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 A colourful suprise

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Kouse <3
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Earth, water
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PostSubject: A colourful suprise   Mon May 16, 2016 11:43 pm

-He needed air, he needed space and time. Time away from konoha, away from the crowded streets, the noise, the disturbances. He much craved solitude. He needed sometime to be alone. Completely alone, or he'll go insane. He felt like he was at his limit. So even as his mother and sisters bickered among themselves  at breakfast. Everyone noisily going about their business, Kouse was deciding on the place he would go to be alone, for sometime. It had to be a place not far but not too near home. Someplace no one would find him but also he could come back home on short notice. 
'Kouse! Brother kouse!" His younger sister all but snapped him out of his reverie. "Could you take me to school this morning?, all my friends want to see you do another jutsu".
Kouse yawned loudly. It was a week ago when a friend of his sister had seen him toying with a water technique when he was feeling bored. The boy had been astonished and asked him several questions. He couldn't quite remember the details of their discussion anymore but along the way he found himself performing several different jutsus for the boy to see and admire. Little did kouse know that said boy was his sister's classmate and close friend. The very next day his sister had come to his room telling him what that boy had said in their class and that several of her classmates were waiting outside for him to come show them some more tricks.
Kouse wasn't happy about all that and had refused to come down telling his sister to take them away and not to bring them back to their house.
Well nothing more had happened and kouse thought his sister and everyone had forgotten about the whole incident so he was a little surprised when she suddenly asked for him to come to their school to show off some more jutsus to them.

That was the past, this now was the present and the present wasn't any better than the past. It sucked. They both did. He still felt the need to get sometime alone. Well kouse had planned on doing exactly that that day and had packed some needed provisions to last for almost a week.
Before kouse left konoha, he made sure no one would miss him. At home he dropped a note when everyone was out that he had gotten a mission and he would be absent for as long as a week.
To sort out his duty post he finally called in a leave of absence request. He hadn't done that before but he felt the need to do so today.

Sorting out all the kinks, thirty minutes later Kouse was some distance away from konoha, he felt his body become calm, his mind reduced it's urgency. His breath became even and calm. Alone in the forest produced changes that even kouse couldn't expect.
Kouse ran free through the forest trees, jumping from one branch high up to another with speeds high enough to cause enough force against the wind to ruffle his hair.
After almost two hours of running kouse stopped on a branch still high up and sat down on it. He closed his eyes, drinking in the forest sounds, the scent. The light breeze constantly swaying his long hair back and forth. He felt alive. He hadn't had that feeling inside konoha. But here out alone he felt he could stay here forever.
Kouse didn't know nor care how long he staid on that branch, he would have stayed far longer if he hadn't heard a strange hissing sound nearby.
Kouse opened up his eyes.
'It's a snake kouse, towards your right'. Skipton communicated with him telepathically.
Kouse instantly turned to the right and spotted a black snake slowly and cautiously moving on an unsuspecting target. Kouse watched as the snake neared it's intended target, he didn't feel the need to help the creature, this was just the results of the existence of the food chain.
All he what made him continue to watch was just because he had nothing better to do. 
He watched as the snake stopped moving for a second when it thought the target had noticed it's presence. 
The target which looked very much like a lizard, fat one though kept moving slowly unsuspecting as it ate whatever it found edible on the floor.
It was initially on grass and it's colour was green, light green, the same as the grass was. That was perfectly normal and it didn't get Kouse's attention, but when it climbed a larger plant of a darker green colour, kouse could swear the fat looking lizards skin was no longer light green but now a darker shade of green, exactly like that of the plant it was on currently.
Kouse contemplated this for a second before shaking his head a little, no he must have mistaken the colour of the lizard or something.
Kouse's attention went back to the snake who still tracked it's prey, like he was determined not to lose this potential meal. Kouse admired it's patience and skill...to follow its target for so long, slowly getting closer without said target noticing his presence.
After awhile looking at the snake, kouse turned his attention back at the lizard but to his amazement he couldn't spot it anymore. He looked at the plant he saw the lizard on previously but couldn't spot it. 
'Hmmm so it had somehow noticed the snake and had made its escape?' Kouse thought to himself.
He then turned back to look at the snake to see it still looking intently at something. Kouse followed it's eyesight and saw what it was looking at. The lizard had completely changed colour!. It was the same colour now as it's surroundings.
The lizard must have noticed the snake and now was trying to get away. But the snake was determined not to lose a prey it had tracked for so long, although it couldn't see it's prey anymore, it could smell it.

Kouse didn't want to see the lizard with such abilities to get eaten...finally jumping down from the tree he fished out a kunai and  threw it at the snake, hitting the head and killing it.
He then looked at the lizard.
It now moved slowly towards a nearby rock and when it got there it turned to look at kouse...it kept staring until kouse began following it cautiously.
Kouse watched as it nodded towards the rock. At first he was confused as to what the lizard wanted...it then hit him. It wanted him to move the rock aside.
Kouse did so to see a tunnel going straight down. The hole was just big enough for a human to pass through. The chameleon then went in but not before nodding towards kouse.

He took the nod to mean the lizard wanted him to follow it into the hole. And kouse followed.

The tunnel or hole was far deeper than kouse would've expected or even imagine. He kept sliding downwards for a really long time.
'Hey kouse, we've been sliding down deeper into the ground for awhile now, are you sure you should've followed that chameleon?' Skipton communicated telepathically.
'Well it's too late to change my decision, we'll just have to hope it won't be decision that would be the end of us'.

