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 The Final Training (P)

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Anri Uchiha
Anri Uchiha

Fame : 13
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Fire, Lightning
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : None
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 15300

PostSubject: The Final Training (P)   Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:34 pm

(The Hyuuga I'm referring to is an NPC that'll be training with Anri. Her debut is a few paragraphs down from this.)

The young Hyuuga stepped onto the scene, training outside of the Hyuuga compound for the first time. She'd mainly done this with the purpose of ensuring that people saw and knew the Hyuuga Clan was nothing to mess around with, that they weren't pushovers. She was currently wearing a black sports bra, in addition to a pair of black, skintight yoga pants. The pale-skinned Hyuuga looked around the broad, circular meadow. Beams of pale sunlight shown through the thickets of vibrant leaves attached to broad branches on tall trees.

The pure green, tall blades and slithers of grass danced along with the soft breeze that passed through often, pushing back the long ponytail that the Hyuuga had her hair in. She'd walk along through the patches of golden dirt here and there. The Hyuuga fell to a stop when she met the center of the meadow, slowly shutting her eyes. She'd slam her hands together in an effort to gather chakra throughout her being. Veins bulged beneath her eyes, and her pupils became more prominent as she activated her Byakugan.

The female lunged forth, letting loose numerous chakra-imbued needle-like strikes directed to the vicinity in  front of her. She'd slide her feet along the surface of the earth, staying as agile as possible and intending to stray away from friction and it's ability to impair her full momentum. She'd perform a quick spin, followed by an extension of both of her arms, striking the air infront of her with both palms. The determined Hyuuga retracted her arms as she got into the general Gentle Fist stance.

"Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms!" She exclaimed, pre-emptively finding a nonexistent enemy in her field of attack. She lunged forward, spinning twice. She stopped the second spin mid-way, palm-striking the air with both of her chakra-immersed hands. "Two palms!" Such an attack would've initiated the other sixty two that'd follow, in segments, as the palms had enough chakra to stun the supposed enemy.

With a pivot of her foot she assaulted her pretend enemy from a frontal position, rather than from their left. She'd unleash a total of four palms aimed for the base of her foe's chest, striking quicker once passing this segment of the series of chakra-imbued palm strikes "Four Palms!". She unleashed eight strikes at an even higher speed, gathering momentum as she gradually moved forth while performing the strikes "Eight Palms!". After finishing the eight strikes she followed up with sixteen "Sixteen Palms!". She landed one last strike at her maximum momentum. "Thirty-Two Palms!"

The female breathed heavily, allowing the veins protruding lateral to one another beneath her now pupil-less, pearly white irises to fade from visage. She felt her vision waver, knowing good and well that the effects of training extensively for the past few days had this effect on her. She naturally had terrible reserves of energy for some reasoning. "I-it still drains so much..." She fell flat out onto the earth, back-first, closing her eyes and breathing  heavily.

Meanwhile, a female with a similar passion for training dashed from wooden platform to wooden platform with a black, high-collared, short-sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts matching the shirt on. An orange fox followed behind her, informing her of what sort of training she'd be doing. To finalize the wear she had on black sandals, and her hair was tied into a thick ponytail. The Uchiha noticed numerous people that she hadn't seen before, including a young Hyuuga that appeared to be immersed in training. She smiled gently at the sight, watching as the girl danced around the training fields fluently.

"You're going to start off with trying to meditate again. Once you get a sufficient understanding of how I want you to fight from now on, I want you to spar that Hyuuga."

"So basically you want me to try and fight different from how I normally do?" She inquired, overhearing the Hyuuga's shouts of her use of the Sixty Four Palms technique, despite being on the other side of the training fields. The female would shut her eyes, forming half of a Ram handseal and beginning to flood chakra throughout her form, idling without a change in standing position. The black-haired individual opened her eyes once again, activating her matured Sharingan and allowing her orbs to become crimson in color, a single tomoe appearing in each.

"Find out for yourself, Uchiha." The fox stated. She puffed up her cheeks and then sighed. The Sharingan-wielding woman looked around the training fields, rushing over to the Hyuuga upon noticing that she fell. "Uhhhh.. wait a second will you?" She'd request of the fox. The woman would remove a military rations pill from within her backpouch, feeding it to the female. Once seeing some signs of consciousness she'd proceed, but for now she had to ensure the girl was safe.

The fox observed what she did. She was helping the Hyuuga? What a kind gesture. Too bad she was wasting precious time she could be using to train in her efforts to attain his approval. The male noticed that she was patient with his very slow-paced training. Thank god. He was lucky that she wasn't the type to constantly nag about the unknown. Instead, she did her usual things and just waited stuff out.

The Hyuuga laid on the surface of the earth, breathing heavily from chakra deprivation. The Hyuuga heard muffled footsteps nearing her frame, becoming a little louder as they did so. Her ears were ringing incredibly and her head hurt. The girl suddenly felt her lips part with a spherical, foreign object enter between. She shifted her head away, frowning bitterly and contorting her eyes into a narrow. She slowly opened her eyes, squinting up at the Uchiha and snarling gently.

She rose, yanking the spherical object upon seeing that it was a military rations pill. She placed it upon the center of her tongue, sliding her tongue into her mouth and letting the pill go down her throat with a gulp. The girl shut her eyes, allowing the veins beneath her eyes to fade from view and for her pupils to vanish. The Hyuuga would look to the Uchiha, not even bothering to say thanks. The girl stood up, heading over to a corner of the training fields, or attempting to.

The woman shifted her brow upright, wondering if the Hyuuga was truly okay. The sharingan-wielder could tell the girl was in pain.. but she was not really sure if she wanted to try and force her. The female stood up as the Hyuuga did, urging herself to call out to the girl. The Uchiha allowed her Sharingan to fade from view after briefly glancing at the female's chakra system even though there was a very small amount of detail. She stayed pretty much quiet as the Hyuuga distanced herself from the Uchiha.

The Uchiha realized that she had more important things to do. She'd hop back slightly and then fall to a sitting position. The female folded one leg over the other and then clamped her hands together. She'd slam her eyes shut and clear her mind to the best of the ability, then from that point she just waited. The perceptiveness of all five of her senses honed in on the fox, who started to lecture her on trickery and evasive fighting. She was gearing her focus away from the sound of birds chirping, grasshoppers doing their thing, leaves rustling from dozens of meters away, all of it.

While the Uchiha was occupied with whatever, the Hyuuga decided she'd start trying to do her own training again. This time around she decided against the use of Byakugan and Gentle Fist, since her chakra circulatory system was still recovering from the harsh deprivation it was induced with. Thus she lunged forth, unleashing several palm strikes to the air with deadly accuracy and slightly-refined close combat ability. Honestly, falling out like that had made her training go stale.

