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 Mission Blitz

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Uchiha Kisuke

Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Katon, Doton
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 2000

PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:21 pm

Yanking his kunai out of the Chuunin's neck, a trail a blood would follow from the open wound as the Volcano nin collapsed to the ground. Clutching his neck as his crimson blood trickled through his fingers, the enemy gargled and choked on his own fluids before finally passing. Looking down at the Chuunin as he passed away, Kisuke would kneel down beside the corpse and wipe his bloody kunai on the clothes of the deceased. Once his weapon was clean, the Uchiha would stand back up and place the kunai back into his weapon pouch while turning around to see what his allies were up to. As he turned he came face to face with Kotsuzui who had probably watched him kill the Chuunin. Reaching for his cigarettes while Kotsuzui and Kaze exchanged remarks, the young Uchiha slipped a fresh cigarette into his mouth and light it. A wave of relaxation washed over Kisuke has the fumes made their way through his lungs. A nice cigarette was always good after a kill, to calm the nerves and relax Kisuke while his adrenaline level declined. 

Slipping his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, Kisuke would continue smoking his cigarette while watching the Kaguya return the road to normal. Looking around at the dead bodies, Kisuke would mumbled "I dont think we can just leave these bodies here. We should at least drop them off where were going." Picking up the body of the Chuunin he had killed, Kisuke would place the corpse on top of the caravan, wrapping a piece of cloth around the fatal wound as to not have the blood dripping all over the contents of the caravan. Once all the bodies were placed on top of the caravan, Kisuke would nod in agreance with Kotsuzui. Taking one last large inhale from his cigarette, he would then pull it out and throw it onto the ground. Putting it out with the sole of his boot, Kisuke would say as the pale white fumes from his cigarette shot out of his nostrils "I'll head back to my spot." Walking down the road, once he had gotten far enough ahead of his team Kisuke would plunge back into the forest to scout the rest of the way. 

The Genin team made it back at dusk without anymore complications. Handing over the caravan, Kisuke crossed his arms as Kotsuzui began explaining what was hopefully the last mission of the day for this young squad. The mentioned of getting some food made Kisuke's stomach growl. Up until now he was so focused on the missions that he had not realised how hungry he was. Going off on his own, Kisuke found a nice little sushi bar. Sitting down on one of the stools, Kisuke ordered a full course for himself with some water to hydrate himself. Eating mot of the rolls there, Kisuke took the rest to go and finished them before he got back to the front gates. Kisuke ate quite a bit but he had not eaten all day and figured he was not going to have try hard for this next mission. Once the three of them had met back up, without a word they set out back to Konoha for their last mission. 

The sun had now fully set as they arrived at the location of their final mission. Pouncing out of the trees and landing cat like in front of the cemetery entrance, Kisuke would check his surroundings to see if there was any activity going on around them. "Kaze has it right. These grave robbers are probably bandits with no real skills in fighting or tracking. Spreading out is probably best, thats if you two pansies arent afraid to be left alone at night in a grave yard."


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Kaguya Kotsuzui

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Earth
Clan : Kaguya
Bloodline : Shikotsumyaku
Ryo : 12000

PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:36 pm

Kaze proposed a plan that they spread out so get better coverage of the cemetery. If one of them were to encounter the robbers on their own, they would definitely be able to handle the situation on their own as they quickly came to the conclusion that they probably were not the most skilled fighters. Kotsuzui turned to Kisuke as he let out a little chuckle. "You don't honestly think anyone is scarred of being in a graveyard?" the Kaguya began, "what's gonna happen, the dead gonna come back to life? Give me a break" as he let out another laugh. At the moment a water droplet landed on Kotsuzui's forehead as he looked up into the night's sky. With the help of the moon, Kotsuzui could make out some of the dark clouds moving above them. Shortly after the rain started coming down at a constant rate. Looking at the two Uchiha's with a grin on their face, Kotsuzui would tap both of them on their shoulders. "Get comfortable, this is going to be a long night."

