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 Your present(I also am slow and suck at spelling)

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Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha

Fame : -37
Home Village :
  • Leaf
  • Sand

Element(s) : Earth,Fire,Water
Clan : Uchiha
Ryo : 39700

PostSubject: Re: Your present(I also am slow and suck at spelling)   Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:54 am

Still holding Misaki in his arms, making sure to hold her in a way that she would be comfortable and would be able to to rest without having any aches and such when she wakes up. With Viper gone it leaves just Kurisu, his son Kasuga, and the group of Anbu, which now seem a bit more at ease with Viper gone. Koroshi signing in his head of how they are treating Viper after he spent so many years of his life, and even lost years of his life, giving up so much for the village only for them to turn on him in such a way. It saddens Koroshi greatly, however he does not show it, as he has more important things to handle on top of wanting to keep the Leaf village as allies. The first one to speak would be Kasuga, thanking him for saving his sister, and then asking if that person was related to them to which Koroshi would reply "It is no problem, what is family for? As for the man in the armor that is another one of your uncles, although he lives really far away" Koroshi says with a smile, leaving the details about viper very vague, even not saying his name just in case it has become taboo within the leaf village to speak about him.

The next person to speak would be Kurisu, also thanking him and saying that he would make it up to him one day, Koroshi simply shaking his head, to him this is not saying that requires any payment or deed required to pay back, to him it was family helping family, in his mine there is nothing needed in return. However when he speaks about asking another favor, asking if Misaki, his wife, and his two youngest could stay in Suna, hearing this Koroshi thinks of the political backlash of taking so many of the Leafs shinobi. First it was Samuru and Ashie, so he took a tailed beast from the Leaf as well as two Chunin, now he is going to be taking another Chunin and two genin from the Leaf? Koroshi in his head is cursing about all the paper work he will need to fill out, and how the Leaf may not be too happy about it. However his outer demeanor has not change a bit despite Koroshi screaming in his own mind he smiles "They will be safe behind our walls, I have actually been working on updating all of our defenses, and having round the clock guard detail you will have nothing to worry about" Koroshi says to let Kurisu know that he will be able to take them, and to reassure him that they will be protected.



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Takehaya Yamato
Genin of Kumo
Genin of Kumo
Takehaya Yamato

Fame : 54
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Pendragon
Clan Element : N/a
Ryo : 1500

PostSubject: Re: Your present(I also am slow and suck at spelling)   Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:51 pm

There wasn't really much for Kasuga to say at this point. His sister was saved. He had met another of his uncles although briefly and without words. What came next however had shocked him since hos father would be sending away his younger siblings and mother. While he had issues with that, mostly because those little shits were his team he didn't vocalize his complaints and only nodded. Before turning away at the request of his father do help Kur Jr and Kaya pack he gave a small wave to Koroshi," I'll have to come visit you one day to hear more about my other uncle he seems cool." With that he ran off back toward the village to help the younglings pack and to also give something to his younger brother. 


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Your present(I also am slow and suck at spelling)
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