The Byakugan wielder looked on towards the Uchiha out of the corner of her eye as she shifted her head over her shoulder ever so slightly. The female seemed to be occupied with something, and even weirder there was a fox posted on a tree branch above the tree that she was resting beneath. The Hyuuga turned back around, scoffing under her breath and tapping her shoe against the ground, her hands on her hips. She was extremely bored at this point. So bored that she.. started to pace back and forth across the width of the clearing.

The Uchiha started to feel as though she was starting to understand this. Her chakra reserves grew impatient though, with the upcoming battle she was just waiting to be given the go signal on, and she could feel herself starting to become rather accentuated with how foxes did things. None the less, she felt as though it wasn't ready. This sort of fighting style being explained to her was like a martial art, but at the same time it wasn't. She quietly wondered if it had a similar effect on her Ninjutsu. The fox above her let out an 'ahem', causing her eyes to open. "Oi, look this way, Uchiha."

She looked up at the fox, as he appraised her. It seemed as though she had an enlightened look on her face. Just a single glance was enough for the perceptive little being to notice that. It was truly intelligent, indeed. He'd nod nonchalantly, before he gave her feedback, "Good enough. Get up and go challenge her to a fight." The orange fox instructed, causing the semi-foxy looking Uchiha to get up.

She approached the Hyuuga as she was beginning to walk away again, her bodily movements more.. purposeful and less for walking, with more ease behind them as she did so. The effects more subconscious than she honestly believed they were. "Would you like to train with me? You seem antsy." The female inquired with a relatively gentle tone of voice. She was honestly trying to persuade her. The Uchiha woman would show off a reassuring smile that'd hopefully coerce the Hyuuga into interacting witih her.

The young Hyuuga looked back at her from a sufficient distance, narrowing her pearly white eyes as she peered at her from head to toe. She wouldn't quite give a straight answer, but rather look to ensure that the woman was okay to interact with. Once her pearly-white gaze lingered long enough she'd stop, looking ahead and continuing to walk.

"If you want to see how strong the Hyuuga clan really is... be my guest." She'd state, closing her eyes. When they opened back up her pupils were more distinct. Veins bulged lateral to one another below her pearly-white, Byakugan-wielding irises. The female twirled around on her feeting, getting into the basic Jyuuken stance and allowing chakra to flood her hands as she prepared to fight the Uchiha... curious what she could do in close-combat.

The Uchiha cocked a brow upright, offering a small, friendly smile. She'd nod, allowing her onyx orbs to become bloody red in color as she activated the first stage of her Sharingan. The female would advance toward the Hyuuga, knowing that it was unwise to do such when her mind confronted her with the fact that it was extremely risky.. if not suicidal.. to face a Hyuuga in close combat. None the less, the woman wanted to test her limits. All the while the small fox was watching.

Once reaching her foe in a matter of moments she'd thrust her right arm outward, balling her hand into one tight, knuckle-whitening fist halfway through the extension of her fist throughout the air. She had to see how the Hyuuga would react... with the intention of deducing what type of hand-to-hand combat fighter she was, which would affect how she'd fight the Hyuuga. Perhaps she'd use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu later on in their spar, but for now she was simply playing it safe.

The young Hyuuga watched intently as the Uchiha ran forth with her Sharingan  activated. A small smirk formed on her face, knowing good and well that she could easily end this right here if she landed a Gentle Fist strike in the right spot.. but somehow she knew it'd be unwise to do something so cruel to this stranger. Hell, she did not know the female's rank. Judging by her age, she could even  be a Jounin! Her opponent was extremely quick.. but not too quick for her Byakugan.

This was proven when she easily shot to the Uchiha's right in response to the attempted punch, attempting to flank her by quickly dashing to her side and going for a chakra-imbued palm strike directed for the Uchiha's midsection, specifically the lower rib that she could reach from where she was. Any noticeable movement that the Byakugan-wielder could perceive would make her react with a quick extension of her left arm in order to strike her in her arm if she tried to parry, or simply try to exploit a more exposed part of her frame if she'd try to evade by moving out of her range of attack.

The Sharingan wielder watched as the main branch member of the Hyuuga Clan dipped to her side, intending to blindside her. With increased perception from a decades worth of experience as a kunoichi, as well as her ability to sense, the female had an easy counter-action to this attack. Though.. she wanted to see how strong Gentle Fist was. For the purposes of knowing she allowed the strike to land, suddenly feeling a jolt of pain-inducing exuberance first resonate in her side then consume the entirety of her torso. The small fox watched, easily perceiving what she was doing.

"A wise move.. she took that blow to see what it could do to her in the future.. huh. She's at a massive disadvantage, primarily because she's focusing on trying to properly utilize the fighting style that I informed her of, and fight at the same time. Her mind is currently in two places at once."

She gasped in pain, forcing herself to stumble back. It was clear that she couldn't really afford to hold back up against this individual, much less her clan in general. The black-haired Uchiha would pivot on her feet, swiveling across the earth and bounding back to avoid further injury. Her side felt numb from  the massive amount of chakra that'd been forcefully plugged into her chakra network with no repercussion. The female arched her legs ever-so-slightly, allowing chakra to resonate throughout her form.

Through forceful bursting of her enormous reserves she temporarily refused to allow her plugged tenketsu to harm her. Flickers of purely elementless chakra immersed her frame, the chakra burst around her form, flickering around her physique and reinstuting her moving ability, as well as her overall physical capability. "Can't give in yet, ha!" The female would shoot forth at a greater speed than before, holding back slightly as she thrusted her right leg out and attempted to kick the Hyuuga in the abdomen with her newfound speed and strength.

The fox could easily judge that she was doing well with fighting the opponent. She was analyzing her moveset, as well as her overall fighting ability by taking hits and returning them, only stronger each time she did it. Despite holding back, it was clear that she wasn't using her fullest. In a way she was sort of tricking the Hyuuga into showing off more of what the clan could do, rather than actually trying to spar with her. The Hyuuga was oblivious, too. Seemed that she still had a high chance of winning this even though she was distracted.

She smelled the dewy air and the breathes of the Hyuuga. She heard the Hyuugas' breathes and nature itself. She saw the Hyuuga, and she saw the trees around them, with the shrubbery, the bushes, the bugs, and everything else in the background. She could feel the air thrust past her with each attack that the Hyuuga threw at her, and she could feel the refreshing breeze that briefly saved her from the harshness of summer. Everything was in alignment, due to her quick learning.

The Byakugan wielder smirked upon noticing that she'd landed the strike, beginning to doubt her opponent's ranking as a kunoichi in Konohagakure no Sato. Her upcoming attack, yet another palm strike from her other hand, had been almost effortlessly avoided. The thought that her foe was holding back on her went into her head.. but that didn't matter. The Hyuuga had a strong belief that she'd win this spar if the opponent didn't go all out.