It was time to get the mission going. Turning around and leaving his two teammates, Kotsuzui went to take his position north of where they had entered from. It gave him a good view of the entrance they came from as well as a second one. Looking for a tree that was big enough to protect the Kaguya from as much rain as possible, Kotsuzui sat down under it leaning against it as he took a moment to relax. Kotsuzui would look out from around the tree to see where his two Uchiha teammates had taken up position. He then followed up by reaching into his kunai pouch and pulling out one of his few small bottles of sake. Popping the cork out, Kotsuzui began sipping from his alcohol. "Ahhh that's good" he'd say to himself as he leaned his head back against the tree and took a moment to enjoy his drink along with the sound of the rain pellets dropping onto the leaves overhead. If Kotsuzui were not currently on a mission, he could have very easily fallen asleep right then and there. The Kaguya was comfortable enough with the environment that he could pretty much sleep anywhere if he had a good enough tree to sleep under, and a few bottles of sake to help out with that also. Kotsuzui let the rain clean his bare feet as they had gotten quite dirty having gone from Konoha to the Volcano village and back to Konoha. 

It took some time for anything to happen, and Kotsuzui was beginning to think the rain had postponed the grave robbers to another night. But he was wrong, the rain actually fueled their initiative as they believed they were less likely to be caught because of the rain. No one liked being out in the rain. A group of 8 people made their way into the cemetery from the western entrance. Three of them holding shovels, three of them holding flashlights and carrying large bags over their shoulders, and the two remaining ones simply tagging along. They began pointing the flash lights at specific tombstones, as if they knew which one they were looking for and weren't here to just dig up every single grave in hopes of finding loot. "This is it!" one proclaimed as the two flash lights fell upon the grade. "Start digging" one ordered as the three shovel men quickly got to work on the wet soil. The two with the flash lights kept the lights where they were shoveling so they could see, and the last two simply stood there on guard scanning the cemetery. 

Kotsuzui didn't hear them come in or start digging as the rain had muffled most of the sound. But the flash lights caught his attention. Looking over his shoulder and around the tree, Kotsuzui found where the light was coming from, the group of grave robbers. "Let's get this day over with" Kotsuzui said annoyed as he finished the remains of his second bottle of sake before putting it back into his pouch. Slowly getting up and keeping cover behind the tree, Kotsuzui scanned what was happening spotting that there were two guys keeping watch. He could easily take them both out, but he wasn't going to make a move without his teammates if he didn't have to. It was better to make a move together then alone and jeopardize the mission. Looking over to Kisuke and Kaze, he'd wait to see if they were aware and ready before making a move.
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Kaze Uchiha

Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Sat Aug 06, 2016 7:40 am

"I wouldn't be so quick to joke about the dead. They say the souls of those who were killed roam around graveyards in search of their killer. I don't know about you guys but there aren't that many souls after me. I recommend you two ask for forgiveness before it's too late or you can keep up the macho act. See ya later... if you're lucky." The boy's grin was hidden in the shadows of the night as he dropped down from the tree he had been resting in. Each of them had claimed to not be afraid of ghost in their own way and while they probably were not scared Kaze found entertainment in making the night a bit spookier. With the smile on his face slowly fading the boy began to make his way towards the west side of the cemetery where he would find a spot, that was hopefully dry, to spend the rest of the night on lookout.

Upon reaching his destination Kaze spotted a large tree roughly six or seven meters outside the entrance of the cemetery. He quickly picked out a branch that would serve as his seat for the night, it was relatively dry considering the amount of rain falling. Flipping up the collar of his jacket Kaze got comfortable leaning his back against the trunk of the tree. The young Uchiha welcomed the rain, the steady patter of the droplets was relaxing minus the chilled air that came along with the storm. As the night went on the boy found his mind wondering to things ranging from his time spent in the academy to what his life would be like in fifteen years, currently he was imagining how nice a warm shower would feel right about now. He could practically feel the warmth of the water hitting his body, inhaling the warm steam, it was a wonderful image. While his mind wondered his eyes scanned the scene ultimately ruining his imaginary shower as he picked out the flicker of a light somewhere in front of him. 'Well it was nice while it lasted.' A sigh escaped his lips as he slowly rose to his feet, he rested one hand against the tree's trunk to steady himself once he was standing. A flash of lightning lit the sky for a short second barely long enough for Kaze to make out the silhouettes of a group of people. "Graverobbers." Another sigh escaped the boy, a hand absentmindedly made its way to his head slicking his wet hair back as he watched the group with squinted eyes, well he watched the bob of their flashlights.

