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 Journey to Mt. Myoboku[Private][Solo]

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Tatsurama Senju
Genin of Konoha
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PostSubject: Journey to Mt. Myoboku[Private][Solo]   Thu May 12, 2016 8:03 pm

The forest around Konohagakure no sato had been quiet this morning. There was a faint breeze gently nudging the leaves to wave in the wind, and the morning sky was a pale blue, with a few clouds hanging over, and the sun shining down with it's warm embrance onto anything and everything. The forest was alive and crawling with many types of creatures; bugs, small animals, and perhaps even people. Tatsurama had come out into the forest for his daily training before starting the day out. He had been a decent distance into the forest when he came upon a hidden pond, laying under a large tree with roots sprawled over the water until it reached the end of the pond and entered into the soil on the other side. It was a peaceful sight, and he would have probably taken a nap there if it wasn't for his responsibilities getting in the way. He knew he had to get stronger if he ever had a snowballs chance at achieving his dreams at becoming a notable and respected ninja, and decided to begin his training in small flat patch of grass around the pond. He had begun by forming a few handsigns to work on his chakra control, and then meditate on that exercise for a little bit, to constantly have it in use. A little bit later he heard a splash in the pond, but dismissed it as nothing and continued. Then again, a few moments later, another splash, except this time it was louder, and and began to get him annoyed. To him it seemed the fates didn't plan for him to train today, and stopped his meditation and moved back over to the pond, to find a small toad lying on a lilypad in the pond. "Dumb toad, can't you see i'm trying to train here?" He had said out loud, knowing the toad probably had no idea what he was talking about. So he decided to move a little bit further away from the pond and try and continue his training. He had begun focusing on his balance, trying to balance on a tall, and thin stone with one foot. After a while of balancing, he had begun to lose his foothold, and was too slow to try and save himself a scratch or two from the fall, landing awkwardly on the grass below. "Ow, crap." He had begun to get up when suddenly he heard a faint chuckle from somewhere nearby. He turned his head, trying to find out who was laughing at his misfortune, when he found no body. So he ignored it and begun his training again, this time practicing on his physical strength, and began hitting his fists into a tree to try and toughen them up and get a sort of condition training in. After just a few punches, it seemed the vibrations had knocked loose branch out, and it fell on top of his unsuspecting head with a loud thump. "CRAAP!" As he was writhing in his embarrassing pain, he heard a loud burst of laughing, and turned around to find that same toad looking over from the pond. "And YOU call ME dumb?! HAHAHA, you idiot-human! HAHAHA" Tatsurama more surprised than angry that the toad was calling him names, shot forwards at the toad until he was a few inches in front of it, with his face arched downwards towards the small toad. "How are you talking!?" He said in curiosity. The toad then slid into the water and came up to the surface a little bit further away. "I am a toad from the great Mt. Myoboku. Don't tell me you've never heard of it, idiot-human." Tatsurama had heard of that mountain, where the toad summoners go to make a contract with the shinobi toads there to summon them in battle. "I have heard of it..say, do you think i could make a summoning contract with the toads there?" The toad then burst out laughing again before finally catching it's breath to reply. "Idiot-humans like you are probably not options for us to summon to." The toad had said smugly. "I may be a human, but i am no idiot, so stop calling me that. In fact i think i could be a great comrade to the toads of Mt. Myoboku, i am indeed a strong ninja hah." The senju said in retort. The toad then decided to give him a chance, to see if he was indeed worthy of getting a contract with Toads. "Alright i'll tell you what, Idiot-human. There is a mountain range a few days journey west of here. At the bottom of said mountain is a forest, and a lake in the middle. Meet me there, and i'll help you out." the toad said before swiftly vanishing under the water and swam to the bottom of the pond. "Wait no, i need more information than that! NO!" Tatsurama tried frantically to catch the toad, but as it reached the bottom, it suddenly disappeared, and he could no longer find it. 