She observed as the Uchiha's three hundred and sixty one tenketsu lit up as a mass of chakra resonated from her reserves. Her lips parted slightly, then pressed together firmly and formed into a pleased grin. In her eyes this was a sign that the female was taking this serious and knew good and well that she'd lose without "going all out". The female cockily smirked upon seeing that a rush of chakra resonated around the female as she activated some sort of technique.

Thus forth, she figured it was time to end this. The Hyuuga would get into a stance that was specific for one technique in  her arsenal; Sixty Four Palms. She dashed forward in order to get the Uchiha into her field of divination, spinning once the was. Before she could land the initial two palm strikes that started off the attack, she was suddenly kicked directly in the abdomen, pain consuming her torso as she shot back and tumbled backward, rolling across the ground numerous times before skidding to a stop by force.

"A-agh.." She slowly stood up, a pang of excruciating pain filling her chest. Nothing was broken, but none the less she was quite the lightweight in battle. She had terrible stamina, as well as terrible endurance against attacks. None the less she got back in her Gentle Fist stance, taking this up a notch as well as she got into her Sixty Four Palms stance once again. She advanced toward her opponent, with intentions of striking her with the technique. The Hyuuga suddenly vanished midway in a burst of speed, leaving behind an afterimage that vanished moments after it's appearance.

The female re-appeared behind the Uchiha only a moment after she'd vanished, midway through an aerial spin before suddenly halting the spin and attempting to slam both of her palms into her back to strike her with the initial attacks.

The Uchiha cocked a brow upright, thinking that she didn't hold back well enough when she struck the girl. None the less, the Hyuuga stood back up, causing the woman to smile. She'd take notice of the change in stance, allowing her lips to purse together and her glowing red eyes to fall to a narrow. She wanted to test the Hyuuga's limits to her fighting style, as well as how far she'd delved into it. The red-eye'd female watched as the Hyuuga suddenly stopped moving right in front of her. Then she heard the grasshoppers, and the female's incoming attacks.

She suddenly detected her presence behind her, detecting the girl's chakra presence behind her. "So she detected it.. so sharp." The fox muttered. She swiveled around by spinning with the soles of her feet. She whipped her leg up, parrying one of the strikes with the sole of her foot, while the other attack assumably swung into the air. The female clenched her teeth at the pain of slamming her foot directly into the Gentle Fist utilizing hand of hers. The chakra-engulfed female suddenly shot her leg down, shooting back rapidly. She could tell that her chakra and her overall capability of fighting had been weakened by that single strike.

This time around, her Gentle Fist attacks were stronger. It was definitely interesting. She extended her right arm out to her side, keeping it slightly arched. She'd keep her hand partially open, spacing out each of her digits and generating a rush of chakra within her hand. The chakra rapidly began to gyrate within the base of her palm, rapidly forming into a blue sphere of quickly rotating chakra, expanding from just the size of a perfectly spherical sphere to the size of a baseball. This wasn't it's maximum size, but again, she was trying to test the Hyuuga.

The fox wagged his tail and swiped the side of his face with a tightened-up paw. A smirk manifested itself as he observed her actions. "Already bringing that out, huh? You're really getting into it." He was being more and more impressed by how she fought. This is what he meant when he said prove her worth days before this. Now the question was, would she be able to heal the damage she caused?

The female raced forth, dashing through the blades of emerald grass as she accelerated toward the female. In a burst of chakra-induced speed she'd vanish, allowing the aura of blue to disperse from around her physique as she did so. "...Where did she go!?" The fox muttered in amazement. She was moving so fast that he lost track of her momentarily. She appeared directly above the female, having managed to flank her and get above her in such a short amount of time. It was obvious that her years of experience as a kunoichi was proving how dominant she was in this fight, even if she was holding back.

"Rasengan!" She shouted, intending to thrash the sphere of blue into the Hyuuga's back to make her slam into the ground.

The Hyuuga narrowed her eyes and watched as her opponent started to prepare a technique. She observed as the massive amount of chakra that'd gathered to the tenketsu in her hand had now formed into what seemed to be a perfectly circular sphere within her palm. In an instant she dashed forth at a speed that the Hyuuga knew for a fact she'd have a hard time avoiding. Just when she prepared for a defense mechanism, the female dispersed in a burst of chakra that immersed where she once resided.

She suddenly slammed into the ground face-first, her body smashing against the earth as it crumbled beneath her intense impact against it. A shriek of un-restrained pain exited her mouth when a sound that resembled teeth biting into a carrot resonated from her chest as it slammed against the earth, two of her ribs cracking. It was just -very- painful. The girl twitched and shivered while on the ground, excruciating pain running through her form. Despite how weak the attack was, the Hyuuga was frail thing, barely able to take blows.

She gasped in pain, cringing and struggling to lift even so much of a finger. The veins beneath her eyes faded from view and her pupils became less visible. The chakra immersing her palms weakened to a faint glow, then said glow dispersed. She struggled to maintain consciousness, her terribly battered body unable to handle keeping her awake. "U-ugh.." Her bravado had been easily crushed by the quick finishing move. The black-haired Hyuuga allowed her eyes to fall to a squint, getting closer to blacking out. Her breathes were un-even, and they were also shallow and very restrained. It hurt too much to breath normally right now with her ruined ribs.

The rapidly spinning chakra would tear at the clothing by rapidly grinding it away with the quickly spinning ambience. The amount of the sphere that remained would practically implode, bruising the flesh it came in contact with and blowing the girl into the ground harder than she already would've from taking the hit. Once the Rasengan's effect was done, she kneeled down beside the girl, paying close attention to the female's look. Clearly she'd went too far, as she'd almost broken some of the girl's bones and injured her badly.

The Uchiha formed numerous handseals and immersed them in a pale, green glow. Her hands were fluent in their movement, and not a single movement was wasted by her. She'd press her hands to the surface of the Hyuuga's back, immersing it in the pale, green glow and beginning to speed up her natural healing process. The fox watched in wonder, his suspicions of whether or not she could repair the damage she dealt coming clean. Again he was impressed.

She began to slowly but surely heal the female's physique, returning her vitality. "I'm sorry.." The woman muttered with a guilty tone of voice. She felt very sorry for the girl, honestly wanting to make up for it by doing something, even if it would've been inefficient. He could tell that this female was just purely ingenious in the heat of combat and while on the field. Somehow the Uchiha had already managed to learn how to flow her chakra a little better.

She slowly allowed the chakra flow to die down upon trying to identify the Hyuuga's health condition. She was confident that by now her ribs were completely healed.. and a good sign of that would be was if she was breathing properly, and not un-even like before. If she was responding positively to the treatment the Uchiha would pat her back gently, slowly lifting her up from the small crater that formed from her being smashed into the ground by Rasengan. She'd clasp her hands together and sink her head low while in front of the Hyuuga.

