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 The Prodigy Arrives [P]

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Prodigy Arrives [P]   Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:23 am

Enyo had been in Konoha for about five years since he last escaped the clutches of the evil, the facility that made him fight for so long would feel his wrath as soon as he became a ninja. This is what he thought and this is what drove him to train the clone and transformation technique. Enyo walked to the ninja academy with his steps feeling light, there were no chains wrapped around his ankle binding him from basic movement and his human rights. Finally he had made it to the polished white-painted building that had orange tiles that enveloped the top of the building. The iconic symbol of Konohagakure also found itself in the middle of the massive building letting all know who was in charge of the country. It was as if it were a symbol of peace. Stepping inside Enyo would be met with the smell of sweat, it seemed to have made it’s way to entrance from the people who were training so hard. Walking in Enyo would see a man with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and a konoha headband around his forehead with a clipboard in his left hand that showed a scar from the section in between his thumb and index finger. “Hello there!” The shinobi would exclaim. “Hello, I was wondering how I would go about becoming a ninja.” Enyo would ask with his face as stiff as a rock not changing from it’s original indifferent style. “Ahh, another ninja I see. Well, I will teach you how to do this jutsu and I want you to come back once you have mastered. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first day, it has taken some students around a week to complete the jutsu, but due to your eyes I’d say you’d get it in no time.” The man said with a smile.

“Please don’t bring my heritage into this, I will master this jutsu but at no rate will it be due to my clan.” Enyo said waiting for the man to do the two jutsus he was supposed to learn. “Ah, okay then. Well, I will go ahead and demonstrate the two jutsus you are to learn before coming back.” He would say as he dropped into a stance putting the clipboard down and his hands ready to complete the hand seals. They would happen in rapid succession, but not to fast that Enyo could not see them perfectly, Ram-Snake-Tiger they would follow. Enyo was quite clear of these hand seals because his father had tried to teach him at a young age as he was a member of the branch family. They were the ones on the front line to protect the main family which is why his father was trying to get him battle ready. Anyhow after doing the hand seals the man would then have two clones one on each side near him. Enyo immediately noticed how there were no shadows on the other two clones. “Which one is which?” The man would ask as if it were a hard question. “The one in the middle obviously, the other two have no shadows which means they are made up of pure chakra.” Enyo said knowledgeably. “Correct! Well that is one down, all you have to do with that jutsu is weave the three hand seals you seen and then concentrate your chakra into an image of you.” The man said with one finger in the air. “Got it.” Enyo would say in his oddly cheerful tone.

“Next is the transformation technique, this one follows the same principles as the clone technique, the only difference being that you are transforming yourself into something different and it goes like this.” The man would then weave some more hand seals, this time at a different speed being faster than the last. Enyo assumed the shinobi was trying to see if he could keep up but indeed he could. Dog-Boar-Ram is what would come and then the man turned himself into Enyo, “Fairly impressive eh?” The man would say with both of his hands up. “Yes, this was a fairly good trick but what are the battle qualities?” Enyo would ask the man. “Anything you want them to be, this is a flexible jutsu, never limit yourself to one thing.” The man said. Enyo thought of this man as a mentor as that was one of the best quotes he had ever heard, “Yes sir, I will be on my way then. I will be back later today to show you what I have learned.” Enyo said cheerfully. “Gotcha.” The man said holding up his right hand in the symbol of peace which consisted of the figure six being made.

Enyo left the academy and headed to the training grounds in the forest, but he headed deeper in getting further from the people who were all fighting intensively. Finally arriving in a place that was good enough for him he then began to work on his hand seals. “For the first one he weaved these three hand seals which then lead him to visualize himself creating mirror images. I will do the same and replicate the moves as he did.” Enyo said as he weaved the three hand seals Ram-Snake-Tiger which would then be followed by Enyo imagining himself in deep detail, from his long black hair, to his green shoes which had buttons on them. When Enyo opened his eyes he could see a mirror image of himself standing right next to him looking a him as though he was crazy because that is how Enyo was looking at the clone. The clone mimicked everything that Enyo did feeling as though he could see a portal mirror. “That is one down in one try, I might return sooner than expected.” Enyo said to himself as he moved on to the next jutsu. “Okay so the next one is the transformation technique which must be done through the hand seals Dog-Boar-Ram and then followed by thinking of what I want to become. That is why the man said they followed the same principles because they both require the user to think of what they want to mold their chakra into. Chakra has always had many properties that seem to puzzle me, but this is why becoming a ninja is what I must do. It will grant me the power to become the person capable of destroying the facility.

