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 Once a Yamano, Now a Hyuuga (solo)

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PostSubject: Once a Yamano, Now a Hyuuga (solo)   Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:38 pm

The large clock that was positioned high on the westward wall could be clearly heard in the silent room of the Dojo. It was probably around Nine in the afternoon as well as almost closing time. Queen who was the only soul within the building was slowly putting her boxing equipment back in her bag before putting on her black boots and heading out through the back door. Upon exiting, she could tell that the weather was a bit nippy for Konoha, but winter was coming so it was almost expected that the temperature would drop. She glanced at the night sky and sad the thousands of stars that hung above her, the crescent moon shining bright amongst them. She flicked her lilac eyes back down and headed off home.
Upon arriving to the newly stained glass double doors of her family’s mansion, The young girl placed the key within the lock before entering the elegant home. The large home was dark, no light to fill the dark void except for a single candle that flickered within the living room. Rei closed and locked the door behind her. “Hello…” she said aloud, her voice echoing through the corridors of the house. With no reply, the girl simply took off her boots and left the bag near the stairs that led to the second floor before making her way to the kitchen. Queen opened the fridge and pour herself a glass of orange juice. Upon closing the door, she was startled by the uncle who had quietly come into the kitchen. “I thought no one was home.” She said before taking a sit at the large island counter. 
Her uncle simply nodded to the remark, his voice still lost. The blonde Chunin simply eyed the man, taking another sip before speaking once more. “Is something wrong?” The older man swallowed the words that he was fighting to keep hidden. “I promised your mother that I would tell you about her—our heritage once you were old enough. I believe it is that time.” Queen simply stared at her uncle, not breaking the eye contact. Her eyes were stern with curiosity, unknown of what the man was talking about. “ I don’t understand.” Queen said simply, a little bit worried as to where this conversation was heading. 
“I can’t tell you here. If your father finds out, he will kill me. Tomorrow morning, I need you to meet me at the southern side of the village wall, near the small park.” The older man walked up to still girl and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow… and not a word to your father.” Saying nothing more, he disappeared into the shadows of the house. In the distance, Queen could hear the door open and close before she was left in silence. "Our heritage?” she said to herself, deep in thought as to what that could possible mean. The girl got up from the seat and let the rest of her orange juice fall into the sink and down the drain. She left the cup near the sink before heading towards her room. On the way up the stairs, the front door opened once more to reveal the figure that could only be her father. “Rei?” He asked, closing the door behind him. “Yes.” She replied, stopping momentarily, already a few steps up. “Don’t forget, I need you to attend tomorrow afternoon’s business meeting.” The girl remained silent, not bothering to respond as she headed up the stairs. While she didn’t want to go, she knew she would have little say in the matter. 
Morning came quick for the exhausted girl, waking up to the sounds of the singing birds that were perched on her bedroom balcony. The first thing that popped into her mind was the words of her uncle. Not wasting any time to find out the nonsense he was talking about, she got dressed in a simple cami and black leggings before heading off towards the spot they had agreed on. Sure enough, there was her uncle waiting for her to appear, sitting on a bench wearing his typical suit and tie; a fedora blocking his face from the sun. Rei took a seat next to her relative and placed her hands on her knees as the two now sat in complete silence. “Just tell me what’s going —“ 
“You’re not who you think you are.”  Queen’s sentence was cut off by her uncle’s words. an inaudible sound left her lips as she tried to gather the right words. “What do you mean?” She asked, getting tired of this game. She loved her uncle, but he really had to get to the point. “You’re not a Yamano. This idea that you father has constructed in your head about not having chakra, it was all a lie.” Queen let the words process, her brow furrowing in anger. The tips of her fingers digging into her skin. “Your father wanted you to believe that you didn’t have chakra because as you know, he wanted you to be his company’s successor. He didn’t want you becoming a ninja.” Once again, silence filled the space between them as Queen let all the information process. “If I am not a Yamano… then what am I? How do you explain the Spiritual Energy. How—“ The girl didn’t know what else to say. Deep down, she knew her uncle was right, but she couldn’t admit it. It would mean that everything she knew, everything she trained for… was a lie.
“You’re mother an I, we are from the Hyuuga family. Your mother was an excellent shinobi from Kumogakure, but when she married your father, she gave it all up to be with him per his request. Once she was already pregnant with you, she started to realize the mistake she made in your father, and how controlling he was, and she didn’t want you to make the same mistake. Even thought she isn’t here to tell you this, her dying wish was for me to train you in the Hyuuga arts, to teach you the gentle fist.”