"I apologize, I didn't know it'd hurt you that much!" She unclasped her hands and then pulled forth a bundle of ryo with her left hand, forcefully pulling the Hyuuga's hand forward with her right and pressing the ryo into her palm. "This is for the damages.. please don't be upset." The Uchiha remarked in an anxious manner, genuinely concerned for the Hyuuga.

She was too much in pain to really react to the fact that the Uchiha was touching her right now. She sat and took the treatment, feeling the pain resonating through her body slowly ease up. She remained idle, the soothing feeling of the chakra repairing her wounds beginning to sooth her latent, searing anger for the fact that she was downed in one fell swoop. The girl groaned as the Uchiha raised her from the crater, soon shying away from her grasp and simply sitting on her butt, rubbing her face with her hand. The Hyuuga brushed off her own clothing, shaking her head and looking up at the female.

"Tch.. all you got was a lucky shot. Don't sweat it." She'd state with her eyes still shut as she rubbed her face. She suddenly felt her right arm get tugged forward. A bundle of ryo was placed within her hand. She'd lift her head and look at the Uchiha with a squint. "What's this supposed to be? 'I pity you' money?" She snarled aggressively, looking as though she was pique'd by being offered cash. She weakly tugged, trying to get her hand free. The black-haired Hyuuga was obviously displeased by this turn of events.

"I'm of the Hyuuga clan, I don't need pity. Let go of my hand." She demanded, glaring at the Uchiha and tugging a little more. Her body was debilitated by the attack that struck her, even after the physical damage had been healed.

She looked at the Hyuuga Clan member in confusion. She was obviously surprised that they shared the same name, as well. The girl patted at her flowing hair nonchalantly, letting go of the Hyuuga's hand and pocketing the money. The Uchiha frowned, about to give up hope with attempting to befriend the rather aggressive individual. She figured that the best way to avoid any further trouble with her was to feign weakness in their upcoming spar, if the Hyuuga was able to continue.

"I didn't mean it like that.. but.. nevermind. I'm Uchiha, Ayase." An additional thought to tell her a different name from her actual one went through her head, making her pursue with it. This was one of the few times she'd met an able-bodied Genin, and she had intentions of taking advantage of that factor. The female offered a small and generous, friendly smile, slowly standing up and hopping back. She'd fold her hands behind her head calmly, speaking aloud.

"Are you up for another spar? I won't use Rasengan this time, I promise!" She'd honestly state, giggling.

The Hyuuga rolled her eyes when Ayase greated her. She wouldn't really bother to comment on the female's name, because what could she say when she thought she was so high and mighty? 'Nice name'? Pfffff... like she'd ever do that! The black-haired Hyuuga slowly stood to her feet, dusting herself off before assuming the Gentle Fist stance. Chakra swamped her palms in a vague aura of blue essence, as veins protruded from beneath both of her eyes. In each eye, her pupils became more prominent.

"Already eager to see what I'm like when I'm going full out? I'm definitely up for another opportunity to beat you down." The female stated, adrenaline coursing through her veins. Without warning she'd burst directly toward the Uchiha's frame, performing a quick twirl when she was three meters from her opponent and attempting to swing her arms forth once she completed the spin, attempting to bash both of her chakra-immersed hands into the female's upper chest and lower stomach region to plug two of her tenketsu.

"My sphere is superior to yours!"

Had she succeeded in landing the strikes, she'd use the momentum her body still had to progress into a rapid spin as she simultaneously expelled chakra from all three hundred and sixty one of her tenketsu, attempting to release a rapidly-rotating globe of chakra around her frame that would ultimately catch the Uchiha and grind against her with raw chakra as it progressively expanded into full size. Once grinding against the Uchiha's frame enough it'd knock her airborn, though this would only occur if she'd successfully timed the strikes properly to knock her away.

"Ayase" smiled a delightful smile upon noticing the Hyuuga roll her eyes. Her onyx orbs glowed red, a single tomoe appearing in each as if on cue when the Hyuuga raced towards her with her primary fighting style, Gentle Fist, and her clan's kekkei genkai doujutsu, Byakugan. The moment the Hyuuga attempted to spin, Ayase prepared for her counter-attack, bending her legs into a jumping position. She'd jump over the Hyuuga, a hand balancing her as she leaped over the white-eye'd girl and landed behind her. With a constriction of her hold on the Hyuuga, she attempted to yank her away and whip her forward in a powerful throw.

The real Ayase burrowed herself underground. When the Hyuuga was (hopefully) still midway through the air from the throw, she would've rapidly traveled underground and bursted from the earth, aiming to uppercut her by the time that she was back on the ground. Now that she was airborn from emerging from the earth so quickly, she twirled while still not on the ground, proceeding to attempt to sidekick the Hyuuga in the chest and knock her back while springing off of her into a backflip. The Uchiha threw numerous smoke bombs in succession, immersing both her and the Hyuuga's surroundings in a dense, gray haze. The tactical kunoichi would hop back quietly, intending to see how the Hyuuga would deal with the change.

The Hyuuga quickly skid to a stop upon seeing her leap over her. She immediately adjusted her stance to fit that of the Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms technique. Though, the very moment she attempted to, she felt a hand slap onto her shoulder. She'd wince partly. A noticeably confused, and freaked out look appeared on her face as she felt herself be lifted off of the ground by force. "Wh--whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" She exclaimed, lips parted while she remained astonished. She was sent flying back with relative ease, a few feet above the ground. After being flailed numerous meters back, she'd skid to a stop.

The teen was still disoriented, so she didn't even bother to scout the nearby area for Ayase. "W-where is she..!" The Hyuuga mumbled in annoyance, suddenly hearing the ground crack and fissure in front of her. Her body was still frozen from what occured just a few moments ago. She was suddenly uppercutted, the attack hurting more than usual, to the point that a red welt was left on her chin when it landed. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she briefly had the consciousness knocked out of her.

A foot impacted her, knocking her backward and sending her tumbling against the ground while her foe used her like a launching board and somersaulted backward. She ignored the pain in her chin and her chest, more veins appearing around her eyes as she strained them to bypass the thick haze that'd consumed the area. The black-haired Hyuuga would dash forth in an audible sprint, proceeding to leap up and let out a pumped-up battlecry. "Hyaaaaaah!"

"Eight Trigrams Palms, Revolving Heaven!" She twirled numerous times in the air, easily manipulating her own body weight as she descended directly above Ayase. Her aerial momentum picked up as she twirled endlessly and endlessly, spewing a wave of chakra from each and every one of her chakra knodes, simultaneously expelling her reserves from all three hundred and sixty one tenketsu of hers. The Hyuuga intended to descend upon the Uchiha with a fully-formed sphere of blue essence that'd hopefully knock her down and grind her into the ground, in order to make a crater with Ayase in it. She had also cleared up the cloud of smoke at the same time.