Crap, it got away. Now what? A mountain range a few days journey west, with a forest and a lake in the middle of the forest. Might as well give it a shot, knowing i could definitely use a summon..well, at least i packed a lunch..hah.. He decided he would travel to the forest-lake, and begun his march west. He figured the toad was either tricking him, or didn't actually believe he would make it in time to get his next step to forming a contract with them. He had other plans, though. And made use of the body flicker ever so often to speed up his journey there. After hours of traveling, he made it to another small pond, secluded just like the last, hoping to find the same toad, he walked up to it yet to find only disappointment. After just staring blankly at the pond for a few moments of pouting, he noticed something on the edge of his vision. It was a small etching into the side of a stone, with the symbol for Toad on it. His mind began to jump around in his head, and he figured that maybe the toad wasn't actually playing him for a fool, and that these ponds were a relaxing spot for the toads. He knew if he stayed here long enough, another toad would surely come, but he had neither the time, nor the patience to do such a thing, and began his march westward again to find that darned toad and get him and others as a summon. Once it turned to night, he found a spot secluded off from the path to sleep in for the night, and lied down, and drifted into a sense of comfort, after traveling all day. Upon the morning sunlight shining down on him to wake him up, he got his things, took a sip of water and continued onwards with his journey to the lake. Using his body flicker again, to make a better use of his time and get to the darned lake quicker. Eventually he came upon a small hill, and walked to the top of it, to see indeed a mountain range in the distance, and below it a forest, and supposedly a lake in the middle of it, although he could see no lake from this distance it seemed to him. There it is, just over that way is going to be one really awesome summoning contract i can feel it! I better make haste, and get there as quick as i can, and perhaps put the jump on that rude toad. He then forced his way down the hill in a fast pace, and traveling about another hour to the start of the forest. The trees were tall, and oddly shaped, and with an array of colors, that probably made it look like he was on an alien planet, if he were to go in. Taking another sip of his water and putting it away, he made his first step into the forest and begun on his path to the middle, to hopefully find the toad, or another one that could help him. As he got further into the forest, it began to look even more strange, and he wondered if he were even still in the land of fire, although he knew he had to be, at least. After what seemed like an hour of just wandering around, trying to find the lake, he came upon a small stream, decided to follow it, hoping the lake would be at the end. Eventually after another bit of walking he made it to the end, and did indeed find a lake, although it was pretty small in his opinion. He wandered up to it, and began to look around for the toad, but to no avail. The only thing he could find, was silence. He figured he would show up soon, and decided to sit at the base of a tree, overlooking the small lake and wait for the toad. After awhile he begun to doze off, into finally falling asleep for who knows how long. Upon waking up, he saw a small, green platform in the middle of the lake, and a toad on top of it. He recognized it as the same toad, and got up and ran over the water with the water walking technique up to the platform. He could not see underneath the murky water, and figured it was nothing. "Haha made it here. Bet you though you could get rid of me, toad." The toad then turned its gaze towards him, and just hopped into the water and off the platform. It came up to the surface after a second, and began to speak. "Well, idiot-human, it seems you made it, so ill give you some credit. But now you will have to pass my test." Tatsurama was confused, the toad never said anything about a test. "Test? What test?" The toad began to grin sadistically. "This test.." It said before disappearing into the water. A moment later, the platform began to rise out of the water, revealing a Huge toad. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Tatsurama said shocked, and leapt back a little bit afraid for his life. The large toad, then began to laugh with a deep, musky voice. "Haha, you weren't expecting this now were you? If you survive my barrage of attacks, then you can come with us to Mt. Myoboku and get your summoning contract." Tatsurama pondered the situation, and decided he would try his best, but before he could reply, the large Toads tongue shot forward at a quick speed, attempting to hit Tatsurama. The senju could barely dodge and move back further before the Toad sunk into the water at an incredible speed. Now in the middle of the lake, Tatsurama knew he was at a disadvantage, and before he could make his escape to the short, the water underneath him parted revealing the toad attempting to swallow him whole. He quickly formed the snake handsign, and his hair began to grow at a fast speed and wrapped itself around the part of the toads mouth to keep it shut. "Monster toad, you can't beat me with my new jutsu, haha!" He had said, believing he had won, before a tanto emerged out of the water and quickly jabbed at the shinobi. He had to make a quick decision, and decided he would extend another hair bundle in the shape of a serpent, and counter the tanto quickly. It made a large clang, and Tatsurama knew this toad meant business. The toad sank under the water again, and Tatsurama let it go as he didn't want his hair to get wet, as it would make it heavier and harder to use. Keeping his only defence activated, the toad emerged a distance away in the lake, giving him enough time to book it to the shore after deactivating his Lions mane jutsu. The toad then formed handsigns, and surprised Tatsurama, as the lakes water began to form a large water wall coming at him. He clapped his hands together and palmed the ground, rising the earth around him upwards, above the water wave, as it hit the platform and then dispersed it's force returning to the lake. The large toad then sunk back into the lake, and disappeared. Wow that was intense... The senju could barely regained his composure before the smaller toad from before suddenly to Tatsurama, appeared behind him on his earth platform. "You did pretty well, i guess you earned it." Tatsurama turned around quickly not expecting it. "Where'd you come from?!" he asked. "I rode in with the wave, then jumped up here behind you while you were focused on Gamakuro. Now, before you can say anything..." The toad suddenly palmed the ground and they were reverse-summoned to Mt. Myoboku. The mountain-top overlooking the small Toad village underneath, with its crescent shaped houses and weird colors and trees. "Well, this is Mt. Myoboku. Lovely, i know." The senju was happy he was able to see this, and be able to sign a contract with the toads soon. The toad called over the summoning contract toad, and then its body opened revealing a contract scroll. "Alright sign your name here, then lather your blood over your fingertips and touch here." Tatsurama then did as he was told, and formed the contract. "Now you can summon us in battle, but you will probably need to earn the respect of each toad you summon first before he will help you. Hah. Goodluck idiot-human." The contract toad rolled up the scroll and then hopped away, as the other toad palmed the ground and reverse-summoned them back to the lake, and then slunk back into the water to disappear. Tatsurama was now happy, but he knew he had to return back to the village before anyone makes notice of himself being gone, and get back to his duties as a ninja. He was glad he had a summoning contract now, and planned to train with his summons another time and summon them in battle. He then made his way off back to the village from the lake, and continue with his goal ahead to become a splendid shinobi.

WC: 2401
Claims:  12 stat points, and a summoning contract with the Toads of Mt. Myoboku.


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PostSubject: Re: Journey to Mt. Myoboku[Private][Solo]   Thu May 12, 2016 8:13 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Journey to Mt. Myoboku[Private][Solo]
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