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 Master Momo (P.)

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PostSubject: Master Momo (P.)   Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:41 am

...On Going Training Thread...

Momo could be seen strolling out of a local store in down town Kirigakure. She was in a rather good mood today. Maybe it was because it was nice out for once. The sun wasn’t hiding behind a vail of mist nor was it chilly. It had been awhile since Momo had felt this good. It was sort of odd. Momo’s jet black hair was tied into a pony tail and she was wearing a light blue robe tied with a purple robe belt. Along with that was a pair of black sandals. Attached to the back of her purple robe belt was her ninja weapon pouches, in the front dangled her kirigakure headband. Strapped to Momo’s back was her beautifully crafted, glossy black katana which was decorated with cherry blossoms all over the hilt and sheath.
In Momo’s right hand she clutched a black bag carrying a few supplies. The contents of the bag were a blank scroll, a pen, and some ink. In the bag was also Momo’s jutsu encyclopedia. Because Momo didn’t really have a defined teacher at the moment she had to rely heaving on this book for most of low level tier techniques.
Momo continued to stroll through the village with her belongings before getting to an area she was more familiar with. It was a nice spot that was set off to the side of anything else. It was also shrouded by dense foliage with an opening that provided as a training area. Next to the opening was a small body of water. A pond.

Momo took a seat on a tree stump which she had made from a tree that had been perfectly centered in the middle of the opening. Momo’s sword cut through it fairly easily. Now that Momo was sitting, she grabbed the black bag and began to rummage through it, emerging with the text book in her hand. She quickly flipped it open to the glossary and began running her inder finger down the page, stopping once she got to what she was looking for. “Generic Sealing Technique…” Momo said underneath her breath as she paused to read how to perform the technique. Now that Momo had a general understanding of the technique she pulled out the scroll along with the ink and pen. She then added the ink to the quill and pressed the tip of it against the parchment. She followed the instructions carefully, making sure to copy the symbols depicted in the text book correctly. Momo took a deep breath finishing up the last mark. Now that everything was set, she then placed her sword on the scroll where the symbol was that she had drawn and made the correct hand seal. Momentarily afterwards, the sword vanished, being stored into the scroll. The scroll was small enough to fit into Momo’s weapon pouch and it made it easier for her to carry than lugging the sword around on long walks. Momo was now satisfied with her work.
WC: 500 claiming generic sealing tech, 2 stats, 100 left over
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Master Momo (P.)
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