Enyo finally made it to the transformation technique where he would weave the three hand seals Dog-Boar-Ram which he would then think of them man and what he looked like, he had a green vest with a navy blue long sleeved shirt that had a konohagakure crest on it. He had a brown ponytail that went to his shoulders and a mole on the right side of his left eye. After perfecting the image of the man’s face he would then mold his chakra around himself creating the man from earlier. Enyo would then walk to a stream to see if it had worked and indeed it did. Looking into the reflective water he could see that he had successfully finished both of the jutsus in a matter of ten minutes. Could it have really been due to his heritage, Enyo pushed the thought from his mind and began to see a chakra flow when he focused in the water for a long amount of time. “What is that? Was that the power of the Byakugan that my family is so proud of? Hm, so all I do is concentrate my chakra into my eyes which I must have did overlaying while I was using the transformation jutsu. I see, so let’s see how much chakra is needed to actually awaken this thing fully.” Enyo said with his cheerful tone that never seemed to leave. While getting rid of the transformation jutsu Enyo then focused all of his chakra into his eye area, this is when he felt his veins popping out of his head feeling as though he had a massive headache. He pushed through the pain and continued to place the chakra into his ocular sight until he seen an inverted scenery with small light blue energy moving around flowing through nature as if it were some sort of cycle. He could then see the ones from before fighting off in the distance as if it were right next to him. Nothing seemed to be able to obstruct his vision. “I see, so this is why the Byakugan is so prized, I wouldn’t doubt it if people wanted the power for themselves but I don’t know how they would get it as they must be born into it.” Enyo said to himself as he continued to scan the place with his Byakugan.

He kept thinking how beautiful the inverted colors were and the light blue flowy energy continued to move as if they were made of atoms. Soon a couple of lowly ninja appeared in his vision looking to have low chakra reserves, “A Hyuuga eh? You must be some sort of prodigy huh? How about a fight.” The leader would presumably say. “Well, a prodigy I am, but it is not due to my being a Hyuuga, I could smash without this Byakugan if I knew how to cancel it but it won’t leave.” Enyo said trying to remove the Byakugan but noticing that he couldn’t. “Well whatever, I will beat you anyway so get ready.” The kid in the middle said. “Oh, well you are welcome to try, but good luck.” Enyo said as he waved his hands towards himself signalling the boy to come at him. The boy would charge him mindlessly weaving a few hand seals that would seem to accumulate the his chakra in his chest, “A fire jutsu huh?” Enyo would say as he moved in close range to the boy holding his palms out to hit the boy directly in the chest disrupting his chakra. The boy would cough and began to squirm on the floor looking as though he were a worm. “The other two, would you like to try me as well or are you smarter than your friend?” He asked the other two kids standing in front of him. “N-no.” the other kids said running away from their friend without any hesitation. “Tch, useless and traitorous. How could they leave their friend without even thinking, they need morals instilled in them.” Enyo said noticing that his Byakugan had diminished and his vision was now normal. “Well, it is time to head to the shinobi in the Ninja Academy to show him what I have learned.” Enyo said ready to show him his surprise. Walking through the forest his eyes felt different, it wasn’t everyday he inserted an enormous amount of chakra into him, but he knew that would change with time as he progressed his abilities. Finally arriving to the Ninja Academy Enyo walked in to see the man was still there talking to another shinobi that was a woman. “Oh, hey there. Have you learned the jutsus?” He asked. “Yes, I have. Plus one more.” Enyo would say in his cheerful tone. “Well show me what you got little Hyuuga.” The man said. Enyo was slightly annoyed that he calmed him ‘little Hyuuga’ but he dismissed it and began to weave the first three hand seals and after completing them creating two clones that followed his movements, “This is one.”  Enyo said retracting the clones. Enyo then went on to the transformation technique which require three more hand seals which would then lead to Enyo thinking of the teacher and visualizing the man until he got it perfectly. Once he did this he then went on to pour his chakra round himself making a cloak over himself creating the man he seen as a teacher. “Impressive, now what else did you learn. It has to be impressive, but in an hour you did this?” The man said. “Well, we’ll see now won’t we.” Enyo said focusing a bit.

Once he did this he placed his chakra into his eyes once more until but this time there was no pain just the vision that he had seen before and the feeling of his veins popping out. “Ah, so you got the Byakugan too while you were out there. It seems that you are truly a prodigy. Well, welcome to our ninja academy. You need to take the genin exam and some other things.” The man said wrapping his arms around the boy and ushering him into one of the rooms.
[WC 2113]

[Exit, Claiming 10 Stats, Clone & Transformation Technique, Byakugan Achieved]

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: The Prodigy Arrives [P]   Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:28 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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The Prodigy Arrives [P]
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