Ayase fell to a crouched position, pressing her palm to the surface of the earth below her. The moment she detected the female descending right from her and heard the words that were key to utilizing the Eight Trigrams, she'd react. With her hand already on the surface of the ground, she rushed chakra to the base of her palm, kneading it in order to manipulate her tertiary element, Doton. She thrusted forth, as a pillar-like construct of earth rose from the ground, aimed to strike the attacking Hyuuga.

She'd pivot so fast on her soles that a ring of dust elevated around her frame. In a burst of acceleration she kicked up dirt, rapidly ascending into the air. The pillar descended back downward, however this'd cause the Hyuuga to start descending from into the air, directly into Ayase's fist, which once again was coated in rock, from the time she placed her hand on the earth. Had this attack landed, this'd initiate a string of them. Ayase manifested the Ram handseal, rapidly accelerating in the air so that she was behind the girl as she (perhaps) flew back from the strike directed to her chest.

She rapidly spun in the air, flailing the back of her left forearm into the base of the girl's back. She proceeded to rotate again, this time stopping halfway through her spin in order to slam all four of her knuckles on her right hand into the Hyuuga's back in the same general area. "I'm not done with you yet, get over here!" She exclaimed, proceeding to yank the girl back by her clothing and deliver the finishing move. She'd spin rapidly once more, slamming her heel into the Hyuuga's back and sending her plumetting towards the ground.

That was if the attack landed, however.

The Hyuuga cussed in her head as the Uchiha deftly, and easily evaded her attack. She was suddenly sent flying up by a pillar of five by five meters of earth that slammed into her. Being disoriented, before she knew it Ayase had vanished and reappeared right in front of her. An earth-immersed fist smashed directly into her back, causing her to spit out saliva from her mouth and gasp as the air was knocked out of her lungs. "Gaaaaah!" Just when she thought it was over, she was punched in the back again a second or two after.

She descended down toward the ground, the air in her lungs gone and an extreme pain resonating in her back. Before she knew it she was yanked back and then dropkicked and sent corkscrewing toward the ground. The female was completely defenseless against the Uchiha. She'd lost to Ayase fair and square, regardless of the efforts she put into the fight. She looked up at Ayase with dwindling consciousness, murmuring 'why' as she saw the green chakra that had by now diffused into the entirety of the Uchiha's reserves.

The Uchiha descended to the ground, catching the Hyuuga before she could hit the earth. "Are you okay? I apologize  again.." The female would state, her Sharingan dismissing itself. She crouched down, lowering the Hyuuga to the ground and sighing softly. Her five senses were still focused on nature itself, as well as the Hyuuga. She breathed lightly, a little on the tired side from putting so more effort than she intended to in fighting the Hyuuga. "You did well."

The Hyuuga gasped for breath, looking up at the Uchiha and silently cursing her as she stopped her from falling down. 'H-how dare you stop me from falling down.. how dare you hold me like I'm your bride!? You cocky....' The Hyuuga thought to herself as she was lowered to the ground. With a shuddering frame the female slowly stood up, limping away from the scene as she called out. "Ayase! D-don't think I won't... get my revenge..!" The Hyuuga pridefully exclaimed as she limped away.

She had to get stronger. It was her ambition to get stronger so that she could beat Ayase to a pulp just like Ayase beat her to the pulp. She would take nothing more or nothing less. The rebellious Hyuuga left the meadow, leaving Ayase and her fox to herself. Power meant whether you'd win or lose in a fight where the opponents were evenly matched on intellectual capability.

(..onto the next post)

"As Konoha's sword I will fight, and as Konoha's shield I shall protect."
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The Uchiha looked back at the fox, who provided her with a firm and genuine nod of approval. "Alright then, come on over here. I'll teach you the rest." He remarked, hopping down from the tree and sitting straight up. She did as instructed, moving on over to the fox and sitting in front of him. From that point he instructed her on how to properly utilize the fox summons more efficiently. With a few more hours invested into mind-boggling games and studying more about fox culture, only this time at the reverse summoning location, she had learned how to align herself with her summons.

The female returned to the area she was reverse summoned from with a temporary makeover in appearance. Her irises were bright orange in color. Her hair, for some reason, was pinkish-red and faded into the fiery red tone they assumed at the ends, in this state. This achievement was an overall improvement to her original fighting style. She was more knowledgeable on foxes. For some odd reasoning the foxes only agreed to let her sign the contract if she changed up her appearance.. proclaiming it looked dull and generic.

If she could find out how to maintain some of this fighting style they taught her it'd revolutionize how she went about things on field. Eh. She'll do that eventually, through some training means. The newly-made Summoner-in-training started to saunter out of the training field, hips swaying while her right hand was propped on her thigh, a confident smile on her face. She currently had one summon under her belt that she could use at the moment.. only that it was the strongest summon within the tribe of foxes that she knew. Certainly, the foxes intended to test her power.

Thus, Anri moved on out. She dashed from tree to tree with her new appearance, feeling rather weird while adorning it. She was still quietly wondering how they had changed the color of her irises, but for the sake of their approval she restrained herself from doing so. She traversed through the foresty lands, moving as quick as possible as she did so. The Uchiha eventually reached a more desired location, via. going through the village itself and proceeding to go within yet another woodland behind the Hokage Mountain, an area more reserved for high-ranking individuals of Konohagakure no Sato.

Once she arrived at a clearing the red-head would peel open a red scroll with gold lining and black binding on it's surface. The Uchiha would stretch the scroll open, proceeding to lay it out on the ground. She nipped her finger and smeared it across the surface of a seal, then performed one seal and stamped her palm against the parchment. From a plume of smoke emerged a large black and scarlet scroll with tanned innards and a black strap. It looked as though it could be strapped to a wearer's back. A sword, made specifically for the ANBU Blackops to use, as well as her own personal Gunbai appeared. Lastly was an ink bottle.

The female would walk up ten meters away from her initial position. She carelessly poured ink onto the ground, forming a sphere with it and going through the process of making a large sealing formula. The female placed the cap back on, before she returned to her initial position and started to seal the empty bottle of ink away. Once finished, the red-haired female would exhale softly, starting to mentally prepare for the battle that she had ahead of her. If she couldn't prove herself, she would ultimately not be able to progress.

She had adorned a black, high-collared cloak with broad arm sleeves and pretty much nothing else. Over the torso-area of the cloak she had on a single-strap, dark gray flak jacket. The red-haired female sheathed her ANBU sword and attached the sheathe to her cloak, while she had the large scroll hanging down past her butt from the strap being wrapped diagonally across her chest. Her Gunbai was horizontally strapped to her back, just above the giant scroll hanging there. The female lifted a single gloved hand as she closed her orange eyes and started to concetnrate.

