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 V6 Limited/Banned List

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Clan : Uchiha
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PostSubject: V6 Limited/Banned List   Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:53 pm

Banned and Limited Jutsu

To keep the board balanced, certain jutsu are limited on who can learn them, due to their power being greater than normal.  The list of such, and their rules are below.

Claim thread

Important Notes:

• Limited jutsu are tied in essence, to your soul, and even your ideologies in some cases. Such examples are the Eight Inner Gates which require the character to have self sacrifice ideals and the drive to protect others at any cost. Because of this, limiteds are not allowed to be dropped unless under very dire circumstances (usually involving death)  If one changes their path, and their beliefs a limited jutsu can be dropped due to their body not being eligible for the technique anymore.  This is done without refund, but can always be retrained if your ideologies line back up.  This will be heavily monitored.

• All limited jutsu have to be claimed at Jounin or after.

• Claiming a Tech does not guarantee you’ll receive it. The staff will review all claims. Make sure that you actually meet the requirements when claiming in order to make things easier. When requesting approval to learn an ideology technique, or claim one from the list, you must provide threads that represent your character alongside your request as to not make us read through countless threads.

• A character, at maximum, can learn up to two limited jutsu.

• Claiming a jutsu means you are the source of that jutsu.  You are allowed to teach others the techniques without expending a slot.  The selecting character however must meet the following requirements.  In the case of Kage techniques, if the current Kage has access to it, but originator spots are full, they still have a means to teach themselves enabling them to learn it without using a spot if it is reasonable to assume scrolls and the like exist.

Requirements for learning a Limited Technique:

• Must be of at least Jounin or higher rank.

• Must have at least 200 Stats in total

• Must meet the requirements listed of the Limited Techs.

• You will not get training benefits of 50% reduction when learning a limited technique from the originator. You can however benefit from 25% max stats reduction should you qualify. As always, learning discounts do not stack.

Limited Jutsu

Limited Water-Style Jutsu

Water Release Great Shark Bullet Technique [1/2] Xyxer Gyojin (Hozuki);
• Water as Primary Elemental Affinity
• Ninjutsu as First Specialty
• Limited to Mizukage, and those they teach.

Limited Lightning-Style Jutsu

Lightning Release Armour [0/2]
• Ninjutsu and Taijutsu as first two specs (Either Nin, or Tai must be your main, with the other secondary, you cannot have them both secondary)
• Lightning as First Element
• Raikage exclusive and those they teach

Special Jutsu

Sage Mode [2/2] Akihana Akari, Kyson
• Two A-Rank summons.

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu [1/2] Alice Nara
• Ninjutsu Main
• Shadow Clone Jutsu

Red Secret Technique: Performance of a hundred puppets [0/2]
• Puppetry as main spec

Flying Thunder God Technique [2/2]  Ganki Sakura, Risako Akara
• Must have Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu as specialties
• Hokage exclusive or those they teach.

Creation Rebirth [2/2] Ayumi, Youka Tau
• Medical as main specialty.
• Ideology must include the protection of others, and wanting to save lives.

Eight Gates [1/2] Kyousuke Snow
• Taijutsu as main specialty.
• Ideology must revolve around self sacrifice, and protecting others at the cost of your own life.

Execution by kiss [0/2]
• Ninjutsu as main spec
• Only one element can be learned naturally
• EBK bodies must be created IC
• Ideology must revolve around harming others for your own personal gain


Izanagi [Any jutsu that greatly distorts reality]
Edo Tensei
Meteorite Technique
Swift Release
Bakuton Taijutsu Version
Kabuto's KKG utilizing technique/ability
Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation
Sage Art: White Rage Technique
Kurama Clan Genjutsu
Earth Release: Resurrection Corpse Soil Technique
Water Sky Convergence
Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Living Corpse Reincarnation
Dust Release
Magnet Release

[If you already have these jutsu and no longer want them, you can be given compensation]

Now I'm invincible~


Last edited by Naoki Gekou on Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:27 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Removed Blazeball, Explosion release, Human Puppet and Kamui)
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Master (Kiri)

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Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
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PostSubject: Re: V6 Limited/Banned List   Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:19 am

Removed limited clans and KKGs.
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V6 Limited/Banned List
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