home? I really miss you and Tibbers misses you too I think. Uncle Koroshi is really nice, he even showed me and Samuru around town, and the towns indoor waterfall, which is perfect for Tibbers, there's no fish in there or anything, but its nice and cool for him. My brother seems to be doing better as well. I would come and visit, but, I was told to stay where my Uncle can keep me safe. I wonder if you asked would they let you come and visit? I hope so. If you do, bring a lot of water and food, its a long trip and it gets really really hot out here. Can't wait to here from you soon.

Your Friend
Ashie Uchiha

At the bottom of the letter Ashie called Tibbers in and had him put his dirty paw on the bottom of the paper and just like she planned, it left his paw print. She rolled up the letter and clipped it shut. She went into her Uncle's office opening his window to tie the letter to one of his carrier birds.

"To Konoha my little friend! Have a safe trip!" The tossed her hand up as the bird jumped off and flew off in the direction of Konoha. She closed the window and closed the door to his office. She hoped that the bird made it there safely and that her letter made it to Zero soon.


Current Stats:


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Wei Jie Sumimura
Academy Student
Academy Student

Fame : 23
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Lightning, Wind, Fire
Clan : Kaguya
Clan Element : None
Bloodline : Shikyomatsu
Ryo : 5600

PostSubject: Re: A Letter to Zero Koyomi (P)   Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:08 pm

Zero had been sitting on his roof silently staring into the village with a small smile on his face. Something had made the male feel good today, maybe it was the sleep he got or maybe it was something else. As he sat on the roof he could make out the sight of a bird heading to his home in which he had held out a finger for it to land on. Once it did he slowly petted the bird before taking the letter that he had seen on it. Unraveling it he slowly read it, the smile on his face growing as he shook his head and stood up," I'm glad you and your brother are doing well Ashie," jumping off of his roof he left for his living room where he opened a small scroll and began to write.

Dear Ashie,

It is good to finally hear of your adventures in Suna and I am glad that you and tibbers are getting along great in your new surroundings. Since you can't come back to Konoha for a bit I will come to Suna to visit the both of you and hopefully be able to get a tan or something. Tell Tibbers that i will bring his favorite meat and don't tackle me when he sees me. I may look a little different than our last meeting, but I assure you I am the same person just a little...more. Cannot wait to see you my friend,"


Sealing the letter he placed it back onto the bird and made his preparations to go to suna. After seeing the Hokage or even leaving him a letter of notice, he would take off for Suna.


When you think of music or movies, instead of remembering what they are about you’re more likely to be reminded of the memories you have of that time and the people you knew then.

The Strange One
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A Letter to Zero Koyomi (P)
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