Her uncle stopped momentarily, removing the fedora the rested atop his head. “as per your spiritual energy, that was never a thing, it was just a fairy tail created by your father. Ishi, Aura, everything. What you have been using up until now is chakra, and whether you realized it or not, the Byakugan. That is why you have always been able to quickly sense those around you. Though, I’ve never seen a Byakugan quite like yours…. Rei? everything okay?”
The girl stared out at the ground with such tenacity, one could almost be certain that laser beams were going to shoot out. She was angry, furious, livid. The only glimmer of happiness she found in all of this is that she still found a way to ruin her father’s plans and still become an ninja after the fact. “When do we begin?” Queen asked, removing herself from the bench. She knew very little about the Hyuuga minus the boy she had gone on a mission with long ago by the name of Maloren. While this new distraught the teenage girl, it was also a blessing in disguise and could potentially help her as the jonin exams progressed. Though, she would have to come to think long and hard about the Lord that she had come to trust and rely on…
“Now. Up to this point, you have been deceived into thinking you had no access to chakra whatsoever, but that was wrong. I won’t you to form the Tiger hand sign and focus. Feel the energy within you. You’ve done it before when you thought it was spiritual energy, but now you know it is your chakra.” The girl did just as he commanded and focused. Due to having done it before unknowingly, it didn’t take long for a steady flow of chakra to flow through her body. Her uncle placed his hand on her to flow his chakra into her. “Now I want you to focus your chakra to your eyes…” her uncle continued on to explain the process of the Byakugan. Once he had fully explained it, Queen had opened her eyes and was shocked to the things that she could see. People having dinner within their houses, to the ninja training in the training field on the other side of the village. The shock of it all caused her to lose her focus, and dispelling it.
“Very good.” Her uncle said, "now keep it activated, it’s time to show you the gentle fist." Her uncle went into the Hyuuga stance that her former teammate once did and with a quick strike, pressed his two fingers forcefully on Queen’s shoulder. Caught completely off guard, Queen took the blow. She was unaware her uncle could move like that, or even fight. The blonde fighter tried to mimic the stance, letting her Byakugan activate once more. Now facing her uncle, she could see the chakra points that covered his body. connecting two and two, she knew that her uncle had already struck one of her chakra points. Not having much chakra training to begin with, she could already feel it’s effects. “Now let’s see what your training has done up until now shall we?”
With that, he sprinted at the girl with a speed that surely shocked her. His strike went for the girls abdomen that was dodged by spinning on her heel. Upon turning around, she launched a strike at her chest. The strike that she thought would surely hit was stopped by an unseen force. Her uncle began to spin rapidly causing a sphere of chakra to cover him. Queen was launched back, doing a quick controlled flip before regaining her balance. “That is one of our techniques.” He smirked before closing the distance between them once more. The two continued to exchange blows, quickly dodging and blocking one another’s hits.
They continued on for what seemed like hours. Her uncle seemed like he had barely broken a sweat  while Queen took a second to catch her breath, sweat dripping off of her face. “I think I understand now.” The girl said, standing up straight. Through fighting her uncle, she had observed his movements, his strikes, and his techniques, trying to craft them in order to make it her own, to perfect them herself.
Queen got into the gentle fist pose once more before her uncle charged her. Just as he launched as strike at the girl, Queen focused her chakra  around her body in order to form the sphere that her uncle had done. She began to rapidly spin her body to form the barrier of protection that caused her uncle to halt back. Upon finishing the spin, Queen launched and empty palm towards her uncle where a gush of wind was launched out strong enough to send her uncle back a few meters. Upon doing the strike, Queen launched forward with her byakugan active, ready to strike as her uncle prepared to block the attacks.
“Stop.” He said instantly as the girl found herself centimeters away from striking her uncle. “What?” She asked, pulling back from the attack. Her breaths were still heavy from the training that she wasn’t exactly quite used to. “I believe you have no completed your basic training. You’re quite the quick learner and your mother would be quite proud. “ He smiled, picking up his hat that sat on the bench they once sat on. “We’ll continue this training on another day but until then, your father can’t know about this. If he finds out, there is no telling how he will react.” Queen listened to his words and simply nodded. He was right. If her father wanted this to be a secret for so long, surely he wouldn’t be pleased to find out that Queen was now training not only her chakra but her Bloodline. The former Yamano wasn’t sure what to make of this yet, but surely she’d have time to think on it. For now, there was that business meeting she had to get to. “Thank you uncle… for teaching me.” With that, the two parted ways.


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PostSubject: Re: Once a Yamano, Now a Hyuuga (solo)   Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:12 pm

Approved, your uncle shall be killed tommorow morning...
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Once a Yamano, Now a Hyuuga (solo)
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