After what seemed to be an hour of constantly sliding deeper into the ground the tunnel suddenly opened up to a gigantic room. 
Kouse would fall from the tunnel and would fall to the surface of the room.
Looking up, kouse would see the hole he had been in for over an hour. 
Turning around he looked at his new surroundings. He was surprised that there was light so deep underground, it was bright no less, it almost seemed that this place had its own mini sun.
As kouse kept on analysing his surroundings he realises that this place was far bigger than any room, it felt like a whole city underground. Be it uninhabited. Kouse slowly walked about, taking note of everything he saw, he notices the abundance of green vegetation, of plants in abundance...mini trees where present, the ground covered in green moss. Brightly coloured flowers with an abundance of butterflies, bees and wasps moving about going about, carrying out their pollination duties.
Kouse had to admit, this was beautiful, too beautiful... The place had an eerie feeling, like it had never been seen before by human eyes, like he was the first foreigner to be here, like his presence alone was taking away this natural paradises purity.

"Hmmm our camouflage abilities are as good as ever I see".
The voice made kouse turn sharply to his right. He looked at the ground where the voice had come from and couldn't see anything other than more green.
"Look more closely" the mysterious voice spoke again.
And kouse did...staring intently at the ground..and that's when he saw it, the 'fat' lizard he had saved from the snake!.
"You can talk?" Kouse asked in surprise.
"Of course I can talk, I'm timon by the way...and yeah, thanks for saving my life back there, my carelessness nearly made me lunch for a snake".

Kouse was still struggling to recover from the shock..he was talking to a lizard?".
"I can't believe I'm actually talking to a lizard, but I'm kouse...kouse uch-".
But before he could finish saying his name, another voice, a deeper one from his left spoke up.
"Wait a sec, who the hell you calling a lizard".
Kouse sharply turned to his left and saw a blue lizard this time.
"Cmon krazer, he doesn't know what we are..yet, cut him some slack?" Timon spoke up in Kouse's defence.

Yet another voice from behind him now joined the fray "Shut your trap timon, and by the way why did you bring him here, you know it's forbidden.... Father is gonna have you skinned alive". 
Kouse turned to look at the lizard that had spoken this time and now he was at his limit, this one had two colours, grey and green!.
"You really think he's gonna skin me a-alive? Sacreman?" Timon asked, his voice clearly shaking.

Sacreman just rolled his eyes and using his long and sticky tongue captured a nearby butterfly and slowly ate it "well I hope so at least".
Kouse felt something climbing his leg, he looked down and saw the very blue krazer.
"So...keise....whatever you call yourself, I'm krazer and I'm NOT a lizard, you hear me?...I'm a cha-me-leon" krazer kept climbing and was now at Kouse's chest. "Yes I said it that way so it can register in your brain, that's if your kind has any".

"Woah krazer take it easy" several voices nearby echoed and finally Kouse's eyes truly opened up...he could see several chameleons all around his surroundings, all different colours, some with even more than one...they numbered hundreds all with their own unique skin colour, it made the already beautiful surroundings now look magical.

"Yo! Keise, you listening to me?" Krazer demanded. 
Well almost magical kouse thought.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" An incredibly deep and loud voice bellowed from a considerable distance away. This voice apparently held power and respect because all the chameleons talking all at once suddenly kept quiet.

"Well timon, when your done explaining yourself to father, save me some of your skin when his done skinning you alive" sacreman whispered.

Kouse saw the fear on timons face, and he felt partly responsible for what was happening.
He began slowly walking towards the direction the voice had come.
"I'm kouse....uchiha kouse...and I was brought here by...." Kouse contemplated lying to this leader of theirs, but he didn't want to risk any further damage..he didn't know what other abilities they possessed. If all of them could change colours, their leader could very much be able read minds.
"....here by timon".

Kouse was near enough now to see the leader, and kouse had to admit, he was magnificent.. With his length about 12 feet, spotting two horns, and his skin covered in no less than 6 different colours. Yes he was their leader alright.
Kouse was now at a respectable distance.
He realised that where their leader was, the vegetation around him felt more alive, greener, brighter...just moments before kouse had thought that was impossible. 

"Timon brought a human here!!" The leader bellowed again. "Where is timon?...TIMON!".
Timon slowly appeared "father?".

"Explain this...explain why you brought a human here although you know it's forbidden, give me good enough reasons and you will walk free, if your reasons aren't good enough...." Kouse could've sworn he saw the leader smirk before adding. "....then I'll have to skin you alive".

Timon was scared out of his skin already and began to stammer quite violently..."w-well, there was a s-snake and he s-saved him, by k-illing it, so I b-brought him here, i- I don't kno-".

"So he saved your life then?" The leader asked timon..and after seeing him nod looked back at kouse.
"I'm king chame, and welcome to our home, we call it celestial subterranean or simply cave chame". King chame said with a smile at Kouse's reaction. "For further thanks for saving my foolish sons life, I'll give you a gift".

A scroll immediately appeared beside kouse. He picked it up and looked at it, it was blank.
"Sign there, with your blood as ink...your going to be the first person to ever sign a contract with us....well if that is what you desire".

Kouse without hesitation used a kunai to cut his palm just enough to draw blood, then he signed his full name on the scroll.
"Alright then kouse, your free to come back here whenever you feel like but I think it's time you head back to the world of the humans...and remember, if you need our help, all you need to do is summon us, we'll surely come to your aid..goodbye".
Immediately king chame said that he released a gas that blinded kouse, then made him pass out.

Kouse opened his eyes to see the familiar trees of konoha forest. 'So it had all been a dream?'. He thought. Well it felt too good to be true anyway. When he stood up to begin his journey back home he saw a scroll on the floor beside him, he picked it up and saw his name written on it and he smiled. It was all real!.

Twc- 2435...2000wc towards claiming chemelion contract and 435 towards king chame.




....and his stats page....
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: A colourful suprise   Mon May 16, 2016 11:48 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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A colourful suprise
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