With the formation of the seal of confrontation, her chakra boomed, rapidly thrusting throughout the vicinity and displacing the dirt around her, knocking it all away with the force. Several cracks and shivers formed in the ground as she spread her chakra out. She activated her Sharingan and braced herself for her upcoming challenge.. fighting a large fox. With her chakra surged, the female dashed forward with newfound speed, a mass of dust exploding outward with a large boom.

She stopped at the tip of the massive sealing formula, proceeding to pinch her fingertip and allow blood to flow to the surface. She hopped over several ink lines, before she tapped her palm against the surface of the center, then leaped back and backflipped throughout the air, landing in a crouched posiiton. In one fell swoop the female's irises became red out of the blue, and she unsheathed her ANBU sword, holding onto it tightly with the black hilt facing in front of her as she held it backwards, a fierce look in her eyes.

Her chakra remained booming throughout the area as she watched the massive sealing formula shine. A massive pile of smoke shot up, covering up her vision. Before she could even see if she succeeded, a five-meter wide, five-meter tall ball of orange flames shot forth beginning to.... expand? It suddenly sized up to become three times it's initial size, dwarfing what it once was and moving forward at extreme speeds. Even with a large window of opportunity to still get out of the way, the incoming heat tickled her hair.

The Sharingan wielder threw up her left arm in front of her at an arched position, forming the Ram handseal with one hand and using her already surged chakra. In a flicker of high speed movement she deftly shot out of the way, to her far left. She reappeared skidding across the ground in a crouched position, slanted to the right with her hand in her grasp. The female's long, fiery red hair flowed in the wind as she did so. She stood up, inspecting the massive fox before her with slightly wide eyes. "It is not too late to give up now. I am leagues beyond your power." The fox remarked, causing her to smirk.

She spun her blade around and shook her head, before she clamped her other hand onto the sword hilt and spread her legs apart, pulling her sword to her side so that the blunt side of the blade would be a few inches in front of her face if her head wasn't facing the direction of the fox. "Very well." It remarked, sprinting forward at speeds that were nearly equal to hers. She shot forward rather eagerly, intent on doing her best within this fight.

The black-haired female closed in on the fox, moving forth at deft speeds with both of her hands wrapped around the sword hilt. She sprung off of the ground rapidly, proceeding to spin rapidly as she descended down toward the fox. She swooped her blade down toward the fox's snout, intent on striking it with enough force to force it's head down. Her blade shined with what seemed to be a bright blue essence, which would sap away at the fox's reserves had she managed to hit it.

Of course she lacked physical strength, and that played a big effect on her ability to fight against the massive fox before her. Whether she succeeded or not the female knew that retaliation from the creature was inevitable, and thus she slipped her hand away from the hilt with intentions of proceeding to flicker away from the fox in high speed movement before it could manage to either grab onto her or even manage to get in a good counter attack. She had to take extensive measures against an S-Rank summon that wasn't going to go easy on her.

Upon reappearing she weaved several handseals with one hand, her hand at her side as she descended onto the ground. She attempted to draw the fox in with an enticing look in her eyes, however the moment the look captivated the nine-tailed fox into moving forward a curtain of water would shoot down from what seemed to be tthe heavens themselves, lurching forward and threatening to carry the fox back with massive amounts of force. She kept her eye on it's chakra circulatory system, intent on making sure there were no unexpected attacks directed towards her.

The nine-tailed fox watched as the female sprinted forth. If it wasn't busy trying to fight her it would shake it's head in shame at her foolish quote on quote 'bravery'. It cracked the ground with each step it made across the plain, reaching her in no time. As she jumped up and spun in midair the fox simply awaited, it's sharp fingernails digging into the earth below it. She attempted to descend upon it with her measly little blade.. little did she know that such an attack was practically futile.

The fox was simply playing on the defensive at the moment. It would throw it's hand up, merely punching the blade of the weapon with enough force to knock her off course. It cut deep where he punched, but none the less it wasn't something he couldn't handle. A green aura encompassed his hand, almost instantly healing the damages that he took from the attack that she managed to land on him. Before Kioshi knew it the little Uchiha had teleported back to get some distance, giving him the opportunity to go on the offense.

The fox merely sighed, before he shot forth at breakneck speeds in an attempt to throw her off with his sudden transition from defensive to offensive with just a snap of a finger. Though, she was prepared. With the formation of several handseals with just one hand a curtain of tsunami-like waves swooped down onto the ground and shot towards him when he was too close to stop himself. He was pushed away by the massive wave of water, but he had a nifty counterattack.

The large fox would suddenly stretch it's tail out twice the normal length, thrusting it forward and attempting to jab into the ground in front of Anri, before swooping horizontally in an attempt to slap her back with it. Regardless if Kioshi succeeded, the fur seemed to harden with the flow of chakra through the massive appendage. It suddenly started to retract, and by then he had been on just normal ground by then, standing a reasonable distance away. With a large roar, one by one, senbon-like projectiles of quote on quote 'fur' fired from the bushy tail. They were aimed to pierce through her effortlessly, without repercussion or regret.

The Uchiha was knocked back by her blade being firmly hit, though she was relieved to see that she actually had done some damage and managed to sap some chakra away from the large, beast-like fox. It seemed to not react to the chakra absorption at all, though.. and not only that but did she just see it's fist shine green? "Wow.. you can heal too.." She murmured, feeling as though she was outclassed in the current situation. None the less her use of the Stormy Blockade technique had worked.

Watching as the beast was swept away, the female would allow the techniques' effects to remain on field as she ceased idling where she was at. The female would start off with a simple jog that suddenly presented itself as a sprint. She leaped up, flowing chakra to her soles as she ran across the water. The moment it's tail crashed down the female reflexively leaped high into the air with a chakra-applied leap, proceeding to land on the surface of the bushy construct. She ran across it, or tried to, but not before it was swooped back.

She started to fall from high in the air, proceeding to sense the rapid-moving senbon like constructs of chakra-hardened fur. She spun around in midair, slipping her Gunbai from it's strap and extending her arm out in front of her, to defend against the attack while upsidedown in the air. The clearing had turned into a practical lake at this point in time. The fur-senbon would vanish from view, and though the attack wasn't reflected in the same way it initially shot out, it still had the same basis.

A massive gust of sharp wind blades thrusted forth, threatening to cut away at the fox relentlessly with the damage that came from it's very fur. She re-strapped her Gunbai and then started to rotate in midair so that she was no longer upsidedown. The female crashed into the water with a large blast, pain filling up her body but not stopping her from emerging and proceeding to zoom across the water with a loud battlecry. Her reddish-pink hair flowed out behind her as she continued to accelerate towards the fox.

She shot off of the water, proceeding to send the chakra that was at her feet to her hands. She thrusted her ANBU sword back into it's sheathe, suddenly beginning to ready. A shimmering aura of whiteish-blue chakra began to form itself around the sheathe and the blade inside of it, flickering about around the two objects. She fastened her hand around the hilt of her blade, the other hand hovering over the sheathe itself as she narrowed her gaze and awaited for the proper timing.