The group was now mere meters away from the tree Kaze was in, he had a plan but it all depended on him not getting spotted. The Uchiha quickly rotated around the trunk of the tree as a flashlight was aimed at the very spot he had just been standing, his feet were dangling in the air as he hung from a branch but he had avoided detection albeit narrowly. "Whew that was close, almost ruined the surprise I have for them." Once the group entered the cemetery Kaze began to make his move, he carefully dropped down from the tree using the sound of the storm to cover his landing. He trailed the group from a dangerously close distance, he was gambling just because he wanted to have a little bit of fun. With his sharingan activated he spared a quick glance around the cemetery searching for the chakra signatures of his teammates, Kotsuzui was quiet close to the grave robbers, who had stopped their search and were now beginning to dig. Although he could not spot Kisuke's chakra signature, Kaze assumed his clansman had spotted the flashlights and made his way over towards them. Hopefully his teammates were ready because now the fun would begin.

The drenched shinobi hid behind a tombstone large enough for two people to hide behind, with a smirk on his face he wove a few familiar hand seals. He was not sure which robber it was but he heard one of them tell the others he saw something off in the distance, the object would slowly move towards the group in an ominous fashion. Meanwhile Kaze had snuck out from his hiding spot and made his way to the back of the group of grave robbers while their attention was on his jutsu. In the cover of the night the boy quietly snatched the two tagalongs of the group, a hand firmly covering each of their mouths as he dragged them away. On cue two more glowing transparent objects would appear on either side of the original steadily making there way towards the group. Once he finished securing his two victims he made his way back towards the rear of the six remaining thieves. Stricken with fear the fools had completely forgotten about their surroundings by now, instead only concerned with Kaze's demon lanterns and getting away from them. Their shovels had long been abandoned, one by one the number of ghostly figures formed out of thin air increased until their were ten forming a semi-circle in front of the grave robbers. 

The pace the robbers backpedaled increased as the lanterns reached a distance where their faces were visible despite the darkness. The final straw came as one of the thieves backed into Kaze, they were so close the young Uchiha was able to see the fear in man's eyes as he slowly turned his head to face the shinobi. "Boo!" The menacing red glow of the boy's sharingan sent the man into a panic he dropped his flashlight as he hurriedly ran away, his peers followed his example and scattered as the demon lanterns suddenly burst forward giving chase. The boy stifled a laugh watching the robbers run, he would leave the task of gathering the fools to his teammates, everyone would have a little fun. If your idea of fun was chasing thieves through a cemetery in the middle of a rain storm. "Have fun boys." With that he let loose with howling laughter it couldn't be held in any longer.
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Uchiha Kisuke

Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Katon, Doton
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 2000

PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:40 am

"What the fuck is this kid talking about?" Kisuke though to himself as he listened to the ridiculous shit coming out of Kaze's mouth. Kisuke did not doubt that ghosts existed but he was naturally a sceptic about everything. Therefore the mere mention of vengeful ghosts and hauntings from Kaze made Kisuke want to punch the kid in the face for thinking he could trick Kisuke into believing his crap. However he refrained from doing so as they still had a mission to complete and they would look pretty ridiculous if the grave robbers walked in to find them fighting each other. Then the rain began to fall. As it increasingly began to descend at a steady rate, Kisuke grabbed the fur trimmed hood resting on his back and casually slipped it over his head. The rim of the hood would descend just over his eyebrows, concealing and protecting the top of his head from the rain. Looking down at the cigarette bud that stuck out of his mouth as Kotsuzui tapped his shoulder, the young Uchiha noticed that the rain had killed his cigarette. Grunting, Kisuke spat the remains out of his mouth and onto the ground, fumbling around with the contents of his pockets to light another one. But first, he had to find a nice dry area where he could light his cigarette. Watching his allies walk in separate directions, Kisuke would randomly stroll into the cemetery, not really care where he went or how close or far he was from his other two allies.

Aimlessly strolling through the cemetery, avoiding head stones as he stepped through the slushy grass and dirt with his hands plunged deep into their pockets and his shoulders hunched forward, Kisuke finally found a spot suitable for him to remain while he waited for the grave robbers. It was a crypt, roughly two stories high. In front of the crypt were two thin pillars holding up a roof, once that was perfectly for blocking the falling rain. Stepping under the pillar held roof, Kisuke would throw back his hood and take a seat with his back against the crypt wall. Giving out a sigh as he sat down on the cold tiled ground, the young Uchiha did not realise until now how tired he was. Now that he was finally relaxing, he could feel the sourness of his muscles and the drowsiness of his eyes from having been awake and day and running around doing missions. Gently resting his head back on the crypt wall as well, Kisuke would cross his legs together while pulling out his box of cigarettes and matches. Pushing a fresh cigarette out and  sparking a new match, Kisuke would gently perched the cigarette at the tip of his lips as he cupped his hands around it and light it. With three quick successive inhales from his new cigarette, Kisuke would let the wave of relaxation take him as he sat there waiting. 