Once reaching a nice distance she flung her blade from the sheathe, lightning rippling around the blade from it's core to the tip itself, the flickering aura of Lightning a nice addition to the blade itself. The hiss of lightning chakra filled the air as she attempted to slash at the large fox's snout in one quick, breakneck motion. Her butter-cutting ANBU sword was hopefullly sufficient for this, because if it wasn't she would be in a heck of a lot of crap to deal with had it attempted to make the counterattack she was afraid it would make.

The large white fox's eyes fell to a narrow as he lunged forth nimbly. The thin being agilely moved throughout the environment, thrashing through the water with sheer power as it moved forward. Kioshi's leer observed as the black and white Gunbai suddenly reflected the impact and the strength of the attack that he had sent toward the summoner that was wielding it. Rapidly, the being zig-zagged through the lake-like waters, effortlessly pushing through and closing in on the female as she closed in on him.

His pristine, white tails flicked about behind him, and he stopped zig-zagging the moment he was in hitting range of Anri. The large fox fanned his small front leg forth, intent on slashing Anri while she was running on the water. When she leaped up, the water caved in, in the shape of a deep slash in the water itself. Kioshi's eyes noticeably widened slightly as he saw that she was hovering right near his face with.... it's sword tucked into it's sheathe. He squinted, suddenly lurching forward.

He smashed through the water, sending waves of it shooting upright as he attempted to headbutt her directly before she could manage to slash him with the electric-engulfed piece of weaponry that she was holding. The likelihood of this attack landing was high, and it'd probably break quite a few bones if it hit directly. He was testing out her reaction time, trying to coerce her into blocking his attack if she didn't want to break a few bones. Had she blocked, the effect still would've been intense, being more than enough to knock her back unless she had some sort of unmentioned fortitude to her constitution. For added effect he clenched his teeth together, bearing his fangs and roaring.

"Raaaaagh!" They exchanged battlecries, as Anri swooped forward at the same time that the fox did with equal ferociousness. She lacked fear in this situation.. she could feel none other than pure determination flowing through her body at this point. it was exilerating, it was loyal. It was the one thing in her life that she held close to her, second to family and Konohagakure no Sato. Her roar was initially suppressed at this point of time. She lashed her weapon out, smashing the width of it against the fox's teeth and pinning it there. She could feel a shockwave shoot out from the sheer force.

".....Hnnnn..." Her eyes practically bulged, a third tomoe forming in each as her exileration reached it's breaking point. She was officially hyped for this, ready as ever to really challenge this fox. She knew that with her strength alone that she could do this on her own, now! The Uchiha opened her mouth wide, letting out a massive battlecry that made her throat feel a little sore as she shrieked it out. "Hyaaaaaaaah!!" Anri exclaimed from her lungs themselves, her look becoming even more fierce as she held her ANBU sword against the large fox's teeth.

She attempted to keep up the pressure, intent on using her strength... no matter how weak it was, to try and press the fox back and at least give it some sort of trouble with this sort of stalemate up against her. She could feel her arms grow weaken and heavy the pressure of trying to support herself against a massive fox when it had the homefield advantage. She started to let up gradually, unable to put up with the physical force she was up against, even with adrenaline coursing through every vein in her body.

The white fox looked her eye to eye with an intense look on his face, wondering if that 'hnnn' sound she made was a sign that she was starting to give in. He started to apply more physical pressure, currently making sure the force was just above hers so that he could keep her at bay and gauge her strength. She had been giving him a good fight so far, in all honesty, though he would never admit that to her. The fox's eyes widened when he saw that the third and final tomoe required of an Uchiha to mature their eyes spun into being.

At that point he knew he couldn't mess around. He applied much more pressure than before with intentions of knocking Anri away all together. He suddenly parted his teeth and sunk his teeth onto the ANBU sword when it started to slide in, hopefully vertically. Had he managed to do this, Kioshi would lurch forward and attempt to thrash the end of the hilt into her gut, in order to knock her away from him. He spat out the ANBU sword, sending it spinning in her direction and skidding across the earth with a clang.

That ferocious, intense look alone that she gave him with her matured Sharingan sent shivers up his spine. Sharingan was something that the foxes of his tribe taught him to always be wary of, ever since he was just a kid. Now here he was, fighting a pure-blooded Sharingan wielder so they could prove their worth to him. It wouldn't have been a problem..

If she wasn't pure-blooded.

Anri remained in the deadlock, her strength slipping away from her. Suddenly she was pushed away in a manner that seemed to be effortless on the fox's part, but not before she lost her sword to the fox. She just barely shifted her physique, so that she could avoid vital organ damage and simply suffer having the breath knocked out of her instead. She corkscrewed throughout the air, slamming into the ground and skidding back across the ground. Her ANBU sword flew out from the fox's mouth as she started to rebelliously rise against the pain.

She caught the sword by it's hilt in midair, skidding back with it from the force at which it was moving. The Uchiha dropped to her knees, her hands wrapped around the hilt as she looked toward the fox, huffing gently. "D-damn it.. I'll have to.. really... rely on... that.." The female stood up slowly, using her ANBU sword for balance as she slowly rose to her feet cautiously, eyeing the massive white fox that stood before her. The female reared her weapon back, then smirked towards him, intent on catching him off guard.

With dead-eye aim she sent her ANBU sword spinning towards the male fox's figure. She backflipped four times, skidding across the ground on the last time, bumping up against a tree trunk. She leaped up into the tree in a burst of movement that she initially looked like she couldn't reach at her level of injury. She contorted one handed seals within the tree trunk, popping some sort of medicinal pill within her mouth to temporarily relieve her of the pain. As a soothing feeling filled her body, she smirked.

"Now.. I can go at top speed." She murmured. The female stood up within the tree, spreading her legs apart and throwing her right arm down between her legs, down to her knees as she craned her back. She coiled her left hand around her right wrist, starting to generate a mass amount of chakra. Blue sparks started to dance along around her feet. Her right hand had all of her digits parted completely, as she generated chakra as quick as she could muster. "Haaaaaaaaaah...!" The entire tree itself started to shine blue as a sphere of electrical, whiteish-blue current started to course at the base of her palm.

Tendrils of whiteish blue electricity started to flicker about around the sphere rapidly, producing loud chirping noises from the tree and illuminating her body. While propped up on a branch, she shoved her right arm out, cuffing her fingers together and easily slicing through the tree trunk, causing it to slant. The female bounced off of the branch and proceeding to zoom down the tree trunk, easily re-directing herself so that she would go from running down the tree trunk to running across the clearing.

The female zoomed along at extremely high speeds with her left hand still coiled around her right wrist while the chirping noise continued, the mass of electric tendrils and whiteish blue chakra still engulfing her hand in pristine light. She thrusted off of the ground, leaving a trail of dust behind her. As for the tree she ran down, it suddenly split in half and exploded in a burst of whiteish blue sparks.

The Uchiha leaped up with commendable leg strength beneath her, caving the ground in beneath her feet and lunging forward while in midair, intent on thrusting her right arm out and stabbing the fox in it's snout with the technique that she was currently using. Her glowing, red eyes noticeably dialated as her hand closed in. "Chidori!"

The fox agilely avoided the sword as it spun past him, smirking at her and speaking. "If you wanted to give up you could've just told me to desumm---" The fox squinted as she backflipped several times and shot up into the tree. The male simply sat there and waited, rather uninterested while doing so. Her ANBU sword was stabbed into a tree nearby. He heard the chirping noise, causing him to raise a brow. "So she can still fight.." He thought to himself, before he smirked.

He watched as she suddenly launched down from the innards of the tree and went sprinting directly at him. The fox took notice of the technique, and how dense the lightning alone was, seeing that it was enough to make him alarmed. He threw his arms up, making an X-sort of formation in front of him  to bear with the attack at the last moment when she went for his snout. He wasn't going to let his nose get hit by something like that, and he knew by the name alone that this was going to hurt.

Sure enough, the moment it impacted him it pierced at first, but then the pent-up lightning chakra unleashed itself, coursing throughout his body and sending him shooting back as it blasted out like a wave of just pure lightning in one-fell-swoop. It effortlessly knocked him back, making him topple over several trees and leave destruction in his path as he skid back on his feet, managing to still stand up. When the dust from several trees cleared, the fur on his arms were charred and he was bleeding from both. He threw his arms to his sides as both of them started to sizzle and glow with green chakra. "Teme..." The male murmured with a dark leer sent her way.

The white fox stood up on his hind legs and clapped his front paws together. "Guaaaaaaaaaaaah!" His chakra shook the grounds themselves, causing fissures to form within it as he let out his magnificent roar. Mother nature itself seemed to flow out from the male fox as he suddenly stamped his legs back down against the surface of the earth below. He puffed up his cheeks and inhaled, that intimidating look still on his facial features as he glared towards the Uchiha that managed to damage his arms.

Suddenly, he formed a small 'o' from his mouth, sending a small, sky blue fireball flying towards her. It looked really small... but at the same time something was really off. If Anri was to inspect it with her matured Sharingan or her sensory she would detect that there was an unsurmountable amount of compressed chakra within that really small fireball. It was moving extremely quick because of how compact and dense it was. It sacrificed surface area for pure speed, and now here it was.. coming at breakneck momentum towards her.

Anri dropped to the ground, huffing gently as the giant fox went flying back from the force of her Chidori's explosion of pent-up lightning chakra. She smiled gently towards him, then suddenly shivers went down her spine when he murmured 'teme' and glared at her. She was stunned in place at the sheer force of his chakra as it rippled throughout the vicinity and shattered the forsaken grounds all the way up to her feet, fissuring them and leaving massive cracks.

"Damn.." She murmured, seeing how odd his chakra was. It had a... natural feeling to it, to say in the least. Anyways, the fireball that he released from his mouth zoomed at her at incredible speeds. It looked like a really weak attack so she planned on just standing there and waiting for it to impact her. But then she remembered that the 'weakest' of attacks were deadly. And that's when she took a look at it's makeup with her Sharingan and her highly-perceptive sensory capability. Sure enough, fold-after-fold of highly-compressed chakra was in the fireball.

It instantly clicked to her what the use of this technique was. Now, it was moving way too fast for her to move out of the way by normal means. Therefore, she formed the Ram handseal, and just on the brink of being screwed, she zoomed out of the way with the use of the Body Flicker Technique. The fireball catapulted against the tree, bursting into a massive spherical dome of blue flames that astonished her. Embers flew everywhere, and before any could touch Anri she formed a few handseals and erected a wall of water from residual water in the area, huffing heavily at this point in time.

She wavered back and forth, with her conscious beginning to dwindle on the path of unconscious. Her eyes slowly went from their glowy, red nature, to a vibrant, orange nature. The energy and the adrenaline coursing throughout her body started to fade away from her circulatory system. The female cursed herself, knowing that this was none other than the end that she never desired for herself. It seemed that this meant the end to her efforts.. which were in vain at the end.

She slowly descended toward the ground, her chakra reserves completely exhausted at this point of time. She could not help but just give up at this point in time. It was ideal. Maybe the fox would make it short and sweet for her and possibly kill her while she's far too incoherrently unconscious to register the pain of whatever method he uses. So much for trying to make friends. First they mended her appearance and then they made her fight one of their top of the line in a one on one. Finally.. it was over, though.

The fox cussed under his breath as he used one of his stronger techniques and she seemed to easily avoid it. He sprinted back into the clearing, looking toward her with a grumble. Just then she fell face forward on the ground, causing him to squint in slight disbelief. He sensed that she was still alive, so that was good. If anything, she was just really exhausted chakra-wise. The male moved on over to her, using a touch more gentle than the usual. He pushed her onto her back, looking for any wounds.

He noticed several broken ribs and other injuries, proceeding to kneel down and lick her wounds away for her, so she wouldn't have to deal with them. The fox cautiously lifted her up into his mouth, but instead of swallowing her or chewing her up like he easily could have, he held her there like she was a cub, before he summoned himself back to the valley that all of the foxes such as himself stayed at. "Where is the human?" One of the foxes inquired. He lowered her out of his mouth, curling up into a ball.

"I approve of her. She's worthy of our trust, and of summoning me." Kioshi responded, causing several foxes to gasp in surprise and murmur about how Kioshi was one of the most least-likely to approve people. "Well? Stop talking about it and help her out with her injuries. The only reason she lost consciousness is because she ran out of chakra." The white fox remarked. They dragged her off, tending to her wounds and leaving her in a futon within the center of a small room.. because apparently they had traditional japanese houses in their summoning domain.

She woke up about two days after she was taken here. During her time there she was fed and given much of nothing.. moreso just resting for the sake of being able to withstand her return to Konohagakure no Sato, since they simply could not leave her here. Two days were enough to make her worry, so the moment she was awake and not feeling like crap (and told that it has been two days), she quickly made her return. She knew for a fact that this was only the beginning to something fantastic.

Anri knew there was only a matter of time before she would manage to learn how to summon more of the foxes, but she could save that for a different day and a different time. She packed up her stuff once she was in working order and was summoned back to Konohagakure no Sato, where she explained her bad disappearance.

Gained this stuff: 58 stats | Sharingan Tomoe 3 | Kioshi (1,700 words left) | Chidori | Great Fireball Technique (only had 300 words left) | Fox Summoning Contract

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Approved. Next time please do not use text codes on your post, it is not allowed as it makes it hard to read.

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The Final Training (P)
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