About half way through his cigarette was when Kisuke herd the arrival of the grave robbers. The sound of their voices were coming from the other side of the crypt and if he was able to hear them over the storm it meant they were close by. However from where he was currently seated they were unable to see him therefore he was still in the clear. Pulling his cigarette out of his mouth and looking down at it, he would utter to himself "I'll finish my cigarette first." Slipping it back into his mouth, Kisuke would remain seated. He figured his teammates could hand the situation without him. Frankly he did not care if they could or couldnt, he would sit there and finish his cigarette regardless. Pleasantly exhaling the pale white fumes from his lungs and watching them abruptly vanish in the wake of the heavy winds, Kiske suddenly herd screams of fear coming over from the other side. Raising an eye brow as he began thinking about what could scare them, he though "Neither of them have any Genjutsu to play tricks on their minds. So are the robbers really that afraid of two little kids? What a fucking joke." Throwing the bud of his cigarette off to the side, the young Uchiha would lazily push himself to his feet, using the support of the crypt wall to help himself.

Walking around to the other side of the crypt, Kisuke noticed three robbers running towards his general direction, frantically shouting and trying to get away from god knows what. In their fits of fear none of them noticed Kisuke, which would make his job that much easier. Dashing forward, he would perform a one handed tiger seal. Three feet in front of him, a rock cane would emerge from the ground. As he grabbed it with his left hand, Kisuke would reach behind him and pull out a shuriken. In one swift motion, his shuriken would cut through the falling raindrops and slice the robber furthest to his right across the back of his calf, causing him to fall onto the ground. Due to it being wet he slid forward and smashed head first into a tomb stone thus getting knocked out. Placing his right foot on top of one of the head stone, Kisuke would pounce forward and with a two hand swing smash the rock cane into the temple of the nearest robber. Upon impact the cane would shatter and the robber would fall unconscious. Coming to a sliding halt on one knee, Kisuke would slap his hands together and then onto the wet ground. The last robber would run right into the raised earth Kisuke created, knocking himself out.

Kisuke would be seen walking towards the spot the robbers had appeared from, dragging the 3 he had dispatched of by their legs. Dropping them off and wiping his hands together, the young Uchiha said "Bout damn time we get this day over with. I'm going to go confirm we completed our mission." And with that Kisuke would give a nod and walk back towards the village.


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Kaguya Kotsuzui

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Earth
Clan : Kaguya
Bloodline : Shikotsumyaku
Ryo : 12000

PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:44 am

Kotsuzui watched from behind his tree as Kaze used fear to his advantage to take out two of the thieves while scaring off the remaining ones. Looked like it were up to Kisuke and Kotsuzui to take them out. Kisuke wasted no time with his three, but Kotsuzui was going to have fun too in adding to Kaze's fear tactic. He was glad at least one of his teammates knew how to have fun. With a slight grin, Kotsuzui slipped into the ground and made his way to the three remaining thieves, making sure not to damage any of the coffins. Kotsuzui's hands burst through the ground grabbing two of them. With his hands being dirty and wet it helped in making it seem as though the dead were rising. Pulling them both into the ground, the third thief let out a shriek as he turned to run but smashed into a tree knocking himself out. Kotsuzui slowly pulled himself out of the ground to make it as though he were dead and coming back to life, but the two he pulled into the ground passed out from shock anyways. "Boring" he whispered as he pulled himself and the two thieves out of the ground. Kotsuzui dragged the three bodies back to where the two Uchiha's were. Kisuke informed them that he was going to inform the village they were done, and left. It were up to Kotsuzui and Kaze to handle the unconscious bodies of the thieves. "I've got this" Kotsuzui said. It was only fair, after all he was physically stronger than both Kisuke and Kaze. Pulling out his spinal cord, Kotsuzui proceeded to wrapping it around the ankles of all 8 thieves. "Let's get outta here" Kotsuzui said as he began dragging the bodies back to the village. Good thing they weren't that far from the village.

let us know when u finish ur 2 remaining missions.

4 missions completed
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Akihana Akari

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
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Ryo : 47600

PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:50 pm

Since Kaze put an away message, approving you two. This was a really creative mission idea. Great job you guys. <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light.
I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night."

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Blitz   Today at 7:53 am

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Mission Blitz
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